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I'm sure he has them all saved on a hard drive somewhere, No?

Hard drives eventually crash taking all data written on them to never-never land. However, you can extract some data but to do so isn't cheap. George doesn't have the upload speed to upload all of them to a cloud service never mind the cost.

I've never heard George mention having a raid array at Casa Senda but again that is something out of his budget unless he's pimping out the cats he constantly feeds. $90 a month to feed those cats he says. He must be buying the import stuff, that's a lot of mooeow-law....

YouTube Account terminations

When an account is terminated (usually from 3 strikes TOS violations), George now has 2), the account owner will receive an email detailing the reason for the suspension. Once the account is fully terminated, there is no appeal, everything is removed permanently.

Random Topics / Re: Senda's Saintly Mother
« on: Yesterday at 10:04:20 PM »
He says it at the beginning but then he says it was last night.

George is unhappy. States during his recorded periscope stream some anonymous hater filed a complaint on his recent live youtube stream which got him knocked off and another strike. He states a 3rd strike and he's off for good. So now he's turned to periscope to do live videos on his iPad.

Random Topics / Re: UPDATE! The General Musings
« on: Yesterday at 02:06:49 AM »

Hahaha, The Guy From PITTSURG with the latest news from his IPad...


The Master's iPad is special, just like him. So very, very special....

Sonny Barger and the Hell's Angels...
(they still owe him a favor...says the FAT FUCK)

Sonny Barger, still alive and kicking at 79, well sorta..

What if he continues to lose large amounts of weight?

It will never happen. I'm surprised he's still walking around with the daily diet of carb and sugar crap he consumes. Obese people over 60 can't eat like their 20 anymore. Veins are likely clogged, I'll bet his cholesterol levels are off the chart. His complaining of having numb feet are typical for a diabetic who has developed peripheral neuropathy in his far extremities causing the death of nerve endings felt as numb feet. He's opening up the opportunity to develop sores which can turn to gangrene and eventual leg amputation. But if he's really lucky a stroke or heart attack will either completely disable him or render his body to 'room' temperature.

Well, you know how Falkie is, embellishments are good for business...

He met Sinatra
He met the Duke
Judy Garland
DC Comics
Two cups of piss

Warm piss or 'on the rocks'?

I am sure he raped Orangey.


He made that quite clear during his Harvey Weinstein like self-admissions last night. Poor Orangey, didn't have a chance, it sickens me to think what a terrible monster the Master is.

I can see the effect of the Coors Light in the corner of your eyes! Beautiful!

I dream about you and your 'swishy' pants...pant pant pant...

Shall we dance? You can lead if you wish.


You're avoiding me, is it my ample chest hair?  :)

Alas.  I think he said there isn't an audio recording of last night's show.  But, I posted a Chat Logue in the Discord chat.
There are a lot of great Shout-Out Names, and an appearance by SWT toward the end of the show.

I hope YouTube didn't slap Master with another timeout!  Last night's glorious performance was outstanding!

They better start helping his fat ass or they will have nothing to do!

a/s/l?  I've got a go kart for two, let's ride!

FINALLY, something worth seeing in this stupid-ass thread! Would smash that nasty bitch!

A/S/L   ????

Oops...barely 14 minutes into a replay of last nights broadcast today and suddenly it was stopped by YouTube!

Another time out for George? Oh the shame...tsk, tsk, tsk.

Original YouTube link:



Well, Falkie is not out of options. He can call into that syndicated talk-radio program "Handel On The Law" I've heard before from that Bill Handel, an attorney and morning talk-radio program host in Los Angeles.

His program is full of such pathetic calls in which so many of those out to sue others for damages speak out. Callers who feel they were "wronged" and "know the law" better than attorneys get "owned" by the host. He'll even tell them to stop rambling on the law they don't know, going off on tangents -- and, no doubt -- being instructed to "shut up and listen" to what he says.

You don't have a case, no doubt Handel would tell the caller "George. From Martinez, California." Reminding him he failed to obtain the legal rights required and well, he's screwed for not doing that. Talking nonsense won't help his cause, either. Enough. Next caller...

Handle's call screener would refer him to call into Leo Laporte's tech guy show. Laporte's call screener would suggest he contact a real attorney such as Bill Handle.

From the RRDW (Really, Really Deep Web)

Warning! Disturbing photo of deceased red cat (orangy)


I think Senda meant Enfamil since he's such a baby.

Waaaaaaa!!! lol

Memes George created in retaliation to Bateman.

Not familiar with the term 'emil' Must be Russian I suspect.

Oh the shame...not a SINGLE person signed up for the 'Meet and Greet' Nobody!

From the RDDW

"At this point in life I feel as if I've failed to achieve my goals and there is no reason to push forward anymore. All has been for nothing, I've been cheated and lied to, scorned and kicked to the curb like a piece of trash. The evil MV has made millions from me, the trolls and the haters never let up even when I was down. I hope they all feel good about themselves now, destroying my life for their own personal gratification" 

The only thing worse than an actual lawyer is an Internet one.

On the internet everybody is an expert on everything....

Radio and Podcasts / Re: George Knapp
« on: October 16, 2017, 02:37:36 PM »

Dr. Mexican. BellGabbin'!

This isn't funny. Not the least. Now getting buried in fresh elephant dung is hilarious.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: George Knapp
« on: October 16, 2017, 12:34:31 AM »
As a woman who is truly interested in intelligent commentary, I am growing frustrated with ridiculous posts.  I am not against having some fun in our posts; however, when the site reduces itself to crass and innane statements, well, I will just forget this forum.

I just stick more pins in my Michael Moore voodoo doll.

Lately Tizzy and I have been watching a lot of George's videos. He does help Kathy a lot with gas money etc. I'm feeling kind of remorseful for what I posted about George not being appreciative of Patty. Eric thinks we're both nuts to even try to figure George out. He's probably right, but we are still planning to go to Alien Con and hopefully meet Curtis and George

George had a squirrel for a pet once but it died and became a little girl's pet.

I know if I was in a pickle George would be the first to help me out.

He's just that kind of guy...

Just ask Mr Squirrel!

I am now wondering about how George treats his friends? If he treats Patty  like this how long before he turns on Curtis?

I am going to wait awhile before making a donation to the Alien Con GoFundMe, wouldn't like Curtis to get hurt by George.

Nonsense! Nobody is going to get hurt, help a elderly man attend an event before old age and disease get the best of him. Youth is long gone for George, you know he's extremely disabled already and will need much assistance to get around the huge halls and venues he desperately desires to visit.

So do the right thing, help a sick old man enjoy a few days in wonderland before he can't.

Seems like Patty is sincerely trying to help. Has Patty become the replacement  "mother figure" with credit cards?

Patty is truly an angel to both Anthony and Kathy. She has done much to support and encourage George and Kathy to better themselves and work towards a common goal that benefits them both.

Random Topics / Re: Things That Annoy You
« on: October 12, 2017, 10:05:36 PM »
The forum has reached a new low.

Even the bottom has a bottom.

The pipeline is reporting that Anthony "George" Senda has received a very large sum from a new benefactor. More details as they avail themselves.

Will this 'very large sum' be reported by Anthony "George" Senda to SSI/SSA and Medi-Cal?

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