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please note the FAT FUCKTARD’S GIRTH !
(he has NEVER missed a day stuffing his PIE HOLE !)

and furthermore IF I ever attend church in Martinez I shall NOT put ANY OF MY HARD EARNED MONEY in the collection plate !
(as the Martinez churches OBVIOUSLY misappropriate FUNDS !...the Jewish synagogue OBVIOUSLY manages their funds MORE RESPONSIBLY, OBVIOUSLY CUTTING FALKIE he NEVER mentions getting “donations” from them !)

If he keeps eating that sugar coated crap and high carb processed junk he won't make to the end of year so the necessity of a senior care facility will not be required.

So will it be a massive heart attack or stroke? I've got $5 that says  a 'myocardial infarction' will be the coroner's opinion.  Approximately 1.5 million cases of MI occur annually in the United States and George's morbid obesity, lack of exercise, poor diet and age put him at the top for the big one!

So George, as you read this post the angina like pain in your chest is actually the early warning stage of your overtaxed heart muscle giving out and if I were you I'd start dialing 911 right now!

Random Topics / Re: Cremation and fat fuck falkie problem
« on: March 18, 2018, 09:23:27 PM »
question (a SERIOUS question)
IF a 300 pounder takes 4 to 5 hours to cook down (cremation)...
how long will it take to cook down a Falkie ?
8 hours ? 9 hours ? OR LONGER ?

Falkie Cooking Instructions:

I have a former associate who is knowledgeable about human cremations.

He states the average human body takes from two to three hours to burn completely unless morbidly obese which can take an additional 2 hours or more and will produce an average of 3 to 9 pounds (1.4 to 4.1 kilograms) of ash. The incinerator is preheated to about 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit, the mechanized doors are opened and the container slips quickly from a rack of rolling metal pins into the primary cremating chamber.

Once the door is sealed, the body is subjected to a jet-engine like column of flame, aimed at the torso. The heat ignites the container and dries the body, which is composed of 75 percent water. As the soft tissues begin to tighten, burn and vaporize from the heat, the skin becomes waxy, discolors, blisters and splits. The muscle begins to char, flexing and extending limbs as it tightens. The bones, which are the last to go, become calcified as they are exposed to the heat and begin to flake or crumble

 The amount of ash depends usually on the bone structure of the person and not so much their weight.

Exploding skull myth.

A common misconception is that the head of a cremated body will explode if there is no wound or hole in it, much like a microwaved potato with no puncture in the skin. But forensics researchers have proven this is an urban legend. Tests on 40 human cadavers. The myth probably arose when firefighters found the fragmented skulls of burn victims, not realizing that the skulls, which have a thin covering of tissue and quickly become brittle from heat, were easily broken by falling debris or water from pumps.

Additional questions can be answered in open forum or by PM if necessary due to the sensitivity of the subject matter.


Um, first, the guy might get his own "techno end" working to keep his stream on. Unless some "evil Sewergabbers" conspired to bring down his live feed. It must have hacked, huh?

The heck with the guy's previously stated bit where he wants to do "The Art Bell Interview." He has it wrong: Bell should be interviewing him -- not the other way around. That "Two Idiot Survivalists In The Desert Compound" bit is right up Bell's alley for "analysis." Talk about being "somewhere out there"...

The guy is "out there." This desert hideaway/compound/city/fortress/home for society-rejects and antisocial-people "plan" makes the infamous "Mel's Hole" tale seem tame by comparison. The Senda saga just sucks in everything around it, creating altered states for anyone with the misfortune of being lowered into its bottomless, seemingly eternal stream of b*s.

Looks like the stream is offline. Gee, right off the bat into the feed, we hear he still owes a collection agency in Florida. Um, doesn't he realize if he does get any money to buy land, homes in the desert, cars or whatever..he has to report that. Then it means he'll have assets, correct? Then it can be taken by those he owes. Yes, it can.

I missed whether he thought to explain tonight how he was so disabled for years and years...but got older, then decided it's no issue to do intense physical labor -- something he's never done, even when decades younger --  for anywhere from perhaps eight to 12 hours a day building the compound. In, perhaps, the middle of nowhere in a hot, arid desert.

Then away will should go all his benefits, his disability, housing assistance and anything else connected with his "inability to work." He's planning to have assets -- never mind his creditors have rights to it first -- and thinks he'll still get "freebies" and/or not have to pay taxes on all of it? This can only get better.

No disability faker, huh? The guy must have caught his second wind at a later age...

I gave up early during the 'bored cast' Just him rehashing the same vile stuff he spits out and that NO ONE will teach him the simple skills he needs to know to build his rusty sand box. Even when advised to search YouTube for How to do it videos he stated it doesn't work for him. Apparently the only thing that works for George is bitching and begging. A 400 lb grifter to the end. All talk and no action.

Hey George, show us you can actually perform real work instead of making gawd awful videos night after night.

Watching George shove food in his mouth makes me sick...

Cutie Tootie is a russian bot

We should have an Amish deliver a pizza to george during his next live show. Also a Milf Amish woman give him some breastmilk so George can wash down the hot pepper and olive pizza.

Forgive me if I missed something, but where is Senda getting money to buy land?  He can't even get his silver coins out of hock.

I emailed him with a similar question and he said it was none of my business inquiring about his financial affairs.

So I sent off another email and offered to pay him a fee to answer some questions  with one caveat, that my photographer record our conversation.

I'm still waiting for a reply.

LOL...was he raped by Amish too?  ;D

He's jealous because he knows ...

another “upper right” that could have been a post from the FAT ONE...

is George posting again ?

George Senda? Wan't he the really fat guy who had a stroke and croaked while doing a youtube live show?

Was there any sound of Senda washing his hands before he reappeared with the sandwich?

Naw, just a little yellow coloring mixed with his miracle whip looks just like mustard...

Archie ate a pickle got tossed for using the word lie, he will return.

I suppose ''bonemeuptheass" will result in an immeadiate suspension too. There is no pleasing George, he must have ultimate control...

He going to be chopping a lot of wood to keep warm up there all winter

Not much wood in the desert. Plenty of cactus and joshua trees however. He's also going to bake in that steel box under the boiling desert sun.

I missed the part on how he plans to finance his desert fantasy crib. Is slow Kathy going to work the streets for him?

george loves to ban people then asks the question why are no one is sending him money.

He just doesn't get it does he?

Random Topics / Re: george live streaming and taking a piss too
« on: March 15, 2018, 10:23:45 PM »

Here is the live stream of george, the only place where you can hear him take a piss on live streaming

Noticed he was groaning in pain while taking a piss...not good...

Remember when George was a happy go lucky Youtuber?

George really lets it fly in this most excellent video!

Try it Happy, just try.  You forget one thing.  Falkie Don't Die!


just finished a masterpiece...
a Falkie YouTube production

highlight was the “snaggletooth” in action once again !

(cannot get enough of the “snaggletooth”)


How does the Sendamonster afford so much junk and tee shirts when he claims he's paying off 5 maxed out high interest credit cards, pawn shop interest payments and god knows what?

What really happens during Abrham visits? Does he wear a moo moo?

Never heard someone talk so much about cleaning and do so little of it.

George never got over Noory telling him his apartment was cluttered. Noory made him out to be nothing but an overweight fool trying to act like he was big league when everybody knew he was just a hapless idiot with a bloated neck and gut.

It soon became George's goal to show the world (all 11 sewergabbers) he really was sitting next to JFK when oswald's bullet bounced off his manboobs and killed Kennedy.

One more sensational image at a time as we inch closer to 3000 pages of total lunacy...

Hope he at least tried to round the edge off that metal. If not its  going to be far sharper than before. Also,  George,  perhaps it's  time to thin out your place? The clutter is out of control.

Ya think? George's apartment is a match head waiting to ignite. I thought the interior refrigerator images were bad but the wide sweep shot of his apartment screamed FIRE!

Most people who die in house fires die from being overcome from toxic smoke and in their beds. Has George checked the electrical socket that his burned out microwave was plugged into? I doubt it.

But forget the fire danger, how about mold? Not the ordinary mold but the dry type when disturbed becomes airborne and gets sucked into lungs causing serious respiratory issues which George has admitted he has. I'm surprised his doctor hasn't detected breathing issues that are typical caused by toxic mold spores.

But hey, I regress and besides it's time for another trip down memory lane with my favorite childhood friend, Testors model airplane glue!

Wheels up, let's go flying kids!

George: " Thanks for cutting off that piece of metal, you want to hang out for a while?"

Abrahm: "'ve got friends waiting for me outside"

and WTF ?
George prepared (supposedly) for an “inspection” last summer ?
so the “icebox” got in that shape in 6-8 months ?
(appeared as it had not been cleaned since he moved 10 years)

During my 6 decades of existence I've NEVER seen a fridge that dirty. When I rented we had yearly inspections. I don't believe George's dump has ever been inspected by anybody and that is truly sad for a government subsidized housing unit.

Failure to perform annual inspections could miss a severe mold growth which I'm sure exists in George's apartment. The bathroom (yet unseen) is likely the worst. That would also explain his respiratory problems as well.  You can test for dangerous mold yourself with the  '5 minute mold test' from Amazon or Home Depot.


Fire Hazard?  OH HELL YES!  The whole friggin apartment is one spark away from going up in flames. Marinez FD inspectors would red tag this place in a blink of the eye if they saw the piles of flammable materials stacked to the ceiling. I'm surprised the cutoff wheel on the grinder didn't ignite nearby items.

The IDIOT didn't even pull the mattress pad back!

A possible explanation to George Senda's bizarre behavior could go back to the early 60's when George was young and experimented with alternative lifestyles, aka 'Sniffing Glue'

"You're in outer space. You're Superman. You're floating in air, seeing double, riding next to space aliens. It's Kicksville man." 

Senda's security team hired to keep interlopers out of his desert container compound.

all those dry cat food dishes...

my suggested solution...

since such containers can be stacked, he could store an unmodified litter container on top of the feeder full of refill food.  ;D

During Mr Senda's last live stream he stated he lacked certain skills including how to solder a wire. He stated 'someone' would have to show him how to do it. I seriously doubt Mr Senda would be able to construct such a simple feeding device as shown in the video as it would encompass the use of cutting tools which Mr Senda doesn't have except for a pair of scissors and a snaggletooth. Mr Senda's real skills are in grifting, accepting donations and begging.

How is it the filthiest kitchen I've ever seen has enough containers of blue dawn dish soap to open a Kwikee Stop?

Just when you thought you'd seen the worst.

Thank god the caregiver/helper/apartment cleaner/vacuum repairman did his job!

Clean enough to eat from! Excellent work George!

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