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"You remember the Twilight Zone episodes? You could turn some of those into real life."

-- George Noory

In the '40s and '50s Arthur Godfrey was king of radio and television. Arthur was intellectual and exceedingly articulate just like Art Bell. Listeners could come away feeling a little bit smarter -- which of course is an entirely different experience than an evening with George Noory.

What do you mean ''like he wasn't even listening''?
Listening requires a box of NoDoz which inevitably leads to unbearable twit syndrome.

Trying to listen to last night's first hour rebroadcast, geez what a train wreck. Give up the coffee George, you're wired for sound and interrupting your guest again. The subject would have actually been interesting had you let the man speak. Effing incredible.

That was a great tribute, GN did a good job.

Very nice job, George.  Now we know he has the ability to put out a proper tribute show

Missed the tribute last night so I'm catching the first hour rebroadcast now. At around 51 minutes past the hour George puts icing on his tribute cake by saying "We had our differences [he and Art], we kept our distance."

Was it necessary to say something snarky like that? I just don't think it was. I also noticed George sounded extra-bored with his "I'm listening" responses. George in-as-much admitted the tribute is an obligation and nothing more.

"Jim, humanity has always been looking for ways to improve on our suffering and improve on disease, aging and involuntary death..."
Albert Einstein July 19, 2007

I need this to be my forum signature, it's so beautiful

Okay.  I was being honest.  ;)

As was suspected :)

Listening to the 5am recycle from across the room - did I just hear "very perfect timing"? That oxymoron isn't very perfect.

However Noory feels the need to pretend to be an actor, singer, wise man, etc.  I'm not saying he didn't feel.  He just needed to build up the emotion to make it more palpable.  My cynical 2 cents worth.  ;)

Cynical or honest? I don't think George could ever stomach Art's popularity seeing as how it was exponentially larger than his.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Art Bell
« on: April 14, 2018, 09:36:44 PM »
Very sorry to hear of Art's passing, stating the obvious he's missed.

'your voices, your beautiful voices'  ::)

Syrett tries hard, less of a slimeball than Jorch and Jimmy but icky none the less. Knapp is the only host that's any good.

Knapp is not interested, he told me via email he requires sleep. I think Jimmy has potential, he just needs to calm down and that could come as he matures. He and I seem to be interested in a lot of the same stuff, I think I like Jimmy. Nobody is perfect not even Art Bell.

Looking inside of Norry, you find old Frank Sinatra sheet music, wine corks, turkey sammie tape (that holds the plastic over the sammie) and sheet, lots of sheet.

Urk I'm so sick of Frank Sinatra. If I hear Time after Time again I will eviscerate the radio.

In mustard?   ;)

Mustard or Louisiana hot sauce. Sardines are a huge source of omega-3 so eat up. What Fukushima, a little radiation builds character.

There are times I actually like Jimmy, sometimes he says smart things and we're interested in a lot of the same stuff. He just needs to lose the George-like features to his personality. It's not about you Church it's about the guest, tone down the personality.

I've always eaten eggs so not sure if I could claim difference. I guess I could try a non-egg detox but I like them. And I agree, and I think good for you. But I also like sardines, so?

I don't believe everything I hear but this idea of "superfoods" seems to resonate. Deep color can be an indicator, blueberries blackberries broccoli carrots are biggies, of course the color of an egg yolk is vivid as well.

Your last comment reminds me of the inane C2C promo commercial I sometimes hear during the day.  It's with some audio clip of Jorch responding to a listener's question with some rambling, Jorchesque condescending observations about the world, intended to portray him as some wise enlightener.  It ends with some simpleton comment like "but yeeewww know what?  In the end, I think everything is going to end up being just fine."  Pollyanna Jorch.


It's the most ludicrous portrayal to date: wise worldly George pontificating on the future of the world. It's so over-the-limit I usually go ahead and turn off the radio.

There was a period of year for whatever reason the egg got a bum rap but throughout history people have eaten them so hardly "breaking new discovery" as Norry's guests would have you have it. And I suspect there is some diminishing returns if one eats as many eggs as Doc Wallet promotes though.  Tthis confuses me a bit because eggs aren't a supplement to sell. Is he on the Egg Council or owns some chicken farms?

I'm not a fan of CH "news" however some of the things he was saying about eggs I already knew to be true so I thought wtf I'll give it a try. I eat five at a time at a frequent rate which requires ignoring the instinct to be horrified. Energy levels are up and recoveries from workouts are faster when eating significant numbers of runny-yolk eggs. I don't think it's my imagination, anyway that's my perception.

I'm not proud of this but a few months ago I started eating tons of eggs with runny yolks. No I haven't started buying supplements. But there might be something to the egg thing. It seems to be a superfood and I feel better every time I eat four or five with runny yolks. Just wanted pass that along.

Poor Herb London.

He's a serious analyst of geopolitics and somehow Noory lured him onto Coast2Coast.

Wonder how long it will take him to regret it.

But then maybe he likes clowns.

If you have goods or services C2C is still a boat-load of publicity. But I know what you mean, I usually feel sorry for whoever is dealing with George. David Paulides is good at dealing with George, must be from all that experience dealing with the public.

Snerch has an obsession with Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr.

Good we have a chemtrail conspiracy freak masquerading as a legitimate source of information.

Looking forward to a night of spiritual warfare with pastor Billy. Evangelists were the next logical step in coast's painful demise.

The people who would be working those jobs are entry level workers - students, part timers, immigrants, and folks who would rather party and simply lack motivation.  Minimum wage jobs aren't meant to be careers.

It's not that difficult to get a staff level job at some company and do well, it really isn't.  I don't understand why Corporate America is supposed to support those who don't wish to or truly can't.  I'm not sure why the taxpayers should either.

You certainly seem to know it all. I've been working for corporate America four decades but do tell us again how easy it is for just anyone to land that entry level job. I conduct the interviews, we have a very specific criteria. Your low-level worker just busted his ass on your behalf for eight hours and you don't want to pay him. You needn't bother ever walking into our personnel department.

Bible study again tonight, pastor will first name all the problems then sell you the cure. Just think "Carnivora".

All was answered above.

This is the sort of thinking that led to eight years of stagnation under Obama.  ''We'' should have redistributed that money.  ''We'' know best.  That these people couldn't run a hot dog stand apparently makes no difference.

Yes Bolsheviks want to redistribute wealth, hopefully our system will prevent at least some of that. But let's not forget the greedy are worthless pieces of shit and we should call them out at every opportunity.

Could be a while.  McCain's still a US senator.

You make a good point. I guess it will get so bad Snorge will be forced to leave, wouldn't want to ruin the reputation by leaving gracefully.

You make is almost sound like getting an education and making ones self more employable wmight be worth the effort to those people.  Or they could just go to the store next door and get another job there

Of course everyone knows paying attention in class and doing the homework is ''acting white'', skipping school to get high is cool, having babies as a teenager a chance to feel grown up, and so on is a much better idea.  And Corporate America had better wake up to this and start paying people far more than the value of the work they produce. 

After all, when Barry Obama told us ''you didn't build that'', he wasn't just talking about small business owners, he was talking about the work people went through to get an education and develop jobs skills, and corporations who invest the money to produce most of the products and services we want and need.

Not everyone in this world is professional material and somebody has to work those shit jobs. Be nice if those low-level workers could eat as well or does the CEO need a fifth summer home?

5 or 6 years ago maybe.  He had her on and said it was her last appearance - after she teared up and sniffled a little, he delivered the punch line:  ''April Fool's!, ha ha ha''.  She was clearly angry, I think she's still upset about it.

You're not serious. Omg the man is an ass. She's only the classiest and most intelligent regular guest he has, smooth move Snorch.

Why are Ad Council ads so stupid? Since it's government are they not allowed to hire a writer with talent? You do realize "more ice cream trucks" is the punch line of that entire exchange? And what about the drug addict girl who suddenly realizes stuff while bad music is playing?
Wtf man?

Trying my hand at a non-cruel post. George doesn't sound well and it seems to be ongoing. He's more confused, less articulate - I think the end is nigh. I'll try to lay off the man and hope he goes out gracefully. We all grow older and if we live long enough there comes a time to retire. There's no shame in that.

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