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Random Topics / Re: Things That Annoy You
« on: Yesterday at 09:24:15 AM »

So how much did our boy pull down last night, after taxes?

Random Topics / Re: Shaving
« on: Yesterday at 07:43:48 AM »
The planned obsolescence of modern American capitalism and how to shave.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Midnight In The Desert
« on: May 24, 2018, 01:32:17 PM »
Your story is falling apart.


You remember, Roswells.  He pulled you into that foxhole, patched you up....'member?

Fortunately I think two or three people saved the video where he was rubbing his eyes against medical advice. After all, Senda wouldn't like all the facts to not be presented if and when he files his grievance and gets a lawyer to try and sue, now would he?

Fuck him with a wood chipper.

It's been awhile since I've had to rap you on the beaker and tell you to STFU, but STFU!  What are you, some sort of half-assed Optometrist or something?  Surly you know that there is absolutely no correlation between rubbing a post-surgical area, in this case an eye, with encrusted fingers and a resulting infection or other complications.  Encrustment in this case being possibly feces, pizza sauce, or some other kind of fungus which may or may not grow on a morbidly obese man after he scratches his unwashed schnutz, then fails to wash his hands.  Where did YOU go to medical school anyhow?  Perhaps if you hadn't wasted your third year of life goofing off and would have kept up on your medical journals like more studious individuals, you would know what I just taught you.  Now, STFU!

Does anyone believe that this fat piece of dog shit  will actually make it to Alien Con? It takes work.  It takes effort.  And unless there is someone to take him by his bloated hand, he won't make it.  He will have some sort of it financial, health, or relationship, and won t he able to go.  Naturally it will be the fault of some goddamn  trolls. 

Fuck Falkie with an old rusty tire iron dipped in battery acid.

Being new to Senda, can someone point me to some of the best videos or funniest moments? Thanks!

Hello there!  There are many many Falkie classics.  This one is a personal favorite.

inspired by Senda

No desert rattlers here in the Big Chicken's mountain home.   Cotton Mouth's a plenty brought in from Vara country. 
Except they are back at the Church and the Big Chicken would need the band.   Got the Strychnine right here at the house though.

No...Cottonmouth isn't going to cut it.  One, their venom is relatively weak in comparison to other pit vipers, therefore they are a tepid Show of faith.  Two, knowing how George and by extension those of the Jewish faith feel about catfish, I don't think a creature who lives in the same muddy waters would be considered kosher.  I was thinking Mojave Rattlers as a true test of faith, along with the benefit of potential bites.  George may build an immunity to the venom which could come in handy when he builds his Eden there.  But if it has to be cottonmouths, then so be it.  We will just tell him they are some sort of Afghani viper.  George is familiar and comfortable with Afghanistan including all creatures indigenous.  The more exotic he thinks it to be, the better.

Paulina Porizkova.  She just announced her separation from Ocasek.  My guess is Ric wants a newer model. :-\

A newer model...heh.  Too bad, they've been together a good while.

There's a group of them that aren't pleasant on the eye...Stevie Ray Vaughn, Steve Miller, Ric Ocasek

Yeah but have you never seen Ocasek's wife?  Jaw dropper.  I think she was the girl in the Drive video.

Yes - I don't see Senda being much of a help in this manner.  In the mean time, the Big Chicken will mix up a little Strychnine cocktail to sharpen up his Faith.

Good idea.  Along with the strychnine, he can handle a couple Mojave Rattlers too.  We need all the good ju-ju we can get in this situation.

LOL...never seen them before. The guy has a good voice, but a face only a blind mother could love.

I thought maybe Mark Knopfler found the Lord.

Well we certainly all need fortitude after viewing the Sith.  Let us have some encouraging music to raise our shaken spirits.

A powerful song Big Chicken.  I don't know how that demon will feel about it, nor the Jewish fella who lives there.


Hhhmmmmm.  The Big Chicken's first thought is that George has managed to pull a Cat Sith somehow.  Does he have any Scottish
blood in his background? Unfortunately, we can not see the entities chest - a Sith will have a white marking there. Big Chicken has been around the
block once or twice but doesn't have any direct experience tangling with a Cat Sith. They are bad news - typically a witch can turn into a Cat Sith nine total times before they are trapped in cat form for all eternity.   So the witch won't do this just on a whim.   Has George upset a witch as of late?
A witch in Cat Sith form is quite capable of stealing souls.

A good man of faith does not shy away from such challenges.  You are needed more than ever Reverend Big Chicken.  This is serious business that even Will Blatty couldn't even imagine.

Some people were mentioning Senda being the Zodiac Killer in the GabCast chat yesterday. Besides this PM he sent me assuring me that he is definetly NOT the Zodiac killer I would have to say he is way too lazy for the job and also he wouldn't be able to keep his mouth shut about it since there is a movie starring Brad Pitt about him the killer:

I will say one thing about one of my supposed supporters.
IF he is married, both he and his wife are nuts !
He sent me an email saying that they both watched a program on the Zodiac and his wife is convinced that I look exactly like the Zodiac which is patently ridiculous.
I can account for my time during the killings. I was IN Las Vegas and was living in the home of a probation officer and his family because I had been declared an emancipated minor by the courts so I could get out of my parent's home.
Stupidly of me, I went back to her a year and a half or so later in San Francisco.

Here's what I wrote him.

I KNOW two former mayors of san francisco, one of them was the police chief before he was mayor and the former district attorney who knew me and my mother and father for over 30 years. Mayor Jordan and Mayor Brown know me and knew my Mother and so did Terrence Hallinan and his brother, whose name escapes me at the moment without my records at hand. I've been to Terry's and his brother's house delivering items from my Mother.
I've also sat with the chief who was of asian origin in his office in the Hall of Justice at 850 Bryant Street discussing my stolen car back in 1996. I can't recall his name at present.
I have also sat in Willie Brown's office when he was Mayor in front of him and he saw me every night I was working for 3 years in San Francisco as he was driving a Porsche he used to have. And he would remember me if asked as we had a running commentary as to when he was going to give me a ride in the Porsche.
Believe what you will, but I am not the Zodiac and to assert that I am is insane.

you talk about bellgab libelling me, seems as if you are doing it as well.

you are so wrong. look at the picture when I was 20. a happy smiling kid.

the picture of the zodiac is a much older man and as I said I can document where I was back then including court records, if they still exist, because I had myself declared an emancipated minor at 17 1/2 and  was living in a probabtion officers home with his family at the time and could prove it if I had to. hardly the thing a serial killer would be doing.

this endless speculation is ridiculous and idiotic.

this former " supporter " who won't knock off the bs and who has caused me endless trouble and heartache on bg is ... little chris, supreme shit disturber.

keep the above emails between us. I told him to get help along with his wife.

now he says he will do an article on his blog saying that I may be the zodiac.

I should think I just MIGHT be able to find one attorney in sf or la to handle the lawsuit that would inevitably happen on this. there are court records documenting where I was living and if I have to I will go to las vegas to present them and I will go to the SFPD and go talk to the head of homicide or someone there as well. The Zodiac case remains an open case.

this is the crap I have to put up with because MV won't clamp down on the assholes who lurk on his board.


You don't have to go all the way to "San Fracisco" to find intrigue.

Happened just found the corner from Hacienda Towers.

BJM has recommended he find Jesus...that's his only protection at this point.

Jesus spoke of Ghehenna, in the valley of Hinnon, a place outside Jerusalem where great piles of refuse could be found.  Hmmm...some thought it a place of damnation and despair.  By Jove, I believe you may be on to something Chefist!  George's dive may well be that place.

Don't you people know how to use the search feature?!

Need some key words.  What's the title?

O'Neill used to hang on to them, maybe he still has them. You'll have to ask the next time he pops in to ask if Senda's dead yet.

Perhaps you could find it and bind it like Roswells suggested, and sell it in the new Bellgab shop.

I was going to find it and re-post it next X-mas. It's a tradition. It's almost as long as the original as well. lol

I'll be looking forward to it. 

That's been done.

There's nothing new under the sun I guess.  Is it one of your tales?  Sadly, I missed it.  I will have to try to find it.

If George is being oppressed by an evil spirit, how long before he is perfectly possessed? George is infamous for not accepting any suggestion by those who legitimately want to help him. However, if he refuses help at this point, it could be that last mistake he ever makes.

I wouldn't worry too much about it.  If George is being visited by a spirit or two, it's probably in the vein of A Christmas Carol, only it would be called a Griftmas Carol.  George is being visited by three ghosts...Greedy Gus, Beggar Bill, and Hoarder Hal.  They are trying to get George to see what a mess he is, and to realize he needs to change his ways.  Ah-brum can play the Tiny Tim role. 

Valid. There are many levels in Hades.

Could be a gateway.  There are said to be many.  I live near such a place.  Stull, Kansas.  The tale tells that 'ol Lucifer visited an old witch's grave there. 

So Falkie may have the very shadow of death in his hovel, but he can't confirm because, once again, his equipment doesn't work.

A weasel up against that black entity?  No chance.  Stay out of there man.

I don't know, Sredni was no ordinary polecat.  He was a god.

I am in the middle of The Beverly Hills George Senda Cleanse and, as such, am about 20 pages behind in this thread.

That said, just seeing this notification pop up on my phone filled me with rage.

For God's sake, keep your hands off your wallets, kids.

Tomorrow my mom and I meet with a bunch of specialists for diagnostics to determine if and at what stage she has colon cancer. Earlier this year, I lost my dad, I lost my job and no matter what tomorrow brings, no one will ever see me online begging for money, despite this horrific house payment and ALL the damn bills that go with it. We are currently living off my severance pay. My job search has come to a screeching halt thanks to this DELIGHTFUL new cancerous bitch-slap from the year 2018.

Your problems are nothing, George. FUCK OFF.

I hope things work out for the best for you and your mother, Seraph. 

I didn't even know that was a real b ook. I thought they made it up for Ghostbusters.

You're so uncultured, Mr. Vashtar.  You should spend some quality time in the Senda Paranormal Library (tm).  We hear that it is haunted.

Does Senda have a Tobin's in that pile of gnarl in there? If so, he may want to reference it.

Sure, he could speed read it in a few minutes, not remember a damn thing about it, and NEVER consider doing a review on it.  The only thing books are going to do for George in this situation is hinder him from being able to make a quick exit out of that hell hole.

I noticed that too.  What an apt title!

It followed his Macbook malfunctioning as well.  Ghost in the machine?

Ghost in the Machine, Spirits in the Material World.

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