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The world's a crazy place, Ziznak. The criticism is to be expected and it's not a topic that can easily be debated, especially without offending people. All I can do is present my story and either you believe it or you don't. I'd recommend going to my site:
Tons of more info and easy to read with plenty of diagrams and pictures.

Hidden cams, tape recorders, phone apps, and even the old tried-and-true cellophane tape, human hairs, dusts, etc to see if drawers/doors etc opened. Take pictures of rooms and then compare upon re-entry. Anything changed?

There are plenty of times when I was hit with chemicals and the people I was with also noticed them. One morning I woke up and found that the attic door located in the hallway was open, and there's no way it can open on its own. The floor mysteriously shakes underneath me in my apartment, and my son has noticed it. I have video of the spray hitting the house I used to live in. There are plenty of strange things that happen but it doesn't seem to matter. People just don't want to believe it, and I can't say I blame them. I think the only evidence people would believe is government documents detailing their actions, but fat chance of me getting my hands on those. Anyway, thanks for wishing me well and listening to my story. I agree, it would be nice if it weren't true.

I don't blame anyone for not believing my story. I wouldn't believe it either if it hadn't happened to me. But I feel as though it's my duty to tell it. All I can hope for is that one day at least part of my story will be authenticated and that would lend credibility to the rest of it.

This show is one of maybe a handful that drew me in and had me listening intently even though I probly really needed to get back to sleep.

Thanks, ziznak!

This is the only interview I've given. My website has more info:
I know it's hard to believe but the members of my immediate family know that I'm sane and have experienced enough of this weirdness to make them believe it's true as well (mostly smelling the strange chemicals wherever we go). I wish I could reinsert myself back into the "Matrix" and go back to believing that our country is run by sane and responsible people who don't have the sole ambition for power and wealth, but I don't have that luxury.

The podcast is archived on Future Theater's site here:
I'm very grateful to Nancy and Bill for giving me the opportunity to tell my story. I often tell people that it's the story of the century that will never get told. So I finally got to tell it. However, there's just way too much to tell for any one show, so I didn't get everything out that I wanted to. Also, the continual radiation and chemical attacks I'm under have left my brain a little frazzled, so I apologize for being a little incoherent and fatigued. For instance, I failed to mention that the biggest reason why the chemical attacks gave my cat cancer but didn't hurt my son is because the fumes were far weaker in his bedroom, and the cat never went in his room because my son liked to play rough with her. It doesn't really make sense because the chemicals were far more dangerous than my son, but that's how it was.

Thanks, everyone, for your support and understanding.

I don't know if it's actually the CIA that's targeting me, but it doesn't really matter gov't is gov't. I say "CIA" because people know of it and it's synonymous with secret gov't agents that do dastardly deeds. Another reason I say CIA is because a few weeks after I started getting targeted, I lived in a very small town and saw a TV ad for the CIA saying that they were hiring in my area. It was just a static sign with no audio, it had the CIA logo, and a number to call. It didn't have any specific details like education requirements or skill requirements. Just said that they were hiring - weird. Would Microsoft say, "Hey everybody, we're hiring."? I doubt it. And if the gov't did find suitable people from this ad to help target me, they might even say to them, "Your not exactly right for the CIA, but we do have this other group, the XYZ (the ones that do the targeting), that you'd be perfect for." So even the gov't might say CIA even when they don't mean CIA. It doesn't matter. They know what the term means to people, and only they know all the secret groups and subdivision that they have. And I'll admit that I don't get letters on CIA stationery asking me how the targeting is going.

Nancy Birnes has been very generous and invited me to be on her Feb 1 show at 10pm EST. I'm honored and thrilled; I just hope They don't kill me before then. :)

Thanks, Ciardelo. I'll check those out.

Thanks. Sent a PM.

I have an unusually, extreme case of chemical sensitivity which allowed me to notice a new form of high-tech, military chemical dumping that was being done where I lived. The resulting fumes would cover the town and were strongest near the military base. I complained to the local EPA and as a result, I became a CIA target. Since then I feel like I've been released from the Matrix and now see the world in a whole new way. I put up a website to chronicle the events and reveal CIA harassment and surveillance technologies. I also give a practical and logical solution to chemtrails that no one else is mentioning. My website has recently been updated and I'd appreciate any advice on how to make it more interesting. Thanks, everyone.

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