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I fell asleep halfway through Coast.  Maybe tomorrow I can hear Schrader better; I missed most of it because the shower opened up & then Coast was on.  Seems like people enjoyed it.

Unit 14

Insomnia hit so I tuned in for about 5 min. to hear George with, from what I could tell, an anti-trump propagandist hawking a book. politics

Shortened to Geezits?


That is good indeed!

A tad long!  We'd all be drooling! It's interesting you have a dopple ganger or something!  I'll have to read their posts.  Sure could be someone faking you, too, lying in wait for just the right moment (a Scorpio thing).  I had to watch out for that last night when I nominated you.  I tried to be so careful, then ended up making other mistake...
Unit 14

I've been nominated, eh? Guess I'm behind in my bellgab reading. He or she isn't faking being me, as they were here first. It is an obvious choice of name for all the discerning C2C lovers so it was bound to happen. Too long...where have I heard that before?

I don't think anyone's done Geez Noory yet. ;)

That's pretty good

Thanks! You, too.  I like your avatar name!
Unit 14

Yes, I've thought about changing my handle since I discovered someone else has a very similar one. I'll probably leave it as it is, unless they complain as they are a more senior member. What do you think of "Quarter Pounder 'n Geeeeez" good?

I guess someone is having their little fun with us; but anyway...


I really don't give a shit what you suspect. I'm going off what I know.

Ok then

No I didn't. In the last 24 hrs or so she's accused me of antisemitism, of issuing threats against another Bellgabber and then threatened to have me doxxed. Still think I went to far? If the answer is yes then fuck you too! I hope your cat dies a painful death too.

Ok. So I laughed at that last bit. Fair enough if she threatened you in that way, but i suspect she didn't

This is why I keep wishing her cat would die. Then she'll have no excuse.

14 is more than capable of defending herself and I'm just a casual observer that can't untangle what this whole feud is about, but wishing her cat dead? You go too far

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Ian Punnett
« on: June 29, 2018, 10:50:12 PM »

That's a classic lol

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Ian Punnett
« on: June 29, 2018, 10:41:45 PM »
What did he invent?

I bet 21st has heard of Hedy Lamarr, as she was an actress back in the day, but she developed some kind of guidance system for torpedoes during WW2

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Ian Punnett
« on: June 29, 2018, 10:30:24 PM »
Tonight sounds like an interesting show about an inventor and actress I've never heard of, and its Ian, so i'll be tuning in  8)

Random Topics / Re: Philosophy 101
« on: June 27, 2018, 09:14:54 PM »
Monty Python - Philosopher Football

I like your style, dude

I love it when the show ends.  I can turn the radio down and open my door, totally removing the cat's baby gate.  After hours of ignoring me (except for her snack breaks), my cat finally comes to sit next to me, looking out facing toward the golden hallway night light.  Our little moment.  She waits while I check to make sure the coast is clear of all the dog & cats.  Then she ventures out, smelling her doorway where the tomcat sits on the other side of the baby gate when he visits us.  She scratches her little remainder claws on the hallway area rug, sniffs the entry way, explores the living room, & sometimes plops down right in the middle of the room to stretch...  with me shadowing her just in someone lets the daschund loose.  Then she circles back to our room.  Then she ventures out for one more house walk one more time before settling in by my side.  She is 17, small, & plump in all the right places.

Right now, her eyes are hypnotized on the hallway.  She's just waiting for some other pet to stroll by.  She can hear their chains rattling in the next room, which is also open, if you don't count their baby gate.  I think she feels freer during these times, since the door is closed most of the day.  Even though she won't go out more than once or twice right now, she could, if she wanted to, which makes a difference in the ambiance.  Until we shut it again so the early bird housemates don't wake us up!

This was a great exercise day, except I tripped on small decorative rocks that had fallen on the pavement, & fell.  But, I just got scratches, stiffness.  It's been an alright diet day, too.  The doctor reduced my blood pressure dosage, for less side effects.

Oooo, the cat's going out for a third lap.  That is great.  Her tail sticking straight out, "half mast", ahem.  She gets a little freedom at night, & usually one or two outdoor walks each day.  This place is unpleasant in many ways, but the cat really seems happy here (except for when the big guy binges and starts being loud.)


You are a fine writer

I wish you would have taken a picture............  that would have made for a really nice avatar. ;)

Ha Ha and duly noted

Went on a little day trip yesterday and found some delicious fresh strawberries and am grateful for them

George just gave an example of him dreaming.  He started to say, What if I dreamed I want a better gurf" then either deleted it or stopped.  Girth?  Naw.  Gurf Morlix CD?  No, never spins that one.   Gurf, as in World of Warcraft?  I don't think so.  Horrible, horrible person.  A gf is not like merchandise.  The magic is in the relating.  The w-h-a?  People often get what they deserve.

To be fair, they were talking about careers. George was saying "career"

In my scenario she gets away with the axe killing after feasting on a granola based dinner. The killing was in self defense BTW.

Next; I can't say I'm a fan of your new avatar. How about something without weeds? surely you have flowers in your yard that are not about to die a slow strangled death!  :'(

I rather like that pic

Good Lord, get an axe! Let's GET NUTS!! you've got to out-batshit-crazy her.

I'm guessing Monica wouldn't do well in jail. Plus, even if she didn't get shanked in the shower, I don't think prisoners have access to the internet...and what is bellgab without Jojo?

No offense ladies, but how can A-cups be that kind of hot??

God made all shapes and sizes to be appreciated


 ;) ;) :P

Good times! I remember as a kid of about ten or so during the summer months, running in from yardwork at my grandparents around noontime to watch the 20 minute workout. Bess was my fav lol

One of the reasons I believe that the technology exists for mind-reading is because aliens are reputed to read minds and communicate directly through the mind.  The greys look like human-technology hybrids, with their mammal limbs, their computerized-looking eye sensors, and their huge, enhanced brains.  What do they need ears for?  They dont have ears much because they communicate neurally.

Here is a reference or two, which I got from

Declassified documents by NSA of the MKULTRA project
R.G. Malech Patent #3951134  “Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brain waves” USPTO granted 4/20/76

This site lists more patents:

This one has two graphs, and also mentions microwave technology:

Microwave technology is fallible.  It is hindered by terrain for sure.  It doesn't easily get into steep valleys, which is why some people out in the country have to out their ordinary DISH up in a tree.  So I would expect the technology not to be consistent, depending on terrain. There can be transmission delays, like 40 seconds, or not.

By the way, wifi and cell microwaves are a different size than microwave oven microwaves, so don't ever waste your time on that.  Some people wonder if the technology can get into a microwave oven and the answer is yes:
___________________________________________________________ _________________

Here is my WOT for those who are interested:

I would encourage anyone who "hears voices" to stand near neon lights on flat terrain on a clear, quiet day and listen.  If the "voices" get louder, then they are technology, not demons or mental illness.  If they aren't sure, then they should mentally recite something which takes no concentration like the alphabet or a child's song while listening to see if it comes back to them via the neon amplifying the remote neural monitoring.  If a person is around 40, they might get better results, in part because of how the inner ear grows during middle age.

Remember the mind has over 38 levels of consciousness, most of which are verbal in verbal people, so if a person who hears voices hears more than one voice at a time, it could be the microwave auditory feedback effect from more than one level of consciousness being monitored.  This is not so fascinating when you remember, the devil is out there trying to create eternal life while bypassing God, so blah blah blah.  Of course he would work through scientists.  Who else could do it?  I mean, levels of consciousness are necessary for eternal life, so we can talk AND chew gum in Heaven.

I disapprove of neural monitoring.  It is enough that God has access.  I also would like any Bible quotes anyone can find which might allude to technological neural monitoring. 

People who think they are monitored should memorize and recite a mental "spiel" frequently.  I mean, if someone is powerful enough to read your mind, wouldn't you want to at least take a little control and tell them a few things.  They might be enslaved or otherwise coerced/controlled to do the task.  Any technology the bad guys have, the good guys can get.  And vice versa.  All it takes is one person sharing a password.  And you know how there are some people who know how to pick a weak or vulnerable type who they can wheedle, bribe, extort, or coerce (threaten) so unethical password sharing happens.  There are crooks on the inside.  Once this technology is in the hands of gangs, would a lower ranking gang member really not share his password with a higher member who asked?  You know what I mean?  So the technology could be in anyone's hands, a thousand miles away, or in the car parked next to you.

Being mind-monitored can cause severe anxiety and stress.  I mean, we all censor ourselves so much.  What each of us is working with, in our thoughts, may be vastly different from how we express ourselves.  Haven't we all mentally told someone to go to Hell while actually saying, "Yes, Sir", or mentally bedded a woman in front of us while saying we cant wait to see our family after work?!

A lot of people cant even pee if someone is watching them.  So imagine someone watching your mind. Would you be able to ever really pray without feeling there could be an audience?  How about cry?  Many men wont cry if others are watching.  Yet crying and praying release healing hormones.  So targets might lack emotional stability, never feeling they can release certain emotions (or fluids, lol) without being watched.

So, once a victim realizes they are monitored, it can be really, really disturbing.  Imagine not wanting to think your password, or your safe combo, because the operator might get it and write a report to someone else, who later hacks your computer or opens your combo safe when you arent home.  Or being afraid to filling out a job app or register on a website because some unknown mind reader could then get your address. That's why saying a spiel helps.  Become human to the operator(s).  Connecting can increase empathy and reduce hostility.  The operator could be a machine, though.

When I learned about neural monitoring, I paid attention to my thoughts more.  I worried about having any racist thougnts.  Or blasphemous ones.  Or antisocial ones.  Or obscene ones.  Or crying wolf.  Or wishing harm on myself or others.  Or any other forbidden thought.  So, in my spiel, I always explain that the psychological strain of potential neural monitoring increases my anxiety, sometimes leading to a form of mental obsessive-compulsive disorder which can actually CAUSE forbidden thoughts.  I demonstrate mentally that I am not actually racist by reciting somewhat verifiable information, which I pull from life experience, such as the campaign slogan from Jesse Jackson's presidential campaign long ago.  after explaining that I am not actually racist and not really calling them fat/ugly, then I tell them I don't consent, I'm not a terrorist... and I share about some of my burdens, to increase their potential empathy.  I don't share my joys much, because monsters kill joy!

So, there are patents for remote neural monitoring technology, which can cause deep psychological stress to targets  That stress can make the target less healthy mentally and physically.  Targets have some power to communicate directly to the operator, and should prepare a spiel highlighting what they want to say.  They should change/tweak their spiel as their life changes.

There are about 8 billion minds on earth  to read but If they choose to read mine I hope they get their money's worth cos I'm just going to go ahead and think what I want

Random Topics / Re: Things That Annoy You
« on: May 27, 2018, 04:57:37 AM »
No, it was a purely hypothetical example meant to show the absurdity of the statement. You can just do me too. :P

I really did laugh at that. Thanks

Random Topics / Re: Things That Annoy You
« on: May 27, 2018, 04:30:36 AM »
The Diet Coke chick telling me to "just do me...whatever that is." Really?! So, if skinning people alive is my thing should I just do that, honey?! And who really knows who they are definitively, anyway?! Just do me, indeed!  ::)

She should just do me, if you follow.  ;)

The "you do you and I do me" thing has a certain connotation

Sex sells. Skinning ppl? Not so much for most

Maybe this commercial is a bit of advertising Rorschoch? I'mma stay on Doc's good side

Nah, not so fast.

I used to have a cat that looked just like that as he got older.  One of the best cats in the world.  In hot sun, with black sun-absorbing fur, he would insist on walking right by my side.  There was shade just a few feet away, but he would not take that path.  So many times, he nearly collapsed from heat while keeping up with me and I had to carry him home quickly!

Unfortunately, the memories of victims of covert neural monitoring are stored synthetically, and replayed from time to time.  One of the most heinous things the operators (who are probably coerced) do is present deceased pets at unwelcome times.  For their own nefarious purposes.  Sometimes they communicate to each other using images in a victim's brain.  Deceased pets represent issues that were thought to have been resolved, which have resurfaced.  This is a long way of saying how this particular cat was "featured" earlier today, in a most unwelcome way.  It is cruel.  But other than recite an educational spiel and appeal for sensitivity (or tell them off and toss mental dung at them), there isn't much one can do.

Memorial Day is soon anyhow, so it was like an early start, but I don't consent to the synthetic crap.  It is demoralizing, and abuse.  Like you coincidentally doing the same thing, Hackstar, LOL.  Just kidding.  Unlike GN, I do believe in coincidences.  You and I have experienced many coincidences I never mentioned to you.  Happens all the time with you.  But, I have determined they are pure coincidence.  Some people are just like that.  In gradeschool, an acquaintence used to be able to finish my sentences, all the time, even though we only sat together once in a while, and never played together voluntarily.  She was a bit too shy for me.  Just one of those things.

Now that experts admit they can read minds, people might realize that our thoughts are frequencies. If machines can pick up the thoughts, then it is not surprising humans sometimes pick up on each other's thoughts too.  Maybe the ears can't hear such high frequencies directly, but remember it's been proven that if you can achieve one thing, you can achieve a tiny bit beyond it.  Imperceptible increases in achievement (or color wheels) show that one can get from A to B without hardly changing a thing at all if you do it in enough gradations.  So, maybe our minds have other ways of perceiving frequencies besides just the ears.  Like, if our own thoughts are frequencies and the thoughts of people around us are frequencies, we might subconsciously become familiar with the meaning behind how our mind frequency resonates with another person's, based on time and experience with that person or with that same frequency combo and the communications it usually results in.

A circuitous story, but perhaps some meandering serves to draw the reader in...step into my parlor, said the spider to the fly. Ok, I'll bite, how do you know nueral monitoring exists? How have you discerned JS has hit the bullseye a time or two only by virtue of throwing so many darts; that is to say by coincidence, but not by other means? Interesting

good for you keeping up and keeping positive. try to stay away from your roomies as they will bring you down. take care

Those definitely look like woman's feet. I'd just add a lil squeeze of lemon and drink it all up. Those yours? ;D  kinda big..

i prefer my old feet soakings flavored with thinly sliced cucumber, it's the new thing


I don't know about all of these other claims, but my mother who has lupus swears CBD oil lessens her pain and my friend with fibromyalgia believes in/takes it to a lesser extent. Like anything, you get what you pay for, so the cheaper stuff they've purchased on the internet is just a waste of money. Your mileage may vary

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