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Okay - time for me to pack it in and listen to the ending from the crib.

Everytime he says "DarkMatter News", I keep expecting to hear "Dark News Matters"  lol's

Paranormal lives matter   :o

I have also heard a theory that the people going missing are mostly handsome and smart. Also that their bodies end up in water most the time, when their bodies are found. Found weeks after they go missing. A conspiracy against the handsome I tell ya.

That sounds like the thing they used to call 'the smiley face killers'

So Park Rangers do more than chase bears who steal pic-ah-nic baskets?

Is Knapp still on Team Bob Lazar?

Dunno - I've been out of the c2cish loop for a while.  Knapp just always seemed fairly credible - but then he was up against Dave.


have they mentioned stairs?  I know someone here mentioned them. Can you say more?

Dave worked for a small municipality in California around San Francisco. George Knapp speaks Very highly of him.

Knapp's endorsement holds good weight.

the rub with that state law vis a vi guns is that not all parks or public lands are confined to one state.

hadn't thought about the organ harvesting side......

What's in the box? What's in the baahhhhhx?

Well, I'm putting in a call to the Crater Lake NP. Use my press credentials. Ask some questions. See what I can find out . . . .

Keep us in the loop please?


Speaking of Hoaxlan'ds show - what's the timeout on this?  I often pack it in and listen for bed - and wake up a few hours later to silence.

Classic 90 mins?

Whether this stuff is true or not I love these types of stories. Seems like a case Mulder and Scully would be on.


Every time this jughead begins a phrase with "so," I choose another one of his books to not buy.

Still beats 'well, ya know' or 'fer sure'

Another detail:  A lot of people who go missing are wearing bright, colorful clothing.

Which is why they are off and folded?  If I were to kidnap someone, I wouldn't want then to be a bright beacon.


SERIOUSLY???  If I met up with someone without shoes in the wilderness - I'd ask.  Maybe my first cwestion.  But then, I'm a mom "Where are you SHOES, boy?"

lucky it's not a more common key.

Also lucky you are not writing a Star Trek script guest staring John De Lancie.

hahaha -- you'd be amazed how many times it comes up.

How does Paulides get the info that allows him to omit cases based on his criteria?

Good wormhole cuestion

That would be one HELL of a serial killer - but it's a legit cwestion (my 'cue' key is dead)

You thought you were the only Nazi in England?  You should've tried


In many of the cases Paulides researches there is sufficient evidence for homicide.

Glad to have someone here who knows this guy's work - this is the first time I've heard him, though I've heard of the issue.

That's one hell of a pillow fight. Jerks.

No.  It's the FBI.

The FBI has primary jurisdiction over homicide investigations in National Parks.

Is disappearance in the homicide category? That would make sense.

It's ChillicoTHEE, Ohio, Mr. newsfellow.

So glad I'm not the only English Nazi.

Okay - how do they know the intelligence of these people? SOME I can understand, but seriously?

Unfortunately, some of us just talk like that . . . .

So, why do you think that is?

No mental health history?  There goes most of the population.  There is a psych diagnosis for SNEEZING.

I thought a family member had to move to have someone decalaired legally dead - but then that may be a separate process from the police's assumptions.

and it's IN-FIN-TES-EH-MAL

How about a drinking game where we take one shot of our beverage of choice for everytime Paulides answers a question by starting the response with "So....."

I'd have to open a second magnum of wine.

You people are keeping me awake.

I know some nice lullabies.  ::)

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