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Radio and Podcasts / Re: Kingdom of Nye With Heather Wade
« on: Today at 05:08:04 PM »
Does he think HW had or has "the talent" to be a good producer herself, or is she too fckd-up to even do that anymore herself?

It seems HW's biggest problem now is that many "big name" celebs were ALREADY avoiding and canceling their appearances on her show, some beforehand and some after being interviewed, so this was/is a very deteriorating situation.

HW needs to do a comeback later this year or next, BUT she will definitely do a Final Crash and Burn if she repeats and rinses what she's been doing so far. That has to end. Period. And, can she even find or get a Producer that will work for her again? ???

HW needs to Co-Host a show, because I just don't think she can handle it otherwise. Maybe she could go solo after Co-Hosting for a few years, and, thus, proves she changed her ways from the recent past. I think that's her only way forward that seems possible, imho, but WTF do I know? HW? Bwaahahahaha!

AB gave HW protection from The Wolves constantly pacing blood at her door. I don't think she stood any chance once she would not allow "no show" hosts to fill-in for her repetitive meltdowns. Plus, she was/is too much of a loner to accept the help she really needed at that time.

DH, you need to track down her BF. That seems to be the present conditional factor.

Hey, if she is not outside smoking on the porch, then she's definitely not home there either! ;)

Right? ???

DH or anyone in the know...Someone needs to get in contact with that Hawaiian activist person. Has s/he been out there again? Any updates?

If it was up to me, I would suggest that Heather does not have a personality that makes for a good host or co-host, and her "on the air voice and laugh" well, I don't think it works for most people.  I think her best bet would be to turn the show over to someone else who wants to give it a try.  I would say to quit while she's ahead, but I don't think she ever even broke even.   I could be wrong.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Kingdom of Nye With Heather Wade
« on: Today at 04:17:57 PM »
I thought 90 mins was long enough, thereís time enough for a part two. More than enough fodder in that one for now.

I did forward all the questions to Tony but I thought we could get to at least a large number of them via a more natural kind of chat - firing questions at him seemed to me like it would lose the flow. I also felt like it would be easier to get the chronology of it laid out a little bit. As with everything else Heater related itís quite complex (and crazy!).

Well,  I'm having fun, and I know you're having fun.  It sounded like Tony is having fun too.  I hope you can get together with him again real soon!

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Kingdom of Nye With Heather Wade
« on: Today at 03:58:13 PM »
Tony wanted to answer more questions and talk longer and be more open about all the questions people were asking than what DH was offering. Plenty of important questions were never asked so were never answered.

Just "forward" our questions directly to Tony next time. He would have answered more and been more thorough, imo. This is being drawn-out much longer than is necessary.

Plus, Tony needs some skeptical review about some of his opinions considering he is still working for LNM network? ??? Like WTF is he doing that for? Weird.

I admit, I didn't understand why the interview seemed to be cut off like it was.  Tony seemed to have a lot more he wanted to say.  Maybe Dynamo is only comfortable with an hour and a half, and I can respect that.  I hope she has him back before he loses his enthusiasm to share.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Kingdom of Nye With Heather Wade
« on: Today at 03:41:07 PM »
He was Heaterís producer.

I wish it had been longer, but I'm looking forward to part 2. 

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Critical Omissions with Douglas Dietrich
« on: Yesterday at 08:36:13 PM »
We all love stories of Pirates and treasure. Until we find they are FULL OF SHIT!

Understood!  I think it's the process I enjoy watching.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Critical Omissions with Douglas Dietrich
« on: Yesterday at 08:35:06 PM »
Hey Brig :)

Glad you gang are still hanging out in this thread, having a great time!   ;D

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Critical Omissions with Douglas Dietrich
« on: Yesterday at 08:27:23 PM »
OMG!  Oak Island? BRIG!  omg!  Are you studying the history of piracy and slavery too?

Yeah, I'm a big fan of that sort of mystery and treasure hunt.  I liked "Coopers Treaasure" and the Confederate Gold search as well.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Critical Omissions with Douglas Dietrich
« on: Yesterday at 08:17:43 PM »

I've lost track of DDD, and Vara, for the moment.  I've been doing a re-listen to Oak Island on History, to catch all the little details I missed during my first listen.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Critical Omissions with Douglas Dietrich
« on: Yesterday at 08:11:42 PM »
Dietrich seems in peril again - To the point he would reveal the personal info of his "producer" Paul Eduard Privara.  I suspect he has not heard from him in days - and is now in a state of panic.

You Rang?    ;D

Radio and Podcasts / Re: The BartCast
« on: Yesterday at 07:53:15 PM »
Doing a prerecorded interview with Tony Barnett (Heatherís ex producer) probably Thursday. If you have any questions, post them here - canít guarantee I will be able to get an answer to them, but will do my best.

Did Heather talk to him about a suicide note?  Does he believe there was one?  Did she mention what the suicide note said?

To his knowledge, Does Heather still have a relationship with Airyn and Arts children?

Does he think Heather has the technical skills, to host and produce a show by herself?

Does he have any idea how many subscribers Heather had at the time?

What were the top four things that concerned Heather about doing her show?

Does He know what Social Media/Forums Heather read daily besides FaceBook?

Did Heather have anything to say about her history with Lasha?  If so, HOW involved was Lasha with Heathers show, or promoting it?

Did Heather reveal anything to him about her "break-up" with Keith?

Did Heather mention anything to him about her plans to write a book about her time with Art?

Did Heather talk to him about exactly when the idea to be on Arts show actually began, and who's idea it was?

Random Topics / Re: Hack Court: The Summoning of Bart Ell
« on: Yesterday at 03:20:27 PM »
BE=one of littleSean's alters? I guess that explains why nobody's heard him talk

The first person I think of, when Bart says we will never hear him on the air because EVERYBODY will recognize his voice, is WhiteCrow.  LOL

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Kingdom of Nye With Heather Wade
« on: Yesterday at 10:05:27 AM »

You forgot about the rules of Sendanomics. In Falkieís mind, he profited $20 for selling the Legos and has added the $20 to his ďemergency fund.Ē

Falkie had mentioned in one of his videos that he already had stamps that he was going to use for postage. Since he didnít need to spend his own cash for the postage, his net cash expenditure for shipping was $0.

This brings up the mystery  as to why he simply didnít use the stamps that he apparently already had in his possession to mail off his iPad for the repair that he had already paid for.

It also brings up the mystery as to how he even was able to actually find the stamps in his hovel when he canít even locate his wallet and spare walking stick.

The other day, he was going through a couple rolls of quarters, hunting for silver.   One has to wonder how many rolls of quarters He has sitting around, just waiting for him to do laundry when he has time.  I wonder if he is using rolls of quarters for his food and coffee at Starbucks?  He might be living on laundry quarters for the rest of the month, and is just too shy to say so.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: The BartCast
« on: February 19, 2019, 11:37:31 PM »
What is it like to be stuck on the phone with her for hour after hour?   I can't fathom that.

I suppose it would be unreasonable to ask if he recorded the phone calls, and if we could hear them...

Or worse and more expensive, bedbugs... He's mentioned his building has issues with bedbugs

I thought he said Kathy brought those to the building in her purse.   I could be wrong.

Do not forget, eBay takes a cut and PayPal takes a cut. And the percentage comes from the $20 not just the $10. That $9.40 just got smaller.


Oh - the buyer pays the shipping?  Guess that makes sense.   Doh!

Yes, George charged $10. for shipping alone.  He got $20 from Gwen, all together.

Poor Senda.   Another day older and 60 cents in debt on the rubbish find......................

Well, he's still $9.40 ahead, so he shouldn't be complaining.  Gwen paid him $10. plus $10 shipping.

Wah?   He sold something for $10 but spent $10.60 shipping it?

That's what he said.  I hope Gwen will let us know for sure, once the package arrives.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: The BartCast
« on: February 19, 2019, 09:53:15 PM »
Doing a prerecorded interview with Tony Barnett (Heatherís ex producer) probably Thursday. If you have any questions, post them here - canít guarantee I will be able to get an answer to them, but will do my best.

I want to know everything about his experiences as Heathers producer, of course, probably the same stuff you want to know Dynamo.   LOL

Thanks for the heads up.


I think George is calling his viewers stupid.   I could be wrong.


George shipped the leggos to Nevada, it cost him $10.60 to send a pound and a half of leggos to Nevada. 


George should be shipping Gwen's Leggos today.  :)

Technology / Re: Windows 10
« on: February 19, 2019, 08:18:04 AM »

I'm in the USA and I don't feel like I've experienced those issues with Windows 10, and I've installed it on hundreds of machines with a seemingly limitless number of random hardware configurations.  To me, Win10 feels like the cleanest, most responsive and stable version of Windows ever.  It runs far smoother on older hardware than Windows 7, and it's my opinion that Win10 is far snappier on a given piece of hardware than any mainstream Linux variant I've tried recently.

There are annoyances in Win10, but they can all be adequately addressed/configured to my satisfaction.  Perhaps not yours, but that's how things go, sometimes.

Praise MV!

Senda takes great pride in his Apple Toys and new Echo Dot. How dare someone mock his toys as old. The haters need to STFU!

He is too dumb to realize that it would be far cheaper for him to get an android phone, and get it activated, so that he could live stream on YouTube that way, instead of paying for separate internet, and collecting old iMacs and ipads and parts.

The truth hurts.  :P

Good news, he sold Lego parts. He just has not seen that the payment came from Gwen Pool yet.
He decides to run off a list of his new and expensive devices that he owns because he is mad that someone said it was all old. It is good that he had the sense to not beg in the same video, he has some nice stuff there.

Nice that he has money in his pocket, to buy stuff at Starbucks as well.

All he needs to do to have VALID tracking is to purchase a shipping label from eBay. Then eBay notifies the customer and follows the package. Easy peasy.

I am sure Senda has a working label printer, you need one to sell on eBay.

LOL.  Maybe he will do a packaging and labeling video.

PayPal will refund if you claim an item was not received and if the seller can not prove that it was delivered. eBay requires a delivery confirmation for a seller to win a claim and Amazon require delivery with a signature for the seller to win.

If an eBay seller can not prove the buyer got the item then PayPal refunds the buyer. If the money is not in PayPal then they take it right from your bank and if it is not there then overdraft charges can occur.
When selling online you can not halfass it and make mistakes, can be costly.

Lucky for Senda he always goes full ass on things.

I'm glad to know Senda ends up paying in the end, if he doesn't deliver as promised.  I did notice, that he gives himself quite a long period of time for delivery.  I hope he at least sends you a tracking number.

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