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Are there grizzlys in AZ?  If it's just the California brown bears you have nothing to worry about bears...

Damn L.G., You're caught up in this muck now?   Just shut the internet off and go outstide - before it is too late......

Too late...

Are you serious?  I think George has my address.

I would seek professional security consultations.

Yes I would like a Hoodie and so would Tizzy and Eric.  I need room for my antenna.  Can you configure one especially for a half a bee?

You are hereby not give out your address. For your personal safety and that of your family.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Martinez Tonight
« on: Yesterday at 06:27:17 PM »
Hey, guyz!  Minifang is rockin' the tunes in UFOShip chat.



Simply an attempt to keep me off the air!

But Curtis is dreamy.  He is incapable of being covered in the mire.  That WhiteCrow on the other hand....

Your lust has blinded you...the mud hole queen will use then discard all the test...just ask around.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Martinez Tonight
« on: Yesterday at 05:29:21 PM »
Is the show time 7pm PT?

Maybe something...last night's attack from the mud hole queen and Black Vulture was unwarranted...

Get out of the kitchen if can't take the heat. You are reaping what you have sowed. Would you like to list the insulting names you have called George?

You think you are sanitized from George's filth? Your pathetic deflections only prosecute your involvement.

White Crow? I contend, Black Vulture.


I completely understand, I for one did not like to refer to you as “crapist”, those were the words that were forced on to me. I was hoping we could figure somethings out, I have word from an impeccable source. The one known as Senda, was certainly listening in and was outraged.

Clearly noted and appreciated.

You see much IB.  It is these exact reasons I tried to give George when he berated us for not helping him secure his intellectual property.  He still felt justified with his scolding behavior, and discounted the reasoning by stating the none besides he, Kathy, and Drone were THAT poor.  I pointed out that the evidence given in his many unboxing vids, and his personal library, plushy collection, etc. suggest that at this point in time, he is actually in a better cash flow situation than many of us.


Curtis is doing god's work.

I would have called in last night, but the rencor and hostility towards me was palpable. The string of losses by George has created a putrid environment of hate within the COT/RA...I will not feed that festering marass of scum.

Contra Costa County like many California Counties have animal control services that can help to control animal population at little to zero cost to pet owners and especially feral animals.

If strays weren't fed, then natural selection would help provide some level of mercy.

6. Always remember this song:

And now, we have the only two North American Jaguars in the US here by my house. 3 times larger than a mountain lion...maybe George will want to take in this "stray" as well.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: The Michael Decon Program
« on: Yesterday at 01:26:28 PM »
Fun show...I liked the alien shagger guy.

Yes, we all know that was a reenactment based on audio transcripts. The real audio recording was turned over to "The Grizzly Man"'s family and it was said they destroyed it. The real shame is that he didn't even seem to have a solid brass whistle. Or the one I got years ago from someone I knew in the Coast Guard called "The Screamer." I admit I've never had the balls to blow into it -- it's a funny shaped thing made of plastic so it floats, unlike metal ones, and is also bright orange for visibility -- because it supposed produces God-awful decibel levels. 

It is said whistles confuse the bears. Because nothing it hunts makes noise like that. Recall that case in Canada years ago, supposedly based on truth. After the man was attacked and killed, the woman ran away but the bear followed and stalked her down her. It was then she used that whistle the couple had and that bear heard that noise, rolled and shook its head back-and-forth, grunted some complaint, then ran away. Maybe a good defense, but I cannot guarantee to any of you that would work. 

I knew of an ole boy who lived around such bears in his neck of the woods in the Pacific Northwest. He had those Grizzlies show up around his home at times. No, like me, he never thought of harming them. Instead, as he told me, he'd take his stereo speakers, place them at the open windows and crank heay-mteal music from his CDs and they'd go away.

He told me that the bears didn't like that "Guns n' Roses" album "Appetite For Destruction," nor anything -- anything from "AC/DC." Just cranking those CDs was enough to make the Grizzlies go away and not come back. But failing that, maybe a strong, loud whistle would help? No need to harm the animal -- just make it go away. Perhaps.

Here is my checklist:

1. Don't leave garbage out around the house or campsite.
2. Don't hike in late Sep thru October, or when there is a drought. Hike in areas where bear sightings are not common.
3. Make as much noise as possible when hiking and camping. Most attacks are caused by surprise, not a hungry animal.
4. The whistle is a good idea.
5. Carry bear repellent as anything, even a gun, it's no guarantee.

are we sure what really happened ?
was there a Menthol Newport cigarette left on the floor ?
was change missing ?

somehow, I feel like there is more to this story...
once, George receives the $2 in the mail...
he WILL get to the bottom of this !

oh, and dusting off the restraining order is a good idea...

Has he taken his bottles and cans to the recycling center yet? That should more than cover the $2.


 Kathy is convinced the cat hates her because it hissed and growled at her.

No, the cat hated her because she tormented it. It showed its hatred by hissing and growling at her.

Once again, feral animals should be left alone (unless you are a trained expert). Even cattle are aggressive and dangerous once they become feral.


This asinine, bleeding heart movie is exactly what leads to people like George and Grizzly Man.

(yea, it's a fake audio, but the event really happened)

Tiny One is FREE!...and George is upset with Kathy...


> Subject: I am furious !
> In some ways Kathy always as long as I have known her can be a complete and total IDIOT !
> Tiny One went out into the living room for a few minutes and then went back into the bedroom.
> I talked to Kathy this afternoon and there was NO mention of Tiny One not being in the bathroom.
> She was still frightened.
> Kathy just called me saying she went out to take out the garbage after I had told her that IF you go out you close the bathroom door and make sure she doesn't get out.
> Kathy let Tiny One out !
> I am madder than hell about this.
> I had told Kathy to mail me $ 2 so I can take the bus up there and reassure Tiny One and she told me this afternoon she was " too tired " to mail me the $2.
> Now the cat is somewhere where it has NO idea where she is much less Kathy is.
> I told her to mail the money as soon as she gets off the phone.
> If I had come up there yesterday this might have been averted.
> I have an idiot for a girlfriend.
> Again.
> Kathy is convinced the cat hates her because it hissed and growled at her.
> Earlier I picked up Fluffy to kiss and cuddle him and he hissed at me and I've had him 12 years !
> I told him not to hiss at me but Fluffy is 16 and gets in these moods.
> I am furious....
> g

So what does a call like this sound to an outsider?

A twenty minute, non-stop tryst full of "Haterz", "Trollz", "MV's", "Crapist's", "Fallen Fortresses", "Tommy's", "Noory's", "Hacked ethernet cables", "Laptop's of the damned", "Triumvirate of hateful Bitches","Faked stolen Orangey Cat pictures", "Ongoing FBI Investigation's" and a traitor named "Billy Joe Mulgreavey".   This has to be followed with a stunned silence by the Attorney's office followed by a classic Seinfeldesque   "Well good luck with all of that!   I don't believe we can be of assistance   <Click>"

Yea, that pretty much sums things up.

More from the DW concerning BJM...


Billy joe just sentnme a superior sounding  email saying its up to me to protect my brand and thst i treated everyone shabillynand still refuses to apologize
Everyone here KNOWS i have a limited amount of funds with which to do anything and certainly not $3-400 to register trademarks and steal someone elses on line identity and money to do the same with websites
It would never occur to me to do that and for chefist tomhave done that shows how truly evil he is
I am dine with bjm
Hes arrogant and an idiot or or fool or chooses to ignore the facts of my life and finances
In a couple of years after my credit cards are paid off i can register trademarks but not now and certainly not until late 2018 or 2019

 Just in from the DW... George is facing reality.


I just wasted an hour talking to yet another representative of yet another attorney only to be told that this is something our firm would not be willing to handle
ALL of these firms say they have track record of defending intellectual and trademark rights yet I have now talked to 7 firms and gotten nowhere.
I could come up with the minimum $300 retainer but how am I going to defend my “brand “ if no one will help me defend it ?
If you see no zombie video, this call is why.
The artists website that helps creative artists find attorneys sue people for infringement hasnt gotten back to me either.
Im beginning to think the only way i can fight this is win the lotto and pay crapist off

Just got a new subscriber on you tube

Going to film zombies now and cat feed



George is back in the saddle !
check out...

guess where it take you ?

He abondoned that title years ago... it's worthless.

George may "win" back his domains providing he does the following:

1. Apologize to his "Righteous Army" and fans for blaming them for not acquiring the domains.
2. Beg my forgiveness for all his insults and impudence towards me.
3. Come on "Martinez Tonight" to perform these declarations
4. The TM is a completely different matter...and that will require funding.

Simple enough Mr. Kansas...ball's in your (or Master's) court.

RE: " ZOMBIES INVADE MARTINEZ, CA AGAIN" recent video. I almost feel bad for the guy in several regards:

-- At 0O:05: He states he "wasted" an hour's time talking to an attorney that "didn't pan out." In other words, he wasted an hour of the attorney's time rambling about his "common-law" trademark and rights to the URLS that bear his name and nickname. I bet he didn't "get it" the first five minutes when he was told he doesn't have a case.

But, no. I bet he rambled nonstop that he "knows the law" better than the attorney and that lawyer better "shut up and listen" to his great legal mind. How can someone "steal" something that never legally belonged to him? I bet that poor attorney couldn't even remind him of that fact in the first ten minutes, let alone the remaining fifty minutes. I bet that conversation was solid gold!

-- Beginning and continuing at 01:00. I thought the guy was the "legal expert" and claimed under California law that recording people's conversations without their consent was "illegal?" Yet, he walks around, eavesdropping on people's private conversations -- doing the very thing he claims to oppose and find "illegal." Such evidence of him doing that can be heard clearly. Has he no respect for anyone?

-- At 01:22. Oh, no! Adolescent girls! Excuse him as he pans back to take a video of one of them in the doorway from behind. Creepy.

-- At 5:32. "The Humbling." He gets his. Some woman is wise enough to know about her privacy -- and lets him know, firmly --  that she doesn't consent to be in his video. But he fails to edit her appearance out of the video, anyway, it seems, and there she is. For all to see. She said NOT TO and he does anyway. DON'T FILM ME means DON'T FILM ME.

It just continues with more eavesdropping, sneaking up around people to record their conversations and their images. A fairly pathetic display, but worth every second. When you claim to be "an official researcher and contributor" to "Coast To Coast AM", a "personal friend of George Noory" and the top executives at Premiere Networks "approved you" -- as the guy once claimed -- then it shows how bad that program has become. Real insight and real class, huh?

Good catch...he kept filming her, too...what a creepster.

Well, you see sir, he ain't my Master (tm) no more.  He done kicked me out of his little club.  He yelled at me for not ponyin' up my share of the fourteen dollars, ya see?  None of them other fellers stood up with me On principle.  The one fella, he talked all tough and whatnot, an he even created a splinter group off the army called the Sphere of Strength (tm).  Only it weren't really strong.  He shoulda called it the Sphere of Rice Paper (tm).  He skeedaddlled soon as the Master (tm), made up to him.  This is my last ditch effort take try 'n smooth things over.  I ain't got much in the way of perks as you call them.  You can have 'ol Bess and I might be able to give you what you paid for th there trademark and the domains plus ten percent.  How does that grab ya?   Oh, an humility don't enter the picture, believe me, sir.

$28 plus $2.80 is $30.80. is that your offer?

Gosh Mr. Chefist, sir,

George is still real sore that the Righteous Army, and by extension, the Sphere of Strength, both (tm), didn't give him the fourteen dollars needed to head you off at the pass concerning your purchase of and  I have been terribly, terribly depressed, we calls it De-pressed here in backwoods Kansas.  I ain't sleepin' too good neither.
 Anyhow, I come to you now as a gentleman, poor dirt farmer, and repentin' BellGab troll, to ask your sellin' price for the two domains I already mentioned plus and the trademarkin' rights, the (tm), to TGFP.  Now, I know you bought all these fair 'n square, and I know you look at these as an investment, but I want your rock bottom price, sir.  My boy, Junior, needs them danggum braces, and 'ol Bess, the milk cow, needs a new bell.  I been sharecroppin' these past several years for 'ol man Turley, an am tryin' to buy a few acres of my own from him.  You Ain't no kinda man, if you ain't got land.  Your bottom price, sir?

I might be willing to sell these domains... please present me your perk package and initial offer. Humility by your Master will lower the purchase price...

All the best...


 Where is Yorkie anyway?  Did Laura cut his balls off already?   ;)

Can't wait for the "George Senda" halloween mask! One size fits all!


LOLZ...I was curious if someone was going to grab that very first part of his periscope.  ;D

So he's going to go over there, yank her out of the closet, get her in a strangle hold, and force ''pet'' her while lecturing the poor thing about getting along with Kathy.  Ok, good, just go over and explain it all to her Falkie, and everything will turn out just fine.

FFS, bring the cat back, let it go back to what it's familiar with, and leave the cats alone.  If Kathy wanted another pet she'd go to the pound and get one herself, like everyone else.

They actually give cats away for free at our local can contribute if you want, but not required. They are vaccinated and neutered.

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