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Random Topics / Re: Book Recommendations
« on: October 11, 2018, 11:39:02 AM »
Hey, what's up Doc?

An oldie but a goodie.  "Hunt for the Red October" a 1984 novel by Tom Clancy.  There's nothing like a good Clancy book.  His deep down technicality about war and its hardware always attracted me to his novels.

Nice to be back!


Radio and Podcasts / Re: Art Bell
« on: June 23, 2018, 09:44:44 AM »
If it's public information, there's a reason for that and we're entitled to it.

Of all the BS we heard from Art, it would be nice to have something we can actually believe at the end
Sure IF it is public information, by all means people should have access.  The question is, why is it public info?

But unless a crime has been committed, that's all personal and protected information just as it should be, and the way things are done up here.

What type of Vodka did Whitney Houston wash down her Xanax with? Did the stomach contents contain Absolute or Grey Goose?  Way to feed the tabloids.


BellGabathon 2018 / Re: BellGabathon™ 2018
« on: June 23, 2018, 09:27:37 AM »
Voting on the "best of 2018" in June is kinda silly.



Radio and Podcasts / Re: Kingdom of Nye With Heather Wade
« on: June 23, 2018, 09:20:59 AM »
Hi Heather, why not just log in and say Hi?  If George can pony up and say hi from time to time, I would think that YOU should be able to do the same.  Just be yourself, and not who you think you should be.
Now is your chance to be the real you, gone is the shadow or Art Bell that was keeping you down.  Remember the stories you used to tell on the Gabcast?  Like the one time you told us that Zach Wyld would have to literally be hosed down as he never changed his leathers and he would start to stink.
Another story where you told us that as a worker you weren't supposed to make eye contact with members of "U2".
That time you were with your friends and you saw some sort of aberration float up to you and then by you and float through the wall of a building.  You still had the joint in your hand, you hadn't lit it yet.

Those are examples of you being REAL, it doesn't seem forced or fake if you are being real.  I being a guy that really finds female radio voices offputting, didn't mind your Gabcast voice.

So stop slinking around redacted and just say hi.   At our age Heather we dont have time for these childish games, we are on the "back 9 now".


Random Topics / Re: Celebrity Deaths
« on: June 23, 2018, 08:27:22 AM »
RIP Vinnie Paul, dead at 54.  Pantera was one of the greatest metal bands Ive ever had the pleasure of seeing live.


Random Topics / Re: Bouts with Insomnia, OCD & Other Afflictions
« on: June 11, 2018, 09:37:58 PM »
Alka Seltzer, MSG and of course caffeine, can aggravate this condition in some people.  Does bearing down for a few moments help at all once in a while?  Experts are no longer recommending aspirin bec they say better meds like warfarin are available.  On the other hand, if the afib is distressing, aspirin is a mild sedative for your mood.  Aspirin is not compatible with lisinopril or amlodipine and other meds though.  For those, take the Tylenol or Excederin thing, but I doubt they are mild sedatives.

I've looked at Afib forums.  You've probably seen them?  There are so many degrees of problems from mere arrhythmia to afib.
Bearing down is the Val Salva maneuver.  Its OK for females to do this as well, their cervix's aren't going to shoot out their vaginas. A good hard strain while dropping the Cosby's off at the pool isn't gonna cause a blowout to nominal female structures. Females internals are not delicate.

AFib IS a type of Arrhythmia .
Arrhythmia means no regular rhythm.
Dysrhythmia means abnormal rhythm.  Both terms are often used interchangeably.


Random Topics / Re: Bouts with Insomnia, OCD & Other Afflictions
« on: June 11, 2018, 09:17:44 PM »
No.  I hardly think the total amount I've been afflicted by atrial fib or flutter would justify that kind of intervention.  Not even amiodarone.

Before this time -- and the provocation this time was severe between the parainfluenza B and the tx for it -- I last had A fib months earlier, for about an hour.  I might've had a brief episode of A fib some other time since my cardioversion (from A flutter) in the spring of 2017, hard to remember.
OK I see, your issues have been paroxysmal, rather than my sustained (permanent) AFib.

Good luck and good health.


Radio and Podcasts / Re: The GabCast (A podcast about BellGab)
« on: June 11, 2018, 03:58:57 PM »
E-mail is great for those who want it, but how does sharing e-mail affect my privacy compared to just registering here?  I guess we listed our e-mail addresses when we joined, huh.
I remember getting a notification via email.  I cant remember if it was a noticfication that I had received a PM from MV, or if it was a pure notification of a show.

Yes, at least MV knows your email addy and your IP address.

Site rule #1
1) If an account is created while using an anonymizer (proxy/VPN/TOR), the account will not be activated.  This restriction only applies during registration.


Radio and Podcasts / Re: The GabCast (A podcast about BellGab)
« on: June 11, 2018, 03:53:43 PM »
Is there, a way to sign up for notifications of new upcoming shows on UFOShip?  I can't seem to find it now and I seem to remember that there used to be a way to sign up for each UFOShip show individually.


Gabcast tonight,
9pm Eastern
8pm Central
7pm Mountain
6pm West

Praise MV!


Radio and Podcasts / Re: The GabCast (A podcast about BellGab)
« on: June 11, 2018, 03:35:45 PM »
We are going to postpone Dave Schrader's appearance on The GabCast until Monday, June 11th at 9PM East, 6PM West.

As you were.
Hey MV, I think more people would listen live if the sites messaging system were to be used.  I just happened to find out about tonight's show by accident.

Good luck with the show, MV.


Radio and Podcasts / Re: The GabCast (A podcast about BellGab)
« on: June 11, 2018, 03:29:35 PM »
We are going to postpone Dave Schrader's appearance on The GabCast until Monday, June 11th at 9PM East, 6PM West.

As you were.

Monday, June 11th at 9PM East, 6PM West.

As you were


Radio and Podcasts / Re: Art Bell
« on: June 11, 2018, 03:16:40 PM »
I would imagine Art enjoyed his stay on Okinawa

From memory, without cheating, I haven't seen  FMJ in a few years now.
Soul Brother Too Beaucoup! 
"She looks like she can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch.  As you can see this is a fine example of Alabama Black Snake, but it aint too bocoo."
Then as the black guy is about to take the Pro out back, the M60 gunner snatches the girl and takes her while saying "All niggers must die."

Let's see how I did.

Looks like I missed a

"Good morning little school girl, I'm a little school boy too.  Whacha got there chief?"
You want Number-One fuckie?
Oh yeah.
Hey any of you boys want Number-One fuckie?
I'm so horny I can't even get a piece of HAND
Me want sucky
Sucky, fuckie "???smokesy???"  right in the pussy, she give you everything you want LONG TIME.
Everything you want, hey how much there chief?
15 dollars each
No ma, ten, 15 dollar beaucoup money,.... 5 dollar each.
C'mon, she love you good, boom-boom long time..10 dollars.
5 dollars.
No 10 dollars.
I'll be glad to trade you some ARVN rifles, never been fired and only been dropped ONCE.
OK, 5 dollars you give me.
Let's get mounted.
Jun juw dee dow mow.
Sack um deow
No boom wow
Toe de ctyun no wow
Nya dee
Something wrong there chief?
She said no boom-boom with soul brotha
Hey what the mother fuck?
She say soul brotha too beacoup, too beaucoup.
What is this man?
I think what he's trying to tell you is that you black boys pack too much meat.
Too beaucoup, too beaucoup.
Oh Shit this babysan looks like she could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch.
Say too beaucoup, too beaucoup
A'ite, excuse me ma'am what we have l here little yellow sista is a magnificent specimen of pure Alabama blacksnake, but ain't to god damn beaucoup.
OK, ok, m'deiu.
OK, ok, m'deiu, m'deiu.
This is my boogie.
Hey we need a batting order
I'm going first.
Back off white bread, don't get  between a dog and his meat.
All fucking niggers must fucking hang.
Hey, hey I won't be long, I'll skip the foreplay.
Hey, hey shit.
I don't want her after you.

And this, just because it's so damn good.  Lee Ermey doing good work.(he died 2 months ago).  Some of this was ad-lib from Ermey's experience in the Marine Corps, which joined when 17 years of age.  I heard many of these insults during my Basic Military Qualifications(BMQ=Basic Training=Boot Camp).

""On May 17, 2002, Ermey received an honorary post-service promotion to gunnery sergeant (E-7) from the Commandant of the Marine Corps General James L. Jones in recognition of his continuing support to Americans in military service.""


Radio and Podcasts / Re: Art Bell
« on: June 11, 2018, 02:26:41 PM »
There are plenty of panhandlers in Pahrump. All with meth teeth.
lol, you mean, "Meth Mouth" with the requisite "Lack-O-Teeth Syndrome" (L.O.T.S.)


Radio and Podcasts / Re: Kingdom of Nye With Heather Wade
« on: June 11, 2018, 02:21:12 PM »

Ive sat here for 15 minutes and your coffee still continues to to "steam".  Laws of Thermodynamics are being broken, the PSYOPS is obvious, obviously.


Random Topics / Re: Celebrity Deaths
« on: June 08, 2018, 11:22:13 AM »
This faggot should have killed himself sooner.

Except Anthony Bourdain didn't actually physically say the words "In 70 years there will be no white people anymore", the dude eating across from him did.

A for effort.


Random Topics / Re: Bouts with Insomnia, OCD & Other Afflictions
« on: June 08, 2018, 11:17:01 AM »
Different class of drug.No, it does not thicken blood.  It does not change its rheology.  It does incur a stroke risk because of turbulence in the atria leading to clot formation.  That's why I've been on the anticoagulant Eliquis since my 1st episode of A fib in 2015.Just makes me weak & unsteady.
Correct Sir, AFib does not increase Hematocrit or other blood values alone.

I'm on its cousin, Rivaroxaban (Xarelto) to help ameliorate the risk of stroke due to Atrial pooling. I also use 50mg PO BID of Metroprolol just to help keep my rate down.

In 2003 I developed PSVT, many mornings I would awaken with tachycardia and dyspnea(SOB-unrelated to posture-whereas Orthopnea-mentioned above is SOB while lying down).  I'd get up and walk across the street to Mount Sinai Hospital to the ED.  Literally 150feet away from my dorm.  At triage they'ed place the pulse-oximeter on my digit and rates from 200-230 were displayed, I wouldnt get back to the waiting room before they'ed call me back to the trauma room. which was chemically cardioverted using Adenosine, 12mg IV bolus fast flush. And finally cured with a 2nd Radiofrequency Ablation immediately following an Electrophysiology Study in the Cath lab.  The 1st procedure had me in a downtown Toronto hospital during the SARS outbreak, the 2nd procedure had me in a beautiful single room facing Queens Park in Toronto the same night that the Molson Rocks SARSFest(SARSStock) concert was held.  For my 1st procedure my Mom got a nice room at the Delta Chelsea for $80 as the place was a Ghost-town.

Then 10 years later out of nowhere I developed AFib/Atrial Flutter which developed into straight Atrial Fib..  I'm pretty asymptomatic, so we felt that the 4% risk of death, stroke, MI, paralysis etc etc at that time wasn't worth it.  So I live with it for the time being.

Was RF or Cryo Ablation ever discussed in your case Robert?


Random Topics / Re: Celebrity Deaths
« on: June 08, 2018, 10:31:22 AM »
I'm thinking relapse maybe. For some addicts that possibility is worse than death.
I do remember him talking about his Heroin days, followed by his time on Methadone Maintenance Treatment, back when he was a line cook back in the 80's.

I agree, for some who have years of clean time, relapse is such a huge self disappointment.  Just like Phillip Seymour Hoffman, he was considered a "King of Recovery" in his support groups, then one day something happens, relapse occurs and the self shame must be overwhelming.
Maybe it's a crutch, maybe it's a way for addicts to keep on living day by day, but relapse is often considered a part of recovery. 
I do know that I keep 2 ampoules of Naloxone(Narcan) and a bunch of hypodermics in my medical/go bag, just in case.  It can and does save lives.


Random Topics / Re: The Bellgab Live Concert Thread
« on: June 02, 2018, 10:53:41 AM »
Be seeing that later on this month. In the Texas heat. Will be nutso. Reminds me of Willie's Picnics in the past but louder and more crazy. Hours of outside in the sun swilling beer and (I'm not totally stupid) drinking water and, yet, pissing maybe once? Sweat draining whatever fluids imbibed more quickly than the system, I guess.  I'm sure that is "not good" for the system.
Awesome, it's a great show.

I had to piss once when I first got there, bought my cousin and I, 2 tallboy cans at the event which cost $23.75, rinsed and repeated once.  And didnt piss again til the parking lot after the show.


Random Topics / Re: Weather in your Area
« on: June 02, 2018, 10:50:17 AM »
35ºC=95ºF up here, heat advisories were up all over Ontario.  The Great Lakes are still quite cool though.


Radio and Podcasts / Re: "famous people I have met" thread
« on: June 01, 2018, 02:03:39 PM »
1) John Candy, was introduced to him, we shook hands and then enjoyed the game.(he had big sausage fingers)

2) Wayne Gretzky/Walter Gretzky- My brother, who has Retinitis Pigmentosa coupled with Laurence-Moon-Biedl-Bardet Syndrome(or whatever its called these days) basically he went blind in grade 4 and then attended  the W. Ross McDonald School for the Blind for grade 5 and upon graduation Grade 13, was awarded an academic award.  We were treated to a family outing to Gretzky's restaurant in Toronto, where my brother was presented with a brand new 6 lever mechanical brailler by non other than "the Great One" and his Father.  Wayne asked if I liked Mozzarella sticks, and I said "Yes" and he went and brought back a basket of them and we split it together.

3) Back during med school, I was volunteering at a function at the Skydome in Toronto. Apparently I had impressed someone as I was approached by two men and asked if I was available to meet someone and take a few pics with them. I agreed and walked along with these 2 men. I had no idea where I was going, or who I was meeting.  After a few minutes of walking, we come to a door, one of them knocks and it opens.  I am told to step inside, I do and the door closes behind me.  The other door is opened by a guy on the other side, I follow this guy and he asks for my name and we go through another door.  There are 2 black guys and a white guy sitting in chairs, they all stand up and I'm greeted by this gentleman.(actual pic from that day-October 20, 2002)

The guy that asked my name introduced me, to non other than, the GOAT "Muhammad-Ali",
he said, "Champ, this is one of the volunteers his name in Paul **#%#*#(#&^#$*&."
 In a soft slower voice "Hello Paul, thank you for your service." 
I was completely starstruck. I said "Hello Mr Ali, it's a pleasure to meet you. Welcome to Canada."
He replied, "You're the first person to say that today, thankyou," as he continued to wring my hand with his right.
His manager asked if it would be alright if we took a couple pictures, he explained they might be used in a brochure or magazine promoting a charity Mr Ali is involved in and asked if I would sign a release, to which I agreed, they also took some contact info then some people with cameras entered the room and a few pics were taken, then they left again.
After the pics, he then shook my hand again and said "Thanks again Paul, thanks for your time."
The introducer guy then led me to the door and thanked me as well. Just before the door closed I asked him why I was chosen for this? 
He replied "He wanted to take some pics with one of the volunteers and wanted one that was close to his height." 
I said "OK thanks."
The inner door closed, then the outer door opened and the 2 same guys escorted me back where they found me.  It was an odd experience, but I'm glad I volunteered for the event and also glad that I'm 6'4".


Radio and Podcasts / Re: Midnight in The Cuckshed
« on: June 01, 2018, 11:33:14 AM »
MITC(Midnight In The Cuckshed-05/25/18)


"This thing is not over, it's not over. We've had to deal with a tragedy losing our friend Art and we've had some speed bumps in the way you know but during times like this we tend to find out what we're made of, and um you know when I was growing up we had a saying in our house that went kinda like this we used to always say you know, these trying times they, they don't necessarily build character but they certainly do reveal it and um   and that is that is clear  that is  something that I am having to, to, to learn and come to terms with and really figure out , you know what am I,  made of.  And of course when we bring Markus Leader on here in  a-bout oh  I don't know 15 20 minutes or so, we're going to begin that exploration , the exploration that for us,  for most of us, has been on pause, well that exploration will now begin again and I will be here tomorrow night, and the next night, and the next night and the next night after that and ah I truly believe that with all of you out there, you know this can be worked through, I really believe that. And you know I do wanna take a minute here to thank all of you I don't know if I've had the opportunity so much has happened you know the days are sorta run-running together but um I wanna take a moment to thank all of you out of there who have been e-e-mailing me, sending me messages again sending me packages, you know the love from all of you out there, listeners, guests, my friends in the radio business ah is just absolutely overwhelming and every single time I get another message from one of you out there that says you know, you can do this, we're with you you're not alone no matter what you think, no matter  how alone you think you might be you're not alone and these messages have been coming in just absolutely relentlessly you ah you folks out there don't give up and uh bless you all for that truly  bless you all for a never never giving up and for being that persistent and again I just want to thank you, thank you for sending me those messages thank you for always being there and to all of my friends out there who have spent countless hours on the phone with me in the past weeks  to all my friends in the radio business who have given me priceless sage advice, you know who you are out there and  I'm more grateful than I really have words to say, I don't know how to convey the gratitude that I have for that sort of support um it is just, it is just unbelievable, and here in a very dark hour in a very dark time in my life you know it was all of you who sort of opened the curtains and brought the sunshine back in you know, sort of brought the starlight and the moonlight back into my life and that's what gives me the strength and the breath and the presence of mind to be here tonight, ah being here able to broadcast in front of all of you I cannot take credit for that it really isn't my doing it's the doing of so many people out there who, who offered a hand when they didn't have to do that, uh they don't get anything out of it, they don't get a really a benefit out of it some of my friends have mentioned to me look I'm helping you because all I'm interested is some good, I'm interested in some good radio, so get back on the air and give me some good radio. So anyhow I, I  really want to thank everybody, out there I really do, I'd, I, I guess right now what I'm doing is I'm trying to search for the words, and its difficult to find the words, none of the words that I can come up with right now really are enough to thank you for everything that you've done and I mean every last single one of you and you know who you are out there, you do know who you are It's a very special thing to be able to sit into this chair, turn everything on flip all of these switches turn everything on, it's a very special thing that I even know how to run this studio, and here I go here goes my throat ahem, it is very special to me that you all have reached out a hand to help in one way or another whether it be sending me a message sending me an e-mail oh sending me maybe a funny picture or a couple words of encouragement on Facebook messenger boy you all you listeners out there guests and my friends in the radio business have been keeping that Facebook messenger "HOT" as we say and I appreciate it a great deal because I know a lot of you have sent me messages and I haven't had the chance to respond to all of you but I do want you to know  I read every single one of them you know when it becomes, and bear with me, because I am going to be emotional now and then, but when its 3 o'clock in the morning and everything is quiet and I look at the clock and think to myself, Boy you know if this were going the way they were I'd probably trying to burn off the adrenaline from a really good show, or even a really bad show and I'd be getting ready for the next night, and that's not what I'm sitting here doing, I'm sitting here with about a thousand and 21 problems and trying to solve all of them then I turn to my e-mail and I turn to my Facebook and I turn to those messages from all of you and though I have no responded to every single message Boy I've tried I really have tried to respond to every single message that has been sent to me but I do read them and every single message has offered me just a little bit more strength and I'll be perfectly honest with you I am leaning on all of you out there, I'm, I, need that right now I need every little tiny bit of friendship that I can get right now in order to be here sitting in this chair in order to bring you what I have been taught to bring you and so I wanted to make a big point of that tonight to, to really extend those thanks and I'll probably be offering those thanks, extending those thanks to all of you uh pretty often because again I would not be sitting here talking on this microphone without the help of SO, SO many people."

Heather goes on to mention that she does NOT have a wormhole.  Though it does sound like she really needs to get laid in the worse way. 

I'm done.


Radio and Podcasts / Re: Midnight in The Cuckshed
« on: June 01, 2018, 09:34:31 AM »
So do we know why Heather couldn't come back and do the MITD show when Keither wanted her to?



How did the guy get his gun back into his back pocket after taking 2 to the abdomen and then another final shot to the head?  If I'm brandishing a weapon and start taking bullets, I dont put the handgun back into my back pocket.  Perhaps the cop is lying? but that doesnt happen.


Radio and Podcasts / Re: Art Bell
« on: May 31, 2018, 11:13:37 AM »
From what it sounds like the final stages of COPD consist of- I would have offed myself with narcotic medication- Just going to sleep sounds a whole lot better than fighting for each and every breath.

I was a heavy smoker and this was the catalyst that got me to quit- All last winter I had a horrible cough that wouldnt go away and bordered on bronchitis and I was starting to get pretty concerned and then I heard about Art dying (even if it turns out to have been at his own hand it would have been more euthanasia because of the COPD) and I gave em up. The cough is already gone and I canmt ever remember breathing this well.

Still have half a carton in the freezer and no ghosts stealing them as of yet.

I'm now a bit past a month and a half of being (cigarette) smoke free- I had done alot of thinking over this and I dont want to ever find myself in a place where i'm in such pain that I would willing take my life- And in the late stages of COPD I would have to face that choice.

Congrats, I wish you well.  The positives of quitting smoking begin minutes after your last cigarette and the healing will continue for a decade or two.  The human body is an amazing system.

I need to follow your lead.


Radio and Podcasts / Re: Art Bell
« on: May 31, 2018, 11:10:58 AM »
Good on you for being there and responding, that had to be a brutally tough time....
Thank you, it was a tough time.  No family visited her, a few friends visited but once in Palliative Care they couldn't bear the sight.  We couldnt give her Oxygen as she was what was called a "retainer" or her body was unable to "blow off" the body's Carbon Dioxide in their breath. Hypercapnia is the elevated level of CO2 in the blood, this extra CO2 is what causes the body to speed and shallow the breathing in order to get more O2, if this reflex is absent, death can result.   This "reflex" when operating nominally will cause arousal(awakening) and the neck to twist around.It's the same system which causes SIDS(Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). As hypercapnia increases(CO2 levels in the blood rise) the blood Ph begins to drop and respiriatory acidosis will occur. 

 People always think that when they hyperventilate that they get "light headed" from "the extra Oxygen", but the light headness is caused by hypocapnia or a too low CO2 value.  If healthy your Blood Oxygen Saturation should already be 100%(or 100% of the hemoglobin is saturated by O2) so simply breathing more cant give you more O2, it merely "blows off" more CO2.

If you want to feel the feelings of COPD, breath in and out into a plastic bag for a few seconds. Eventually the 21% O2 level in the bag will drop as O2 is absorbed and CO2 fills the bag, at the same time your CO2 levels will begin to rise, this acts on your brain stem and you will have the urge to breath faster and faster, eventually a panicked feeling will set in. 
Now couple that with a helping of Asthma-that is constant and non-episodic(breathing through a straw) with a helping of Emphysema which is the Alveoli and other lung tissues that have suffered from Elastin breakdown and instead of being soft and compliant like rubber, feels more like leather which even if you can get air in, its difficult to get back out as the lungs cant stretch during inhalation and then rebound during exhalation. And lets no forget the Chronic Bronchitis which is giving us lots of phlegm and mucous to deal with as we are breathing with lungs made of leather through air passages the size of a straw.

I always thought that drowning would be the worst way to go, and while not great, at least there would be that few seconds of panic before you lost conciousness.  With end stage COPD its like days/weeks of waterboarding.


Radio and Podcasts / Re: Art Bell
« on: May 31, 2018, 10:36:37 AM »
worth re-reading.
Very nice.


George Noory Art Bell death announcement

Art Bell The Art of Talk-Coast to Coast AM

Coast to Coast AM Tribute Show, cuts off just before George Knapp comes on


Random Topics / The Bellgab Live Concert Thread
« on: May 30, 2018, 01:45:29 PM »
Yesterday I was in Toronto for the Slayer Farewell 2018 tour, tonights show is in Montreal, then it swings back into my area for London Ontario in August.

The 8 hours of Behemoth, Anthrax, Lamb of God, Testament, Obituary all topped off by SLAYER has me sleep deprived.  I had a great time, my last concert involved White Zombie and Pantera back in the 90's.  I certainly have heard much of this music but wouldn't consider myself a crazy fan of all these bands, but certainly enjoyed the concert.  The way that it started in the afternoon sun and then finished in full moonlight(Full Moon) really illustrated the differences between night and day concerts.  At night the light display and the Pyrotechnics that were employed Slayer only really keep the eyes entertained.  It's cool that I was a few hundred yards from the stage in the grass location around the rim of the bowl elevated above the stage.  Everytime a pyro was used you can immediatley feel the radiant heat on exposed skin.  They used a lot of natural gas flames, I was surprised just how accurately these pyrotechnics were timed with, in some cases, individual drum hits.
The day to night concert reminded my of the Guns N' Roses/Metallica Stadium Tour of 1992, the tour where in Montreal Canada on August 8 1992, James Hetfield was burned by pyrotechnics that went off when he was standing in the wrong stage location, the Axhole Rose stopped the show when he said the monitors weren't working and he was hurting his voice, so he stopped.  Lars Ulrich later interviewed stated the as Axle Rose was telling the Metallica members why they left the stage, he had a cigarette in one hand and a bottle of champagne in the other, perfect combo for a lead singer with a strained voice.  A riot ensued and the area was trashed and burned.  The next day on August 9 1992 the tour was supposed to be in Toronto at Exhibition Stadium, but when I arrived at the Stadium, all the workers were loading up the trucks and packing up the infamous snake pit stage.  The date was made up on September 13, 1992.  Faith No More, then Metallica were during the day, then Guns and Roses came out after dark.

This tour was supporting the Use your Illusion-1 and the Use Your Illusion-2 albums which dropped in 1991 and Metallica was supporting the release of their Black Album also from 1991.  Faith No More was in late support of their The Real Thing album from 1989.  The video for "EPIC" was released in Jan 1990 and it received extensive play on MTV, back when MTV actually played music videos.
The album Angel Dust dropped mid tour on June 1992.

I caught Metallica in 1991 as Part of their Wherever We May Roam- North American leg in Toronto at Maple Leaf Gardens, then again as part of the same tour April 14, 1992 at Copps Coliseum

 I need to go see live music more often, the sound was excellent.  A big thanks to my cousin for the invite and ticket.  He works in the industry and it was awesome to here him explain all the set changes.  The concert was at the old Molson Amphitheater now called Budweiser Stage, never been there before but the sound was excellent.  The sound of the kick drum was hitting hard, I could feel it in my intestines.  I told my cousin "I think Slayer is playing the "brown note" and he laughed.(Google brown note)  The with this type of heavy metal thrash metal, the sustained double kick drum is impressive.  I'm sure as a drummer MV/Liberace would be impressed, if not at least appreciate all that legwork.

Tragically Hip
Midnight Oil
Suicidal Tendincies
There are many more, but we'll save that for another post.  I love being able to and search these old concerts and see then documented on the internet.  There's even dedicated sites for concerts.

Anyone else want share their concert/band list? or shareany cool concert stories


Radio and Podcasts / Re: the roseanne barr controversy
« on: May 30, 2018, 01:06:31 PM »

Like every nothing burger demokkkrat left fake outrage story of the last several years. They show their insanity. Media runs orgasmic headlines. 24rs later it’s pointed out the left has done 10x worse. Damage is done and the next day the demokkkrat media will be focused elsewhere as to not expose their hypocracy.

Dice nails it perfectly at the end. Never apologize to the left. Tell them to go f themselves and become president. Just look what happened to Starbucks for apologizing for something that was an absolute nothing. 10’s of millions lost. Orwellian re-education “training”.

This is the demokkkrat left platform. No ideas, no solutions. Just endless hate and blame. Can’t wait for November. The majority has had it with this thought police garbage.

That was a good clip, I laughed out loud at Kimmel in "blackface".  Whitey North Americans spend billions of dollars tanning their pasty white skin, inflating their small lips and exercising/injecting/implanting their butts all in an effort to look more like the Negroid race.  But as soon as someones spray tan inches over that line of political correctness towards Black pigmented facial applique, out come the 'tards as they see their opportunity to provide proof that they are not "racist" and that they are "one of the good guys".

Last October for Hallows'eve (HAlloween) the local Alzheimer Society held their annual "Alzheimer friends and family Dance".  The purpose is to dress up yourself and your loved one and get out and have fun with some others in similar situations, many who are the care-givers and are having a worse go at life than the actual afflicted.  Anyway, this girl who dated my buddy for 10 years, but have been apart now for 10 years, her Mom, Bonnie, who has early onset dementia(she's in her late 50's now-currently 6 years post diagnosis) she currently doesnt recognize her 2 daughters, but still has fleeting memories of her husband Bruce who is still part of her earlier long term memory storage that is partially intact at this point.  Anyway Bruce helped his wife Bonnie select a costume, Bonnie wanted to be a cockroach and Bonnie wanted Bruce to dress up as a wizard, so we had Merlin taking a cockroach to the Alzheimers Halloween Dance.  Just before Bruce was about to help Bonnie to the car, this daughter shows up,(the oldest daughter, the one my buddy dated) and is horrified to see what Bruce has done to Bonnie.  It wasnt the cockroach costume, it was the KIWI BLACK shoepolish facial colour that Bruce had applied to Bonnies face.  Immediately the senior daughter goes about removing the highly pigmented "devil sauce" from her Mothers face.  She felt as though she had saved the day and avoided her Mom and Dad from walking out in public with that suicide vest of Political Incorrectness strapped to their chests.  Monica even went so far as to Facebook her "save" to all of her friends.  "Oh that goodness you were there monica, that would have been catastrophic"  blah blah blah.
Ya real good save Moni, you just took all your "White Knight" excretions and blew them all over your own family. Not to mention Bonnie's absolutly accurate cockroach costume was bedazzled somewhat as everyone knows that cockroaches dont have White faces,
in PC terms: cockroaches don't have faces comprised of tissues that contain very low levels of melanocytes which produce melanin which give way to a phenotypical display which tends to reflect the entire spectrum of visible light thus giving the external integumentary structures, a white colour.

Exactly what controversy would have a occurred having your dementia affected Mother dancing and having a good time with your Father?  All the Caucasians at the dance should have worn blackface and all the Negroids should have worn whiteface, all posed together for a picture with the Alzheimer Society donation information clearly labelled on a big banner out of everyone in their costumes.  That would have been a much better move, it would have gotten traction on social media, certainly in the paper and brought about a nice spike in if not donations, at least public awareness.

As if you cant tell by now, I want to nail Monica in the worse way.  She's highly intelligent in a booksmarts way and myself as a sapiosexual want to bury my purple headed warrior deep into her quivering mound of love pudding.  The only thing, well one of the things that keeps me from persuing her is that she is hugely into First Nation issues and while capitalizing any references to "First Nations" and "Black", she refuses to capitalize references to "White".  In addition, she received her Masters degree in the field of "digital stuff" with previous education in film making (I have to be careful here OPSEC), she is a Professional student and spent 10 years of her life trying to get a film about a murdered Indian made, and every 3rd Facebook post from her is about "Should I go for MY PhD?"  and "Now I'm thinking about getting MY PhD."  and "Decision, decisions, do you guys think I should get MY PhD?"  For fucks sake, either do it or dont, but you are already overeducated do you think that earning a doctorate will make this better?

While Monica is a fine girl in many respects, when it comes down to throwing my sapiosexuallity to the trash, and channeling my pure testosterone fuelled, bury my pecker to the hilt in this anatomically gifted, EYE-inspiring example of human femininity.  I mean she is the type of woman that makes you want to get down on your knees and thank god you're a man.

Comedy is a special thing, its a great feeling to be able to tell a joke and make a crowd laugh.  Sometimes the jokes fly, sometimes they sink.  If you cant laugh at things, esp. yourself, life must seem long.

I remember seeing the Howard Stern Show with Roseanne and John Goodman.  Roseanne said she was expecting 2-3 million viewers.  Her expectations were met and surpassed.
I dont see how all these people lost their jobs as all 9 episodes were all writtena nd shot before Christmas 2017?  But I have no idea how that industry works.

Jackstar said in another thread, "The real comedy is seeing Sarah Gilbert pretending to be straight."  I agree in spades and remember when Gilbert had to kiss her ex-husband in the show.  It certainly wasn't exuding love and passion. AWKWARD!.  I guess that would be like me kissing another man. Eww, sorry, that just doesnt float my boat.


Radio and Podcasts / Re: the roseanne barr controversy
« on: May 30, 2018, 11:32:34 AM »
I take ambien but it has never turned me into a racist or caused me to say/write anything I regret.
Then your not doing it right, man.  A good benzo like that will cause all those feelings of white shame to ooze away and true colours will shine on through.  Just dont drive.


Politics / Re: Roseanne Reboot ~ Pro Trump ?
« on: May 30, 2018, 11:17:58 AM »
The lab coat wasn't on my radar. The way the boy's hair is styled is what I thought was "girlish".
At first I thought the labcoated human WAS a girl. 


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