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Giving Callan a shot.   He's pounding Labatt's Blue.   ;)

It was a long but solid live stream.

There was a dead part when we got to watch Jason being catfished or land a hottie, only the future will tell. If you knew where to look you could see their conversation and I have to say the man knows what he likes. As a voyeur it was a bit cringey and as a chat viewer it was a dull jumping off point.

After all that the show got good again. It was fun talking to him. Plus he pulled down at least 100 bones with Super Chat.

George could learn a lot by watching it, if George could learn.

I just saw that Fantastic Four #52, the first Black Panther, sold for a record $90,000.

I am betting that the next time Falkie lists the books that his mom tossed that one will be named.

Jason, until tonight I didn't know you had a live stream.

It has to be better than George's live stream

Watching paint dry would be more interesting than George's live stream.

Pounding a rail road spike in with my forehead would be less painful than watching George's live stream.

I watched George's live stream for only a few minutes, during it, he talked mostly about super hero's and showed little plastic toys. He did show a 'little toy bull",  that his Mom gave him. Did his Mom know?.. eh?

George also said, "he was going to live with Six Weeks Tenure in a container house" and then said, "Six weeks Tenure is banned from the live stream chat for being disrespectful to him and he wouldnt tolerate anyone being disrespectful"

I felt very intimidated by George.

Brig is right.

Trying to Love ALL

I think it was a first.

Just got in and I see that both Jason and George were live, was it brought up on either show?

I believe it was Rally who created the term Sendapants.  I could be wrong...and what happened to the customary politeness of ending our correspondence around here with "FRIENDSHIP"?  I don't know if I can continue to respond to your questions if you are going to maintain such a snarky manor.  I realize you are doing it for the purpose of appeasing Sendapants when he reads the thread, but honestly Ol Gerry, It doesn't suit you IMO.

Shape up!!!!


It was not I.

Shaking those fleshy mutant goodies.

George goes for the low hanging fruit.

the FAT ONE really thinks after his chat gets monitized he will have all kinds of people PAYING to post !
thousands of dollars per his LIVE “excuse me, I have a technical issue that needs my attention” YouTube shows !

soon the FAT ONE will be able to afford his shipping container city and 40 acres of desert (only in his SENDAmind)


He will get a few donations from people like Erin F and the Feral cat lady. And it will drive him out of his mind trying to get more. He will soon demand them just to consider answering posts.
It will be funny for a bit.

Sendapants got hired by Norry to produce one minute of video per month.  ONE MINUTE.  PER MONTH.  (a full time job is about 10,400 minutes per month)

For this, he would be paid $250, a rate of $1,500 per hour.  All for running his snackhole, something he dearly loves to do.  All he had to do was rant into the mic for one minute per day, and boil it down to the most useful 3%.

After about three producing months, he got fired.  He could not produce ONE. MINUTE. PER MONTH.

For extra fun, he took out payday loans at usurious interest on his expected income past his firing date.

In light of all the above, do you think Senda is capable of holding a job?  Just think of the easiest job possible, and compare it to the above.  How many hours before Senda gets fired.

He's a high-functioning retard.  It's less expensive to bust out 900 beans and subsidize his housing than to institutionalize him.

The alternative is euthanasia, and girlfriend I am SO there.  But it's not in style right now.

At the 3rd video in he was asked to redo-it several times and Senda declared that video the absolute hardest video he has ever made.

Any recent word on the caregiver? 

Did he bail after one traumatizing trip to the Laundromat?  Or take one look at the apartment and reevaluate his career choices?  Did he not enjoy listening to Falks go on endlessly, and talk down to him?  Did a love triangle develop for Kathy's affections?

Senda said that he will not let him get to work until April because of his eye surgery. He does not feel that he can properly follow him around and supervise until it is fully healed.

Well, Clyde Stone got his as s thrown out.  I have a feeling he will be Clyde Rockatansky!

Archie ate a pickle got tossed for using the word lie, he will return.

I got him going off on Arabic numbers.


I don't know what to say. Except this. "We" have effectively harnessed the power of the Sun with these two. And yes, as noted in a comment earlier, no danger of any fire, huh...? I'm sure they have water ready, just in case...?

Looks like the skilled labor isn't wearing eye protection, nor anything to guard against flying metal shards. Like to the face and head. With the "guy" looking on, no doubt also unaware of any dangers. There you go. A soon-to-be-classic film. Especially for late night.

I wonder if that part had any purpose before being cut off? Since that appears to be some fold-down sofa thing, maybe it needed to be there. Why didn't the guy just cover it? I admit I don't know, but hacking away at something seems to be the first and only choice.

Gee, after the thin piece of metal was cut -- or ground off -- how tough could be the thick steel of those shipping container things? No problem...especially in the desert...with wall outlets the middle of nowhere......

Those two. The Power Of The Sun. Itself. Fused. Infused. Harnessed. Steered. Guided. Galloping down the path toward a greater purpose. It grows. It lives. "We" may be seeing the evolution of mankind, accomplishing feats far beyond those of mere mortals -- as I admit I am. It's a scale grander than the "Evil Sewergabbers" will ever know. Or ever dream of attaining.

Was George naked?

My guess is that he was Michael Creech.

I was wrong, I do not know who Mr Steakfries was.

Mr Creech was Afro Bob from Mars.

Good catch...He wants neighbors and town folks to pitch in and help him, but he won't loan tools. LOL  ;D

Who the hell was Johnny Steakfries? LOL  ;D

My guess is that he was Michael Creech.

Well.  Now.   This I might have to check out!!

Edit:  One minute 45 in he's moaning that he can't read his Wall Street Journal.    ::)

He complains that he can not read his books or papers so he is bored out of his mind.

But when asked if he has watched a show he likes he says he has been too busy.

I was wondering how he settled on 40 acres for the size of the land. Maybe he read that there was a minimum amount of acfeage that was required for hour own personal transit station.

He is looking for cheap land, not in California, that he could possibly afford.

Perhaps he ran into something like this:
It happens to be a big plot of land, 40 acres. Battle Mt is not way out there so stores are an hour or so away.
$395 down, he could come up with that and the best part it is only $195 a month, hell, he pays more a month than that.

George also let his racist flag fly big time.

He was not at all happy that Oprah, a black woman, played a white woman in the film A Wrinkle In Time. I do not know how he came to the conclusion that the character was white because she is not depicted as any set look in the book. She is a shimmering light that has difficulty corporeal appearance.
I guess by default to racist George that means the fictional supernatural being is a white person.

George stated that neighbors and gracious town folks will help him construct his container compound. When someone mentioned that it would be like the Amish, George went into a rage at the suggestion. It is impossible to understand the mental pathology of George Senda.

It is because Amish do not use computers nor watch TV so the comparison confused and frightened his simple mind.


Sounds like he "takes it all back" about the "botched bit" and all of that misinformation and slander. Anyway...looks like he's working on his "trying to look like Ray Charles as a white guy kind-of-thing-going-on."

The proverbial "Don't mind me, I'm just the local weirdo who hangs around medical waiting rooms for no good reason at all" enters shot in background right at 3:22.

But he is not a stupid man.

Falkie's ''military writing'' career likely consisted of a letter or two to the editor of one of those magazines, which may or may not have been printed.

One would think in the digital age that a budding military writer - no longer being bound to the whims of magazine editors and publishing houses - would have blogged extensively and even self published. 

One would have thought he'd have started a thread here and contributed a good deal of commentary.  He shit-posted long boring off topic streams of consciousness all over Bellgab, but not a bit of it had a thing to do with history, military or otherwise. 

Was Falkie in the military?  The only thing he knows about any of it is what he's read that someone else has already written

In his "book" he covers a day in the life of a hard hitting, down on his luck PI. Things are so bad for him in the morning, we find out he has a case of ice tea because he was recently paid by a client.
By the end he has run into Annie. A sexy, large busted waitress that has a secret crush on him. She invites him out for the evening and when he goes back home his place is something out of Mat Helm. Secret doors, a huge entertainment center and all climate controlled. He even goes to his hidden garage where he has choice of screen used movie cars.

He could not keep the character consistent for a few pages.

and don't forget the fact he composed this SIX PAGE letter while BLIND !
(my guess is TWO PAGES cover the incompetent SHE doctor NOT WATCHING HIS ARM !)

You give him way to much credit. He can not stay on a topic that long.

Before the end of the first page he will have talked about his mom being a doctor then half a page will be dedicated to their relationship.
He will talk about the ride over and how areas changed since he lived there. A couple paragraphs on Kathy, ect.

That's a ridiculous "fallacy of composition" ...

George in the above bathrobe video used his precise logic to detail what is required for smart people to be successful.

People are considered dumb if they:

1. wear glasses.

2. are over weight.

George addressed in the bathrobe video what's also keeping him from having a more productive life (working again as a paid professional military writer).... An unknown health care workers told him to lose weight but didn't tell him "how much" to lose.

Here is a great opportunity for us to help George.

George needs to know exactly "how much" weight he needs to lose

Does anyone have one those "ideal" weight charts?
Factor in his height, tremendous upper body strength, current weight and let George know "exactly" how much weight he needs to lose. TIA

Good point. Just like George being told to eat less spaghetti sauce. He eats less but he was not told how much less. One serving a month fewer is less sauce.


Oh boy, here we was inevitable, I suppose.  Multi-container Shangi La desert dream, here we come!

6 pages?

I wonder how far off the track it wanders. That thing must be a rambling mess.

I was worried [re-write] that something will go wrong with George's surgery therefore dropped out after 10 minutes of watching slow Kathy amuse herself with nearby shiny objects. It amuses me that taxpayers have to pay for George's $3000+ overnight stay in the hospital for a routine 15 minute cataract surgery? (Add another $7000) What exactly was the reason for this? Can he no longer fit in the back seat of a cab?

The stay in the hospital was to avoid getting up early. He is staying the night before the surgery.

I just don't what to say about the tale of the two idiot survivalists living in their "constructed" compound. 8) Located somewhere -- in the desert of somewhere -- in the Southwest United States. Probably Nevada?

This one goes on. It's beyond the pale. It staggers the imagination how delusional people can be. Worse, in this case, when they put their proverbial heads together and combine their own individual lack of abilities and no resources. Looks like that guy's first million dollars is a sure thing for next year -- judging by the expanse of the project and the God-awful costs it would incur. And the God-awful effort that would be needed...?

Will a single thing get done? Nope. In other words, nothing. Nil. Zip. Nada. A guy who claims he can't work because he's disabled -- and who has never acquired the experience, skills or tools -- is out every day in the desert -- age, "ailments" and summer notwithstanding -- performing what would be a top-level job to complete. Let alone complete. Even for younger guys.

Specs. What a circus this story is. From the idea of cutting those heavy steel shipping containers apart. With one nut the skilled labor -- who the guy says "doesn't know how to weld yet." He has a lifetime to catch up. Guys who've welded their entire lives might admit that would be a tough way to go. Even for them.

Not to mention it's being done in the middle of a hot desert...not like that matters, or anything. Not to mention shipping would be a b*tch for everything. Senda indicates he plans on getting five containers -- first it was four, but the other would be for food storage. Yes, nothing like a fleet of five semis with flatbeds and a crane needed to drive that gross tonnage to...the middle of nowhere.

From the nut who thinks it a good idea to have all-metal home in one of the hottest places around...from the lack of electricity. I admit I forget his several hundred thousand "solar-power system" he can't wait to order. Or ship. Or plant. In the middle of nowhere. Don't worry. What could go wrong? It must be some God-awful solar power to run air conditioning full blast and run all those refrigeration units for all that perishable food and even to save canned or dry stuff from being inside a steel thing in the hottest sun the middle of nowhere.

Not to mention if that solar fails...I'd hate to be out in that desert, helpless in that the middle of nowhere. Don't forget the digging, too, I heard. How about concrete slabs? Concrete mixers? In the middle of nowhere...? Putting some water tanks underground? How did they get there? Digging, huh? Like in heavy equipment? Earth mover-class size things? Stream shovels? Cranes? Pile drivers? In the middle of nowhere...

But it's good to let him roll. Senda is a funny guy. Pathetic, yes. But out of new material, no. He really nails comedy. That "two idiot survivalists in the desert-compound-plan thing" is his stand-up routine in itself. The insane saga of the "pipe dream" just keeps getting worse. And worse. But for the better. For some -- as in those who have the misfortune of seeing it unfold before their very eyes...and ears.

Not to mention all that talk he hear on the news about keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. Yet we get the chat notes that the skill labor volunteers to double as a firearms instructor. For one who claims to follow the news, that guy must be deaf, dumb and blind right now. Is it a good idea to put guns in the hands of the mentally ill, in this case?

For the guy who goes to the emergency room at the drop of a hat, he doesn't seem at all concerned with having...a hard time getting the medical attention he takes for granted. He'd the middle of nowhere.

It's the never-ending story. We hope. "The Two Idiots In The Desert Compound." "It's Midnight In The Desert" for those two clowns and their "plan." Before it ever gets off the ground. Senda's crap is worth every minute. Just not every second.
RE: "SAUSAGE WARS : THE STICK FIGHTS BACK." -- At 2:30:38: "I'm definitely not going to show that," he states, referring to the "Potentially Masturbatory Material" coming into shot. Too late, he already did...But please, please, don't tell me that's a mug of the late Princess Diana at bottom left.

Well, he did watch a video on YouTube about it.

Falkie keeps telling SixWeeks that he can not live with him because his lease will not allow it.

But how long did Kathy live there there Falkie kicked her out on the streets, alone, with no where to go, on their anniversary?

Anyone know if he got monitized?

I was watching the Tim Trackers yesterday, a good channel that does theme park and other videos, and they do a once a week live video where thy answer questions and open mail.
They get the usual $1 to $5 Superchat posts and graciously thank each one but they got a $500 Superchat post this time. The first thing they wanted to do was refund it as they felt it was way too much.

I just can not wait to see Senda get his first $1 on Superchat. He will go live 24/7 and do nothing but beg for more, it will be funny as hell.


Yes, nothing like showing yourself off as some fat slob with zero table manners. As per the description: "I make a sandwich on Francisco sourdough bread with mustard & mayonnaise & two pieces of Figi’s Beef summer sausage & eat it."

Try those such videos again -- without the "eat it" part. Why? Arguably, among the last SOBs on God's Green Earth you'd want to see...consuming...ingesting...or whatever you'd call it.

But tell him that. He thinks that makes for good content? The proverbial dagger to the poor viewer with the "eat it" thing-going-on. The sights. Like him cramming his mouth full, like some starved pig at the trough. The sounds. Like talking all the time while it is, not using any napkin or anything -- and just using his fingers, instead. Then probably wiping it God only knows where.

Classy. He looks unafraid to tell everyone that he's (totally unaware he is) beyond being a bad slob. Life experience in the civility department appears to be significantly lacking.

He does not do this because he is inspired to make a video and talk about the food. He only does it because others make money doing it and in his mind he is doing the exact same video.

He does not understand why someone like "TheReportOfTheWeek" can pull down 750,000 subscribers and make a living just eating food.

In George's mind he did the exact same thing as this video and the only thing preventing success is the haters.

We have seen this over and over. He deserved Heather's job because he also talks, he should get gift cards because he opens mail ect.

In his egotistical brain he puts out the same quality of material.

Iy you watch it without sound, you may think it's Senda's out and about video from a garbage dump. Why is the fat cunt cleaning and doing the laundry himself? Did his slave bail out after the first sniff?

In the marathon live show he mentions that he will have a talk with his caregiver and remind him that the caregiver works for HIM.

It sounds like there are certain duties that the caregiver will not accept.

Looks like he might not have made the cut for monitization.

As much as I like to see him fail I also want to see the live videos if he gets approved for SuperChat. The begging will go off the hook.

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