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Lego / Gigo update.
I sent the box back at Falkies expense but it got lost on the way there. I contacted eBay and I had to wait a week or so. A few days ago they sent Senda notice that he had to refund now and file with the PO a claim for his Gigos. He did not refund so I had notice to contact eBay today.
 I called them and they are finishing off the refund for me.

So the end result, Falkie had to refund $20, Falkie had to pay shipping back and property is MIA. Falkie takes a loss of about $11.20
(he paid 60 cents extra to ship plus $10.60 to ship back) ANSD his Gigo blocks are lost to the postal system.

A more perfect outcome could not have been planned.


Our Great News Reporter is back!!!!

Did Falkie just describe the intimate moments he has with Kathy?


Does anybody know what George is talking about in this video?  Mostly, I just get that everything is still broken, and he got a $350 EERO router from his internet company for free?  Is there anything I missed?

Kathy took him shopping and they took pictures of everything they got. He also said "The haters are going to mumble mumble mumble"


Looks like George is back in business.

It appears to be an older video that he just uploaded. He says 5 days until internet goes out and he mentions the book bag with 6 books and he feeds Orangey.
In the one James comments on he has 5 days and talks about the pain while feeding Orangey.

It is earlier the same day. Nothing new yet on in Lego news.

If he sent the emails that he sent to you to EBay also, I would hope that he would be banned from further selling on eBay. The emails were a real hoot & classic Falkie.

He says he didnít open the bag to examine them closely; then in another message he says that he had opened the bag and there was no logo printed on the gears.

He says that he canít see fine print because of a botched cataract surgery; then he says in another that he has a pricey lamp from Amazon purchased by some Norwegian and French fans who pooled  their money and that he used this lamp to examine the gears and there was no logo.

Falkie really provides people with so much insignificant information about himself trying to provide excuses for not proving the product that he advertised. He could have just written an apology response indicating that he was sorry that he hadnít realized that the gears actually werenít Lego brand. Instead he just goes on & on and even mentions a Shell station and vegetables.

I hope you get quickly reimbursed for your expense of the return postage.

All of the messages were sent through eBay, so they see all of them.

First I filed a claim. Falkie then replied saying he would not refund and needed proof.
At that point eBay put the money on hold and supplied me a label at Falkie's expense because he lost. I printed the lable and the postman picked up the package this morning. When the package arives at his box the $20 gets released to me. There was no expense to me.

Soon Falkie will see there is no hold on HIS money because it will just be gone and he will realize he spent $10 to get them back.
The half dozen or so after the facy messages was classic Falkie melt down.

His best move was not to apologize but to just not dispute the case. Had he simply refunded he would not be out the extra $10 to get the worthless crap back. I have never made a fraudulent sale but I have miss shipped items, I tell them to keep it and refund them, it is not worth the cost to get it back.

But I will look into the rules for abusing the eBay messaging system.

See Ellgab for the full Lego story.

It looks like he really has no access to the internet for now.
A claim was made on the knock off Lego and he has yet to answer it. I even called it fraud because I knew it would make him act fast.

GIGO from the garbage chute "downstairs".        Hehe..................

Actually from a table in the courtyard downstairs.

I know because the bag came with a letter telling me how he found them, that he did buy Lego kits from Shell a long time ago and that he knows only a little about Lego.

There was going to be something wrong with them,, worst case was to claim they smelled of cat urine and were sticky and gross. But the fact they are knock off is perfect, that is an easy case to win.

I picked up the package that George sent to Gwen and she was quite disappointed. They are not LEGO brand as advertised but rather GIGO brand, a Lego knock off company.
She said she is going to report him to eBay for fraudulent sales and to get all of her money back.


George is reading 10 11 books this week.

He is talking to the librarian about putting paranormal books into the system, if he will go out and buy them for the library.

At about 9 minutes in he says that whoever says that someone else feeds the cats is full of it.

I wonder where the idea that some one else feeds the cats came from, who could have said it?
Oh yea, it was Senda that told us, at 3 minutes in:

James the lesser mentioned this on one of his vids...clearly why George made this ridiculous disclaimer.

Which video? I usually only watch Senda ones but the DSP ones are growing on me.

I agree with all that, but Georges biggest flaw,  IMO, is his refusal to appreciate his Haters and Trolls.  They are his most likely source of donations, and he repeatedly bans them from chatting or commenting on his youtubes.

I agree that George could make extra money doing that, a decent amount extra but every one has their personal boundaries. George simply is not willing to be insulted for money.
Personally, if you are going to pay me then you can call me anything you want.

I know George refered to a busty gal in his apartment as stupid because she would not screw him for $200 years ago. George will not allow people to call him fat ass on his channel. Different comfort zones for different folks.

Actually, Senda looks pretty rough of late. In all seriousness I hope his health improves.

In a never give up your dreams kind of way, itís inspirational Senda can be overdrafted, be search rolls of quarters for silver, have no realistic way of gaining money and yet still believe he can: buy Kathy a new car, get a drivers license, get himself a new car, purchase land, pour  homestead foundation himself, and build a container home. NEVER GIVE UP!

The problem is that he does have a realistic way way to make money. But the way conflicts with his ultimate goal.
He looks at YouTube channels that bring in huge money and thinks, they make videos, I make videos why donít I get aid the same? He does not acknowledge the hours they put into production, editing ect.
His dream is to do nothing and be given everything. That is not admirable at all.
Trying but failing can be admirable but not trying at all is just pathetic.

I took from it, that he meant no kids were there picking up food.

I think you are right. I forget how literal Falkie can be when it suits his needs. He took no food from children.
He took food that might have gone on to feed hungry children but he did not take the food from them, he just took their opportunity to get it.

Now that he's admitted that he knows other people feed the Feral Cats, it's weird that he's not smart enough to understand that the request for Cat Food, so that the feral cats won't starve, is no longer a reasonable request.

I liked the part where he said that one cat would have matted fur then suddenly it was fine.

It never occurred to him that someone had to be periodically brushing the poor thing . Just as it never occurred to him that he should do it because that would be extra work.


Georges financial problems seem to be getting worse and worse.  Did he run out of laundry quarters?

George needs help to save the feral cats again.
He admits that all his stuff came from 2 different churches but he did not take food from children because neither place has any children.
What the Hell does that even mean? That the churches do not have kids? that none of the parishioners have kids? that no one in the area that has kids might go there?
What a horse shit disclaimer.

If you don't mind me asking, did you get a tracking number for your Senda Dumpster Legos yet?

Yup. They are waiting for me at my P.O. Box.
I will not get them till next week because I am at a show selling things to gun nuts.

Are you sure?  I thought the only sounds I heard from Kathy during Sendas taste test, were  "um-hum"  and   "unh unh".

I hear ďmmmmmm mmmmmĒ maybe it is one of those blue dress gold dress things.

Rewatched to try to help you out, and I couldn't tell for sure. I am pretty sure that Kathyís wrapper made it to the floor in the Sasquatch Twinkie feeding companion video. Perhaps the cockroaches will be coming out of Kathyís purse for a snack.

What stood out to me was the Falkie required his old SnaggleTooth to get to his banana Twinkie. Whereas,Kathy had adequate finger strength and was able to open her banana Twinkie packaging without using her mouth. Additionally, Kathy peeled the wrapped away from the Twinkie, just like she was actually peeling a banana.

I am sure all wrappers made it to the floor. Did you see the back seat? And that is after Patty cleaned it up. 

I wonder why Kathy was making her yum yum noises. She did her video first and was not thrilled by the Twinkie, in fact it looked like she was about to toss it in the way back. But in Sendaís video you can hear her making yum yum noises.

Also, where does one find a free box of banana Twinkies? A dumpster?

Yes, George charged $10. for shipping alone.  He got $20 from Gwen, all together.

Do not forget, eBay takes a cut and PayPal takes a cut. And the percentage comes from the $20 not just the $10. That $9.40 just got smaller.

Good news, he sold Lego parts. He just has not seen that the payment came from Gwen Pool yet.
He decides to run off a list of his new and expensive devices that he owns because he is mad that someone said it was all old. It is good that he had the sense to not beg in the same video, he has some nice stuff there.

I'm glad to know Senda ends up paying in the end, if he doesn't deliver as promised.  I did notice, that he gives himself quite a long period of time for delivery.  I hope he at least sends you a tracking number.

All he needs to do to have VALID tracking is to purchase a shipping label from eBay. Then eBay notifies the customer and follows the package. Easy peasy.

I am sure Senda has a working label printer, you need one to sell on eBay.

I agree with you, but I think PayPal refunds you themselves anyway.  I could be wrong.

PayPal will refund if you claim an item was not received and if the seller can not prove that it was delivered. eBay requires a delivery confirmation for a seller to win a claim and Amazon require delivery with a signature for the seller to win.

If an eBay seller can not prove the buyer got the item then PayPal refunds the buyer. If the money is not in PayPal then they take it right from your bank and if it is not there then overdraft charges can occur.
When selling online you can not halfass it and make mistakes, can be costly.

Lucky for Senda he always goes full ass on things.

I didn't know you could change the name like that for the shipping label.  I will remember that for next time :D

I wouldn't be surprised if he never ships them, and makes PayPal refund you, under the paypal guarantee policy.

I would not be surprised if he never ships them and does not make PayPal refund me and tries to keep the money.

Are you going to do an unboxing vid of the leggos?   ;D

You actually think he will get around to shipping them? He is the guy that slept through paying his internet bill.

And I do not think he will be happy when he sees that his customer is in Reno. Reminds me that I need to switch my ship to name to Gwen Pool before I pay.

I'm watching the last few minutes countdown...

Update - No other bidders.

I am sitting at an antique show with no customers because it is snowing here.


Last I checked, he already has one bid on it, so looks like he's going to get his $10 bucks, plus $10. for shipping.

But he has no internet and it will be raining a lot this week.
Will he be able to ship in a timely manner or will he be forced to return the money?

I await the answers to these questions and many more, good thing I will be the first to know them.

Looks like there is another George Senda comenter out there. Former Bellgabber ErinnF has her take on Falkie:

I dont know why this surprises you, of all people.  Ten years ago on RB he was declaring that the reason he was so universally disliked was because of his politics.

Say what you want about Senda, but he has a finely honed survival instinct.  He realized, eventually, that if he ignores something bad that he does, that it simply goes away.  For awhile there, he was responding to the haters and trolls by making hilariously inept videos where he was faking pain in his knees and feet.  Eventually, he figured out that the gravy train runs most smoothly where he ignores that and looks like some bumblefuck who is being bullied by people online.  He ignores the accusations of his felonies, misdomeanors, dishonesty, gluttony, etc. and focuses on something innocuous.

Heís still hung up on the math of having x number of subscribers giving him a buck a month.  Sooner or later its going to hit him that the real payoff is a rolling squad of people giving him money to vicariously offset the online bullying and hate before they figure out that theyre being conned and move on.  Theres an inexhaustable supply of these sad sacks on youtube for him to exploit.  I could easily see his online income rising to the low-mid four digits.

I am not surprised that he picked a random thing but it surprises me it was that random thing. That is why  I made the pool comment, as if there is a list of random things and we each bet on one.
It will never hit him where the real payoffs are. His ego will not allow him to leave up any of the negative comments. All comments god or bad help push your video higher on the searches plus e can leave them to garner even more sympathy. He will also never get to the real money because he wrote it off because it confused him. The cash is in Patreon, I have seen channels blow up by adding a good Patreon plus a lot of people donate $5 then forget it is a monthly debit.


George replies to comments that he is using 20 year old equipment.

Not surprising, we are treated to an envelope unboxing at Starbucks,  four $10 Starbucks gift cards.   ::)

All the shit said about him and it is the exact age of his computer that sets him off.
Who had that one in the pool?

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