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No one has messed with Senda in ages but I guess he misses it.

Why else would he make this?

good friend George shared this clip with his fans.  wuickly retracted. its good to enjoy


Well, what was she doing up until she became disabled?  What did she do to make herself more employable?

This is the grasshopper and the ant all over again.

Kathy is a woman that was born in the 50's and grew up in the 60's and 70's. Women were not taught to be more employable then. They were taught to find a man to take care of them.
Not all women bought into it and there are a ton of exceptions but from what Senda has said Kathy was always looking for the guy that would give her a life.

I can not call her the grasshopper because she had a goal and it seems she worked at it. Senda tells us about many of the boyfriends she had when they split over the years. And we know she was "easy".

Her plan sucked, her plan failed but it was a common plan for ladies at that time.

Is this "new" news for this forum?  I don't recall reading this story until now...  Somehow, it seems fitting that George screwed up the friendship over his own inability to properly use a phone.  ::)

Oh, and the pizza thing should go down in some kind of an internet "best of."  Topped off with a police report, it has to be one of the all time greatest moments.  :)

It is not new news.

On a show George was told that his number was leaked because he mistakenly called Rally Squirrel. His response was "Bull Shit, I would never call that fucking asshole."

Where can I hear this?

Chefist called him on Martinez Tonight, not sure the link to the episode.

Random Topics / Re: The General Musings of Falkie2013
« on: December 08, 2017, 06:38:13 PM »

Random Topics / Re: The General Musings of Falkie2013
« on: December 08, 2017, 05:33:41 PM »
Falkie has talked to the police about the pizzas.
21:18    Advice to Citizen             
Occurred at **1021** on Ferry St. , Martinez. SOMEONE KEEPS HAVING PIZZAS DELIVERED TO RP'S
TO MAKE THIS STOP. . Disposition: Ad
vice to Citizen.
1:42    Petty Theft                                             1706250002
Occurred at Domino's Pizza on Alhambra Av. , Martinez. THEFT OF KEYS TO STO
Disposition: Report Taken.

Here is the report.

What is the time mark on that?  I must have missed it the first time through and I don't want to suffer through a second viewing looking for it. :P

It is not in the video.

Someone found the report in the Martinez police register and posted it here. A day or two later Senda called the police and there was a report about them going to Ferry Street, a complaint about pizzas.

I cringe. I laugh.  I cry.  I rage.  I laugh some more. 

Every time this video pops up. 

senda is outraged that he can't get a (free) replacement pizza for the free pizza he was sent.  He threatens Domino's with not ordering fm them again if he can't get a free pizza to replace his free pizza.  Extreme buffoonery.  'Domino's knows me.'  This always gets laughter fm me.  As if, Fat One, as if.

What's amazing to me is that during his lamentations, he notes that the credit card number is 'blacked out.'  Lucky break there, RS, he fucked over his dead mother, I'm sure as shit with his history, that a month later you would have found that 'you' had charged the purchase of 12 year old Prius. 

''Pre-pubescent girls don't flock to me."  But they sure do make you 'twitch.'  Don't they? 

By the way, RS.  senda threatened to deal with you.  Did he ever call you? 

Bellgabs 'own' utube star. Bwahahahahahahahah

He never "dealt with me" but he did call me by mistake.
A few weeks latter he left a voice mail on my phone, for some reason he thought it was Abrams number. The message was about an upcoming show, date, time ect. Of course Abram was a no show.
He called again and the same thing. At this point Senda was pissed that he was stood up twice and at the same time I had given Chefist the number and he made his classic call.

Now George was convinced that Abram was a secret operative, that he gave away his number and embarrassed him by not showing up on purpose. They have not spoken since all because of George's stupidity.

Then to top it all off, Senda claimed that just the sight of the pepper-laden pizza made his ulcers flare.  This truly was a classic troll by Rally.

The police report was the best part.

I did.  What happened?

Before I sent George an empty iPad box I sent him a special pizza.

It starts at 1 hour and 26 minutes, he hears his door bell. There is a few minutes of dead air then the fun begins.


A personal favorite.


No car today for falkie. He talked about getting money out of his mom's bank account too.

No car huh? Well that was an easy call.


Falkie videos are getting less and less views. I do enjoy that he is getting less views.

Every time you post one of his videos it gets more views than it would have.

I do not believe you actually do like that he gets less views.

2007 Prius, per Falkie video.  Check.

Almost certainly Craig's list.  Check.

Has to go for a bit of a road trip to get it.  Check (Sunnyvale) 

After months of looking and saving on both our parts, I found Kathy another Prius. A 2007 which has features that were not in our 2006 like a sunroof. $2,999. No red car this time, it's in black. But now both of us can go out and have fun and we can do videos together.

Wrong price and color, but I only guessed that it is Craig's list.

Attention Bay Area Drivers:  Mary Kathy Got A Brand New Car.

My prediction is that there will be no car for Kathy.

George said that they go buy it on Monday. But this is a Craig's list deal. One person with cash in hand will nab it, no one waits for Senda they take the cash now.

Who the fuck cares what Kathy thinks about this?  What the hell does she have to do with any of it?

Of course she is pissed about it.

Falkie just spent $134 on a ticket and that was money he could have given to her for her "car fund".

Here's a little note from senda found beneath the video.

Published on Dec 1, 2017
For months now, $350 that was raised and that should have been sent to me so that I ( and no one else ) could have paid for MY ticket to Alien Con 2018.
But... I have made numerous requests to Curtis Thornton to have him send me the money and he has either come up with excuses not to or promises to send the money " tonight ", " today " etc. and yet I am still waiting for the cash.
And he revealed to me last night that he made " promises " NOT to send me the money to donors or some unknown people and has REFUSED to send me the funds directly so I can decide how * I * can pay for the ticket and just sent me yet another promise to order me a ticket.
I can't wait any longer as the price will go up and I don't think he will ever buy the ticket.
Kathy is furious over this and says he should send me the money as it was intended as well.
I just spent $134 for the ticket and a photo and autograph session with Nick Pope.
Later I will pay for ones with Georgio and Linda Moulton Howe as I can afford it.
If you donated to this fund, tell Curtis to send me the money that was intended for my use as directed by me and not him.

Once again, Curtis goes to bat for senda and this is the thanks he gets. >:(

Senda.  Stop trying to act as though you're human.  You suck at it!!!

So Falkie purchased a ticket that he is happy with.

That just means the funding levels can now be adjusted. Track one can drop the ticket cost and I think the transportation ect was over estimated, So I think Curtis can use the cash to get his ticket and not  lot more is needed to get them both there.

Remember it is not just about George, it is about George and Curtis.


Oh dear....

As a doner I will reach out to Curtis as you requested, Falkie.

Curtis, you made it clear from the beginning that Falkie would not get to touch a penny of the fund. It was all up to you to spend it as you layed it out and Falkie NEEDED the golden ticket.
He should not get the cash nor a lesser ticket. What he should do is actively promote the fund.

Falkie is going to blow his money this month on a Trumpy Bear.

Wonder if Falkie has seen this.

A real Pittsburghian gets invited to Kennywood. As they should.

I think the thread will live with or without George.  I will always read this thread, but it's because of the talented Senda Fans, not cuz of Senda.

Here ya go, I went and watched this just to serve the cause.

Maybe George would come back to Bellgab if we started him a new, positivity sounding  thread.  Lets see, a Title comes to mind, but I better not say...

There is no doubt that the food he can not eat was left there.

Can you imagine offering Senda a plate of food only to have him yell at you "I can not eat this, go take it off then give it to me."

As the neighbor slides the offending food under some gravy.

Birth control is cheap, available everywhere and effective. Anyone too poor to support themselves who has a bunch of kids is irresponsible. Children born to idiots don't stand a chance in this world. They'll grow up poor, hungry, malnourished, abused, uneducated and probably end up as stupid and irresponsible as their parents. A never-ending cycle.

Therefore easy available abortions lowers the amount of people that will grow up poor, hungry, malnourished, abused, uneducated and probably end up as stupid and irresponsible as their parents. Thus slowing the cycle.


I think a better question is why have 8 kids when you can't support one.

Because abortion is considered taboo.

"Meals on Wheels is a program that delivers meals to individuals at home who are unable to purchase or prepare their own meals. The name is often used generically to refer to home-delivered meals programs, not all of which are actually named "Meals on Wheels". Because they are housebound, many of the recipients are the elderly, and many of the volunteers are also elderly but able-bodied and able to drive automobiles.

Research shows that home-delivered meal programs significantly improve diet quality, increase nutrient intakes, reduce food insecurity and improve quality-of-life among the recipients.The programs also reduce government expenditures by reducing the need of recipients to use hospitals, nursing homes or other expensive community-based services."

As a hater I am not bothered that he gets free food but he is an asshole because he scams people.

In his own words he sometimes runs out of money because he gives his cash to Kathy or he uses it to buy stray cats food.

Those are not valid reasons to request help because they are avoidable.

And I am a bleeding heart that thinks he should get the basics that he gets, housing and enough cash to get by. This is America and everyone deserves that, even if they are to stupid to find a way to do it on their own.


other video with food.

Why must he close his eyes when he eats?

It is not as if he is trying to find the subtle nuanced flavors. He likes to drown his food in ketchup , mustard, Worcestershire and soy sauce before he ever takes a bite.

Random Topics / Re: Fake News Falkie
« on: November 18, 2017, 12:08:30 PM »

Hello Fuck Tar, Lincoln Ca in north of Roseville Ca and ITS NOT A SMALL TOWN. Its has over 45,000 people. Why don't you talk about Capt Glen Edwards, He is from Lincoln Ca and the air force named an air force base after him.

Who has not heard of cow chip bingo?

He leads a sheltered life.

Tonight I saw a commercial about Meals-on-wheels delivering to the poor and impoverished, and wondered if Falkie is onto this.

Sure enough.  Dang he's fast.  Says he gets seven of them a week.  And has the chutzpuh to critique it.  Among other comments, he doesn't like the lima beans.  It's bland, edible, keeps him alive. 

So he what, eats lunch at the ''senior center every day, and now gets dinner delivered as well?  So what does he do with his food stamps and the rest of his money?

It's not begging.

He could only put mustard on it because he is out of ketchup? Last we saw a few weeks ago he had a big container od pilfered packets. Does he put on everything? Perhaps Kathy's cooter was not bleeding, it was ketchup to make it palatable.

Remember that family and friends are more important then Electronics devices

What is next?

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