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squirrel, squirrel, Has anybody seen my squirrel?

You rang?


George lays out what he needs to properly do podcasts we can depend on.

George plans to come up with a plan to get his $1000.00 or more in silver out of the shop, and much much more.  This is getting exciting folks!

George bought a prepackaged egg salad sandwich, 2 prepackaged Asian chicken salads and a prepackaged box of berries.
But he has no money and really needs $5 so he can be a professional pod-caster.
It will be all your fault if he misses out on this opportunity.

Random Topics / Re: Falkie's Best YouTube Comment?
« on: January 11, 2019, 04:57:18 AM »
I watched the video. Falkie's comment is false advertising. They don't even get out of the car. Kathy is just driving and Falkie is rambling. He must have yelled at her from outside the car in a different video.

The only good part is the very beginning when Falkie yells at Kathy for swearing while he is recording. Both are broke for the month.

In one of the videos he yells at her to help him lock up the unit because he needs to film it. And picking up the locks was hard.

Lots of tidbits here. 

Worth a view I think.  George has a Mac Mini that appears to be up and running. 
For some reason it won't be able to access the internet until March.   The reason for the delay was not
clear to me. 

It never makes sense but everything he plans to do is a month or two in advance Perhaps his naps fill his calendar?

In a James The Lesser video he was watching Senda unpack groceries, Senda pulled out two cans of kidney beans and said he bought them because he planned on making Chili in February. I am quite used to Senda  saying things like that but James stopped it in disbelief asking "Why can't he just make it now, it is a cheap and hearty food?" I had kinda stopped wondering why everything had to be done so much later, it is just the Senda way.

So, why will it take untill March for the MiniMac? Because it is the Senda way, that is all.

I'm pretty sure that George feels certain, that anyone who criticizes him, is a BellGabber.

He refuses to say "James The Lesser" but he does call him a Cheesy YouTube Commentator. James gets giddy when he sees it and does a Meowth impression.

But Senda has not called him a BellGabber.

It doesn't make any sense, for someone who has to go to a soup kitchen.  I have also heard him mention a couple times, that he has somebody who delivers a case of five free meals to him.  I think he said they are delivered once a week.   I could be wrong.

Yes, Meals on Wheels brings him a weekly supply of food. They are for invalid and sick people that can not get out but Senda got himself on the list.  Free Stuff!


I always enjoy watching George try to get his new tech toys to work.

I'm not going to ruin the end of the story for you...

Looks like he just blew $30, he paid for the Square-Trade and shipping was $10.  Also, he is the only one that bought one.


Sounds like George and Kathy are going to clean her car out so he can go get his other Mac out of storage.

It is full of junk because Kathy likes to drive to churches and take the free things for the needy. They do not need the things because she just lets it sit in her car for months, it just gets grabbed because it is marked free.

Why leave that blanket for a homeless person when it fits so well in your back seat?

The big fellah lives!  Major whine fest but at least he's back.   Discusses that horrible night 12 long years ago that ended his career as a working man,  then he lashes out at the Golden Corral, denounces Orange Fanta as it tastes "chemically" then ponders why cows on hills don't fall over.

Solid video.   I'll give it three and a half Cornish Hens.

Great video. Gone is the story of his busted knee cap. He fell on a BART escalator and essentially became crippled. He was abble to get a Dr  to decair him handicapped and he collected his government check.
But that old tale has been rewritten and retrofitted. Perhaps it is the multitude of videos of him walking around just fine and perhaps it is a mystery but a new fancy story has formed.
It is the bad tooth that did him in. The tooth took a back seat to the knee forever but now the tooth pulled ahead in his sympathy polls. Stay tuned to see how Falkie alters his history next time.

Random Topics / Re: 9/11 4ever
« on: December 03, 2018, 06:11:52 AM »
Then, how did the top floors of WTC fall at near free-fall speed? Answer that one with your fascist apologism, Culture Victim!

Define near. While you work on that I will guide the thread back on track.

Falkies computer is dying and he needs money badly, this was posted on November 30th.

Then on December first he shows off all the crap he purchased and paid Patty to do his laundry:

Random Topics / Re: 9/11 4ever
« on: December 03, 2018, 12:20:56 AM »
You remind me of the person I was, five minutes before the neighbor kid told me that the mp3 codec had been invented.

What are you, The Arbiter of Known Reality? Go back to eating dicks, fag.

You are a shining example of the 911 Truth movement. I am sure your fellow koocks are proud of how maturely you are able to discuss an issue.
Actually you are the reason I stopped dealing with small children and troofers, you handle things the same way.

Its a matter of common movie-going experience to see skyscrapers topple over when some monster or superhero gets thrown into one.  In the real world, that would never happen.  Skyscrapers are not built to withstand the forces upon them when they start to tip sideways.  They transmit force from their weight down a steel frame to a hardpack stratum in the earth.  That's why they can remains standing up.  When the building begins to lean over, weight is no longer fully supported by that steel frame and bedrock.  Some amount of it (depending upon the angle and the frame) is now hanging in the air, unsupported.  Calculations would have to be performed to pinpoint it, but at some point it just breaks apart and falls straight down. 

The troofers make a lot of hay about how the buildings fell down instead of toppling over, and that this is proof of a demolition.  But it's not so.  The only way for a building of that size to fall is down.

Another point which you touched on, about the onset of the collapse.  You remember how Longdong used to claim that the large moving section should have slammed into the floor below and stopped, then after awhile it happens again and again all the way down.  Once again, this is a matter of design and physics.  The building was designed to support the loaded (occupied) weight of the floors above it.  They were not designed to support that weight, PLUS the kinetic energy of millions of pounds of building crashing into them.  Once an building section of that mass begins moving, nothing is going to stop it.  Maybe if the impact was very near the top.  But not where it happened, on either building.

You can visualize this by putting a bowling ball on a glass coffee table.  The table supports the weight of the ball.  In fact, you could stack a number of boxed bowling balls on the table.  But if you pick up the stack a bit and drop it, the glass yields under the weight of the balls plus the force from their movement.

Longdong also fell back on the fact that there was no molten steel to prove his point, as if that meant a damn thing. The beams just needed to heat up enough to bow and pull the walls inward. He never would talk about that.

I see Metreon is pulling another Longdong move, questioning your degree in engineering. The magority of trrfer leaders have no degrees, just a desire to sell a lot of books but every one that contradicts them needs a degree. That is how you can tell that they only seek validation but not the truth.

So the very 'mastermind' that 911 was ascribed to and his failure to be interdicted when opportunities existed is not "relevant" to you?

How convenient!

So really this is just a building mechanics obfuscation from the larger picture. So noted. So expected. :-\

No, a mastermind does not matter to me when the imagined mechanics are not realistic.

You could tell me that Lex Luthor or Carl Sagan created the 3D hologram of Tu Pac that 100s of people saw at Cochella several years ago because there is no such thing as a 3D hologram. It was just a Pepper's ghost, an illusion well over 100 years old. Same goes for 911. It does not matter to me who the mastermind is until the mechanics are sound. For 17 years the theories have been absurd therefore who did the impossible does not matter.

WTF has happened to the Falkie thread?  Is nothing sacred?  By the scraggly beards of the princes of BellGab this shithole has gotten even shittier.

The Falkie thread is alive and well at Ellgab. Much like Kathy's abode this one has been infected with cockroaches.

I know! Who would have thought that black ops had a budget to consider?!?!?


That said, too much collateral damage to other buildings would probably have upped the scrutiny.

A good read you can cross reference with the 911 report can be found at:

I saw nothing about the physics nor the mechanichs of the falling buildings so it is not relevant to my interests.

Overall cost.

Functionally speaking...didn't they?

Your beliefs are driving your dogma on this one.

So they had to keep this whole event under budget. I will say that I had never heard that one before, congrats.

Easy. It was to minimize the damage surrounding the staging ground, you moron! Is that really the best you’ve got?! ::)

Why would they want to minimize damage? I would think they would want to destroy a staging ground that could hold evidence.

No, this is not the best I have, it is just questions that no troofer has answered in a straight forward manner.

Of course there couldn't possibly be a personal bias evidenced in your own class indictment, now could there?

Belief-based thinking be it religious, health-related, political, sporting, or any number of subject pools where facts are restricted to the general public, tends toward the encouragement of individual investigative rigor and (more often than not) the mockery of those who accept the partial narrative the herd has labeled as "reality" or "status quo".

In essence your curt denouement and dismissal of conspiracy theorists is little more than a mild temper tantrum from an apparently closed mind.

Do you so quickly dismiss the commonalities between say Biblical creation theology and the almost analog representation of incidents such as the great flood or inundation described in the tale of Noah's Ark and the nearly identical but culturally separate narrative contained within the Hopi creation "myth"?

If so why?

And this makes them different from say classic and our now dangerously fascist liberals in what manner? Is "climate change" not a belief inveigled by junk science, outright and calculated errors embedded into the narrative, and political manipulation to rival the best of Nino Machiavelli?

Qui s'excuse, s'accuse.

Think about it.

You think I quickly dismiss Troofers and you are right, I do now. But it was not always that way.

I listened to them, I read all the papers and watched the videos and lectures. I also looked at the other theories and the scientific theory presented in Popular Mechanics is sound. The jet fuel weakened ceiling beams and they bowed. This caused the floors above to come crashing down and the impact caused it all to collapse.
It makes more sense than any theory presented by troofers and it never changes. Troofer theories need to change and adapt as holes are punched into them. At one time we had hologram airplanes hitting the buildings. What kind of unscientific thought comes up with that shit?

I will ask you a question that I have asked many troofers, one that none can answer to date.
If the goal was to create a horrific sight then why make the demolition look like a controlled demolition? Why not set the charges so that the buildings would topple over? As horrific as the actual footage of 911 is you must admit that them toppling would be even more dramatic.

People who mock the very idea of truth are the lowest form of scum. Congrats on hitting bottom.

That is ridiculous. I have never met a conspiracy theorist that gave a shit about the truth.
Every single one of them just look for validation and confirmation. If they hear anything theat does not fall in line with their preconceived notion of what they think then they write it off, then post a stupid video or a meme.

Random Topics / Re: 9/11 4ever
« on: November 13, 2018, 03:09:43 PM »

I thought I had seen some character toothbrush in one of his bathroom videos a long while back. Obviously, if there is a toothbrush to be found in Falkie’s apartment, it is a collectible and not for everyday use.

He very well could have one but his pride and joy is the Snoopy phone with light but missing lampshade. He says it is his most valuable collectable.
Without lamp shade it fetches about $40. With shade it can get $80 or so. Not really a valuable collectable.

Just watched Falkie’s latest video - “FOXES, CAT CRAZINESS. THE WEIRD, WEIRD WEEKEND CONTINUES.”

Does anyone recall Falkie ever doing a haul video where he buys toothpaste, dental floss or a new toothbrush? If so, what brands? It might be wise to avoid them. I remember he used to have a Snoopy toothbrush years ago, but surely that one is long gone.

It was a Snoopy phone.

I recall your posting that before.  After viewing the video, I have to wonder if they were driven out of business by the 12 plates of food being removed from their supply, or the customers that "internationally acclaimed food blogger" George Senda and his "well mannered dinner companion" somehow managed to offend?

I recall that thread from Redbook. Senda said that they like to try a sample from each item.

I posted an image of a T shirt that said "I destroy buffets" and DPS rewrote the post to say "We just try a full plate of each item." Senda got the tread removed by crying.

Now that we have visual proof we see how right DPS was.

Random Topics / Re: 9/11 4ever
« on: November 06, 2018, 01:55:22 AM »
In an amazing coincidence, also the opinion of anyone who had to endure the posts of "longdong."

Too many times of debunking Longdong only to have him ignore the post and change the goalposts has taught me all I need to know about troofers.
But at least Longdong had the common courtesy of keeping his crap in proper forums, this Jackstar asshole is a rude fucker that feels his fantasy is so important that he needs to put it everywhere.
Fuck troofers.

Random Topics / Re: 9/11 4ever
« on: November 04, 2018, 08:56:42 PM »
5. Sidetrack opponents with name calling and ridicule. This is also known as the primary 'attack the messenger'  ploy, though other methods qualify as variants of that approach. Associate opponents with unpopular titles such as 'kooks', 'right-wing', 'liberal', 'left-wing', 'terrorists', 'conspiracy buffs',  'radicals', 'militia', 'racists', 'religious fanatics',  'sexual deviates', and so forth. This makes others  shrink from support out of fear of gaining the same label, and they avoid dealing with issues.

YOU post troofer bull shit in the Falkie thread then accuse me of sidetracking?  Typical fucking troofer.

Random Topics / Re: 9/11 4ever
« on: November 04, 2018, 08:33:35 PM »

Random Topics / Re: 9/11 4evero
« on: November 04, 2018, 03:50:43 PM »

* TELEFON.jpg (27.89 kB)

Authorized and allowed.

Fuck troffers.

The Senda show jumped the shark several seasons ago. Maybe Abrum could get a spin off. Or Senda could become an avuncular figure to a cute, impish 7 year old that moves in next door. Cue cousin Oliver.

Hey hun, I posted two new Senda at the buffet videos on the other forum. They are worth watching just for Kathy’s lady like moment.

Brig, I think of all the physical crap that he complains about, he does seem to have a growing skin ailment and ought to have it checked out.

I want the container complex thing to work precisely because of the humor it would bring. Assuming some how, some way he could come up with the money, just to watch the whole thing unfold would be fun. Anything that has happened prior to now is a fraction of the shitshow that would occur if George began working land.

Every time he figured out the costs of the land and container house he never factored in property tax.

I want it to work out to see him get that bill.

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