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Radio and Podcasts / Re: Kingdom of Nye With Heather Wade
« on: August 14, 2019, 11:48:27 PM »
Yeah, phones keep getting worse and worse.  Must be using wrong spell.

?? Synchronicity


If you never got to see George eat ribs before, don't miss this one.

I kept hoping for a glimpse of his bedpan rib bowl, but I couldn’t tell if he was using it or not.  I had to close my eyes during parts of this one, the eating was just too much for my eyes to see. Listening to him eat ribs wasn’t  too much of a treat for my ears either.


It takes money, to make money. 

Crap Bought begat 'Burgh Unboxings begat More videos begat more views begat more buzz begat more donations begat Designed to make me Money.

Also, Sendanomics plays into it.

I have been wondering why he hasn’t already purchased the new Amazon iPad that I thought he was going to buy on August 1st. That purchase seems to have been pushed back a month, despite his windfall of cash. Without an eyePad he hasn’t been able to show off all the “cleaning” in his hovel that he has claimed to have been doing. Did I miss an explanation of why he didn’t buy it?

I am thinking the sudden Prius troubles are designed to elicit an urgency for more funding from his newest benefactress.

And lastly, does anyone remember Falkie pledging to Jeremy (I think) in a livestream that he was going to donate $25 to him to help him with a veterinarian bill or something? I remember shortly after that livestream Falkie came upon some financial difficulties and said near the start of a video something like , Sorry Jeremy, I cant send you the money this month. I am wondering with Falkie’s $500 windfall, if he has ever made good on that pledge to Jeremy or if it will be like the tip to the pizza delivery girl, a big fat zero dollars.

He said he can't take it anymore.  He really does sound like he's at his ropes end.  Good thing he bought that $20 game.  It will help keep their minds of their financial troubles.

Unfortunately, that $20 Wii Pokémon game can’t be played on Kathy’s Wii console until Falkie goes over to Kathy’s apartment and repairs the connectors on Kathy’s television to hook up the Wii.

Apparently, Ratty Patty broke the connectors on the tv last year and a Falkie seemed to say he is going to heat up a screwdriver and use it to melt some plastic stuck inside - if this is anything like lancing an ass boil, then Falkie is a pro  & it should be a quick fix for him.


The Ambulance Co. sent George a bill for $120. for his last trip to the ER.


I’m thinking maybe Falkie got the bill (instead of free service paid by Medical) because instead of going to the closest ED near his hovel, he had the ambulance take him to the ED much father away with the great WiFi. Didn’t that Dr ask him why he came all the way to John Muir when Contra Costa Hospital was so close? Or maybe he asked him why his primary doctor was all the way in San Francisco instead of closer to where Falkie lived.

 Whichever, but I think if you don’t have the ambulance take you to the closest ED, you are in danger of losing your free ride. But then again, Falkie is proud to be a pauper, as he is judgement proof, and doesn’t think he needs to follow the rules. Maybe he will next blame the ambulance company for ruining his credit.

The purchase of Slimfast will create a 'short' death date delay but not short enough that a dozen extra  cheese pizza's can't solve.

Shove it down fatboy!  Yee-Haw!  #piggygoeswheee

I think the SlimFast purchase will actually accelerate his death date. He only bought 4 bottles of SlimFast and a boatload of high calorie junk food. He will use the SlimFast as meal supplements, not meal replacements & since he is drinking the SlimFast, he will rationalize that he can eat more processed & junk food and drink more peach Snapples.

Not exactly the most flattering picture,  Couldn't youtube pick out something better from that vid?

Like Falkie showing his Cornish game hen haul @ 8:22?


Nobody has made any comments so far, and only 26 views 5 hours later,

What has the circle of rust done to help you Promote your YouTube Channel lately George?

Falkie didn’t mention buying the dongle....he has been talking about getting a dongle for his eyepad on the first of the month to help with his video quality.

The circle of rust needs to either get Falkie his dongle with better internet or come up with a malady that lands Falkie in the Emergency Room every week for some quality internet connection for live streaming.


Please tell me this is a joke...

I did get a detail wrong, Patty asked Kathy to call Red Lobster to check the prices for the birthday lunch, not look online as I had posted.

The "Burgh Unboxing. Boxes & Kathy's Birthday..." video is the gift that keeps on giving. Starting at about 3:00.

They had some blowup a few days ago about not taking Kathy out for her birthday I believe.

Patty was willing to take Kathy to Red Lobster for a birthday meal. The blowup was that Kathy was wanting her favorite..coconut shrimp and a Pina Colada and Patty wanted Kathy to check the prices online beforehand, as she only had $120 in the bank. (Kathy seemed to think that since Patty didn’t have to pay monthly storage rent like Kathy, she shouldn’t worry about how much she spent on Kathy’s birthday meal).

Additionally, Patty had the nerve to ask Kathy to wear a bra and underwear for this proposed birthday meal at Red Lobster.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Richard Groyper YOUTUBE STAR!!!
« on: June 29, 2019, 02:37:20 PM »
i alone speak for George Senda aka The Master(tm) aka The Guy From Pittsburgh - NO ONE ELSE! more information will be available shortly.

Do we send our donations to a post office box in Missouri?

Well, I had a difficult time making out anything he was saying, but I got the impression that this particular recycling bin that he dropped his keys in, is 20miles away. 


I call bullshit on his “how I lost my keys story”. From what I could understand, he says he picked up a bag of clothes and shoes from that mysterious  free shopping area “downstairs” (where he got the walker, fake Legos he tried to sell on eBay, cupcakes, etc) because they had been there a few days and he decided they had been there long enough and so he took them to the donation/recycling bin because he didn’t want things to pile up in the area and was cleaning up.

He claims he heard his keys fall as he was walking to the donation bin and assumed that they had fallen into his kitty feeding bag. Instead, later when he returned to his hovel, he discovered the keys weren’t in the kitty bag, so he realized the keys fell into the bag of clothes that he had put into the donation bin. So, then he called Kathy from a neighbor’s phone (doesn’t he have a free cell phone?) and she came over & let him in his apartment (He also gave Kathy gas money & they went out for tarts & chili burgers, I think?....perhaps TheErinF sent some cash with that Alien baby, as it isn’t the first of the month, yet.)

Anyway, he was going to call the phone number on the locked donation/recycling bin today to see about getting his keys from their locked bin.

My theory is that maybe Falkie didn’t lose his keys putting stuff into the bin, but trying to get stuff out of that bin. He never mentioned once retracing his steps to look for his keys or having to go back to the bin to get the phone number off of it. And when does Falkie ever cleanup after him self or his hovel, let alone his apartment complex or others? Perhaps he has spied someone placing an item that tickled his fancy in that bin and wanted it for himself ( or to sell on eBay) and in the process of attempting to get it, dropped his keys in the locked bin, which would explain how he knows the keys are in that bin and not lost on the ground somewhere else. And Weren’t there some YouTube videos with reflections of Falkie in shop windows from the past showing how he wears his keys on a lanyard around his neck? 

I think his explanation  could be a cover story for how he lost his keys trying to acquire donations from a locked donation bin.


Radio and Podcasts / Re: TheErinnF YouTube Star
« on: June 27, 2019, 04:07:54 PM »

Our own YPud did a remarkable voice over video for Georges silent Alien Unboxing video Erinn.  You can find it in Georges thread.

TheErinnF said she ordered the Alien doll from Amazon. That is one expensive Alien..$99.99 plus $9.99 shipping.

It (or maybe rather “he” as it is apparently a male Alien, per 2 answers to a question on Amazon, though some report it is gender less) has a five star review.

If any one would want to clothe the Alien, the “new life” line of doll clothes found in the toy Dept of Walmart fit, per a happy reviewer. Perhaps Falkie will start seeking donation funds for newborn size diapers, too.  If that Alien developed an ass boil, Falkie would know just what to do.


My GOD, how many birthday meals do they have for Kathys birthday?  I was sure I saw them both have steak together a month ago for her birthday.

Shame on Ratty Patty. She had the nerve to ask  Kathy  to wear “a bra and panties”  when she takes Kathy out to Red Lobster for her birthday.

Around 5:06, Falkie hollers out in pain off camera. He tells Kathy that he kicked the door brick. I am wondering if this is the gem covered, cat killing brick (that he claimed was going to the dumpster) or if received another brick in the mail.

Thus it has always been.  A newcomer to the Sendaverse tries to help. Newcomer to the Sendaverse gets stomped and thus a new troll is created.

Welcome aboard.

It’s the Circle of Life....Sendaverse Style.

When I go to a friends house and they require me to wear a diaper I always insist they provide me with a cotton diaper to help protect the environment. What do you all do?

Never had that experience, so I needed to do some research so I would be prepared, just in case. I would have to insist on a breathable diaper.

Note - as a result of this research for the Falkie thread, I am likely to be inundated with adult care product ads. And over on an forum there are 47 answers to the question, “Is it rude to wear a mask when changing an adult’s soiled diaper?”

lmao! poor Mr. Ratty Patty.

It’s no laughing matter!

There is no current Mr. Ratty Patty & Kathy got a huge ass boil from wearing  the diaper that Falkie had to pop.

And what of Senda and Kathleen's motivations for the buffet or smorgasbord?  A predilection? A penchant?

A stampede?

If you get down into the ravine, be on the lookout for Orangey Cat.   I'm interested in a confirmed sighting and photos. 
Get a scat sample to.   Just.  Because...............

And, beware the raccoons.
If Falkie were to fall down there, they could feast for days.

He could purchase one or two of these.

After purchasing the current Prius, I recall Falkie saying that they went to a dealership and got free seatbelt extenders. I do think he got 2 for his own girth. Perhaps 2 is no longer enough?

Beyond furious folks....

This is the Falkie video that makes me laugh the most. Not because of what he says but because the whole time he just goes ranting on & on all the while wearing what appears to be a woman’s pink bathrobe with nothing on underneath. Perhaps the eye surgery brought out his more feminine side.

I forgot about the Iguana.   Must have resolved itself.  Maybe a Hormel Tamale lodged in there and sealed the breech.

Hormel better watch out....if that tamale dislodges Falkie will be claiming malpractice.


It's bad...real bad.

Gall bladder... :-\

What about that Iguana hernia? I don’t remember that ever being fixed? Perhaps his enlarging fat pad  patched it up.


Wait....His NEW pair? Will they display his twitchy thing the way the old ones did?

They should. I don’t think they make any other type of red shorts in his size. Likely he will break them in at Starbucks.

 Falkie did a haul video on multi store purchases. Is there a SlimFast and lettuce shortage in the Martinez area?

I seem to remember Falkie living streaming a few days back from the ER that he weighed about 354 pounds and was wanting to lose 30 pounds prior to AlienCon by eating SlimFast and lettuce.

He bought sugar laden drinks, an electric alarm clock, a 4th of July pinwheel, cat scratchers, lots of cat food, high calorie highly processed entrees, a new bath towel (because all of his were dirty & he didn’t have time to do laundry) at Ross, Big Lots, Target, and Walmart. I did not see a single can of SlimFast or a stray leaf of lettuce in that haul.

Like the  Sendamonic system of saving money,  the Falkie weight loss system is beyond my comprehension.

Also, in one of those videos, he showed off his new pair of red shorts for AlienCon that he was wearing.

FFS please tell me that's not really a thing....

Kathy sleeps in her birthday suit & Falkie didn’t always wait until afternoon to start making his YouTube videos when she was living with him.

  >:( >:(  okay, STFU. Senda is obviously in hospital anticipating that some useless so called cardio vascular surgeon will open up his sternum, break a couple of ribs to do open heart surgery, which he or she will be inevitably unqualified to perform. Whereupon Senda (fat fucking, lazy, grifting pile of useless shit) will rightly sue not only the entire medical staff, but the hospital too for wasting their time, rescources and patience. When it could all have been resolved with the receptionist telling him he was a fat fucking pile of shit and any chest pains was self inflicted.


But the emergency room has great  WiFi for live streaming, plus charges his MacBook quicker than at home......the pain will come again and Senda will be back.


 Around 14:28 Kathy is laughing at the troll comments. Falkie says, “It’s not funny.”

And then it looks like he gives her one of his “playful love taps “  with his right hand ( maybe to her face?, can’t tell for sure as Kathy is off camera).

 Then Falkie says, “It’s not funny fat girl. Be nice.”

Falkie is such a big ass bully. He needs to stop hitting Kathy.


I read that and really tried hard to feel sorry for the grifting, greedy, wasteful, disgusting pile of festering shit...but somehow I can't find the words.

Don't waste your time trying to find a way to feel sorry for him. He is a cheating, lazy, selfish, festering hemorrhoid in need of a good popping.

I listened briefly last night & heard Falkie say something about if his internet gets cut, he would have to haul his computer to the library(which he mentioned was very difficult for him to just move around his apartment) to defend his territory or whatever against other players in his online game. I am wondering if he has been frequently been spending small amounts of money on that game which added up to a large sum that caused him to be overdrawn at his bank.

Copied below is Falkie's description for his livestream from last night with Abram titled:

(My favorite line is what Kathy says about Falkie's ass, especially in view of Falkie's reverse ass gif)


As Kathy says : " Why should YOU bust your ass for nothing ? "

Thank you to those who did donate to help me to get to the 2019 Alien Con in LA.
Your contributions are very appreciated.

Because of my bank charging me horrendous NSF charges, I do not have the money to pay my
internet bill even though I had money to pay all my charges.
My internet will be cut off Tuesday and I will not have internet again at home until June.
This will be the last live stream cast I do until I go to Alien Con.
For months I was asked :

" When are you going to go live again ? "


" We miss your live videos. "

Yet no one consistently wants to support this channel.

Enjoy the darkness.

Abram was not happy about it either.

You can send Paypal donations for me and the cats to my Paypal account at :

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