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Senda can't even post a youtube for Snoory to his youtube channel for him as requested?

Senda doesn't know how or what?

Haha! Noory sent Falkie a 15 second video ad for Paranormal dating!

Could it have been an April Fool’s Day joke?

From Falkie’s comment, likely he would have endorsed the video advertisement if Noory had paid him. If he had been financially compensated,Falkie could have fibbed a bit and said that through paranormal dating was how he met his own Sasquatch and then rolled the jalapeńo M&M tasting video that he and Kathy made together.

He reports his macbook is working fine so why isn't he using it?

Oh, he said he has too many expenses, and he's broke again.

The gist of the new Falkie’s videos: Falkie got his check early, went out on a spending binge...buying new toys for himself & the cats, going to a garage sale to pick up junk he doesn’t need or probably already has somewhere in his apartment. So now he is actually broke BEFORE the first of the month & can’t pay for his iPad repairs.

 However, he did pay an extra $80 on his rent & got $60 in quarter rolls from the bank. SPOILER ALERT: he finds no silver quarters. Falkie says he has a dispute with PayPal and is expecting some $$ from them.

FYI: Falkie says he knows there are no living streaming cameras in his apartment. He knows every inch of his apartment & he checked for the cameras with a high power flashlight. Falkie didn’t mention if he found his lost wallet or birth certificate in his search.

TMI: Falkie says contrary to what the trolls say, he has NEVER forced Kathy to wear a bra.He comments  that he did force her to do something once, but it was only that one time.(Anyone know what he is referring to?)


Does anybody know what George is talking about in this video?  Mostly, I just get that everything is still broken, and he got a $350 EERO router from his internet company for free?  Is there anything I missed?

Falkie provided a health update as a response in his comments. Falkie is doing fine except for a broken tooth that he further cracked when he was eating a Sees butterscotch sucker. Falkie writes that the tooth needs to be removed and is hurting.

I wonder if his internet company “gave him” the EERO for free, but will soon be adding on some new monthly fees to cover the cost of the new equipment soon. That is what my cable/ internet provider would do...give you something free for a few months, then start charging for the services.


He still had enough money to squeeze a new present for himself, (I mean, for one of his collections),  in with his cat food.

Falkie says it’s for “his collection”, but everyone has already learned that is really code for “his hoard.”

If it was for a collection, it would be displayed nicely and taken care of. Instead, he treats what he claims are collectibles like the underside of the beloved Canada Starbuck’s mug he got from Ol’ Gerry.

Since Falkie is trying to get new ID, looks like he hasn’t found his wallet. Sounds like it is a good thing for the bureaucrats in Martinez that Falkie doesn’t own a gun.

And apparently the feral cats are very hungry.

It was GREAT to see George making his hot cocoa in the Ol' Gerry Canada Starbucks mug I sent him for Christmas 2017!  The Master has said that it is a beloved item.


It’s amazing that the mug is still in one piece.
In that same video Falkie did show a chunk of his iPhone that had fallen off after he had dropped it. Hopefully not another one of Falkie’s turd eye premonitions of what is to become the fate of the beloved Starbuck’s mug.


I think George said ITunes overdrew his account this month...

And I think he said he hasn't sent his IPad out for repairs yet.


Not wrong on either account. 

His bank account is messed up because of iTunes & because of that, he can’t ship the broken home button/ non charging iPad until Friday - though later in the video he says Friday or Monday. I wonder if the iPad repair man will charge extra for repairs to fix the non charging part,if fixing the home button doesn’t fix the non charging problem. Maybe the iPad needs a new battery or something.

He put out 6 videos today & no update on his wallet, no Fake Lego rant. Lots of eBegging for “the kitties.”

The underneath  of the cup he made the hot cocoa in was a bit gross - apparently Falkie didn’t spend much time cleaning during his no-Internet days. 

LOL...ok, who sent George the bedazzled, glittered brick? I know I'm late to the game on this, but hilarious. ;D

If you are talking about the ones that Falkie claimed could injure him and his cats, that was me.

brig (aka grub),

I'm still waiting for this one.  I hope he'll make a video of himself clipping toenails (as nauseatingly described) and posts it directly to YouTube---"hope" being the operative word here.  He could really rack up the YouTube views by going the "pimple popper" route and making short video vignettes of his sessions.  "There's money in them there toenails".   :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\

There was money in Kathy’s ass, too. Falkie could have racked up the views a few years back if he would have streamed lancing Kathy’s ass boil from when she was forced to wear adult diapers by Ratty Patty.


Looks like George is back in business.

I watched this one, but almost stopped when Falkie started saying that he clipped Kathy’s “gigantic” toenails that have “stuff” under them.

No wallet update... no fake Lego rant... no iPad status update.

So Falkie has a “friend” that he has known for about two years, but he can’t remember his name. They aren’t the sort of friends that go in each other’s homes, just talk on the street while Falkie feeds the cats.

Falkie did let it slip that this friend of his also feeds Talkie &  Tiny One. Later, Falkie mentions that Gray has a home, but gets hungry, and needs to be fed, too.

Apparently, any other people that feed the cats, do not give the cats good food. Why does he feed the cats in the middle of a parking lot? Is he wanting the cats to get hit by cars? And what a mess that is left behind. If he is doing this at the Senior Center, I can see why they would at least want him to uses bowls.

All of the messages were sent through eBay, so they see all of them.

First I filed a claim. Falkie then replied saying he would not refund and needed proof.
At that point eBay put the money on hold and supplied me a label at Falkie's expense because he lost. I printed the lable and the postman picked up the package this morning. When the package arives at his box the $20 gets released to me. There was no expense to me.

Soon Falkie will see there is no hold on HIS money because it will just be gone and he will realize he spent $10 to get them back.
The half dozen or so after the facy messages was classic Falkie melt down.

His best move was not to apologize but to just not dispute the case. Had he simply refunded he would not be out the extra $10 to get the worthless crap back. I have never made a fraudulent sale but I have miss shipped items, I tell them to keep it and refund them, it is not worth the cost to get it back.

But I will look into the rules for abusing the eBay messaging system.

I am glad all the messaging was done via EBay messaging.That is awesome that EBay provided the return shipping label to you and will be charging Falkie to for the return postage.

 Wondering if Falkie have enough money in his accounts after his usual first of the month spending fury to prevent him from being overdrawn again this month when EBay charges him for getting his stolen fake Lego gears back. ( and he did steal them- likely whoever left them on the table was intending for them to go to a child that would play and get some fun out of them, not some selfish old man who was simply looking to make a quick buck.)

See Ellgab for the full Lego story.

If he sent the emails that he sent to you to EBay also, I would hope that he would be banned from further selling on eBay. The emails were a real hoot & classic Falkie.

He says he didn’t open the bag to examine them closely; then in another message he says that he had opened the bag and there was no logo printed on the gears.

He says that he can’t see fine print because of a botched cataract surgery; then he says in another that he has a pricey lamp from Amazon purchased by some Norwegian and French fans who pooled  their money and that he used this lamp to examine the gears and there was no logo.

Falkie really provides people with so much insignificant information about himself trying to provide excuses for not proving the product that he advertised. He could have just written an apology response indicating that he was sorry that he hadn’t realized that the gears actually weren’t Lego brand. Instead he just goes on & on and even mentions a Shell station and vegetables.

I hope you get quickly reimbursed for your expense of the return postage.

I think he said he gets paid on the 1st, so maybe his internet will be on tomorrow, or very soon.

The first is tomorrow & he is likely to be very busy. He said he would be getting a new bank account, a new PayPal account, a new credit card, finally shipping off his iPad that now isn’t charging, and paying his internet bill.

Realistically, will he be able to get his internet back on the first? I’ve never had mine shutdown for nonpayment. Will he just have Kathy drive him to the internet company and he pays the bill and it instantly gets turned back on?

And the big question is...will he have cleaned his apartment? He did get that free large roll of paper towels from the church haul, so lack of paper towels shouldn’t his excuse this time.

And, has he found his wallet?

It looks like he really has no access to the internet for now.
A claim was made on the knock off Lego and he has yet to answer it. I even called it fraud because I knew it would make him act fast.

It is fraud. He advertised Lego with a capital L., not knock offs.

I hope that in addition to the refund of your $20, you are demanding that he send you the postage to return them to him.

I also hope you are sending additional messages, as he is failing to reply to you.


George is reading 10 11 books this week.

He is talking to the librarian about putting paranormal books into the system, if he will go out and buy them for the library.

There goes what pennies might be left in the “emergency fund”. 


No videos till Friday.  It's all his suscribers fault.

Not my fault; I’m not a subscriber.

When did his face get all lumpy?


Georges financial problems seem to be getting worse and worse.  Did he run out of laundry quarters?

George needs help to save the feral cats again.

He said that he ordered another cane, so he must have access to some $$.  Not even waiting until the first of the month until the spending spree starts.

I don’t understand why does he need a new PayPal account.

So I just spent like 2 minutes of trying to figure out if he threw the Twinkie wrapper on the floor or not.

I need help............................

Rewatched to try to help you out, and I couldn't tell for sure. I am pretty sure that Kathy’s wrapper made it to the floor in the Sasquatch Twinkie feeding companion video. Perhaps the cockroaches will be coming out of Kathy’s purse for a snack.

What stood out to me was the Falkie required his old SnaggleTooth to get to his banana Twinkie. Whereas,Kathy had adequate finger strength and was able to open her banana Twinkie packaging without using her mouth. Additionally, Kathy peeled the wrapped away from the Twinkie, just like she was actually peeling a banana.

Do not forget, eBay takes a cut and PayPal takes a cut. And the percentage comes from the $20 not just the $10. That $9.40 just got smaller.

You forgot about the rules of Sendanomics. In Falkie’s mind, he profited $20 for selling the Legos and has added the $20 to his “emergency fund.”

Falkie had mentioned in one of his videos that he already had stamps that he was going to use for postage. Since he didn’t need to spend his own cash for the postage, his net cash expenditure for shipping was $0.

This brings up the mystery  as to why he simply didn’t use the stamps that he apparently already had in his possession to mail off his iPad for the repair that he had already paid for.

It also brings up the mystery as to how he even was able to actually find the stamps in his hovel when he can’t even locate his wallet and spare walking stick.

Kathy's purse can't compete with brig's purssey.  Don't believe me? 
Look how she's taken over this thread and how you all are responding to it.  Seriously, look!

I didn’t realize you were a Falkie fan. Please post here more often!

And I do not think he will be happy when he sees that his customer is in Reno. Reminds me that I need to switch my ship to name to Gwen Pool before I pay.

I love that The Legos will be going to Gwen Pool!! I hope if she does eventually get them, she finds the highly sought after Lego gear worth $100. She could go on a Target shopping spree!


But he has no internet and it will be raining a lot this week.
Will he be able to ship in a timely manner or will he be forced to return the money?

I await the answers to these questions and many more, good thing I will be the first to know them.


Not only will the lack of internet and the rain be a challenge...there is also the matter of him accessing his PayPal funds to be able to pay the post office for the shipping. If he hasn’t spent his rolls of quarters yet, maybe he could use that money.

Just 4 hours left to bid on the bag of Lego gears that Falkie “found” and is selling on eBay.

In the Kathy tee shirt exposure video, Falkie said that his cane was stolen on Monday. Apparently he got mad and left where ever he was and by the time he realized he had left his cane behind, it had been stolen before he had returned.

I wonder if there is a little boy in Martinez, California searching for his bag of Lego gears.


Good Lord, POOR KATHY!

Falkie’s niece really should have mailed a bra to go along with Kathy’s Pittsburghese tee shirt.

Definitely a big ripple effect from this sad state of affairs. With those bills to pay on March 1st, I am sure that will put a big dent in his early month
"Happy Time" of Amazon and eBay ordering.  There may not be many Burgh Unboxings in March and hell, maybe even April.  I did enjoy this last month's.
That weird Amazon thing he got that shows pictures of rain and the beach was only topped by that obsolescent news ticker thing that has had no service to connect to
for ten years.

You are joking, right? This is George Senda we are talking about. He is probably busy filling out credit card applications and finding catalog stores that he can order stuff from on credit. Plus, he has the over $100 “emergency fund” from his eBegging. And if that lady that lives above him doesn’t stop banging her cane when she walks, he will again be sleep deprived on the First of the month, go on a shopping spree and forget that he was supposed to save some $$ to pay his bills. And somehow, it’s his mother’s fault.

That's your favorite one?

Well then, here you go, saved for all eternity.

Thanks! You got that just in time.

It must have stopped raining in Martinez. All of Tony Senda’s beautifull comments are gone . And I bet Falkie has blocked Tony from writing further comments.

It must be raining in Martinez & Falkie hasn’t made it to the Starbuck’s or library. The colorful comments continue on Falkie’s videos. I especially enjoy the one directed to “the well-meaning #### who owns the smartist cat in Finland” telling him to stop sending Falkie stuff and money on the wilderness salmon treats video.

No internet for 2 weeks? Sounds like a good time to go all in and bid for his Lego parts. How will he ship them on time?

It’s also a great time to read comments on Falkie’s YouTube videos, before he has the opportunity to delete the more colorful  ones.

I think you're right, in saying that it should count, after I thought about it a bit.

It took Kathy less than 24 hours to break that Prius. My vote is that it should count.

Falkie’s wallet is still missing. I wonder if he’s checked to see if any Newports were left around - maybe the iPad thief made a return visit.

And poor Falkie has a really big sad on Valentine’s Day because Kathy is off gallivanting with Patty & Falkie has no way of contacting her.


George needs YOUR advice about what to do with his Emergency Funds!


"Winds gusting in incest of 130MPH... "

Current Emergency Fund in PPal acct:

Does Falkie think that we all just fell off the back a turnip truck and actually believed that he would save the money for more than a few days? Of course he is going to spend it ASAP. If he uses the fund to pay his internet bill now, he will have more money for the first of next month for some EBay and Amazon shopping. Then he will develop another emergency and he will need to ebeg for another emergency fund for March.

I am surprised that he didn’t sell that walker that he pinched from downstairs to the lady that needs the cane that lives upstairs to make a few extra bucks.


Please help George keep his electric turned on.

George is not a scam artist.

Falkie says he hasn’t paid his electric bill since last year & was waiting for a call back from his electric company to set up a payment plan.

Do they not automatically set up payment plans in California? Here, in Oklahoma, our electric company sends us a bill each month and we pay it before it is due. Is there some other sort of payment plan they use on the West Coast?

Also, his wallet is still missing, even after Patty cleaned out the Prius looking for it. If I was Patty, and found the wallet in Kathy’s car, I would be tempted to hold on to it for a good long while & give that old piece of leather a vacation from having to be so close to Falkie’s ass.

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