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Twenty years or so ago, I flew on an American flight from Dallas to Dayton on a RJ seated next to a guy who was at least 400 lbs.  I had the window seat, he had the aisle.  He was so big neither of us could lower our tray tables. Think "Fat Albert" big.  I kept trying to get the stew's attention, but she ignored me, then finally shook her head "no" when we made eye contact.  And yes, he ordered a diet Coke.

I exchanged correspondence with American over the incident.  I was told they do not want to embarrass their "plus size" (also used the term "robust") customers as they had passengers right just like everyone else.  Long story short, I got no apology but did get a $300 travel voucher that expired before I could use it.

Airlines solution to everything is to just send a travel voucher.

I had a flight canceled. The airlines policy was to give $400 to each person. My wife and I rebooked on a different airline. I never received a check, so I kept callling and sending emails. They seemed to not even bother to read or listen to what I had to say. I kept getting $100 vouchers. To the point We were able to book airline tickets to Vegas for nothing. Eventuallly they finally sent us a check, with yet another $100 voucher for being late.

I hate flying. Delays, cancellations, crying kids, parents who let their kids kick seats and run. People who want to take their shoes off, people that need to get up 4 times every hours to piss, stinky food eaters, etc etc.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Dave Schrader
« on: March 15, 2019, 11:58:07 PM »
I guess I wouldn't care, if I didn't like the guest, but all this focus on time limitations, reminders, guest asking how much time he has etc, really makes the show nerve wracking.  Probably just too many commercial interruptions, especially for a one or two hour slot.  IMO.
The found someone who actually wants to run Ads on this show?

Shocker. But good for for Keith and Dave.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Dave Schrader
« on: March 15, 2019, 11:54:01 PM »
Honestly VC, I think commercial supported radio is dying.  I think it would be nearly impossible for anyone to make a successfull startup in that model in 2019, even IF they had talent.  To even have a slight chance, they would have to be really really outstanding, unique, and exceptionally talented, far and above anybody on the air.  Add to this, the over abundance of shows already out there with the same topics and the same guests.  The competition is vast, even in what appears to be a dying model.

You make fair points. But Iíd counter that shows on commercial radio are more profitable that smaller podcast. Iím just saying generally, Iím not talking about popular podcast.

Iíd rather have a radio show on terrestrial radio, with multiple affiliates, that is a hell of a lot easier to sell adds on than a podcast like MITD.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Dave Schrader
« on: March 15, 2019, 11:48:53 PM »

As Iíve said numerous occasions, I was a big fan of Darkness Radio when it was on that Minneapolis radio station. This was pre MITD of Schrader. Itís was different show.

Joe Who was repeated so many times, I wouldnít even listen to those shows. Itís was similar to how C2C used to run out Dames or some other clown with a bad hair cut. I donít know how people can take anyone seriously who looks like they cut their own hair. I didnít know the flowbee was still in style.


Here is a preview of George filling out a suit & having a friendly conversation about Mars.

George is looking a little long in the tooth for that jet black hair dye/rug he is sporting. Poor guy, canít Gaia or whatever it is please get him a decent stylist.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Dave Schrader
« on: March 14, 2019, 05:43:28 PM »
You gotta hand it to Dave, he's taken the very successful Dave Noory C2C model and applied it to MITD
-split show format suits shitty guests, needs minimal show prep and leaves little time for (nonexistent) callers
-lots of side projects like morning zoo sit-ins, yelling-at-ghost tv shows in case the show fails.
-plenty of 3&4 day work weeks and regular weeks off to attend wizard conventions, Alien cons and Rassle-cruises
-have a clown car full of vanilla shitters (that are absolutely no threat to replace you)ready to fill in while you're off on your multiple side gigs/vacations
All while a disinterested management ignores a dwindling listenership

I stopped listening. But back when I did, you are 100%. Schrader is essentially pulling a Noory. He has a single radio affiliate to show for it. Unfortunately, the radio affiliate picked up the show out of spite, to rattle Heatherís cage, more than actually wanting the show.

Youíd think they'd try something else at this point. I wonder how many subscribers they have and how many of them signed up under Art/Heather and just never cancelled.

I think I saw Georges Mac cord in there.  George should be ashamed of himself.   >:(

Senda needs money. Heís admitted heís been broke for 2 months. I actually believe it, his internet was shut off. It was probably return the show or no internet again.

I recall Senda saying that they have a table at his ďapartmentĒ that people put things on they no longer want. One would assume someone put the knock off legos on the table thinking someone with a kid would claims it. I donít they put them on the table so someone could sell them for $10 + $10 ďshippingĒ

Its all you free loading subscribers fault that Falkie is broke. You should all be sending him HIS money that you earn for the entertainment he provides. Other people are getting rich off YouTube why not Senda, he does videos too you flipping freeloads.

I agree that George could make extra money doing that, a decent amount extra but every one has their personal boundaries. George simply is not willing to be insulted for money.
Personally, if you are going to pay me then you can call me anything you want.

I know George refered to a busty gal in his apartment as stupid because she would not screw him for $200 years ago. George will not allow people to call him fat ass on his channel. Different comfort zones for different folks.

George has been offered money to do podcast. Heís refused it.

Oh I do hope so.  'Burgh Unboxing *must* continue until his final Banzai Charge of financial suicide
which will result in him being dropped off at a wharf in downtown San Francisco.  From then he'll only be trackable
via the poo app.

Actually, Senda looks pretty rough of late. In all seriousness I hope his health improves.

In a never give up your dreams kind of way, itís inspirational Senda can be overdrafted, be search rolls of quarters for silver, have no realistic way of gaining money and yet still believe he can: buy Kathy a new car, get a drivers license, get himself a new car, purchase land, pour  homestead foundation himself, and build a container home. NEVER GIVE UP!

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Art Bell
« on: February 24, 2019, 12:14:42 AM »
Correct, Airyn never stated Heather was wrong or that Heather was not there, Karen did.

Heather herself said she was asleep and awoke to find a miss call hours earlier which was from Airyn.
Heather was not there. The fact so many people are willing to take Heatherís word for anything is baffling to me. 

Also the fact we are even having this discussion is keep Heatherís name out there and giving her unwarranted and probably at this point unwanted attention. So for those that think Heather has nothing to gain, she actually stayed relevant. Hell she hasnít had a show in months and people still talk about her. Itís probably in everyoneís best interest if she was just ignored.

I feel bad for Arts family. Airyn was never a public figure and has to deal with a lot of drama for no reason.

Social Security money is digitally marked when it's deposited in your account, so nobody can touch it, but any funds from any other source, like PayPal, or other sources added to his account, like donations, are fair game for creditors.  I get the impression that George thinks because he's on supplemental social security, that nobody can touch ANY of his money, but that's simply not true.

I respectfully disagree. This isnít Georgeís 1st overdraft rodeo. I believe Senda will allocate the ďemergency fundĒ to buying stuff on eBay. Senda will rationalize this as him replacing his ďinsert made up nameĒ fund which he uses to purchase online things.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Art Bell
« on: February 23, 2019, 07:02:32 AM »
We have Irene who was married for 12 years, and has 2 children by Art Bell. Which seems to be a long term stable situation, at least on the surface. Art Bell himself gave credence to it being a stable marriage/situation. As we all know Art wouldn't have any problems quitting anything in his personal or professional life in a heartbeat, if things didn't go his way. Twelve years and two children without any outward hints of trouble... Irene truly gives meaning to playing the long game, if she was indeed up to no good.

On the other hand we have Heater who knew Art for 3 years. Heater has never been married, or had any children. Which is her narrative, from her own words, if she is to be believed. Seemingly she can't keep any kind of long term relationships, including friendships. As we've seen from a long list of people shes cycled through from her past here at BellGab. Which seems to be some sort of long term ongoing cycle. Other people have backed up this notion from past to present. An Island of stability Heater is not.     

Which story would you buy? Which person do you want to believe?

# UnstableSexWorker VS. Wife&MotherOf12Years
# LickedToadLogic

# Team Airyn On This Count For Nao.

Pretty much this. I doubt airyn would be as forceful in her denials if Art had actually left a letter.

She clearly did not want to be on the ellgab podcast. But she went on any way to say that Heather was wrong. She also said Heather wasnít even there. Iíll take Airyns word over Heatherís.

I also think Heather believes there was a note. But due to her issues she canít process information correctly. I think she was reading to much into ordinary documents Art had laying around.

He still can't find his wallet, so I guess he has to change his PayPal passwords, and canceled all his bank cards, and now he can't access them because he turned them off so recurring payments he owes, can't take his money out of the bank, and now he can't get new cards because he doesn't know the card numbers, because the cards are in the wallet he lost, and because the old cards have to be turned on before he can get new cards, and he has to go to the bank to get things handled, because the bank doesn't handle these things over the phone, but even when he goes to the bank, they cannot fix it for him because his cards are in the wallet he lost, and he doesn't know the card numbers because they are in the wallet he lost, and he cannot use them because he has them turned off so that ....

I like how he has complaints about the bank not letting him touch his money.

I once overdrew a checkings account. The bank moved money over from my savings account on the 1st to cover the $5 overdraft I had. I would say that it is likely they will do this with Georgeís ďemergency fundĒ.

He admits that all his stuff came from 2 different churches but he did not take food from children because neither place has any children.
What the Hell does that even mean? That the churches do not have kids? that none of the parishioners have kids? that no one in the area that has kids might go there?
What a horse shit disclaimer.

I took from it, that he meant no kids were there picking up food.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Kingdom of Nye With Heather Wade
« on: February 23, 2019, 06:08:40 AM »
No! You're misrepresenting the facts about what actually happened. HW only spoke about it [with little details] after a radio host at a very low power "over the airwaves" terrestrial station asked HW about it [1st time] and [2nd time] after a [known unfriendly forum] caller asked her about it. This was NOT a subject HW wanted to talk about or brought-up separately herself. She did not go out of her way to make this known EXCEPT, once directly asked, to say she would NOT lie about it [the second time]. HW gains nothing except more hate and negativity directed at her by saying it was a suicide AFTER she was directly prompted to answer why AB died, and this happened only two times AFTER being prompted by other people to answer that kind of question.

It was not HW doing this on her own to get attention. Period.

B.S. Why? AB died of overdose complications. He died on Friday the 13th. These are facts. There are very good reasons for the family and close friends to say it was NOT a suicide. This could involve Life Insurance claims too. Duh!

Do I believe HW is telling the truth? Well, it's UNCLEAR if she ever actually read any suicide note or has a separate note. IF Airyn found it and told HW, and that is a real possibility too, then I'm sure "the note" is destroyed now for many good reasons. It will be Airyn's word against HW's word. Few people will ever believe HW in that case. I would have to know ALL the details about this alleged suicide note before I could make any further judgment about whether or not that is true. BUT...AGAIN...there are many reasons WHY this might be true. There are NO reasonably good reasons WHY HW would be lying about this vs much better reasons why AB's family and friends will deny this -if true. HW says she received a lot of pressure to keep her mouth shut AND lie about it.

Give me a break. AB died of drug overdose complications. That is what IS reported in the coroner's report.

What the hell? This comes from Tony or ? Tony never knew AB or about his radio shows [past or present] before being contacted by HW on Twitter AFTER HW was ALREADY doing the show herself.

WTF does Tony know about AB's death? From whom?

Heather was admittedly not even there when Art does. Heather has no qualms talking about it. She alluded to it multiple times.

The drugs Art were taking build up in your system. Art died of a unintentional overdose, the corner report states that.

The Friday the 13th thing is a coincidence. Not everything has to be a conspiracy.

Also, again Heather wasnít even there. Yes, the info is from Tony. I believe much of what he has to say. There really isnít much reason for him to lie about things.

Literally the only eveidnce of Arts alleged suicide is it happened on Friday the 13th and something Heather Wade said. Heather is the same person who came on air emotionally distraught, complaining about not sleeping in days, rumored to be on drugs, and also rumored to be mentally unstable. Actually we know Heather was unstable because she pretty much admitted it on air.

Think what you want. But there is no way in hell Iíd take anything Heather said as fact.


What a strange grocery "haul".  He has a bag of oranges, then also three loose oranges?  I see one can of cat food I think, and then he has a few things where he says he doesn't know what the heck it is.  Did he actually go dumpster diving for food?

Senda has said he goes to church handouts and looks online for Churches, community events, etc that hand out free groceries. Senda has said he takes everything they give him, even if he doesnít want it as he can sell or give it away.

I very big day in the life of George Senda.

He has finally discovered a twinkie

1:22 of intro. Just to watch him eat a Twinkie.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Kingdom of Nye With Heather Wade
« on: February 22, 2019, 12:09:43 PM »
I believe HW said she saw [and read] "the note". It is possible that AB left a [separate?] note for HW that he did not leave for anyone else. This was never stated as a separate note by HW, but she was being adamant about knowing what it was and that she would not lie about it.

Also, it's just a fact that IF true, then there are many motives why Karen and Airyn and Art's friends would not want that known. I honestly don't understand what is to be gained by HW lying about this? ??? She's not going to win friends and influence people by betraying this kind of deepest trust.

This really goes to deep level psychotic abuse and revenge of some bizarre kind of hatred for her to betray AB this way? ??? That's the one and only person HW seems to ALWAYS stand by and love, even Karen said HW was deeply in love with AB, and there are PLENTY of motives for people to attack HW for doing this IF she is telling the truth.

Bottom line is: what is to be gained by HW doing this? More hatred and negative attention? You KNOW this will eventually attract the police and/or coroner too about his cause of death, because littleSean, FartEll, or someone else [plenty of HW/AB haters out there] is going to report this to the police and coroner. HW is really putting herself "out there" to lie about this one issue. Tony warned her about this too!

I honestly am confused about any advantages she has or gets by doing this, just more hate and negativity will be directed at her, BUT there are numerous advantages for everyone else [immediate family and close friends] to keep quiet about it. Some of HW's previous friends and enemies want to discredit her at every turn too.

Something just does NOT add-up here. HW has far more to lose than gain by doing this, and it's definitely the other way around for people like Airyn, Karen, and other close friends that would want this to never be known. Also, he died on Friday the 13th, so that could be Art's way "to signal" his goodbye and occult ending. It's possible.

Heather is delusional. She chased off her closest friends. Heather May believe it was a suicide note but she also believes that people are after her and is paranoid. I doubt Art left a suicide note just for Heather, apparently they were not as close as Heather tried to make it seem.

She extended the attention on her show by claiming Art killed himself. She stands to benefit from that. Heather is adamant, but multiple former friends of hers claims Heather at times didnít even know where she was.

VC is making the mistake of trying to rationalize Heatherís behavior. Her behavior has shown not the be rational at all. Every decision sheís made has been the wrong one. She came on air and seemed psychotic, she isnít a rational human. If you believe anything of what she has to say, you should re-evaluate.

Iíll take the morticians view and Arts familyís word over Heather.

I find it pretty easy to believe Art dropped dead from being a sick old man. An invoice was on the floor and Heather read into it what fit her delusional narrative.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: George Noory Sucks! - The Definitive Compendium
« on: February 22, 2019, 12:10:35 AM »
Pretty straightforward, he initially was disliked because he wasn't Bell.  This is known as the Gene Bartow syndrome.  The dislike grew each time Bell came back, then quit on, his loyal fans here. Somehow, poor ol'George was despised more because Bell fucked over his listeners.

Originally, Iíd agree. But after a while Noory can be evaluated on his own. People have talked the reasons he sucks, so their no reasons to rehash it. Heís had all the time in the world to develop whatever show he wants but itís just the same rehashed guests with millions of commercials.

I believe Noory would be better served just letting loose and doing the show he wants to do. Noory has made references that he tried to please affiliates and people at his network. Noory is too corporate the show is very manufactured. My criticism of Noory has actually shifted from he is a horrible slimy radio host to believing Noory is a corporate yes man who wants to keep the ďfameĒ and lifestyle from hosting C2C. I donít really blame him for that.

Noory has sacrificed a lot of host C2C. He stated working weird hours in the past effected his marriages. Noory also goes to a lot of affiliate promotions Heís stated that he doesnít see his family as much as he wants to due to the show. Even works  most major holidays. As long as he is maintaining status quo, Noory has very little motivation to try to work on things. Thatís why open lines were all but eliminated, the same  guest cycle continues, bumper music stays the same, and the format remains unchanged.

As a result C2C remains stagnant, boring, and repetitive. That is largely on Noory. But Iím his defense I wonder how much control Noory actually has. I think much of the shows is ran by Lisa Lyon and other corporate interest.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Kingdom of Nye With Heather Wade
« on: February 21, 2019, 11:45:19 PM »
Agree , the more he talked the less credible he was .

Once he started talking about Art whom he never met the lies got bigger and even had Pres Trump rolling his eyes .

I believe the truth is somewhere in between. Heather is probably not as, ďcrazyĒ as he claims. But a lot of his story lines up with what former friends of Heather have said and Facebook post. For instance her inviting that old lady over then refusing to see her after 7 hours or whatever driving there

I also believe his version of theíĒsuicideĒ note is probably accurate. There were some business papers or other literature about Arts body and she read into it as a suicide note. Obviously the mortician and Arts family had another view.

I also believe Heather overstate her relationship with Art.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Kingdom of Nye With Heather Wade
« on: February 21, 2019, 11:40:24 PM »
Well I think Art was a sick old man who was trying to sell a house/equipment. Sold it to Heather, then felt some sort of responsibility to help Heather/Keith. Art didnít commit suicide nor was he sexually involved with Heather.

Heatherís former producer said Heatherís alleged suicide note was a invoice on the floor. Facebook post and former insiders of Heatherís paint a disturbing picture of her.

Which actually leads to my next point. I hope Heather gets help. Like metal illness is not amusing or funny to me. It appears Heather has some deep issues. There is nothing wrong with getting some help. She hasnít done anything unforgivable and I donít understand the hatred and desire to ďruin her lifeĒ that some ellgabbers have. She is clearly someone who is suffering and disturbed, she really doesnít need anyone else adding to her misery. I didnít see an issue publicly correcting her false statements, but degrading a person who has mental illness isnít fun or entertaining to me in the least.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Art Bell
« on: February 21, 2019, 11:26:07 PM »
I think it would be fair to say given current facts we know about Heather, it is very doubtful Art committed suicide. People trying to jump to conclusions, are frequently wrong.

Art was taking medication that built up in his system, was in poor health.

Art was old and confused could have not realized what medication he had taken.

The so called ďsuicide noteĒ was an invoice on the floor, according to Heatherís former producer who visited  her.

Artís wife came out and publicly refuted there was a suicide not.

Heather by all accounts is erratic to the point she is disoriented. Described as high, erratic, sleep deprived, etc, etc.

The coroner ruled the death an accidental overdose, with major contributing factor of COPD and hypertension.

Art had young children. By all accounts seemed to be enjoying time with family.

The only person saying Art committed suicide is Heather. Who unfortunately is unstable, and could potentially have alternative motives for saying it was suicide.

In short I donít believe Heather. I am sure Heather believes what she says. But she was not there, and her former ďinsidersĒ report someone who is unstable. They also report Art sold Heather the house and studio because he no longer wanted it. That his relationship with Heather was a business relationship. He wanted to sell house/equipment. He may have felt some sense of responsibility of helping Heather/Keith.

I think the rumors of a sexual relationship between Art/Heather are false. Heather has made reference to Art brining Asia with him. Heatherís producer stated Heather told him Art was never alone with her.

Videos have actually improved sense Senda is required now to venture out into the world, instead of just laying around the house all day.

Also good for him to walk a few blocks.

Senda takes great pride in his Apple Toys and new Echo Dot. How dare someone mock his toys as old. The haters need to STFU!

New Devices... no money to pay bills....... 100% unrelated

Radio and Podcasts / Re: George Noory Sucks! - The Definitive Compendium
« on: February 18, 2019, 11:11:32 AM »
Didja catch that this is the least year the Detroit Auto Show will be held in the winter at Cobo Hall?

Smart move, the dreaded Cobo snuffle plagues all who attend... :o

It has been held in the winter before. It is no different that going to a hockey game or basketball game. Iíve been to one, really enjoyed it. The concept cars that will never be made for mass production are really cool.

You are joking, right? This is George Senda we are talking about. He is probably busy filling out credit card applications and finding catalog stores that he can order stuff from on credit. Plus, he has the over $100 ďemergency fundĒ from his eBegging. And if that lady that lives above him doesnít stop banging her cane when she walks, he will again be sleep deprived on the First of the month, go on a shopping spree and forget that he was supposed to save some $$ to pay his bills. And somehow, itís his motherís fault.

You really should have posted a spoiler Alert

George acts like having no internet is a travesty of the highest order. That no one is able to live without working internet.

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