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Radio and Podcasts / Re: TheErinnF YouTube Star
« on: Yesterday at 04:46:51 PM »
If it helps, I heard he wears a size 13 shoe.

If by 'helps' you mean 'make it ten times as horrifying', then yes.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: TheErinnF YouTube Star
« on: Yesterday at 04:40:11 PM »
Am I the only one who's caught a heather vibe from Erins latest videos?

No, but at least she hasn't promoted herself on the back of someone else.

Edit. I suppose you could say she's doing that with Callan.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: TheErinnF YouTube Star
« on: Yesterday at 02:50:42 PM »
this specific situation is complex and it deserves better than surface level speculation by uninformed individuals. serious claims have been made. it's all fun and games until someone is called a (sexual) predator.

I've been harassed by Callan too. Ever since these revelations I've been plagued by visions of him yanking his crank while staring at his own feet.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: TheErinnF YouTube Star
« on: Yesterday at 10:46:48 AM »

How dare you make fun of "Erinns terminally ill suscribers"?

It must be hard to make a living when your benefactors are constantly dropping off the stick. She needs to get hold of the Heatherites, they're a dormant property in need of development. I quite miss Ella and Paul, not to mention the sheepdog

Radio and Podcasts / Re: TheErinnF YouTube Star
« on: Yesterday at 05:53:49 AM »
I will admit that I always just figured JC was "Aww Shucks" nice and maybe just awkward where the ladies were concerned.  The point is, this is a serious aqusation, and the truth must be told. 

Now then, let's talk about those British shears big boy....wink.

This is like the Dreyfus Affair (Google it, Americans), an innocent man may be wronged. Before we dispatch Callan to Martinique loaded with chains, we must make sure there isn't a sinister figure forging documents in the background - a Count Erinnhazy perhaps?*

*Honestly, I give you all this free education and I bet none of you slobs appreciate it.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: TheErinnF YouTube Star
« on: Yesterday at 05:39:38 AM »
On the other hand, JC's silence and his deletion of key videos from the past few days seems suspect. In one of his vids, He had refuted the claims with one comment which he has apparently deleted.  He even deleted the "thinking of shutting down my channel" vid in which he gets a message of encouragement from none other than the Food Review King himself, Report of the Week. Why on earth would be do that?

Erinn needs to post the voicemails or STFU. If he's really been creeping on people he deserves to be exposed. If it's someone butthurt who is attempting a smear job then that should be called out too.

I think most of these YT 'celebrities' are playing a game to an extent. Callan is playing the 'nice but dim' role, Erinn is luring in people too, in another way. That's all fine, if adults want to play, but it can be an excuse for shenanigans.

If I had to put money on it I'd say Jason was a creep because he overdoes the nice guy act. My British cynicism is rarely wrong. You Americans are just trusting lambs waiting to be shorn most of the time.

Laura just gave me a lift from the station and played the Erin monologue describing Jason Callan as a serial stalker/suicide threatener. Is it too perverted to suggest Senda and Callan have a fight in cow shit and the winner is drowned? The loser gets to suck Erin's toes after she's infected with athletes foot. Yes?

If you were looking for cowshit we could always arrange for the fight to take place in Kathy's pen, as long as the articulated lorry required to move her isn't too cost-prohibitive.

The other thing to keep in mind is that Senda has also "experienced the Elephant", so to speak. Callahan's sneak penetration attack will not distract George from the task at hand- he has already been subjected to a black man in prison...

Stop calling him Callahan, it's Callan. Clint Eastwood is too old to play him in the movie. 'Dirty Jason: he eats the food nobody else wants'. Although the 'Dirty' tag is quite appropriate given the latest revelations (#FootFetish, #FoneFappery). And Jason doesn't carry a Magnum; the only thing that walrus would carry would be a box of Twinkies.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: TheErinnF YouTube Star
« on: Yesterday at 02:52:27 AM »

I confess, I feel no guilt, and am having a fabulous time watching the show.

Be careful, people might think you're a troll.  ;)

It's hard to take their whining seriously. It's the easiest thing in the world to make it go away but they love the attention.

The Great Hot Dog Eat Off?

Now that's an idea, both exciting and disgusting at the same time. Senda clearly has the edge here after being forced to eat so many hot dogs in prison.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: TheErinnF YouTube Star
« on: Yesterday at 02:37:43 AM »
Chefist, I miss you, man. It's been a while since I've been over here. I'm sorry there's a STUPID thread about me. (SERIOUSLY? DAMN, you guys.)

Don't start a YT channel and then get pissed when you get some attention. If you make yourself a public figure it's a two-way street and there is a negative side you have to deal with. If you really hate it then shut it down and everybody forgets about you, along with the positive stuff that made you start the thing in the first place. Either roll with it or stop complaining. If you show that you're upset it only encourages people to get at you even more.

I think it would most likely be a food throwing contest, at best.  Sad, but true.

I don't mean to disappoint anyone.

Who would throw food at either of those two? They'd just grab it out of the air like a sea lion with a sardine. And if you think either one would throw food instead of stuffing it in their fat faces, well I beg to differ.

The other thing to keep in mind is that Senda has also "experienced the Elephant", so to speak. Callahan's sneak penetration attack will not distract George from the task at hand- he has already been subjected to a black man in prison...

Look, the referee quite clearly tells the fighters at the start, 'no low blows, no biting, no buggery etc'. Your point is too frivolous for serious consideration. Even to suggest that Callan is going to seek an advantage by hunching Senda in the middle of the ring damages my marketing campaign. I was hoping for a family-friendly brawl and you're ruining it.

Well at first glance that is a valid point there Bubba.   However let's think about this.  I don't know anything about Callan's time in the Army.
It's possible that he was a grunt with all kinds of combat skills.  It's also possible that just hung out at some motor pool in Düsseldorf
powering down Knockwurst and sitting on the Hun's chest to ensure he doesn't get too frisky again.  I just don't know.

What I do know is that Senda has "Seen the Elephant" so to speak.   If you will recall from his interview with Decon, he had some
sort of loaded "automag" shoved in his guts and he was bad ass enough to get out of it unscathed (well aside from some alien
abduction dreams).   Let us not forget George's superior capacity for strategic thought.   As you know, he regaled the Joint Chiefs
at the age of six with a detailed analysis of Blücher releasing Bülow against Old Boney's right flank at just the right time during Waterloo. 

It maybe a wash if not advantage Senda.................................

I'm not suggesting Callan was a Green Beret but he at least went through Basic  and he might have some residual fighting skills/fitness to draw on if necessary. You're basing the idea that George saw the elephant, or any sort of big game, on The Big Guy's Testimony alone. I think we have numerous examples of Senda being, at best, an unreliable narrator. At worst, the slobbering fatso's trousers have been aflame over numerous falsehoods. Witness the ever-increasing number of times he claims to have died, and his Zelig-like encounters with every celebrity who ever lived.

We do know that Little Chris went to see him and Senda refused to come out; that hardly indicates a valorous combatant ready for a scrap, more like a fat, quivering pussy who ducks any confrontation. I also remember the time Senda was filming at a train station and some random dude gave him the finger. Senda took it like a bitch, while Callan would have throat punched the bastard and dumped his body on the tracks. Unless he gets in with a lucky punch in the first round I see nothing but pain and ignominy for Senda.

The snaggletooth is a red herring, I don't see Callan letting him get close enough. He'll just pepper Senda with the jab so he'll look like he's been sleeping on his face again. You must have lost your shirt on the Preakness of this is the best you can do.

Five bucks a slap. Four slaps for forty bucks (using the Senda math calculation). He'd be rolling in dough. Who wouldn't want to slap Senda?

It must be hard for the emergency services to distinguish the smells coming from Casa Senda. On a good day it must smell like an explosion at a tannery.


I believe Senda uses a chamber pot.  I could be wrong.

No, you are all too correct.

It also holds the advantage of having a "hell in the cell" kind of WWE wrestling feel. If he were to knock over the bookcase by the doorway once Jason made his entrance, nobody would be able to get in or out. It would guarantee that it was just the two of them locked in a (manly?) struggle until such time as emergency crews could force their way in or hire out a bulldozer to clear a path...

If the brawl spills over into the bathroom it's definitely Advantage Senda. I don't think Callan's immune system is up to it. While he's disoriented I expect Senda to club him with a soup bowl and hold him down in the ruined toilet.

True, but Jason Callan lives in PA, and Senda has relatives in PA that he says he wants to visit.  I think one of his relatives sent him money recently, and maybe they have more money they could spare.  If Senda made the trip to Jason Callans, it would serve more than one purpose for the money it would cost.

He might want to see them but do we know their views?

I think an away fixture isn't in the interests of Team Senda. The Big Guy needs an edge. At least if he's in his own filth he might stand a chance of an upset.


no no no, we can't have it at the hovel.  Think: exposure to bedbugs/fleas/cockroaches, what have you.

It adds an extra frisson, like mud wrestling. Really, brig, you're not displaying much showmanship here. Think of all the extra people watching to see Callan and Senda brawling in a shower of cockroaches! A rat might even pop up and take a lump out of Senda's ass. The possibilities are endless and you expect me to chuck it all away and hold it in a school gym?

Random Topics / Re: Random stupid things on your mind. Post them.
« on: May 20, 2019, 02:28:46 PM »
When Huckabee's son posts something on BG akin to what Azaerae posted I'll be on his ass too.  And you're no one to point out another's recreational outrage.  You go there early, often and to the extreme.  . 

It's just my Muslim temperament surfacing again. You infidels don't realise that when we threaten to strangle someone with their own guts it's only our way of wishing them a good day.

I've been thinking about Callan v Senda I and I don't see any good outcome for The Big Guy. They might look the same age but Callan has two decades on Senda and he must have picked up a few ideas while in the army. Senda will gas out within two rounds, Callan might have marginally better cardio.

Senda's only hope is to sacrifice some PPV money and hold the fight in the hovel. While Callan is stumbling over bowls of soup and old Apple computers Senda might have the advantage of knowing his ground and submit Callan as he trips over a plushy.

If it's a neutral venue he only has one option. Instead of a blonde lovely holding up the round cards we need Kathy in something skimpy. While Callan is busy vomiting over the ring judges, Senda might be able to creep up behind him and whack him with the George Foreman grill.

Politics / Re: Azzerae Tortures and Kills Pets
« on: May 20, 2019, 01:43:20 PM »
As someone who recently threatened to decapitate jackstar and sodomise the wound, I resent being left out of the obloquy. If I said it was a German Shepherd instead would that get me some  attention?

Politics / Re: Azzerae Tortures and Kills Animals
« on: May 20, 2019, 12:52:14 PM »
Youtube not only will not allow me to stab a dog and post it, they will also not let me dismember a human being and post it...

Typing "dog for sale, stabbed" is not the same thing as stabbing one. Saying that Reckuf got sick of the woman tied in his basement and has dismembered her is not the same thing as doing it.

Is it in good taste to say these things? No. But saying that Bellgab should be like youtube and not allow animal abuse is completely missing the medium. I don't think that any dog was hurt in the typing of his post...

***BTW- I was told he was a Mongolian yak herder... And I missed the "humour" as well.

It wasn't 'a woman', as you so callously refer to her. It was Amy 'I got nothing ' Martin, amateur newsreader and air con scam artist. And as far as we know she's still down there. Have some respect, it's people's lives we're talking about here.

Random Topics / Re: Random stupid things on your mind. Post them.
« on: May 20, 2019, 11:29:08 AM »
Let's have a bit less of the recreational outrage. It's just words on a screen. Anyone ever looked into the Huckabee family history? One of the sons got sacked as a camp counsellor for torturing a dog to death, yet the father goes around pontificating about the lives of other people.

Random Topics / Re: Bakegab: The Bellgab Bakeshop
« on: May 20, 2019, 11:23:57 AM »
That doesn't make up for that Hitler comment.  ;)

Keep up, Frau Strudel, I wasn't intending a compliment. I meant you were passing off a shop cake as your own. I will blow a horn next time, I can see it must be confusing.

Random Topics / Re: Bakegab: The Bellgab Bakeshop
« on: May 20, 2019, 11:22:08 AM »
Here's the jiggly Japanese cheesecake.

Random Topics / Re: Bakegab: The Bellgab Bakeshop
« on: May 20, 2019, 11:15:51 AM »
You did not see fit to comment on my cake, I notice.  Here, I'll help:  it looks like giant grilled cheese sandwich.

I'm going to make your seed cake and ordered a tall springform pan from over there for it.  You guys seem to favor taller cakes, which are trickier to bake as the center is more insulated.  But I want it to look English.

Blimey, touchy touchee. Actually. It reminds me of those cheese cakes that come from Japan. There is a video somewhere of them taking them out of the oven and slicing them. I was mesmerised. I can't recall having had anything like that, it looked good.

Are you going the full Monty and using ten eggs?

So is there a betting pool yet?   50 clams on Senda.  Tonnage prevails.........................

Callan does have military experience. He might have a bit of know-how to offset the Senda bull rush. Senda might be sumo size but he lacks technique.

Random Topics / Re: Bakegab: The Bellgab Bakeshop
« on: May 20, 2019, 10:40:04 AM »
That is gorgeous, pye; looks like it should be in a shop window.

It probably was.

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