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Hoagie said he didn't want to do an "amateurish" program..  ;D
Yeah, I loved that.

That was a fun few minutes of audio. Kynthea sang.

This guy dropped a new load recently--get your talking points ready.
Wilcock apparently also recently had a nasty falling out with Gaiam TV.  I don't see him in the recent C2C archives, but with TPB down, I have lost my source for C2C.  Anyone know a good DL site?

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Jimmy Church
« on: June 21, 2018, 09:57:56 PM »
Drinking game words: "Our Community"

How's the show been?  I'm near the end of two straight months of travel every-other-week, I've been recording the show but not listening ... I'm about 2 months behind.

From reading the thread / catching up on here, it seems like it's been about the same as it's been since he got on BBlogTalk: Basic crap, occasionally some funny moments.  Yes?

It may have happened earlier, but in case not, post #115217 yet again confirms Godwin's Law.

Why would Hoagland tell us that Giza is at 19.5 if it isn't?
Because Hoagland has lied (or, generously, "stretched the truth") about everything that he claims is at "19.5" across the solar system.  Both Expat and I have documented this.  The problem is that most people just accept what people tell them and don't check.

We have on this planet, at 19.5 Latitude, in Cairo, Egypt, The Great Pyramid at Giza, along with The Sphinx.
The Great Pyramid of Giza is at 29.9792°N latitude. Thanks for playing, better luck next time.

No., Hoagland is not doing the show in drag...stop asking!!
But her name could be Mars-sha Rox.  Or I.C. Tek.

Shall we take bets?  (a) How long before it takes him to relate "9" and "11" to 19.5 or claim it's hyperdimensional in some way?  And (b) How is he going to relate "9" and "11" to 19.5?

Now, it could be because I've been playing Civ VI while listening to TOSOM the last few times, but is anyone else coming away from these shows lately with no idea what they talked about?  Three hours ... nada.  At least with SOME shows with a host with a $4M annual contract, the host might be crap, not pay attention to their guest, etc., but the flow is somewhat logical and I have an idea of what the show was about beyond the title after listening to it.


Wow, Kynthea outdid herself this time with the Photoshop lens flare.

So, now if you round down 1095 it becomes 19.5?
Duh.  Or, for Jews, Doy.

Is the blog talk stream working for you?  I can’t hear anything.
I've given up on BT, I'm on his stream and have a direct recorder set up:

Yep. And so he needs more money. lol

Why doesn't he simply cobble up an oscillator circuit on prototype board and get a frequency meter?
Because if his watch were actually fixed, it wouldn't show what he says it does.

Hey, the Shroud guy is a good guest, so far.  The topic is not in Hoagie's comfortable torsion wheelhouse, so he's listening more than usual.
Maybe as a guest, but not as reality (not that anyone listens to RCH for reality).  This guest is a frequent person on paranormal-type radio programs because of his pedigree (on the shroud team in the 1970s) and because he's pretty much the only one from that team who rejects the results of the team, so lets people still believe in their religious mythologies.  I always thought religion was called "faith" for a reason: it is accepted in spite of evidence to the contrary, or in spite of a lack of evidence.


Also, a scale bar on these images would be useless.  They are oblique images - they were taken off to the side of the spacecraft, as though you're in an airplane looking out the window.  Meaning, the scale changes the farther "up or down" the image you are.  This is Imaging 101, you id'jits.

Also, from a science standpoint, that LROC NAC 5th image is a beautiful display of impact melt (the darker material with the lines through it, the lines formed by cooling and contraction of the material).

Whomever thought RCH would be a voice of sanity against Keith Laney?  WTF is Laney talking about? It's all rocks.  Geesh.  Richard is actually correct: Brecciated rocks.  Also, he's blown up sub-images 2 and 3 beyond anything recognizable, reading into image and his own software artifacts.  The only images that aren't blown up too much is 1 and 5, while 4 is passable.

When it takes you more than 5-10 seconds to explain to your listeners how to find what you're talking about, that's poor design and planning.

I am so sick of RCH telling people - who want to be brief - that "we have three hours, take your time!" He always runs out of time.  And not always because there's a lot of content, but because the guest may be able to talk for 30% of the time because RCH keeps interrupting and quizzing them.

I would also suspect that his website just shows the general incompetence of his technical team. It's why, when he was complaining about how many combined years of experience they had as evidence they couldn't screw up and were being hacked, I was quite skeptical.  Proof is in the pudding, as they say, and Richard's pudding is a soupy, chunky, sour mess.

Also I was surprised to hear he's been working on some 13-part tv series (same as his buddy Carl's Cosmos!)  Apparently was dropped like a hot potato because Trump and Putin are working on some kind of joint disclosure so they don't want Hoagie to steal their thunder.  ::)
I would suspect, based on his interactions with people in the past (Rossy, for example, or any of the stations he's passed through), is that he simply demanded too much and they said, "We don't need you, you need us, so toodles" and that was that.

Alien Face found on Mars, Hoagland is vindicated once again...unless your one of those crackpots who thinks it just a crater...


Or someone milking squirrels
The background noise makes this practically unlistenable.  What happened to RCH bitching and moaning about background noise and microphone quality?

The Russians are not going to Mars in 2019.  It was a mistranslation, it's to the moon.

The two real's overrule the mythic part.
For realz?

Tonight's topic is "real mythic history for real."  ::)

The Strange Case of Dr. Wilhelm Reich ... and"Orgone Energy"
Dr. James DeMeo LIVE with Richard C. Hoagland
TOMORROW - Saturday, March 17th, 9 PM - 12 AM PST = Sunday, March 18th 12 AM - 3 AM EST

If you ever get a chance to see the film "WR: Mysteries of the Organism" do it. It's all about Reich and it's dead sexy.
I don’t know why, but for some reason orgone in particular struck me as one of the stupider pseudosciences.

For those interested in getting the audio, see if this works after a few hours (it's working now):

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