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Radio and Podcasts / Re: The GabCast (A podcast about BellGab)
« on: January 21, 2019, 10:05:03 PM »
Bellgab shoutout - then DH's memory fizzled.  Heater was a fluffer for phone sex pregnancy. She wants to act tough - dominatrix/chameleon. Thinks Heater's phone sex makes the paranormal community...wait for it...LESS CREDIBLE...LOL!

Uh ok... :o :o :o

Yeah.  the fact that the paranormal lacks credibility is all Heather's fault.  There really is nobody else to blame.  I know that right up until she came around my wishing machine was doing just fine.  Suddenly it is faulty, and my ouija board has stopped communicating with the annunaki. 

Damn that woman for single single handedly ruining the paranormal by taking her cloths off.  >:(

Radio and Podcasts / Re: The BartCast
« on: January 21, 2019, 09:24:48 PM »
Is this the picture of someone begrudgingly buying a $600 000 radio station?

I've heard her say enough suspect stuff to say that at the very least, she's a bit of an embellisher

As for the cuckshack, I think(based on nothing other than my optimism) that maybe he sold it to her knowing the end was near, and assumed that Irene would use Art's FU money to buy it back(and maybe include a little bit more) giving her the freedom to do whatever she wanted

I would assume that if you had a picture of Heather on the day that Art sold her the house, she would have a very similar look.  And Karen is likely still thanking Art (I hope she made money in the radio biz.)  Heather is also thanking Art.

Sometimes (often) we do not recognize what kills us.

That said, I hope you are right and Aryin buys her out and Heather continues with life. I cannot imagine living next to a woman who dislikes you, on a dead end street in a one brothel town can be good for Heather. Hopefully she makes a couple thousand, had a life experience that you could not put a price on and moves on with life wherever it may take her.  (Perhaps England.  Perhaps next to another woman who does not like her.)  8)

Random Topics / Re: One Hundred Years Ago
« on: January 21, 2019, 09:16:41 PM »

BTW - I used Wikipedia to find the events, and then went out looking for sources.     ( <-- oh, another UB lost today too.)     ;)

I was scanning up to read the last post that I had missed, and I thought the headline read "Groypers will be welcomed by adherents."  Scary times.  ;)

Random Topics / Re: What is in my Father's notebook? Page 42
« on: January 21, 2019, 09:14:41 PM »
Page 42 continues the discussion of the Turbine Bulkhead on the Mark XV Torpedo.

Page 42

Where is my page 42?  (I don't know if it is just me- it is not displaying.)  :(

Random Topics / Re: Ask Liberace! Anything
« on: January 21, 2019, 09:12:25 PM »
The site you got that on is prob for men? By the way we also don't have pillow fights and end up kissing. Sorry to ruin your fantasy.

First off, there is video proof that you do. I would estimate that at least 85% of sleepovers end up that way.  ;)

Yes but the men who do that are gay...and creepy. Sometimes you round a corner and thereís a dangling penis you werenít expecting though. In cases like that itís unavoidable.

I doubt I will ever shake the WTF feeling from a few years ago.  I came around the corner to the sinks, and there was some guy with his back arched and his pelvis pushed comically forward under a hand dryer.  There was nothing you could do but pause, look and shake your head in disbelief that you were really witness to a scene that probably belonged in some screwed up fetish porn.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: The BartCast
« on: January 21, 2019, 03:36:17 AM »
I believe your narrative is sound and also compassionate. Heather got Art'd - the art of changing your life. And she can't rely on any help there either with a hostile Karen being small town connected. I feel for her, tough life path to dig out of, if she can. :-\
I think you give me too much credit when you use the word compassionate. But I do believe that your phrase "Heather got Art'd" pretty much sums up her experience. And still she appears to be thankful to him.  Could we coin a new phrase for the psychologists... "Paharump syndrome?"

Random Topics / Re: Are there ANY new ideas?
« on: January 21, 2019, 02:42:50 AM »
@WOTR Corb is one original dude, fuck yeah. A cover band I was in 2005-2010 did a song called.. Dragons? Something about oil fields and "pulling dragons from the ground" That much I remember about it and that the song is in the key of EH'

You mention Waylon, the one and only. Simply the best there ever was, the best there ever will be. He wouldn't like what's called "music" today to say the least. Did you know he was 6'2 on one leg and 6'1 on the other? Childhood injury caused that and then later he would loose that leg and die a few years later on February 13 2002. It was a Tuesday.  And now if you'll excuse me I'm going to google that to be absolutely sure. If I'm wrong I will edit my post and confess that I was off. But I bet I'm right.

BTW Corb can't drive worth a shit. there's a story there..

Just checked the google and I was right about Waylon  :)
Bwahah... "The roughest neck around."  Best lyric was "taking fuel from the tanks on his short change shift."  You have no idea how much fuel used to go missing.  You knew who was in the patch by whose truck burned diesel.  ;)  (O.K.  I exaggerate. Some diesels were sold to people who just wanted to pull a trailer.) That should have become Alberta's theme song. 

I will confess that I did not know that about Waylon.  I will also admit that I had no idea about most of his life, that his foot was amputated or the cause of death. I knew he was not a fan of the CMA- and a little of his life. Mostly the well published parts like the plane and Buddy Holly. 

That said- if you look up "Waylon's dead" on youtube, the tribute with Marty, Travis and Hank Jr. was amazing.  I knew that Marty Stuart had some talent- but listening to him play here really drove it home and gave me more respect for his talent (out of the lot, he was probably the one I was least familiar with.  I knew a few of his hits, but didn't necessarily appreciate his talent.)

I a little surprised to find that his music made it's way south of the boarder to the point where a band would cover him.  CI had always figured he was a little more obscure.

Random Topics / Re: Are there ANY new ideas?
« on: January 20, 2019, 10:34:53 PM »
As far as music goes the new ideas are far and few., Hip hop and all that garbage will keep on singing? with autotuned voices and rapping about bitches, ho's and "niggas" Country music is all but dead with the stripper poll and ballcap so-called country artists. Thankfully there is the ever growing outlaw style country so we'll see what happens with that..

It started well over a decade back.  By the time Tracy Byrd and Mark Chestnutt sung "a little sissy in a cowboy hat ain't country" it was already too far gone.  (Can't recall who it was anymore- but I knew exactly which little twitt he was talking about at the time.)  It was the same year as "Murder on music row" was released.

But then, perhaps it started way before my time?  You go back to Waylon and you realize that Nashville was always pumping out anything that they thought would sell- and were willing to sell out in order to get those sales. "It's the same old song, fiddle and guitars... It's been the same way for years."

There is still some talent out there- but almost none of it being promoted by the major labels.  They can't pack a full stadium with an "individual" sound.  Better to promote the homogeneous nondescript crap that they know will go gold... At least it always has in the past.

*To be a little less cynical, perhaps the true music always was underground?  Yeah, the occasional artist makes it to the "big time."  But perhaps it always was the case where you had to search a little deeper to find the true gems?

Every now and then, you realize that there are glimmers of hope- but they are few and far between.

Corb Lund has been great.  From his time in the punk scene with the smalls all the way through to his transition over to country.

Just for you... Trashville.

Finally, a bonus.  I believe it is still my favourite Corb Lund song from one of his early albums.  Not so much country- but still a good tune.  A whopping 1500 views.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: The BartCast
« on: January 20, 2019, 05:10:31 PM »
Damn, brig.  Why do you have such a hard-on for Heather?  You've been bad-mouthin' her since 2015 when you first got here, as a newbie.
You've always hated those who out-shine you.  Stop blaming them.  It's just the way life is. 
Hate, has no glory.

I won't disagree and say that Brig is Heather's biggest fan. But I have to confess that thought has crossed my mind as well. and I was not anything against Heather, but more of a comment on Art.

I do believe that Art was somebody who liked control, and that he could be persuasive. Look at the story about Art selling Karen a radio station.Nothing she had ever considered, nothing she had wanted, not her "life long dream." Why did she buy it?  Because Art told her he was going to sell it to her.

I do wonder if that is what happened to Heather. Art tells her she will take over a successful show once he establishes it. He tell her she should move into the house, he set up the equipment, and then he tells her one night that he is selling it to her, and produces a bill of sale. I have no doubt he was persuasive and charismatic and she bought a small house in a little dead-end town that she would never in a million years of purchased otherwise.

Nobody wakes up one morning and thinks they want to move from LA to Paharump and then buys a house to ensure that they will spend the next 2 decades in a one brothel town. Yet there she is- and still thanking Art for the chance of a lifetime... Despite the fact that in some ways, it is a life sentence. I do think that Art left a path of destruction of human lives in his wake.

Random Topics / Re: Are there ANY new ideas?
« on: January 20, 2019, 04:55:52 PM »
Lol  that's ok, I deserved it. Second Christmas yesterday and I was on the sauce. A lot of sauce.

no "sauce" jokes please :-X
I kind of thought it was amusing.  None of us know your wife- and it seems like a good reason to post here.

See you next month.  ;)

Random Topics / Re: Are there ANY new ideas?
« on: January 20, 2019, 12:54:36 AM »
The Borg doesn't seem all that fun to me. Let's get out and punch people in the face 1977 style and get things real again. Hell yeah.
Good to see you around, KSM...

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Kingdom of Nye With Heather Wade
« on: January 19, 2019, 12:13:30 AM »
It's funny so bite me.
I'll bite... What movie was it?

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Kingdom of Nye With Heather Wade
« on: January 18, 2019, 11:38:01 PM »
There are only three so far, but another will be added within the next week or so.  They're all on my YT channel:

In Nye, Don't Treat Keith This Way, and Midnight In The Cuckshed.

What is the title of the upcoming hit single?

Politics / Re: President Donald J. Trump
« on: January 18, 2019, 11:36:40 PM »
Welp, you seem to have me figured out. I think you're right - why push back against the inevitable? Let's stop bringing things like this to attention and just accept the hand we're given. Thanks for the heads up!

I don't think you read the whole post.  I suggested that if people are that upset, they actually need to stop buying the products and switch.  I keep hearing that this is going to "cost Gillette."  And I keep laughing knowing that there will be roughly 501 men worldwide who actually stop buying their favourite brand of razor in protest.  The rest will say a few mean words on the internet, roll over, and join the other corporate cucks in line for their razor blades this weekend.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Kingdom of Nye With Heather Wade
« on: January 18, 2019, 11:26:00 AM »
WotR, your replies to Sean were brilliant! That hive over there is getting creepy. Now they want to interview Wade's family members to...I guess wallow in the confirmation that she has always been a piece of shit?

I think she is awful and deserves most of what she has sown but maybe contacting family and friends is going too far.

Thanks.  It had been awhile since I logged in and that just really caught my attention as going far beyond what is in good taste.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Kingdom of Nye With Heather Wade
« on: January 18, 2019, 11:19:20 AM »
We did stall the show when she was mid meltdown sessions, as it was patently obvious she was in a bad bad place and we didnít want to add to that.

Iím hoping we can move onto more interesting topics after this week - this week is hopefully a wrap up of the drama.

Thank you for your reply.
I'm hoping so too.  There is much to explore- and Heather is a very small part of the world who took up a very large part of the show.  I wish you luck- but as evidenced by the popularity of the "Heather threads", I would say that topic is unlikely to be dead to your callers or your fans and that there will be an expectation and a temptation to continue to mine the easy material...

Politics / Re: President Donald J. Trump
« on: January 18, 2019, 03:12:55 AM »
It is nuts. F1 and some other racing circuits are doing away with "grid girls" and now a brand whose target demographic is men is making fun of them and calling them bad? Bizarre, if one looks at this simply as a matter of business.  I guess one can say "all publicity is good publicity" but in the Gillette case I'm note sure if I buy that theory.
Oh, seems to work alright.  Pull in the millennials and the women who might buy the blades for their men and trust that the other men will forgive.  What brand are you using tomorrow?

Me?  Either a straight or a Gem damaskene (for now.)

Politics / Re: President Donald J. Trump
« on: January 18, 2019, 03:06:08 AM »
It just amazes me that they thought this would be good marketing. Honestly, they should go back to snapping pics of that sweet, sweet female derriere. 😍

How many men are actually going to change brands- and to what? Below you will find a video for Axe... By Unilever (the owners of dollarshave) promoting men "experimenting with other guys" and pushing an agenda.  They launched the #isitokforguys hashtag to "break they cycle of toxic masculinity."

Perhaps a Schick, then?  Sorry gents- but a few months ago they launched their "the man I am" campaign.  Let me quote from their own website. "As society evolves, so too must the role of men, and masculinity itself. The archetypes? Gone. The roadmap? Transforming. The time is right to launch a campaign that seeks to redefine masculinity as we know it. Being a man is a spectrum not a binary, so wherever men see themselves on that spectrum, weíre there for them."

In short, buy yourself a double edge razor, single edge razor, an old straight or possibly an electric or face the fact that you are going to be supporting a company who will happily attack your masculinity.  Oh- the target age for these ads? 18-34.  Why?  Because they know the rest of you suckers will stick with them even if they castrate you and stick you in a dress.  You are still going to want your 5 blades.

Schicks webpage if you don't believe me:
Unilever's ad:

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Kingdom of Nye With Heather Wade
« on: January 17, 2019, 09:55:38 PM »
he's bald, white and cucked. degeneracy.
I can think of at least a dozen others who also fit that description.  :(

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Kingdom of Nye With Heather Wade
« on: January 17, 2019, 09:38:01 PM »
Get some... Get some... Get some, Get some go again?  ;)

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Kingdom of Nye With Heather Wade
« on: January 17, 2019, 08:59:53 PM »

Maybe it's time for the dust to settle on all sides, since the Stormy Heather has passed on by...

No need to go "next level" at this point. It's already cray cray cray enough.

Just wondering what happens if she dares to hit the airwaves again?  Is it then time to go to the "next level" and continue the attack?  Obviously she deserves it for how she has wronged you and personally hurt you.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Kingdom of Nye With Heather Wade
« on: January 17, 2019, 08:58:48 PM »
Metron, I do have to interject here and say that doxxing me, no doubt fuelling her fans to threaten to come to my house and harass me (amongst other abusing things like friending my 72 year old mumís Facebook account then taking the pics they find there of my dad on literally his deathbed and taking the piss out of him), accusing me of calling the cops to her house on air is not really nothing.

Your mileage may vary of course, and I respect that, but for me thatís really not nothing.

I do feel sorry for what happened to you.  And I'm not really wanting to "blame the victim."  But when you know that a person is unstable, you know that they have a mental problem, you know that they have nothing left to lose, and you know that they are being pushed by 100 people in every way conceivable it is probably not good judgment to provide a public platform for hatred and to keep pushing.

I will just say that I know people who would not have stopped where she did- and I do believe the Metron is correct on the final destination. 

If people really did get the RCAA after her, if somebody did convince Aryin to call the note on the cuckshack, if she really does keep losing, I believe that one way or the other... Well... Keep airing the show.  As you said, it is what people want to talk about- and you would hate to ignore that content while it is fruitful.  Presumably, most people still have not tired of hating Heather, and she probably still has some peace in her life to take...

*Again, I recognize that the consequences did not fit the "crime" of doing the show and going after her... Just saying that you should not expect a measured response from somebody who you know is not stable...

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Kingdom of Nye With Heather Wade
« on: January 17, 2019, 08:42:05 PM »
Im just going to hang with Noory, where itís safe. The biggest threat is hot pizza rolls.
And would-be Mexican kidnappers?  :-\

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Kingdom of Nye With Heather Wade
« on: January 16, 2019, 11:54:57 PM »

Well, against my better judgement. I think I should perhap, fill you in on a few things. While it is true, I've kept most of my comments towards heather rather tame. I have criticized her, as I would anyone else... Just not the same way others have. I have zero hate in my heart towards anyone, including heather.

Time goes by and she's blantantly stealing my own lines, specially "on a night like this". Which was my bands name in 2005. To this day she fears me and won't talk to me alone, she's said "he knows people", when asked about me. I hear and see all.... People love telling me everything. Time has proven all I've said to be gold. Those who wish to look past it, that's cool... The choice is yours.
"On a night like this"... 2005?  I'm not certain I can refer to you as a Jung man anymore (Perhaps Laura was more of a Freudian need, anyhow.)  ;)  :P

I know that you criticize her- I don't think there is anybody on this forum who has not.  However, I don't recall you really unfairly ripping on her (that said, I have not heard most of your shows.)  I think there is a difference between criticism and hate...

I don't believe that most on this forum are extremely kind or charitable when looking at Heather.  However, I rarely see the kind of unbridled (and unreasonable) hatred that I do when looking elsewhere.  Perhaps more in the early days (certainly there was no love shown when she first cohosted with Art.)  However, I think that most have come to realize that there is something actually wrong there.  When it first manifested itself may be unclear.  B.A.D or A.A.D (Before or After Arts Death) is up for debate, but something is not right.

I still think that a good night of being thrown around the room should come from a Bellgab member and not a facebook groupie.  Can you imagine the pathetic sight of Miller weeping openly upon seeing her naked form?  Better to send you up there. 

*Last paragraph contains two intended double entendres.  8)

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Kingdom of Nye With Heather Wade
« on: January 16, 2019, 09:02:33 PM »
I'm about 5 hours & 55 mins away according to Google maps. I don't disagree with you there, I've been known to set many straight, after a few nights. Heather, that would require a bit out of me.
To be fair, I think you are one of the few in "radio" that I have not heard rip on her for hours on end (I think I even recall you made an appearance with her on LNM?) You may be one of the few who has not completely alienated her.

A 6 hour drive?  You could make a weekend out of it.  I would take longer than that to clear customs at the airport- so you are the official better choice.  I can almost guarantee that it would be a wild weekend (I think all the crazy ones are generally good in bed.) You should put up a "go fund me" for the necessary gas, grass, wine and rubbers to make the trip.  Mike in Montana might even contribute to hear his favourite host back on the air.

"Bird Box Challenge wey be one of di latest dangerous prank for YouTube, start afta Netflix launch one feem, Birdbox wey show as di movie characters dey waka wit blindfold to survive. Na so some pipo wey watch di feem begin blindfold dia eyes dey drive, waka for train track and oda dangerous tins." 

I was wondering where Pate was...  :P

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Kingdom of Nye With Heather Wade
« on: January 16, 2019, 08:49:14 PM »
Many have speculated that there never was a boyfriend, that it was all entirely made up. Either way if there was or wasn't, it's all really sad and hope she gets help for her mental issues.
Where are you in relation to Pahrump?  It occurs to me that she may just need to be thrown around a room by a Jung man.  ;)

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Kingdom of Nye With Heather Wade
« on: January 16, 2019, 08:42:09 PM »
Oh you mean the Art bell tribute show, which turned into an hour plus of Heather hating.
That show, the Queef Rowland aftershow (where like Vera, he was only defending himself- not attacking.)  ::)  The DH / PBS show(s). 

I've said it before- I am not a Heather fan. But that woman has taken a shit ton of abuse and hatred from a lot of people.

Or working an oil rig, driving a truck, and so on and so on...
Volunteers help refugees navigate a variety of everyday activities, ranging from grocery shopping to showing them around city parks, as they ease into life in Canada. Often, volunteers are matched with refugees through government-supported settlement and employment agencies, such as the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council, which helped Melkonian connect with her mentor.
At the same time, initiatives driven and organized by the public have soared since 2015, driven by concern for Syrian refugees. When the Canadian government pledged to sponsor 25,000 Syrian refugees, settlement agencies and charities were inundated with thousands of offers of help. These ranged from rental car companies that volunteered to transport refugees to groups of grandmothers knitting them winter caps.

Oooh, it's like adopting puppies!
Calgary coffee shop owner Rahim Merali hired Syrian refugees because he wants to help them get started here. But like many business owners taking on Syrian employees, his motivation is not entirely philanthropic Ė he's also looking to find hard-working employees in a sector with high turnover.
"Everyone has to start somewhere Ė these Syrians came here with almost nothing and they be need to be able to earn money to survive," said Mr. Merali, who owns two Good Earth coffee houses. "But it's also very tough to find good people Ė people who have loyalty, a good hard work ethic and actually want to be here."

Soft economic slavery is a slippery slope at best...

I found it interesting when I last hired labourers. When I would post for higher paying (and less physical jobs) the majority of my applicants had names that might indicate newer Canadians. When I posted for labourers, I would say around 90% of the names would indicate and older generation of Canadians.

I was going to offer one of the jobs to a "newer Canadian", but he did not want to work longer hours, do physical work, or do weekends.

*In the end, out of three jobs, I have two white and one newer (African?) immigrant.  I don't actually pay much attention and hire who is the best fit.  I just found it interesting how few resumes I got that would indicate a visible minority when posting for a labourer job.  Do that many of our newer citizens feel that this is beneath them?  Also interesting as it seems that most of your illegals work the lower paying, physical jobs where our legal refugees do not seem to be quite a keen to start at the bottom. (Or at least that was my experience in my given geographic area given today's economic climate.)

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Kingdom of Nye With Heather Wade
« on: January 16, 2019, 08:20:31 PM »

DS in particular said early on that HW was likely dealing with anxiety issues  that nobody should be judgemental of .
Good thing that so many people paid attention to that.  No Heather bashing, no shows dedicated to what a shitty person she is, no hatred displayed, no judgement.  It is almost like that was never said, and never meant.

*Don't get me wrong, I am judgmental- but I don't pretend to be taking the high road while spending hours ripping into her.

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