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Radio and Podcasts / Art says GN did the most shameful thing ever last night
« on: September 06, 2013, 08:04:35 AM »
I didn't see a thread about this.
Art Bell stated on his facebook page this morning that GN did the most shameful thing he has ever done since being in the chair... last night.

I read through the comments and no one knew what it was because none of them listen to Noory.

This is a burning "tree fell in the forest" issue for me.

Does ANYONE know what George said?

Oh God, please tell me it had nothing to do with Ramona or Arts son. I could forgive anything else I suppose.

I'm dying to know here!

Radio and Podcasts / Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis
« on: April 30, 2011, 12:37:35 PM »
well i'm digging clydes three hours live, five nights a week.
he's got a wild imagination and a lot of insight. it's a breath of fresh air...
his podcast of the show is free too.
goodbye FOREVER coast to coast, I've found someone who isnt on cruise control.
wanted to let you guys know:)

Archive of Old Threads / The most asinine segue in the history of radio
« on: January 18, 2009, 08:04:18 AM »
On the Jan 16th show, hour three at 23:00 minutes caller Elaine gets through on the bizarre story line. She recounts her 17 year old sisters death in a  car crash, and goes on to tell how she was compelled to turn the record player on only to realize it was set to a song about a fatal car crash, etc. Her story was absolutely heart wrenching and you could hear the tears in her voice and she describes how she tried so hard to be able to talk to her sister after her death.
How does George handle it? Well when she gets toward the end of the story in which she describes a voice shouting to her to turn the record player on that still had her sisters record on it and it turns out to be a song by Neil Young about a deadly late night accident, George cuts her off and says??Speaking of music, BTW, Tommy and I had an ?after lunch? get together (HUH?) with Billy Gibbons today from ZZ Top, & Billy?s going to put together a show for us!

Gawd, I wish I could just slap him.

Then he goes on to make a complete fool of himself with Jessica at 27:00. It?s pretty obvious to me why this man will never be married again.

Archive of Old Threads / extraordinary email...meh
« on: November 19, 2008, 10:17:49 PM »

Maybe this has been mentioned on another thread...but WTF?
I heard George mention this over and over on last nights show, and all I could say was ...NNNOOOO.
Is this considered "expressing interest?"

Dear Coast to Coast AM listener,
You recently expressed interest in receiving a Coast to Coast AM email newsletter. Well, we have good news for you. We're excited to announce the launch of CoastZone, a newsletter to be delivered daily, free of charge, right to your email!
You have the chance to be one of the first to register and receive this extraordinary email, written by us at Coast to Coast AM, and dedicated to you, one of our most loyal listeners.
All you have to do is click on the link below to register, then sit back and relax. CoastZone will be delivered daily straight to your inbox.

NNNNNOOOOOOOO, please. These bastards are spamming me now.
 I  haven't had time to mention the excruciating details. It's so sad.
I am just glad a kitten doesn't die every time I listen to this loser slice and dice his occasionally intelligent guest.
Just when I was getting all comfy with the word MEH and how it was in the dictionary and everything now! George has to just throw it in my face, that meh isn't good enough. Truly this time I will unsub forever, I can't live the life of a hypocrite anymore. Man, I am so sad for coming back over and over, looking for something that doesn't exsist anymore. I will forever be an Art Bell refugee.

Archive of Old Threads / I petition that we petition our condition:)
« on: August 05, 2008, 05:18:12 PM »
Most guests just kiss up, and some of them are so above that. Most want the publicity and aren't willing to make waves, others are just being gracious and tolerant of idiots.
It is a sorry assed state of affairs.
As I mentioned I recently cancelled my sub AGAIN, what was worse is for the last week or so of it, try as I may just to get my money's worth, I couldn't bring myself to even listen.
This forum is the most entertainment I have had from the show in years... ?cause I could at least listen and post Georges ridiculous quotes. But I honestly couldn't even put myself through that anymore.

But, I have a peculiar problem... nah, I doubt it is actually unique at all. It?s that fine line you walk, tether or not, between NASA and a conspiracy theorist with some DVD?s and a new ?theory.?  Somewhere in the middle. Man, I miss the old twilight zones? what ever happened to the good stuff?

Oh, and this struck a chord with me, because I am as fed up with Mr. Hoaxland as I am with George. If I never have to hear George say, ?And coming up next, our C2C ?science advisor?? it will still be too soon.

You know there is an online petition site (well there are several)? it?s used for just about everything one can imagine. And yeah, for really dire situations it?s pretty lame. But hey? who?s interested in drawing up a finely worded petition to Premier about George? My guess is this has been done before, but hey... this is America quantity equals quality.
And anyway, it might be sort of fun...could get a lot of frustrated people out of the closet:)

Archive of Old Threads / Arts May 23rd show
« on: May 24, 2008, 01:47:02 PM »
Well what a treat. His first caller, I think it was the first was a woman who'd obviously been hitting the bottle. If George had had to take that call I am sure I could see him wildly gesturing to Tom to hit thew button. But Art handled it eloquently, gently got her off the air and made some very respectful and significant comments having only her blathering sobbing question "what was it all for?" to work with. This is gonna be great.

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