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This was obviously Trump's weekend with the record number of tweets and appearances on social media.  However, it is a year and a half until the election and the field is wide.  But, is the field deep?  It seems every day someone tweets that they are entering the race.  So many candidates, so few time.  Of course, there is a Clinton and there is a Bush, but all of the other players, what are their positions and how do they play?  Does anyone know where this information can be obtained without shifting through and researching each and every candidate? I want a talking point list on the candidates.

And, to refer this to Coast, did anyone catch on open lines that George laid out "his" platform and that you could vote for him?  I heard it, but it was late.  I'll refer you to the Coast archives on that one.

Politics / Removal of the Confederate Flag
« on: June 27, 2015, 12:52:07 PM »
Many of the threads have very clever topics, and this may already be covered in one, but I could not wade through them all.  I did not see a clear sign from the titles this had been covered.

This has been a topic that on the face of it is just the removal of a "racist", not my words, but implied by some.  It has been a hot topic this week on some websites.  This was blogged, and I thought I would just share this.  I could link, but I like words.


Posted on June 27, 2015 by The Eclectic Muse    

For the purposes of full disclosure, you may call me a Southern.  I live down the highway that has set up a Confederate Park, complete with a life-detailed statue of a Southern soldier and a cannon that is a remainder of the civil war.  The flag flies on a pole with a flag that flies over the interstate.  There is a banner erected to celebrate Jefferson Davis’s birthday.  I pass by it daily on my working trips, but it does not disturb me.  It is a reminder just as the Confederate Flag is itself.

Now in line with the reality television description of a Southern, I am not a redneck.  I do not have the Confederate flag for living room drapes, and I do not adorn different shades of camo daily as a sip from my moonshine still.  I am an American.  One who is deeply troubled by events that have occurred, and the rapid unthought-out response to the removal of the Confederate flag.   I am NOT a racist.  Everyone is created equal,  and should be treated equally with respect and graciousness.

What I do find alarming as an American is the response that major retailers such as Amazon and Walmart have taken by the removal of the Confederate flag and the memorabilia.  I attempted to do a Google search for confederate flag, and the filters would not allow me to access it.  Some have stated that the flag companies are going to cease to manufacture it.  Where did this originate from, this mass anti-confederate flag hysteria?  There is discussion that although not an Executive Order, it was originated from Washington.

There has even been recommendations from Senator of Kentucky, Mitch McConnell, that a statue of Jefferson Davis be removed from the Kentucky State capitol.  Now that decision is being considered by the Historic Preservation Advisory Commission 401 Wapping Street, Frankfort, Kentucky  40601.  They will be soliciting recommendations on the removal or not on the statute until July 29, 2015, and meeting shortly after that to determine the fate of the historical statute.  What this has done, is that as an American, to preserve this historical thread, you must take precious time to fight just for the maintenance of the status quo.

To me, tolerance is one of the hallmarks of the American backbone.  Our country has been a melting pot of nationalities and beliefs for centuries, that is until now.  We may not believe as one group does, but as long as that belief does not impinge or hurt another unjustly it is tolerated.  The removal of the Confederate flag and the surrounding collectables demonstrates an egregious lack of tolerance.  In fact it impinges on the individual rights of the First Amendment.

I show all due respect and condolences for losses under the Confederate flag.  I do not want one, do not own one, nor do I plans on purchasing one in the future, but there are those that do, and they as Americans should have remaining rights to do so.

Generally, a flag is a symbol of a belief or thought that is waved.  It is a symbolic means of communication.  For example, many, many Americans wear and waive the American flag on patriotic holidays.  We are demonstrating our feelings for America by the gesture of the flag.  As a means of communications, I would present, that it is protected under the First Amendment freedom of speech provisions.  To disallow the presentation and display of the flag, would be an impingement of our First Amendment rights of freedom of speech.  By disallowing the display of the Confederate flag is also impinging and infringing upon our First Amendment rights of freedom of speech.

The interpretation of the Confederate flag, as is the American flag, is in the eyes of the beholder.  One interpretation of the Confederate flag is it is a symbol to stand up for what you believe in.  If we do not do that as an American country, we are not asserting  our  strengths  as a nation.  It tends to give a socialist impression at times.  Although, on some topics we do not need to articulate that.

The Confederate flag is also a historical symbol.  It’s historical significance comes from a time in our nations’s history when we were making decisions that were wrong. It is a symbol of what not to do in the future, it is a reminder of that.  It is important. To suppress the importance of that symbol, deemphasizes the importance of never reaching a similar point in our history again.  By the recent decisions it whitewashes our history and makes our historical heritage untrue.  The flying of that flag may be offensive to some, but to others in the South it memorialize  family lineage that fought and died.  Again, tolerance is requested to those that find it offensive and tolerance is an important American value, one that is in short supply in Washington and our leaders.

Considering the issue of the offensiveness to some of the Confederate flag are we now as a nation going to remove everything that is considered offensive?  I find the issue of hunting for sport offensive.  Are we going to remove camo from online retailers and brick and mortar stores?  I think not.  I also find the idea of killing cows for hamburgers offensive.  Is Washington going to order McDonald and other burger establishments to cease and desist selling hamburgers?  Is Walmart going to stop selling beef?  Will we still be able to buy beef stew?  Personally, I do not want the leaders of our country dictating what I can and cannot purchase as an American.  It cuts into our free choices as Americans and consumers.

For retailers, the Confederate flag is a product.  Online if you do not want to see it, click past it  In a bricks and mortar store, move to the other aisle.  There are hundreds of other products.  Just because I do not want to purchase a Confederate flag, does not mean others do not want to do so.  Their right to do so should not be impeded.  It is a personal individual decision.

Finally, I do not want the federal government dictating what I may or may not buy, what I believe and how I believe as long as it is not hurting anyone.  Tolerance is a key that needs to accentuated within our diverse nation.  This reeks of   too much federalism and impinges on individual rights. This is a slippery slope, and our rights should not be waived by the removal of the Confederate flag.  Stand up for what you believe in!

I don't know who to share this with, but I have predictions through dreams, and they are accurate.  I had one on July 3, 2014 that came to pass with one hundred percent accuracy.  It was unnerving to write the least.  It was not a disaster, but it was devastating to me personally. 

Last evening I had another dream, and this one was more of a general disaster.  I wanted to record it somewhere, so here it goes.  I dreamed this in clear vivid color.  It was in a city, and the month was December or when the ground was frozen.  I saw a huge church, and in the front of it was a parking lot.  It was cold, and there was the beginning of a snow storm where the snow was dancing on the pavement.  It was beginning to cover the parking lot  it, but the wind was making the snow dance.  Then, the earth started separating such as in a fault line.  A descriptive picture so that it compared would be the San Andreas fault line.

The earth was separating in fault lines very close in location within several feet of one another.  These were not cause by an earthquake.  It was the earth just tearing apart.  I saw it begin to happen in a parking lot.  This was a separate one from the church.  These fault lines were extremely deep, maybe even miles.  I just saw the beginning of the disaster.  The people in the parking lot were just beginning to get scared.  This did not end.  I woke up! 

It was strange, and the uneasy feeling remains with me.  Again, these were earth faults with the earth spontaneously opening up with no earthquake.  I am going to be reviewing the news for similar situations over the near future.

I have started the thread, and I did not see a similar thread on the first page.  Has anyone else had a prediction come true?  If so, I thought it would be interesting to share it on a thread.

I know, I know, most members are avid Coast fans and Dark Matter listeners so you gain some information and news from these shows.  However, reading other threads there are many intelligent and well-informed posters on this site.   Of course, there is the MSN carousel and Yahoo news, but I was curious if any other posters have favorite websites or forums that they check for cutting edge news and alternative news.  I love to read alternative views.  Also, for researching subjects to write, reading articles on that subject you are writing on can add more depth and perspective to your article. 

I suppose I could google, but if there are tried and true sites, that cuts down on the rate of error on my selections.  Or, could it be that at this point in time nothing exists in this quantiamally (sp.) entangled forum except Dark Matter? 

Finally, what happened to spell check?

Radio and Podcasts / Calm Seas - Being Fair and Balanced In Art Waters
« on: August 03, 2013, 11:42:39 AM »
If there is a neutral word about George, will I be cast at sea as sharkbait?  I have been a long-time member and on and off again poster.  I have been reading and following the suspenseful moments, but have not input a lot.  I came across this posting on another forum and thought I would add:


 If one were to come across my blog perchance, you would find my last posting to be about the Mayan Calendar end date. Going by the sequence of time, it would appear that in fact that the end to time did happen to by blog, it ended with the Mayan calendar. That is not the case, as I have been working on other writing projects in the genre, and will begin adding content in the near future.

However, there has been an uprising in the cosmos, and that is the return of Art Bell, the creator of Coast To Coast AM. Art Bell will be returning to the microphone on September 16, 2013 with a new nighttime show, “Dark Matters” on Sirius XM Radio.1 The show is scheduled to run from 10:00 p.m. until 1:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. There will be replays of the show until 6:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time.

For every ying there is a yang. On July 17, 2013, GN, the ten-year plus veteran host of Coast to Coast AM renewed a long-term deal with Premiere Networks. “By renewing my deal with Premiere Networks, I’ll be around when astronauts land on Mars.” said Noory.2

Reading through the forums on-topic about the shows, you get the sense that there is interplanetary warfare, similar to the late-night televisions wars. I offer a different perspective on this situation.

I began my teething listening to the radio in this genre by first listening to Art Bell in fact on vampire fangs. The show was about vampires. After that, I could not wait until Midnight in the Desert.

GN, intensified my interest in ufology, and I remember in 2006 when he discussed a conference in Hopkinsville, Kentucky with his guest. It sounded like fun. I was hooked. Over the years, for the most part, he has provided special listening enjoyment with his expansive coverage in the strange and mysterious.

No, as some would like, this is not going to be a bloody ratings battle. The shows live time coverage does not overlap. They complement themselves. As someone who spends sometimes hours working on the computer, I will now have additional hours of topic enhancement and coverage in the areas I crave and seek out to gain knowledge in. Hopefully, it will also assist me in my writing and blogging. To me, it is audio Christmas in September.

I look forward to listening to both of these hosts, both with differing hosting styles, but with intensive talent.

I can thank the lucky stars in the universe for this audio opportunity. I will enjoy!!!!!!

Sources: 1., “Radio’s Art Bell Returning with Sirius XM Show”, by

David Bauer Associated Press, Tuesday, July 13, 2013.

 2., “GN Renews Long-Term Coast to Coast AM Deal

With Premiere Networks, Wednesday, July 17, 2013.

Let me digress for a sentence, please.  Gobble!! Gobble!! Happy Thanksgiving To Everyone.

Now, every Wednesday evening Coast to Coast is playing a recorded Sound Off by a selected Coast listener.  You write your Sound Off.  E-mail it to a certain producer.  If he or staff like it you may be selected to be taped reciting your Sound Off on a Wednesday night show. 

I read often on this sight and there are some very spirited writers.  I thought maybe Coast Gab could do a service for Coast (humor).  If a member of the website feels very inspired about a subject, this is the thread they, can Rant and Rave, Sound Off and just record it here.  You may not be comfortable sending e-mails to anonymous e-mail locations, Coast.

Here is my motivation for this.  Since members here are sooooo intelligent and well-written.  The producers or staff can just read here and select the Sound Off.  It saves steps.   They do not have to go through hundreds and hundreds of drunk and delusional Coast listeners, who compose their Sound-Off on cocktail napkins and 3:00 a.m. in the morning, or on roll your own cigarette (yeah) wrappers.  Those folks then just type the e-mails off of those napkins or butts the next morning.  That does not make for good e-mail reads. 

There is one rule however.  The Rant and Rave i.e. Coast Sound-Off cannot be directly negative about Noory.  There are special places for those.  You know where!  Anything else goes!

Thank Yew! (With special reflection)


Radio and Podcasts / George Noory -- In Pursuit of the Trivial
« on: June 25, 2012, 09:30:52 PM »
I hope this is not a duplication thread, but this is for some outstanding fact or trivia that can stand on it's own about George.  It would be something that can be shared or discussed that should not be lost in the middle of a paragraph.  Why, it would be the topic sentence.

It can be good or bad trivia, whatever you desire.  Of course, my trivia is good. 

Hopefully, it is factual, but you never know when the sources are the internet.  No sources are to be disclosed.

Here it goes:  George Noory only dates supermodels. 

Well, now George is proclaiming he can sing.  I have not heard it yet, and cannot comment, but he may have a future as an Elvis Presley impersonator.

Now, do you as a member of this forum have your own,  heretofore, undisclosed talent?  It could be as simple as making paper wads, aiming for the waste can, and making challenging baskets.  Or, you may organize mean paper shredder sessions.  It can be anything, and does not have to be your usual "idol" talent.

Yes, writing engaging posts on the various thread qualifies, a talent is a talent and we all have them. Who knows you could be the next George Noory or Art Bell?   

George has been commenting about the network having a meeting with him, and one of the questions that came up was "Do you actually believe in this stuff?"  Those were not the exact words, but it expresses the view of what a network exec. might think.

Imagine working on Wall Street where your life is dictated by the opening bell, although trading has become non-stop with all of the communication and technology available to us.  One night due to the worries of the housing bubble, and losing on your investment on your second home in Fort Lauderdate you have insomnia and you accidentally turn into this show that says it is Coast to Coast.  Two people are conversing about hybrid aliens.  What would the reaction be?  Could it be that you overdosed on your prescipton Ambrien and you are not really hearing what you are hearing?  This is just an example, but the topics on the show are not so ordinary to someone living on an average street of America.

Even exposed to these topics and listening at least one night a week, it does beg the question, "Do You Really Believe In This Stuff?"  Have you ever had conversations with co-workers, relatives, friends that were insightful or totally quashed your beliefs?  Do you find that with the increase and exposure with the internet that folks are more open-minded in general to the paranormal, metaphysical, ufology and other topics covered by Coast?  Do you listen to Coast in secret, in a closet, in the deep woods, or do you listen with your son or daughter while you are helping them with their homework, openly, letting them by mystified and  inspired to new topics that are normally not discussed in the classroom.  Do you fear that social services might remove that child for educational neglect for exposing them to this heresy and misguided nonsence? 

True, this may be a skewed sample to ponder this question, but I just wanted to open a thread for general commentary and experiences.  It could be ridicule for taking a weeks vacation for tracking Bigfoot, or it could be support for taking a broader view of this vast universe. 

Archive of Old Threads / Coast To Coast AM Facebook TOS?
« on: August 07, 2011, 06:32:17 AM »
I am a member of Facebook, but not the Coast to Coast Am Community and do not post on their wall.  However, occassionally I do go visit to read comments about a specific show if I was interested in it.  I visit maybe every two weeks.  Tonight I found this as one of the posts.  I am including it without comment.  I just found it . . well Good Point!

August 3 at 12:21am  Hi Coast Fans-- we posted this back in March, but for some of your newbies, here's our policy: We love having you be a part of our page. However, as some
of you may have noticed, sometimes the comment threads degenerate into bickering, name-calling and foul remarks between & from certain parties. That is not something that we care to host or support. We do block access to those who persist in posting antagonistic & offensive remarks.
(Courtesy of the Coast Community on Facebook)

That’s what Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter Margaret Newkirk said about the pending deal that would see Cumulus Media acquire Citadel Broadcasting. Characterizing Atlanta-based Cumulus CEO Lew Dickey, Jr. as “a scion of a family radio dynasty from Ohio,” Newkirk says the proposed deal is generally being welcomed by Wall Street analysts “as a sign of life in the battered radio industry.” Offering a brief history behind the founding and growth of Cumulus Media, the feature also reports that Dickey (pictured) says it was the pain of the recent recession that precipitated his aggressive pursuit of Citadel, a move that will nearly double the number of stations that the company owns. In what could be a preview of how he views the future of a merged Cumulus/Citadel Dickey told the newspaper, “I really view the business model evolving to an integrated solutions provider that uses on-air to inspire and online to inform.” Upon regulatory approval of the sale, Cumulus will add some of America’s biggest News/Talker’s to the company’s holdings, among them major market icons WABC/New York, KABC/Los Angeles, KGO and KSFO/San Francisco, WLS/Chicago, WBAP/Dallas, WJR/Detroit and WMAL/Washington.
(Courtesy of NTS Media online)
I read this and since Coastgab, is well. . . about Coast, I thought that I would post it.  As you know the success of any syndicated show is how well they perform in the major markets.  Last year when WABC dropped Coast and added "Red Eye Radio.", I am sure it was quite a blow.  WLS, KGO, are both especially prominent and I believe carry Coast.  I guess my inquiry is what will happen when the merger is approved?  Will these markets sway to "Red Eye Radio" or will Coast be back on WABC?  I would think that it is going to be consistent accross the board and they will all carry Coast or not. . .
It might take some time for any fallout to be noticed it it affects anything.  I have not worked in this industry so I do not know specifically how rapidly these decisions are made.  I consider this as one of those wild cards and could be a factor of who and how the show will continue to be directed in the future.  It might be like a tree falling in a dead wood, or it could be like a ravishing tornado.  In the end, I remember reading of Fort Rock, remember him (?) talking about insider sources saying something about a major shift in the markets.  Maybe he was not far off.  Stay tuned, as George would interject. 

Radio and Podcasts / Coast May Need A Woman's Touch?
« on: August 06, 2010, 10:09:35 AM »
Well, I am not sexist at all.  I just like a good host, but what we have here is a stable of male hosts.  My thinking is that there has not been a woman's voice associated with Coast since Rolleye James departed.  Then, years ago there was Barbara Simpson.  I like to hear a diverse mingling of opinions and style.  With the current line-up that is not available.
I am not seeking replacement of any of the current hosts.  I just see a gap.  I really don't even know who to recommend as I start the thread, but I was just curious as to how other listeners felt about this and who they would recommend.  That person, whoever it may be, could be a fill-in host, when there is no one else.  For instance, Ian is doing a set of three shows, and it makes you wonder if he is up to the task.  There may not have been anyone else to fill the slot. 

Paranormal - Conspiracy - UFOs - Etc. / Abductees v. Contactees
« on: August 14, 2009, 10:05:37 PM »
After listening to the show last night I thought I would express some thoughts about contactees and abuctees.  I have often listened to these shows when Bud Hopkins talks about his reseach into abucteesm and listened in some awe as Whitley relates his experiences, especially the electrode shock he received from the aliens to  parts unseen. 

One issue that I never differentiated was the difference between an abductee and a contactee.  This is my definition, but an abuctee is someone who is taken against their will to have interaction with the aliens, while a contactee is someone who actually seeks the interaction.  I will share that I am a contactee. 

I had a very interesting discussion with an abuctee last weekend at a conference I attended and was in a awe trance as she related experiences to me.  One of the points she made is that they play games with you.  They do communicate and it is telepathically.  They are far more advanced than us and there are many different races that have been here visiting with us for centuries.  They are also very evasive about a God.  When asked if they believed in God they did not answer or acknowledge a higher power.  This makes you wonder what role they play and if our belief system is valid.  That is just for consideration, I am not advocating one way or the other.

In my experiences, as I have become more involved in the ufology field, the more coincidences and affirmations I receive that I am being directed in this direction.  I will relate two that may or may not be coincidences and these happened today.  First, Whitley last evening was discussing the issue of black helicopters that flew around him at various times and the guest on Coast had similar experiences.  I too, have helicopters that fly low over my home and just about a hour ago, I once more experienced this again.  Another coincidence was on the radio today on a soft rock station.  That has absolutely nothing to do with Coast or the paranormal.  I was driving to the Post Office and was thinking to myself about my alien experiences when out of no where, the DJ made the remark that she could tell us how to contact aliens if you want.  I could not believe the synchronicity.  Well, I did not hear the way to do this because I was working and things immediately at hand took precedence, but this happens often.  I was thinking she was going to tell the story of how you can respond to an on-line website that is going to transmit your e-mails into space.  That may be close, but I heard something like that on Coast about a week ago. 

I have tried to enter Noorvana (the joyous experience of not experiencing Coast) but my quest for the truth and research into ufology has led me back to the show.  I am posting this to solicit thoughts on the subject and how it relates to Coast.

Archive of Old Threads / Into the Blogosphere?
« on: July 19, 2009, 01:26:23 AM »
Since I have never started a General Discussion topic I guess this is just as suitable as any.  My question to all is have you ever blogged on the web, where do you blog and what have you blogged about? 

I heard Ian last nite as he does everytime he is on make comments about his blog on the Coast to Coast site.  I clicked on it and the went to another page and finally ended up at some other site.  It was slow loading so I gave up and did not read it. 

I have never blogged, but now feel the calling to blog on something, somewhere.  Where is the best place to blog and get read?  Some of the blogging sites?  Developing your own websites?  Or just extremely long posts within a site such as this? 

I know that one of the members, Dixie Butcher had her famous "The Ghost of Coast" blog and it was hilarious.  I do not think I would blog about Coast or George, that is so well covered on the forums already  There is just so many things to express yourself on and I just wondered if anyone on this site has any experiences with this means of internet communication.   Also, any advise would be appreciated.

In a moment of insight, I was thinking does Noory read here?  Is he among us like an anonymous alien trying to blend in, never registering, but often observing.  He may even socialize with us under an unknown avatar.  He could be a refugee or maybe he is someone who has been here since the sites inception.  However, you know it would be a disgrace for the truth to be revealed,and it was known in  Coast to Coast circles that he did post on one of his suck sites. 

Now, if Noory were here what would he post, not as someone who has been fully intigrated into the social mores, but as a new poster?  Assume either that it was George Noory, fully loaded (as himself), or as George Noory in drag (disguise), what would Noory post on this website?

George Noory:  No, I have not been seeded to suck.

This is weird but I feel I must post it.  This happened to me Friday night.  Can dreams prophesize the future, sometimes I think.  I had a dream or was in my dreamstate and I somehow connected my thoughts into sometype of wave, I am entitling this as an encounter with the wireless internet.

I somehow connected with some thought process that had something to do with Art Bell.  It was not like a phone connection, but like I was an intimate listener in an exchange that was being made about the Coast show.  In the discussion on this wave, it was recognized that there are problems with the show and it was recognized that something needed to be done.  This solution had something to do with Art Bell.  When I woke up on Saturday morning the entire conversation was crystal clear and I suppose I should have recorded it in a dream journal.   The primary message I took away from it and that remains with me at the moment is that there are rumblings about sometype of floating host format for Friday nights.  This may just be wishful thinking and then again I don't know.  By floating host format, there could be a new Friday night host or there would be different hosts doing the show like Richard Syrett and Art Bell. 

I have had some psychic things happen to me recently, I felt death one day, I was very depressed and I thought it was because I saw Partick Swayze on a magazine cover.  My stepfather's Dad was in the process of dying that day.  Friday I was going to request a report I needed and have it faxed to me, but first I checked my mail.  The report was in my hands from the mail delivery.  The reason that I am sharing these things is that I have some ability of something and I am only beginning to discover.  The encounter with the wireless Internet and Art Bell may have simply been a dream and then again it could be a new programming concept.

Yes, we all have a common denominator when we joined this board and that this is George Noory Sucks.  I have decided to try and improve the situation and thus I have started this topic on ways that we can come up with that George Noory will not suck so much. 

These are suggestions that readers from PremRad can take with them to the strategy sessions and see if they can be added into the mix and thus out comes a new and improved show.  This would be entitled aiding and abetting George from sucking so much. 

I know that there is much work to do, but no fear and go figure.  One suggestion it to replace the Producer?  Well, I hate to see one more person added to the unemployment numbers so I would at least suggest reading some self-help books and maybe some serious counseling. 

I read a post under another topic by who posted it escapes me at the moment, but it referred to a caller declaring on the air that George's intro did not generate the excitement that George Knapp's does.  George's voice went flat and he remarked that "We do not have deserts in St. Louis?"  Personally, this would be my first suggestion for improvement.  It is easy and it costs nothing.  The producer will not go hungry.  So, I have decided to take this task on and free-flow some intros that could be of used for Coast.

All protocol are on the table.  This is serious business, I know that you can only do so much, but you have to be positive, the future of the show depends on this.

Now, since I listen to Coast on a reguar basis, and that is no lie, I have had many evenings when I have heard George maybe not lie, although on some nights that may be indeed, indeed, what he does, but he deflects the truth. 

For instance, I have heard him say on more that one occassion that Coast listeners do not want to hear what the host has to say, and therefore he will keep his opinions to himself.  It is his place to be neutral.  Then, last night midway through Open Lines what does the host do but get on his soapbox and spew forth his opinion on the financial status of the American economy.

To my recollection, Coast is not George Noory's news and commentary nor do I care for it to become that  If I want to hear that, I can watch O'Reilly.  I listen to Coast for the paranormoal and other topics that are not coverend during the light of day.  By George, vocalizing his opinion last night is that not a lie?  I thought he has said in the past that listeners do not care what a host thinks they just want to be entertained and learn about the subject matter of the show.

Which leads to another issue, if I want to learn about the subject matter of the show, those canned questions must be retired, or made into first grade flash cards.  It looks like Tommy now has a new project and that is no lie!!!!!!!!!!!

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