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Radio and Podcasts / Beyond Belief Season 9 Episode 7
« on: May 16, 2018, 02:28:50 AM »
What do people think of this episode?  There is a free clip of a few minutes of it for viewers like me who don't want to subscribe due to automatic recurring billing.

What do viewers think, even of the snippet?

If you want to know what I think, I'm not sure but mulling it over privately.

Random Topics / Life Hacks
« on: May 09, 2018, 01:23:08 PM »
There are new mugs which seem to have metallic paint on them, but really are totally microwave safe!  Is this going to confuse children?!

Most spray nozzles will fit onto a bottle of rubbing alcohol for a quick hand sanitizer.  It's great even in the car because it is pretty much a dripless potent mist, drying quickly and needing very little rubbing.  It lasts a long time since the mist quickly covers territory with little waste.  For over ten years, it has not been too drying on my hands.  Hasn't ruined any clothes.  For those who want to, the trigger can hang, especially over a lanyard or band.

The best spray nozzles are not the ones that come with spray bottles.  The best nozzles come with reputed products.  So, after using up a product with a good nozzle, re-use the nozzle for your hacks (rubbing alcohol sanitizer, vinegar water counter wash).


So.  Who did scientists research on?  Not cadavers.  Not brain surgery patients (there wouldn't be enough).  Rats?  To develop something this revolutionary, gobs of people would need to be researched on. Hmmm...  Could the research have been covert?  Like the damaging Tuskegee experiments?





Scientists say there are over 30 levels of consciousness in all of us, like a choir, all working at the same time.  And many verbal ones.  That is why we can day dream about our boyfriend while we steer the car, turning our head to look for traffic at an intersection, while smelling a fragrance in the air, feeling our foot itch, and chewing gum?  That's six levels of thought all happening simultaneously.  But the new machine only follows one train of thought!

What about misunderstandings?  For instance, I know from experience that my mind confuses vinegar with ammonia.  Because I make a speech mistake on that one at times.  I've also been known to call the upright grand piano "refrigerator" in my mind.  But I know the difference, and people who know me know that I blurt out the wrong thing at times.  Much more confusion could result from someone who had a big stroke.

If you knew someone was reading your primary verbal level of thought, would you want to live?  Especially if you were given no choice, as in the doctors decided to read your mind without your permission?  What if you got angry and imagined slicing, dicing, and eating the doctors?  We all have angry fantasies.  Would you be punished?  Would you be reassigned a new doctor?  What if there are no other ones available?

It's wrong for people to read minds.  Our minds are meant to bang around freely, full of imagination and reconsideration, thoughts building on previous thoughts, changing our mind, etc...  Just because I think something, does not mean I agree with it, because that is what "wonder" means.  We try-out thoughts, to see how the idea sounds.  We brain storm.  One day I want to walk in the rain; the next day I realize it was just a fantasy and that I really wouldn't be happy wet and cold anymore.  Been there, done that.

What about points-of-reference?  Like, a patient might be asked to think of a Last Will and Testament.  Well, the only meaningful asset the patient might have could be a collectible car.  Suppose his car had always been called "Joe", but he no longer has any living relatives with that knowledge.  But, maybe he has a bad neighbor named Joe who is a lying, conniving thief.  The patient might repeatedly think the word "Joe", meaning his car.  But professionals could misunderstand, and find his long-time neighbor, Joe, more than willing to be the estate executor!

What if the patient holds corporate secrets, trade secrets?  Giving away secrets of the trade can cause legal damages!

What if the patient receives visitors, but has always secretly had a sexual attraction to a taboo relation, like maybe a sister?  It's not a sin if he never acted on it, but she might stop visiting him out of awkwardness, if she sees his desires on the communication machine.

Will there be filters to block obscene words or "indecent" thoughts?

Will the patient fear humiliation and mockery if he wants sexual release but is paralyzed, as well as forbidden from release due to hospital policies regarding visitor behavior.  What if he is embarrassed because his penis is small?  His penis size should not be on the read-out of his thoughts.

What is the patient is capable of crying, and wants to have a good cry, which would release endorphins to help her mood.  But what if she has a "shy" tears gland, for crying in front of people who read her thoughts?

What if her sexuality is intact.  People do what-they-do when the lights are out.  Patients in private rooms masturbate.  Even though all sex acts are against policy (Patients in most hospitals are not allowed sexuality). Would she be punished when her climax is read on the screen?  Other patients do it; they just don't get caught because their minds aren't read.  Would she be disciplined, like made to share a room or keep the lights on or pay a fine or whatever? 

What if she can't climax out of sheer embarrassment and self-consciousness because even though the lights are out and her door is closed, she knows others could or are reading her mind without her permission?

What if she imagines a rape from an orderly who she imagined wore a condom?  Her mere fear could convict an innocent man!

It is our shame which necessitates the need for redemption in God's eyes.  Without shame, there is no basis for Christianity.  Jesus saved sinners, not angels!  In treating stroke victims and paralyzed victims with non-consentual mind-reading, scientists will try to convince patients that their thoughts are normal and to persuade patients not to feel embarrased or to feel ashamed.
Eventually, in a culture like that,  patients eventually will become desensitized and become deprived of the RIGHT to feel shame.  I would rather have my shame and need God for forgiveness of sins (sins which could be mind-read because I think about and remember them), than be treated like an animal via mind reading.  Animals feel no shame when in heat or itching in the anus.  PEOPLE DO AND IT IS THEIR RIGHT.

The right to hormones, emotion, and humor.
The right NOT to be gradually controlled to synthetically evolve into aliens, beginning with the removal of shame as well as human hormones.
Cooking the metaphorical frog in the pot begins with the cultural removal of shame.
Engineering humans into aliens or synthetically engineered species (with no sex organs and perhaps with promises of eternal life) begins with the removal of shame in our culture, then the removal of hormones, which control emotion, sexuality and humor.
Maybe the greys are grey because they don't need blood because they don't need hormones because they don't have sexuality. 
Maybe without blood they are more able to bear the rigors of outer space.  Maybe they were us, prior to covert synthetic engineering.


Random Topics / Reverse Dowries
« on: April 01, 2018, 09:26:12 PM »
Is it okay to buy a bride?  Who keeps the proceeds?  If she would be marryin' up anyway, what's the point?  Does a man respect a hard-earned purchase-bride?  Is it easier to respect a bride you pay for than a feminist?  Is paid sex hotter than feminist sex?

Technology / Amazon Fire Tablet
« on: March 03, 2018, 02:26:16 AM »
Is the "Silk" browser any good on the Amazon Fire tablet?

Random Topics / Real Man Managers versus Those Type Managers
« on: February 24, 2018, 01:44:44 AM »
Real Man Manager:  You're fired because you had a borderline bad call and the client was visiting monitoring calls.
One of Those Types Manager:  (Whispering).  I'm cutting her hours.  Did you hear how she talked to me?  She always dresses like that.  I know she steals soap from the break room!  She'll quit within the season, I guarantee it.  You just watch.

Real Man Manager:  You look nice today.
One of Those Types Managers:  (Mistaken) The dress code doesn't allow skirts.

Real Man Manager:  Job Aid: How to send a request to payroll.
One of Those Types Managers:  I'll call my cousin at the other branch and she'll bring it over here Friday when she picks up payroll.  I know she'll be here because she's coming to my place afterward to get the sweater she left last week.

Real Man Manager: See you Monday!
One of Those Types Managers:  Would you stay a minute and feed my bird?  It's in the back.  My husband took my pillow last night so I didn't sleep well and ran late so I brought the bird to work since I didn't have time to feed it.

Real Man Manager:  (Monitors visually at closing time to reduce employee theft).
One of Those Types Managers:  We know we get ripped off by employees.  Say, there are two employees that need a ride home, can you give them a ride?

Real Man Manager:  Here is a severance gift.
One of Those Types Managers:  The girls you've been giving rides home to say they don't like you so I just don't have any hours for you.  And please don't report us to the IRS, okay?

Real Man Manager:  No, you cannot leave early.
One of Those Types Managers (who happens to have really bad teeth and fear of dentists):  No, you cannot use any of your accrued paid time off for oral surgery.  What's your problem, are you afraid you're going to die?

Real Man Manager:  Employees need to wear their company vest.
One of Those Types Managers (who happens to be A-cup):  You have to wear a sweater over your sweater.  I just know I'm going to get complaints from the men that your sweater shows too much so cover up.

Real Man Manager:  If you fail that customer one more time, you are fired.
One of Those Types Managers:  My sister-in-law recovered from her disease so I no longer have to find her a place to live near the hospital, and I won't be commuting back and forth long distances taking care of her, so we don't need you anymore at all.  I'll even resume doing the weekend janitorial.  Thanks for praying for her.

Real Man Manager:  Even if hardly anyone was home, you should have gotten more small change in a nice neighborhood like that, just knocking on doors in the time that you had.
One of Those Types:  (At the door) Sure, Honey.  We'll donate.  I'm in the middle of giving my sister a perm.  If you'll just wait in the kitchen twenty minutes, my hands will be clean and I can give you some spare change then.

Real Man Manager:  You can stay an extra hour if you want.
One of Those Types Managers:  I don't care that my boss said you could stay an extra hour!  You usurped my authority!

Real Man Manager:  You may set your own hours.
One of Those Types Managers:. Well yes, we said you could set your own hours.  But I'm marking you down because you didn't set the same hours each week.  I'm sorry that wasn't clear to you.

Real Man Manager:  We hired someone else.
One of Those Types Managers:. I'm not going to hire you because I simply don't see how you could live on the wages.

Real Man Manager:  This is a temp job.
One of Those Types Managers (interviewing for a temp job):  Gee, ew it looks like you have a lot of temp jobs on your resume.

Real Man Manager:  We always need the social security number.
One of Those Types Managers:  Just put all zeros for the SSN if the client is upset, because this week we need more clients.

Real Man Manager:  (No comment).
One of Those Types Managers:  Why did you file unemployment?  I have to pay for that, you know!  Do you have the same boyfriend?

Real Man Manager:  Get a Dr.'s note.
One of Those Types Managers:  What illness could you possibly have that would render you needing an accommodation!

Real Man Manager:  You missed that class so I lowered your score.
One of Those Types Managers:  You missed that class, and boy I am livid, blah, blah, blah, blah so I almost lowered your score but since it is near the end of that campaign I decided to let you keep your score but I'm never getting over it.

Real Man Manager:  I need the keys to the money safe.
One of Those Types Managers:  Oh, for crap's sake, where did YOU put the %#!? is the $48, what have you done with it.  You are so awful.  The director is going to fire you.

Real Man Manager:  Lock up the patient data when you leave your desk.
One of Those Types Managers:  Don't sit in here with us (a clique).  Use the lobby desk.  Just put the patient data in the drawer when you leave.  On second thought, take it upstairs.  Someone can bring it back on their way down.  When is your next work day?  You could leave it upstairs and bring it down when you arrive. If someone in here needs it in the meanwhile, they can go upstairs and find it.  Just put it at Reception.  But for the foreseeable future, use the desk in the lobby.  Eventually we will get you a desk key for that lobby desk.

Real Man Manager:  Page the kitchen on the overhead to call you.
One of Those Types Managers:  Don't contact the kitchen staff downstairs when items run out.  They don't have a way to receive phone calls and they don't read email.  If you contact them, their manager will think they aren't doing their job.  The lead has worked here a long time and knows what he is doing.

Real Man Manager:  This is John from security.  Did client X leave the building?
One of Those Types Managers (On Phone):  Call me when client X leaves the building.  (Me:  Who are you?)
One of Those Types Managers:  I'm the lady you just talked to, wearing a grey t-shirt.
(Later on Phone)
One of Those Types Managers:  (Angry) Why didn't you call me when client X left the building!
(Me:  What color is your T-shirt?)
One of Those Types Managers:  Grey!
(Me:  Because client X is still in the building.)

Real Man Manager:  The interior carbon dioxide reading is high.
One of Those Types Managers:  We've had a long-standing air quality complaint from that department, but I know there is no issue.  If the air was bad by the dry ice, I would SMELL it.  I have the best nose in the world and I've worked here in environmental health services for thirty years!

Real Man Manager:  I'll let you know if you get the new position.
One of Those Types Managers:  How come you never wore that skirt again,  that you wore to the interview?

Real Man Manager:  Do you have a back up copy?
One of Those Types Managers:  You are in so much trouble.  Your work was found in the basement destroyed!  You are in big trouble!

Real Man Manager:  Please attend the holiday dinner.
One of Those Types Managers: I will take 30 minutes out of my busy, frowning day to rush a couple of the girls down to Super Restaurant for the holiday, into one of the windowless isolated banquet rooms at dinner time, for appetizers and water.  We will be back in time to get our work done.

Real Man Manager:  Your shirt will take three weeks to order.
One of Those Types Managers:  We can't hire you because our shirts don't fit you.  You could shop around town for something similar, but the color is hard to find this time of year.

Real Man Manager:  Do not wear denim to that branch again.
One of Those Types Managers:  This is your annual review.  Eight months ago when you visited that branch, the manager claims you wore denim that day so you aren't going to get a raise this year.

(Me:  What is the daily dress code?)
One of Those Types Managers:  The clothes you wore for the job interview would be great!

Real Man Manager:  Good night!  Thanks for all the overtime!
One of Those Types Managers:  You were one minute late to work this morning.

Real Man Manager:  Lock up the cash when you leave (public agency).
One of Those Type Managers:  We caught the janitor stealing from the cash box in the cupboard at night.  Yes, we suspected it was him and this is a public agency.  So we bought a camera system, paid for it's installation, and caught the guy!  No, it hadn't been locked...

Real Man Manager:  Here are the cash handling guidelines.
One of Those Types Managers:. Don't ring up transactions.  Just credit the account on the computer.  Set the money near the register but don't use the register because it is noisy.  We don't want to remind patrons that they sometimes have to pay.  The manager will ring it all up at once later.

Real Man Manager:  Close the shop.
One of Those Types Managers:  Payday?  PAY you??  I told you guys we would talk about that after I get back from my trip to the beach.  What are you doing bothering me on my vacation!  If you close the shop, I will fire you!

Real Man Manager:  She is going to a random drug test today.
One of Those Types Managers:. Now that you don't work here anymore, would you please tell HR she drinks on the job?  She never knows what she is doing.  It makes it hard for everyone.

Real Man Manager:  Your exchange has been accepted.
One of Those Types Managers:  No, I'm not accepting your major franchise exchange because it's from the other store.  If you return it here, I have to drive it back to the other store the next time I am there.  You should return it there.

Real Man Manager:  Email:  The position is filled.
One of Those Types Managers:  Email:  Actually, I don't have an opening after all but I gave your application to my sister, who runs a (yucky) business.  Maybe we will be hiring later.  Thanks!
(Later) Uh, how come you never called my sister?  You know, you applied here and we had actually forwarded your application over to her.  She was expecting to hear from you!

Real Man Manager:  We each bring our own food.
One of Those Types Managers:  There is some in the fridge.  I don't know whose it is, but I had some and I'm sure you can, too.

Radio and Podcasts / George and The Ladies
« on: February 21, 2018, 03:50:00 AM »
Lisa who?  Kowski?  He told a guy that her father had recently died, so "She is still married, in case you are wondering".  Equating being recently widowed with being newly single.  What does this have to do with ANYthing?

And followed by the adultery song... Wow.

Paranormal - Conspiracy - UFOs - Etc. / School Shootings
« on: February 17, 2018, 12:15:39 PM »
It is incomprehensible that every dollar store, every Walmart, every DMV, every stop light (practically) has surveillance.  Many employees are paid to sit in little rooms and observe the organization for theft. 

To protect cheap merchandise made in China.

But there is no surveillance in our schools.  How absurd!  That staff and children are treated as having less value than an item costing a dollar plus sales tax.

Radio and Podcasts / Ask George Noory Anything
« on: February 12, 2018, 09:41:32 PM »
Taking suggestions for what to ask George during online moderated Insiders chat tomorrow night.

Do tell!  Nightmares?

Random Topics / What Should Really Be Inside A First Aid Kit?
« on: February 10, 2018, 12:17:48 PM »
Everywhere I go, first aid kits suck.  They usually have a couple painkillers individually wrapped, some tiny little bandages, a pair of tweezers, some antiseptic (if you're lucky)... That's about it.

When emergencies happen, people need glucose, ice, Benydryl, a meal replacement bar, hand warmers, a disposable thermometer, eye wash, water, a cup, a calming agent like chamomile or Calms Forte, a ventilated mask, sprain wrap, large sanitary wound pads and large adhesive bandages, menstrual pads, maybe an OTC inhaler like Primatine, cough drops, mucous relief........

Because a little paper cut the size of which most emergency kits supply is not as much of an emergency as an asthma attack, hypoglycemia, a sprain, a knot on the head, a sudden fever, dehydration, something large or toxic in the eye, unexpected large bleeding, uncontrollable coughing, etc...

There are ice packs which do not require refrigeration.  One of our local businesses keeps them on hand.

What would YOU say an ideal first aid kit should stock?

Random Topics / Apothecary Organization
« on: February 10, 2018, 12:05:29 PM »
Hello.  How do YOU organize your apothecary as you age?  It used to be so simple: a bottle of baby aspirin in the bathroom medicine cabinet.  Fast forward 30 years, and that little bottle of aspirin has grown tentacles into all sorts of tubes and bottles all over. Today, in seniors' homes, I see messes of meds taking up windowsills, tables,and all available shelf space, all over the bathroom and bedroom, with no organization.  Not to mention medicinal herbs, foods, and supplements.  The last few times I was sick, including recently, I did not feel like rummaging through bag after case of crap to find relief.  Even in a small space, there must be a good way to organize one's personal prescriptions, OTC, homeopathic, and healing herbs/foods/supplements.

Several items need to be in one's purse or right by the bedside (if not in the bed). But what to do with all the supplements, prescriptions, OTC including homeopathic, herbs, etc...  The other day, I reached for toothpaste as I left the house, but when I got to my destination, it turned out I had packed hydrocortisone cream, not toothpaste.  What if I hadn't noticed before using it???  So, on top of all that now I need the poison hotline number handy, too???

It's hard to find one item when there are so many.  Should the bottle of parsley really sit next to cough medicine?  If I put the dried parsley or celery in with the food, it won't be handy when I reach for it for medical reasons.  When I need those prunes, I don't want to hike to the kitchen, where someone else may or may not have put their fingers in them.  But it feels awkward to pack dried herbs next to a bottle of cough syrup!

Should people keep all their tube items together so they are forced to select carefully in order to avoid mistakes?  The fonts keep getting smaller and smaller - it is hard to tell what's in a tube at a quick glance.  Sometimes I put a large masking tape label onto items.  Do other people do that?

Surplus prescriptions can go together in one place.  Doesn't that make sense?  But if I use my apothecary correctly, I don't need the prescriptions very often.  So the supplements, OTC, herbs, homeopathic, and other healing items are just as important as the prescriptions are.

Should people organize by topic, like a section for pain, another section for swelling, etc...?
Or, should they organize by medium, with all herbs together, all pills together, all supplements together?  I prefer to organize topically, but when herbs and foods are part of the section, it is kind of weird.

When I was younger, I saw many older people's homes cluttered with OTC everywhere.  But there also were some seniors who seemed much more organized.  I wonder if they had a system, or if they just were healthier and didn't need as much stuff.  Did they have a secret organizer that hung like those over-the-door shoe holders!  Or a hanging sweater holder?  Has anyone tried that?  Drawers are difficult, not just because liquids leak, but also because you can't tell what most items are just by looking down on the top of the lid.  While if the bottles lay, then they rattle a lot.

Purse pill packs are relatively easy to organize and prioritize, especially using a dab of masking tape to label sections.  And the bedside stuff is pretty clear.  But refilling the purse and bedside can be insane, having to locate supplements, herbs, homeopathic, OTC, prescriptions, and special foods.  Maybe everything that is in the purse packs should be coordinated into a large bag from which to refill?  I guess.  But that still leaves backup supplies to be organized.

This topic might be silly, but i'd hate for one of us to start brushing out teeth with hydrocortisone, or to take pills that are too powerful or not powerful enough, just because the appropriate pill is hard to locate.  No matter how Falkiesque all this is, it is not as bad as the burning poo thread plus this is not as stupid as George Noory is so there is that.  How would you recommend apothecary organization to seniors with poor role models?

Tonight I googled Medicare.  Wikipedia and a government site were informative, but I still have a lot of questions.  Does anyone want to hold my hand on this topic?

Why would anyone purchase long-term health care insurance, when everyone can get Medicare?  For instance, my mother purchased hers for years, but toward the time she was starting to think about needing it, she could no longer afford the insurance!  After all those years of unused payments.

She might have been better off enjoying her money (The payments were high), and just relying on Medicare?  Since that might be all she gets anyhow.  All that money down the drain, lining the pockets of aggressive insurance reps... And she might not be able to sustain the payments until the time she really needs the benefits.

So how bad is Medicare?  One of my friends gets torn skin in her groin, rendering life (let alone exercise or sex) risky and painful, with open skin all the time.  But her Medicaid covered estrogen, which fixed the problem.  But when she turned 65, Medicare would not cover her estrogen like her prior benefits had.  She was in tears all the time over it.

And what happens to old people who can't afford housing?  My retirement income might barely pay rent, but it won't pay even a fourth of the cost of a room in a retirement home.  And, what if I need assisted living?

I could probably get used to the inconvenient regimentation of a facility, but if I want the creature comforts of the home I rent, will Medicare pay for help?  Like many people, I like creature comforts that a facility just would not accommodate.

I know the Methodists take care of their retired Minister's in special, nice retirement homes.  Who pays for that?  Why would the church provide something that Medicare is already in place for?

I already down-sized, so Medicare isn't going to take any assets in my case.  But, will it confiscate my retirement checks?

When I worked at a retirement home, residents paid for their rent with personal checks.  But isn't some of the rent covered by Medicare?  I suppose I would have to pay some rent, but what would Medicare cover?

Who will have my interests at heart if my brain starts to go?  I don't have any decent family.  What if I can't speak for myself?  Many women with dementia lose the ability to talk sense.  They just rattle, "One to one.  One to one.  One to one..." and you have little idea what they so frustratedly are trying to communicate.  There are no flash cards, no picture books of ADLs, nothing to help understand what they need.  Unless you know them well, or knew them before the brain damage.  You'd think in today's day and age, every demented person would be given several photographic communication tools, where they could just point to an ADL to suggest what they need, whether it be food, a taxi, whatever.  Like picture books or flash cards.  At least for basic ADL stuff.  If I lose my speech, who will help me?

One guy came into my workplace the other day.  He was elderly, and needed to use the phone AGAIN.  His phone had been cut off due to billing, and he confided all his bills were on minimum payment plans.  He comes in all the time to use the phone, but shouldn't he know about the Obama phone, as well as food stamps?  I asked him if he had ever heard of our state's welfare agency, and he said he never heard of them.  Why isn't anyone helping this man?  He is perfectly pleasant.  I gave him their phone number and told him he probably could get a free phone from them.  But I felt I had to do it in whispers, since the manager evidently just keeps letting him use the phone without educating him on how he can help himself.  So, who is going to help me help myself when I am that old?  No one is helping him!  So, they won't help me?

Random Topics / Things Never to Say to Your Girlfriend!
« on: February 03, 2018, 08:49:14 PM »
"I'm so free!!"
"Your roommate, can I be fascinated!?"

George Noory doesn't suck as much anymore.  He is kinder, gentler, less smug!

He admits his forked tongue!

He promotes people of both genders and all ages.

He's giving shows away on You Tube.

He challenges spurious claims, or responds with tongue-in-cheek "It could be..."

He made the docs say disclaimers.

He stopped his annual lashings of Linda over trivialities.

He no longer shames poor callers who drop off the line......when in actuality, they may have died or had to go to the hospital.  So, he has behaved more sensitively, asking them to call back.

He is the first to admit his fallible side, admitting burning his mouth, admitting tripping in the mud puddle, admitting getting locked out of the workroom...  He doesn't try to look perfect.

He just doesn't suck as much anymore.  Days and days go by, while the Sucks thread barely moves!

George Noory has listened to us!  Although not from his avatar, which logs barely any time online.  But obviously he has our pulse.  Could it be under a secret avatar?  I checked Emperor ones, yet they log no time either.  Is he hacking in from a back door?  Because he has definitely heard us and enhanced his skills, all while logging no time!  Uh-mazeen!

Random Topics / Store Brand Ice Cream Bars - Potentially Lethal
« on: January 25, 2018, 06:31:30 AM »

Grocery store brand vanilla ice cream bars and orange ice cream bars contaminated recall.

Radio and Podcasts / Should George Be Allowed to Pee?
« on: January 25, 2018, 02:42:16 AM »
Should George be allowed to pee during his four-hour live radio show?

Random Topics / Was Judas Forgiven?
« on: January 20, 2018, 01:47:33 AM »
Was Judas forgiven?

What do Christian attitudes (and Jesus' supposed attitude) toward Judas teach us about Christian forgiveness and God's forgiveness?

The night of the largest U.S. shooting massacre, in Las Vegas outside the Mandalay Bay Hotel, other terrorism happened in several nearby places.  But it is being covered up.  A pyramid was nearby, which is unusual too. 

Staff at the nearby Bellagio Hotel are on You Tube explaining gunfire and lockdowns which occurred the same night.  Staff of a nearby restaurant said the same thing, on You Tube.

Terrorism was predicted for October.  The date of the massacre was 09/11/01 reversed!

The shooter was a patsy. 

Radio and Podcasts / Abstaining From Coast Host George Noory
« on: December 24, 2017, 10:29:35 PM »
Coast-to-Coast is not Playboy Radio.  But...

This month, it was all about Hooters, "spin-the-bottle", and "beautiful women in bikinis".

After the "beautiful women in bikinis" mention, I have abstained from Coast on George nights.

In the past, listeners' ears were graced with:

Sexy demons, send some.  (how did that work out, George?)
Send photos (female fans)
"Pretty and fun" (marriage wrecking) nude model Elizabeth Montgomery
"Gorgeous" LA women
Flirting with a 22-year old guest
Being (married at the time and) in love with the MTV ZZ Top actresses
Swedish women
The Splash mermaid
Tattooed ex's
The famous gaming model
"Travelin' Man"
Sandra Bullock (no mention of her gravity-defying hairdo, though...)
The Daily Single George Noory spread
Nude model Lisa Rinna "I've seeeeen her around!"
Nude model Marilyn Monroe, who he considers an example of "good taste in women" despite her morals
The "attractive" actress who texts him
The stripper story in which the only thing he cared about was, "Well, uh, did she ever post a photo?"
A female caller who he lamented did not send a photo
Elvira "return without your brothers"
Nude model 25-year old Miley Cyrus
The (underweight, dehydrated, 10-day colon cleansing) Victoria's Secret panty (and recently nude) models
Flirting with (married) nude model Jessica Hall
Phrases to Whitley Strieber such as, "What does she look like, that is the question!"
Saying "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas"
Saying he takes a Vegas vacation whenever he plays a certain bumper song
Burlesque dancers, described in detail
Ridiculing old people and people with dental problems (with his mush mouth!)
Panty model Christina Ferrari
Playboy panty model Yvette Vickers
Flirting with Playboy Nude model and animal rights activist Pam Anderson
Flirting with (engaged, at the time) panty model Jennifer Love Hewitt
Lusting for a "cave women"
Talking about pretty girls on tarot cards
Talking about making a young, breathy caller his "French correspondent"

It is really hard to believe George even has a stalker.  Who would want to date a man who's always going on about the sex appeal of many sundry nude or panty models, one of whom was found mummified in her home long after her death...?!  And, who would want to date a man who calls on sexy demons even though he already claims to have a stalker?!  And who wants to date a man with a stalker.  Like, where would you go..?

Random Topics / Is MD GN?
« on: December 17, 2017, 06:22:20 PM »

I hope a good weekend all you are having.[/size]

Recently it came to my attention that Dr MD MD could be George Nuri.  Because is this, that George has a forked tongue so each side of the tongue he, uh, talks with, would pronounce one MD.  So since equals two MDs.  But everyone knows MD is only used once per titicular.  So with a double title, evidence is that George has forked tongue.  Also, George makes money same as MD.

What do you think?

Random Topics / Would You Date George Noory?
« on: December 14, 2017, 11:56:02 AM »
Would you date George Noory?  The roady.  The slow-dy.  The ZZ Top toady:

Gimme all your money, but only hugs and kisses for you!
Gimme all your money.  To spend it through and through.

Gimme all your money; make sure you get holiday pay TOO!
Gimme all your money to spend later on someone new!

How To Use BellGab / Fetching Preview
« on: November 28, 2017, 04:06:34 AM »
When it said my preview of Filipina girls was fetching, I thought it was meant as a compliment!

Random Topics /
« on: November 27, 2017, 01:15:10 PM »
"I love my wife!"
"I love my husband!"
"I love my S.O.!"

"My wife drives me nuts!"
"I'm sick of my husband!"
"My S.O. is crazy!"

True confessions?

Random Topics / X (Trigger Warning: Mancave...)
« on: November 22, 2017, 08:04:36 PM »
What happened to all the hot, single Gabbers over the years?  Who is still here?

Random Topics / PG
« on: November 22, 2017, 08:02:15 PM »
Single Ladies:. Who are the top 100 best men in Gab and why?

Radio and Podcasts / Doc Wallach Sucks!!!
« on: November 22, 2017, 07:59:03 PM »
Doc Wallach sucks because he looks like John Grey!

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