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Because in my area there are no other late night non-Christian non-ESPN talk radio radio choices. One evening while exceptionally frustrated I began a desperate search of the AM dial and Snorch was everywhere near and far. It's incredible how one individual with so little talent could have risen to dominate the genre. The lack of choice must say something profound about average standards.

Radio and Podcasts / Kritical Kare via Kritical Health News dot Kom
« on: October 22, 2016, 04:39:31 AM »
Couple weeks ago it was really good to see Snorge turn C2C into a four hour infomercial for

1) Caller mentions symptom
2) Non-Doctor creates instant diagnosis
3) Prescription follows which invariably involves supplements that can only be purchased through

That Snorge, what a class act. He never seems to stop elevating Coast to Coast to higher and higher echelons.

Just. Fucking. Incredible. 

At least Purity Products makes an attempt to sound legitimate. No need for any such effort with the Snorge crowd.

Radio and Podcasts / The Consumate Professional
« on: October 05, 2016, 03:30:12 AM »
Two nights ago you mispronounced "Velázquez" just like last year when you mispronounced "Martinez". You're such a professional and gosh it's good to have you on the radio.

I grow weary of David Paulides. I used to find his stories fascinating until I did some research and found a couple factual errors. Regarding the Henry McCabe story either he doesn't know all the facts or he withheld them to make the story sound more interesting.

The Henry McCabe voicemail segment is from from Paulides' most recent C2C interview March 23. McCabe disappeared from Fridley or New Brighton MN September 7 2015 and his body was found in a New Brighton lake November 2. The Paulides angle focuses on a strange voicemail McCabe left on his wife's cell phone the night he disappeared. Only a small portion of the message has been released, ABC News legal department advised against releasing the whole thing. Noory played the portion during the interview and you can hear it on news reports found on Youtube. In the message McCabe is heard yelling and moaning and at one point there's a reverberating sound that Youtubers speculate is an evil inter-dimensional or extra terrestrial being attacking McCabe (Noory to Paulides: "and David I HAVE to tell you, that sent SHIVERS up my spine!"). Yes the whole thing seemed genuinely creepy and I got fascinated - and then started reading news reports that can be found all over the internet.

On the night Henry McCabe disappeared his wife was in California with their kids, there's been speculation they were having marital problems. Also their rent check had just bounced, there's been speculation McCabe was depressed over money. The night he disappeared McCabe had gotten drunk in a sleazy bar known for trouble with a couple friends from his home in Liberia. He got so drunk he had to be stopped from buying more drinks. McCabe was later dropped off at a gas station by one of the friends because he wanted to walk by himself, this was confirmed by surveillance video. And here's another part David Paulides doesn't mention, that night Henry McCabe made multiple drunken calls to both his brother and his wife. His body was found with no visible signs of trauma and the coroner ruled it death by drowning in fresh water. Yes the body would be intact after two months in water if the water temperature was less than 70 degrees which it was. Another interesting tidbit, before McCabe's body was found a community policing organization had offered a $10,000 reward for information but later withdrew the offer because they found evidence the wife wasn't being truthful with police.

I think McCabe was drunk depressed and despondent over marriage and money problems and he threw himself into the lake. I think his bizarre voice message was due to being drunk out of his mind and the reverberating sound was a glitch in the connection with the cell tower. I think this case has a very down-to-earth explanation and Paulides should remove it from all subsequent printings of his book.

And if Paulides isn't what he seems to be then all I can say is it just figures because look at who he's associated with.

A: None, his bulb is too dim.

Oh c'mon you knew where I was going with this.

a) a thousand fingernails on a thousand blackboards
b) having a tooth drilled with an injection of espresso rather than anesthetic
c) being forced by George to look at his burnt uvula ("that little flapper thing in your throat")

Q: What's worse than listening to George Noory?

A: Listening to George Noory and open lines.

An idiot talking to idiots. I'd rather have a tooth pulled.

Thursday March 31, 2016 first hour guests were Doctors Hooman Noorchashm and Amy Reed talking about a bad surgical instrument called a morcellator - pronounced mor-cel-A-tor with the accent on the "a". George was pronouncing it just fine through the first 20 minutes of the interview then all of a sudden the word becomes mor-CEL-a-tor sounding like "mor-SELL-ater" -- oh but George wasn't done yet, he pauses a moment then mispronounces it a SECOND time just to make sure everybody hears him screw it up. Live on national radio we're listening to the man lose what little mind he has left. 300 million people in America and George Noory was the best and brightest the producers could come up with to replace Art Bell.

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