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Random Topics / Art Bell/Dave Noory Erotic fiction community challenge.
« on: October 29, 2016, 12:02:51 AM »
Write a paragraph or two to continue the story. First one to make me vomit wins. I will start.

“Goodnight America.” he said as he took a long pull on his cigarette, the sour taste of the burning filter lingered as he stamped it out in the messy ashtray. “Airyn really needs to learn how clean up for me better, spare the rod, spoil the child…” Art mused as he heaved his chair away from the desk and placed his head set down. His hand had just touched the door when the phone rang, it’s noise drowning out the sounds of Shadow scratching to be let in.

Art screamed out for Airyn to answer the line, but she didn’t answer. She was probably passed out with their daughter in the other room. He debated kicking the door open and demanding the lazy woman get out of bed to answer it, but the though of hearing the child scream as he spanked the mother was enough to deter him. It would take HOURS for the kid to stop crying.

“Yeah? What is it?”, Art growled as he answered the phone. Silence. “Hello?” he demanded and was about to hang up the phone as he heard a coquettish giggle on the other end. He immediately knew who it was and how the rest of his evening would be shaping up. He felt a tickle in his penis as he anticipated the near future and the carnal, bestial pleasure he would wet his frail body in.

“Hewooo Ahrt…r u readee tuh pwahh?” purred the mustachioed sex kitten he knew as Dirty Dave Noory, “I’m in thu dwive way an I bwought a preesent fur youuu.” he continued. “Say no more Dave, I will meet you outside by the old studio. DON’T keep me waiting.” Bell was pleased that he hadn’t cause any trouble with the house keeper and his child. No need to explain his upcoming absence. He had all the time in the world.


The cool air of the desert rushed upon the exposed parts of his chest hair under his loose bathrobe. Each strand danced about his chest like seaweed in a heavy current. The bright moon cast a blue and ethereal light down upon the earth. The dust kicked up from the convertible’s tires caught it and the red of the break lights and produced a brilliant, if fleeting light show in the night. Dave was standing by the trunk, eager and proud. He could feel his excitement and it stiffened him.

As he coasted towards the vehicle, Dave playfully thumped on the hood of the trunk. A muffled, pulsing thudding grew from inside it. “Ghat a weal spesschul tweet fur u buddhee boy!” Dave continued. He looked like the cat that caught the canary, and then caught a few more. His indolence only furthered his anticipation. Art flipped another Virginia Slim 100 out of the soft back and nimbly floated it to his hairy lips as he struck the lighter in one deft motion. For a brief second, the light from it lit his face and the orange hue showed the burning lust on his face. “Open it.” he demanded.

Dave immediately obeyed his firm command and swung the trunk open. The odor was the first thing Art noticed. Lilacs. A strong smell of lilacs spilled from the trunk. It made him feel intoxicated, but he focused on the real treat inside. Ed Dames was there, bound as he knew he would be. Ed pretended to struggle. Art slammed Dave to the side of the car and forced his tongue into his mouth as his hand forced his way down Noory’s Bugle Boy khaki pants. He was instantly stiff. “Oh daddeee. Beyond beweef…” Dave muttered as he fell back reeling from the deep kiss, “Let’s take this party inside…”


Anyone got any jokes about Art? (Or even Coast and Dave)
(Keep it playful if you can)

I am just starting up as a staff member on gaming website after grabbing an interview with a developer. I have loads of questions, but I wonder is there any advice any of you can offer for conducting my freshman interview? I know Art will never really read this, but if you have any tips or things you would like to read in an interview please share.

I always wondered how Art grew into his interview style and it seemed like there was no formal training, save learning by doing. He mastered it though and successfully did interviews with subjects that would have driven lesser men mad. The Dallas Thompson interview alone shows how quick he could be on his feet when it came to making something bad, great.

Thanks for your insight all!

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