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Radio and Podcasts / Snoory is a "LAZY BROADCASTER" according to Art Bell!
« on: September 18, 2013, 03:42:15 PM »
From the Time Magazine article:

• What does Bell think of the man who replaced him on Coast, George Noory? He’s a lazy broadcaster, Bell says, indifferent to what he puts on the air. “This fellow, half the time, he doesn’t sound like he’s listening to his guest. He’ll come back and ask a question that had just been answered five minutes previously. Or he’ll inject a complete non sequitur. The guest will be talking about Bigfoot, and he’ll ask, ‘Well, does that have something to do with angels?’” Worse, “there’s a lot more politics in it, a lot more medical crap in it, a lot of New Age-y crap that I won’t touch. I prefer science.” Bell hopes competition will raise all boats. “It better—otherwise George’ll be a submarine.” Fans seem to agree: The first Google autocomplete hit on Noory’s name is “George Noory sucks.”

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