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Mine starts with a call from Art Bell late one stormy night.Art tells me he has learned of a UFO crash in a very remote area of the Sierra Madre mountains in Mexico and wants me to accompany him and George Knapp and two physicists from MIT to check out the crash or possible landing site.Art says for me to bring a sidearm of my choice and any other weapon.I chose a 45 automatic pistol and a reconditioned Thompson sub machine gun.The closest Mexican settlement is a sleepy little town San Miguel almost 100 miles away and the Mexican villagers are afraid to go up there with us, due to ancient superstitions and strange lights coming from that area. 8)

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« on: April 04, 2009, 11:58:24 AM »
If Art Bell were alive today he would be spinning in his grave.I am speaking if he heard the way Noorfart has ruined this once thriving show.If Art were still around,he would not let this travesty of justice continue.Punfart is just as deficient.

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