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Norry is 67, almost 68.  Have you looked at the market for 68 year old men?  He has invested much in toupees, botox, and it is rumored one complete facelift.  Yes, Norry, I will give him this is well-preserved.  .. .like a fossil.
He could buy someone if it came to that.

And they forgot to "lift" half his face.

And the botox got put in his ventromedial prefrontal cortex.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Haiku for Noory-san
« on: Yesterday at 08:05:20 PM »
Now all chats are shared.
He no longer gets his own.
How unfortunate.
That is what you get
For ticking off the wong one.
So it was deserved.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Haiku for Noory-san
« on: Yesterday at 08:01:55 PM »
One was twenty-two.
The other was bedazzled.
I screened both for dates.

Is she neat like that?
So, do you like animals?
They are both taken.

Random Topics / Re: Things That Annoy You
« on: Yesterday at 07:55:45 PM »
I'd feel bad about using them unless I really had an injury or reason to do so. I wonder though...would they let me use those carts deals used to round up and push all the other shopping carts. It would be fun to be pushing around a huge 'snake' of shopping carts around an empty lot. Have races even. Not "fun" as a job, hours after hours, but just once. As kid we had to do that by hand, the job of a sacker etc looks more fun now. Do peoples still tip?

ps: why don't the police arrest, or at least cite, homeless people who steal them? It is obvious that the homeless guy doesn't have permission to have his cart, still affixed with branding, out on the highway, in the woods, crossing the streets, etc?
Well, we haven't had motor cart shortages, so if you cant beat 'em, joining is an option i have enjoyed from time to time.  Started with sore feet from heels, and ended with lots of smiles and hellos.  Almost everyone here out in the milk-bred west says, "Oh, pardon me!  I'm sorry!" to any cart rider, whether warranted or not, lol.  Just a way to brighten a day.

Yeah, those cart wrangler machines are amazing!  But they would haul you away for sure!  I've seen kids jump in regu!ar carts though, to race down slopes - totally dangerous.

Most grocers don't allow tips as far as I know.  Seems like the baggers often want to walk out with you.  Fresh aidr and moving feet are a lot nicer than the strain of standing all day.  Fatigue mats just disappeared in this economy.  Like stools dsappeared thirty years ago at cash registers (at least here).  I think people tip at the Commissary at Christmastime, though.

Have you seen the way carts stop when moved off property?  Out here, tney have radio-controlled devices (hidden in the wheel?) which literally put the brakes on if you go too far.  How I found out, was that they sometimes malfunction and you can't get to your vehicle.

I suppose ruffians would just tell the cop they "found it".  But, if caught in the act, then there should be consequences!

I hate Ross, where you can fill a huge cart (uh, once in a while), but then they dont let you take the cart out of the store!  How stupid! Of course they dont have adequate staff to guard your puchase, nor a pull-through for those who can pull a car around.

Air pressure must be off today.  Haven't heard a bird all day, and usually we have a LOT.

Well, the portions are small so far, although exercise is still lacking today, so far.  Dealing with alot of emotions today.  I can't control some influences, while I seem to be rusty at convenient dissociation.

I did the turmeric-fennel-ginger-cinnamon tea again.  I decided to add a dash of pepper.  A couple more days, then done for a while.  I read today that turmeric does clean the brain, which might explain hesterday's creative insights to mundane problems.

It will be time to eat soon.  I'd like to have soup.


Nah, not so fast.

I used to have a cat that looked just like that as he got older.  One of the best cats in the world.  In hot sun, with black sun-absorbing fur, he would insist on walking right by my side.  There was shade just a few feet away, but he would not take that path.  So many times, he nearly collapsed from heat while keeping up with me and I had to carry him home quickly!

Unfortunately, the memories of victims of covert neural monitoring are stored synthetically, and replayed from time to time.  One of the most heinous things the operators (who are probably coerced) do is present deceased pets at unwelcome times.  For their own nefarious purposes.  Sometimes they communicate to each other using images in a victim's brain.  Deceased pets represent issues that were thought to have been resolved, which have resurfaced.  This is a long way of saying how this particular cat was "featured" earlier today, in a most unwelcome way.  It is cruel.  But other than recite an educational spiel and appeal for sensitivity (or tell them off and toss mental dung at them), there isn't much one can do.

Memorial Day is soon anyhow, so it was like an early start, but I don't consent to the synthetic crap.  It is demoralizing, and abuse.  Like you coincidentally doing the same thing, Hackstar, LOL.  Just kidding.  Unlike GN, I do believe in coincidences.  You and I have experienced many coincidences I never mentioned to you.  Happens all the time with you.  But, I have determined they are pure coincidence.  Some people are just like that.  In gradeschool, an acquaintence used to be able to finish my sentences, all the time, even though we only sat together once in a while, and never played together voluntarily.  She was a bit too shy for me.  Just one of those things.

Now that experts admit they can read minds, people might realize that our thoughts are frequencies. If machines can pick up the thoughts, then it is not surprising humans sometimes pick up on each other's thoughts too.  Maybe the ears can't hear such high frequencies directly, but remember it's been proven that if you can achieve one thing, you can achieve a tiny bit beyond it.  Imperceptible increases in achievement (or color wheels) show that one can get from A to B without hardly changing a thing at all if you do it in enough gradations.  So, maybe our minds have other ways of perceiving frequencies besides just the ears.  Like, if our own thoughts are frequencies and the thoughts of people around us are frequencies, we might subconsciously become familiar with the meaning behind how our mind frequency resonates with another person's, based on time and experience with that person or with that same frequency combo and the communications it usually results in.

Random Topics / Re: Things That Annoy You
« on: Yesterday at 06:55:12 PM »

Oh whatever.

What an awful idea. The other day I got trapped in a grocery aisle on one end an obese women in a electric scooter with her daughter, I guess, walking next to her putting things the women in the cart pointed at into the cart. The daughter was also very obese but still, somewhat, ambulatory. So did a 180 with my cart to go the other way. Sure enough a women with a gaggle of kids running around, and one inexplicably sitting, was blocking that aisle gibbering away in Spanish and playing a game of what I presume was tag. I stood there waiting, thinking she would corral her kids so that I could pass. But no dice. I finally sort of bulldozed, in a slow manner, using the cart like a cattle-guard on the kids and broke through.

Lately by some stroke of luck (or matronly age), I have been able to pull of the nose-in-the-air, squared shoulder, "Excuse me". Works every time lately.  My body language does all the derision, but I keep my tone truly friendly.  Not quite sure how this development finally came about, but it is a gem.  It almost works too well, where I have had to caution mothers not to abuse, as they start dislocating children's shoulders, pulling them closer.  A couple of times I've had to say, "It's really okay.  I don't want any child to be pulled too hard!"

Which is why they make these:

Only takes once...

Wow.  Only in America.

Good Lord. Thankfully I have yet to see or experience that at the grocery store! I think store employees, fellow customers, and handlers should not help these obese get food from the shelves. It is not like they are starving! If you can't, short an injury from an accident or being naturally short, stand up and pick it off the shelf than you don't get to buy it and stores should not provide carts for these people, unless they provide carts for everyone. It could be fun to ride a go-cart around the aisle.

Albrecht, these carts ARE for anyone.  There is no restriction on who may use them.  While I am usually not a proponent of fraud, I would encourage any shopper who is really having a bad day to unplug a cart and use it.  If you smile and are pleasant, you may find you get a lot of sympathetic looks from the opposite sex.  And, people who ordinarily would not make eye contact suddenly fawn over you.  If questioned, it is easy enough to say you just left Lowe's Hardware (or any other concrete, warehouse store) and your feet are killing you!  Or a backache.

It can be a refreshing change in how strangers relate to you.  If you come across staff or people you know, it is easy enough to rave about the carts and say you'll be fine, just a bunion...

good for you keeping up and keeping positive. try to stay away from your roomies as they will bring you down. take care
Yeah, the sublessor here got drunk last night.  At least she got a ride home.  Coulda been worse.  The bipolar slept it off, I guess.
Good luck monica.  You certainly are putting in the effort.
Thank you.  The four sets did help weight loss.  I am lighter today, but unfortunately the weight did not come off the belly!  They say, "Last on, first off" so...

Today I used less creamer and part of a pink packet.  JS wouldn't like that, but it worked for me.  No more 300-calorie coffee hour! 

Today is about emotional detachment while stuck in a situation.  A bad relationship cannot ruin any more days.  No bad days.  And no bad food as a stress coping mechanism.

Random Topics / Re: Things That Annoy You
« on: Yesterday at 02:05:58 PM »
The Diet Coke chick telling me to "just do me...whatever that is." Really?! So, if skinning people alive is my thing should I just do that, honey?! And who really knows who they are definitively, anyway?! Just do me, indeed!  ::)

She should just do me, if you follow.  ;)

Random Topics / Re: Bouts with Insomnia, OCD & Other Afflictions
« on: Yesterday at 02:34:26 AM »
I wound up losing 22 lbs. from Fri. to Fri.!
I sure would be jealous!  That's almost my current goal!

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Midnight In The Desert
« on: Yesterday at 01:10:57 AM »
Yes, I slowed the frame rate down on the one I use in case it caused any discomfort to those sensitive to fast flickering images.
He is the only person so far whose face looks just as benign when viewed upside down!

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Midnight in the Desert - Dave Schrader
« on: Yesterday at 01:08:56 AM »
[In Michael Vara's voice]
Malcontninents? I tell you... That's a mouthful.
Better malcontinent than incontinent!

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Midnight in the Desert - Dave Schrader
« on: Yesterday at 01:05:05 AM »
#is you anal canal tired of your weight loss diet?
Sure is.  Less in = more out!

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Midnight in the Desert - Dave Schrader
« on: Yesterday at 01:04:08 AM »

Yeah they totally wanted to eat my dog.... It was so weird to see packs of coyotes wandering the streets of the city late at night....
Was there blood?  Thank God for rottie!

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Midnight in the Desert - Dave Schrader
« on: Yesterday at 12:57:10 AM »
have you tired anal?
Yes, weight loss causes tired anal...

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Midnight in the Desert - Dave Schrader
« on: May 25, 2018, 11:26:36 PM »
This was my first time learning about the Yanni/Laurel phenomenon.

First I heard Laurel.  Then I heard Yanni.  Yanni iis fast, but Laurel is like an after effect, so actually you can hear it both ways at once, due to a slight delay on the lower frequencies in Laurel.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Midnight in the Desert - Dave Schrader
« on: May 25, 2018, 11:02:15 PM »
My first time.

It was a four-set day!  Yay!  Each ten minute segment goes very quickly.  And each set results in metabolic benefits afterward.

Experts are saying you get more metabolic benefits afterward from short sets then you would from one long set.  But, I'd like to see the science in that bec surely the metabolic benefit from a longer set is deeper?

Back on the knees again!  With a knee pad!  I like the box modifier (against the stability of the bed), so my hands stay clean.  Easier than rolling out the mat.  Dog-fire hydrants, back kicks, marching on knees with low arm work...then up to march in place a little.

Four 10-minute sessions aren't working bec i tend to stop at three.
Maybe I'll do three 14-minute sessions.  (Uh, starting next time?  Busted...)

Random Topics / Re: Random stupid things on your mind. Post them.
« on: May 25, 2018, 09:26:45 PM »

Random Topics / Re: Things That Annoy You
« on: May 25, 2018, 09:21:36 PM »
But the latest from the millennial alter-verse is that we must now dialog with them when their diapers need changing!

 >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(
One time my dad was changing one of my sibling's diapers.  For some odd reason, just as he opened the diaper, pee shot straight up toward the ceiling! Then there was some dialogue!

Too much water is fatal. Too much oxygen is fatal. Too much of anything is fatal. You can be crushed to death with a sufficiently large enough load of feathers.
I drink about two gallons in 24 hours.  Hopefully it wont skew my electrolytes.
Carrot juice! I really like it. I actually enjoy the flavor and always find it somewhat energizing in a way similar to ginseng. They're both root vegetables so maybe there's something to that. It's pretty high in sugar so I suspect this may be largely responsible for this effect but perhaps there are other factors, like the carotene or other as yet undiscovered components as well.
Carrots seem very alive.  They energize me, too.  I love juiced veggies, although I'm not set up for home juicing right now.
Today's WOT Vanity Tear:

Yesterday my blood sugar got too low before, during, and after lunch.  I should include some carbs at every meal, even just a few.  I watched it getting lower and lower.  I know from my experience having to call paramedics, that sometimes eating does not raise it in time and even with straight glucose my numbers can continue down before they finally rise again, meanwhile leaving me unproductive at best and incapacitated at worst.  Anyhow, it came up very slowly and after all that stress i had a banana i probably didnt need!  But i just didnt want to go through a low again.  The EMTs once told me, "Just get the food in; don't worry about too much".  Sometimes by the time the symptoms from a low finally cure, it has taken so long that there is very little time to self-soothe bec the next episode can come unawares, if i dont watch the clock (bec an hour can be lost to symptoms and it's easy to forget to count that hour in the three hours the stomach takes to empty).

I did fine with protein but went too light on oil/fat.  Well, I think I'll include some grains at breakfast and lunch judt in case.  Maybe instead of a cup of oatmeal, I could have a cup of oat slurry, like half the oats.  Because hypo is serious.

Last night i did get down on all fours to exercise.  I ended up modifying that, using a box for my hands.  Did those dog-fire hydrant lifts and some kicks.  It was not my favorite position, but obviously unless I want thunder calves, I cant just keep doing aerobics standing up.

Today was about getting things done and avoiding hypoglycemia.  I woke up extremely hungry, but water calmed it down.  I was able to exercise for ten minutes prior to any other drink or food.  But then I needed to eat and get the day going quickly.

Coffee creamer is making me mad.  Morning coffee has as many calories as a small meal, as many of you have agreed.  The fake sugar ones are gross.  The almond and soy ones cost as much as lactaid medicine, so...?  I guess I'll fork over for them, though.  I really like a couple warm cups of decaf most mornings.  It makes my voice sound better too.

Breakfast was slightly processed in order to be quick, although no actual sugar other than half a banana.  Hopefully I burned it off through ten more minutes of aerobic exercise plus chores.  I walked the cat, as I usually do.  In two or three flashes of sudden insight, I solved a problem the cat and I had all year (how to pick her up ambidextrously (since she doesn't always present herself to my good side).  I have tried many times before to no good avail, but today it just fell into place!  Maybe i lost weight in brain contaminants yesterday!  Lifting her ambidetrously also gives her a better view.

Lunch was big and balanced, fajita-type food with lots of vegetables, which had been fried in some oil, a no-no sauce (just a little), a deck of cards portion of meat, and 3 of those mini-tortillas made of corn.  I just dont want any blood sugar issues after yesterday's long low, so I ate "bastante" (suffiently).

I must be on the right track with eating vegetables, bec i thought a leaf on my plate was leftover, uneaten.  Turns out it was painted on, part of the china pattern.  I finished lunch 15 minutes ago and could still eat a horse.  I'm going to wait another ten minutes since maybe my satiety hormones are clogged up.

I'd like to make my own BBQ sauce on the spot once in a while when i need it.  A can of tomato paste would make enough for two occasions and then it would be gone so i would not be tempted.   dont mind going without the smoky flavor.  Molasses is ok with me.  Making my own would eliminate the manufacturer's high fructose corn syrup and sugar.

Well, I'm starting to feel full, 30 minutes after lunch.  Geez!  Such a long time to wait and see.  During that time, I could have eaten another meal!  Looks like im in the clear until showtime.

Today is Day 2 of the turmeric herbal.  I increased the powders, working up to a tablespoon a day of turmeric, fennel seed, and ginger... Plus 1/4 tsp cinnamon.  After last night's infusion, nothing in my body or life has changed much, except perhaps clearer thinking.  Funny, clearer thinking was not stated in the video!  Buy hey!  I'll take it!

I wonder what kind of minimum wage old folks' weekend we'll have here this weekend.  The bipolar autistic's mania calmed down (or he ran out of alcohol) for two days, but i noticed last night he was up all night, and he's been gone all day, so he might be getting another mania. Or, he might sleep.  The house was quiet (other than the vacuum) all day.  He just got back, though.  When these people spend money on alcohol, we have less other essentials, but I am fine right now.  Even the dessert buffet has been (gratefully) empty for a few weeks (a miracle!).  The only sweet I am not allergic to is out in the smokey garage...

I found an additional air purifier, with ionization.  I don't know how well it works, but I could look at the filter again in a couple weeks.  I like it.  I'd like to think the ions are helping me, but how do I prove it's working!

Next week will bring economic news, so it will be a weekend of waiting.  I got a small paycheck, so at least nothing will bounce and i can keep transportation running.

Random Topics / Re: Things That Annoy You
« on: May 25, 2018, 04:14:58 AM »
An Arab taxi driver saw me walking toward dusk and said out his wi dow, "You shouldn't be walking alone!"

I suppose he wanted me to get in a vehicle with a strange man, him.  No way!

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Midnight In The Desert
« on: May 25, 2018, 12:43:33 AM »
Just looks like a big wolf to me

BTW Happy Friday EVE everyone
Some say it could be a starving bear cub:

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Midnight In The Desert
« on: May 25, 2018, 12:06:50 AM »
Although I do not suffer from erectile dysfunction, I've been purchasing that for years from a local Asian store that stinks to high hell of wonderful curiosities. Those little daily bottles are full of now, expensive nectar.  That said, perhaps that's the reason I don't have the dreaded penile affliction. If I stop, will a tree fall in the forest?

Think I'll fuck my wife tonight tomorrow.

Was that Whitley Strieber that walked by behind them in that video for a few seconds?
I wondered the same thing.

How do you know they aren't the same group
Oh, yes, many birds with one stone!

That explains it all. . . .a lack of adequate beauty sleep.
Near the end of this video he says he dates many, many women!  It's bound to take a toll!  Plus, if you add on the escorts you mentioned, and the Hawaii girlfriend you suspect... This is one busy fellah.

I wouldn't use Michelle as a model on which to base a diet considering her physique. Unless you are training to be a middle linebacker.  ;)
ps: supposedly cayenne pepper is good for giving you energy and also helps in weight loss. I was cleaning out the garage and saw an old cookbook from the Junior League and it said if a housewife needed some "pep" later in the day to add some cayenne pepper to your tea.
Yeah, like later in the day when hubby comes home!  I miss house wives in the world. I'm sure they exist, but i see them about as often as golf courses.

Too much cayenne at once is fatal, but who would be able to swallow it anyway.

Mrs Obama got rid of that horrible food pyramid - Who wants to think of food in terms of a huge pyramid!  She got the concept of food back onto the plate, with space inbetween portions.

Well, maybe too many push-ups, but her figure is way ahead of me for sure.  But sometimes she looked anorexic.

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