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It is relatively easy to replace a lost money order.

George has lost many, he is constantly being victimized and robbed, life is a living hell for Anthony Senda. Something must be done. 3 cans of cat food left and not a single penny left to buy more...


To be fair to Goerge, he's had lots of heatlh issues and Kitty Cat problems to attend to.
Shouldn't we wait for the "after" video before passing judgements?

I'm concerned that George maybe realizing that he isn't achieving his goal to become a youtube superstar! That and health issues along with kitty cat problems and Kathy may be not what she seems could be devastating for him.

Worried about George,  he needs our Love and support! Chefist and/or Not Pickle Rick seems to have dropped the ball as late. Sorry for being so negative today, please forgive :(

George's apartment needs a professional cleaning service to remove the trash, scrub the walls and floors with a powerful disinfectant. He needs to be removed from the premises until it's safe to re-enter. Right now it's a giant petri dish of dangerous bacterium that left alone will only spread to adjoining units. I'm surprised the County section 8 inspectors haven't intervened already. I'm going to notify the California Department of Health Services and advised them what's happening. 


The horror...the horror... ;D

I've seen disgusting filth before but this is classic. The floors and fridge interior makes me cringe and he's walking around barefooted. Can we say 'biohazard?' No wonder he has breathing and chest pains, I'm surprised he hasn't succumbed yet from a respiratory infection. And yet he sees no problem to shoot video of this vile cesspool of goo and post it on YouTube.

The only thing we haven't seen are piles of animal feces which I'm sure exist in this rathole he calls his apartment. Why hasn't Contra Costa County Health and Safety red tagged this dwelling? Not only is it a danger to himself but to neighboring units as well.

This is one sick old man...sick...sick...sick.

He has been spending too much time in post making these quality videos. 

What a frikkin retard

Never leave home without your scissors...

They're going to have to amputate his feet.

And his head. No neck, no head.

Could it happen in Martinez someday?

According to police, Rios was outside of his apartment dumping garbage and leaving food for some stray cats when a stray bullet struck him. Police said the bullet traveled 50 to 60 yards through an alley before it hit him.

I lived in LV in the early 70's for a brief time. Had a good time, no problems back then, It's hell hole now, you couldn't pay me enough to even visit the place. Crime is out of control, rape, murder, drugs, assault. I even knew a few wise guys back then, real mafia types, they were ok guys, we got along great. Some of the best italian food could be found, nothing like the crap the copycat shitholes they have now.

Walking the streets of Martinez at night is asking for it. A fat, slow moving white guy makes a perfect target for a gang banger.

Politics / Re: School shooting Miami area 20180214
« on: February 14, 2018, 06:51:12 PM »
Posting bizarre stuff on social media along with pictures of knives, guns,, making prior threats, not allowed to have backpack in school due to threats, kids "not surprised that he did it," youtubing how to make bombs, etc. Another case of a shooter that "was on the radar," it seems.

What this nation needs is a real old fashioned dictatorship, secret police, execution chambers and the like. Do away with the 2nd and 1st Amendment. And the 4th too.

What in the hell? I assume Ab-raham and I are of a similar age. There is no possible scenario I could envision where I would just go over to a be filmed by someone like George, or even be around someone like that. What are they doing together when the camera is off? What does he get out of it?

Envision this: Older man and younger man alone, lights down low, mayonnaise, certain adult toys and reading materials. Moaning, the smell of sweat..

Get the picture now?

When you people follow George on YouTube, how do you get around YouTube demanding your real name?

Russian bots comrade...

$10 says it is the cat pheromone dispenser. He has gone through 2 in a month. That mist canít be good for his lungs.

Warning! Biohazard video! After watching this I'm having problems breathing....I can't believe he actually sleeps in this dump.

If you are healthy enough to film yourself at the hospital you are not sick enough to go to the hospital.

Considering the high level of bacterial contaminants inside the craphole he lives in I'm surprised he's not developed respiratory ailments already. His issue is not from being 'caught in the rain' but more likely a bacterium infection that simple meds and breathing exercises will cure. I'm sure he will play this up to his followers in a 'POOR GEORGE' segment detailing the misery and pain he's enduring. Thank goodness he's still able to make videos.

San Francisco, the fat fuck's favorite city, has become a mecca for people who want to shit anywhere they want. They admit they have a problem but being a liberal controlled shithole the mayor can't pull his head out of his asshole and figure out how to stop it.

The shit map just posted on the other day. Each pile of shit is indicated. Enjoy.


My personal preferred automobile. Just right for Anthony.

Politics / Re: Hillary Clinton
« on: February 06, 2018, 11:49:06 PM »
In the meantime questionable suicides will happen while Hillary continues her short walks in the woods...

Politics / Re: The Border is Secure
« on: February 06, 2018, 11:35:57 PM »

Time to harvest his fucking organs.

Strapped down, no anesthesia with eyes wide open....

Random Topics / Re: Random stupid things on your mind. Post them.
« on: February 05, 2018, 01:51:11 AM »



ahh yes...Stockton, I remember it well. Actually avoided making a delivery there once, told the dispatcher I would rather be dipped in oil and set afire before entering Stockton. The new hire said he'd do it and ended up getting robbed and beaten in broad daylight.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Can I download MP3s from Coast site?
« on: February 04, 2018, 02:28:54 PM »

Someday coast to coast will be replaced with automated non-stop infomercial programming.

George will end up living under a bridge somewhere, babbling incoherently to nobody.

The future is bleak. Give up now.

Hope this helps...

Random Topics / Re: Neil Young
« on: February 02, 2018, 01:11:35 AM »
got hooked on dope because of neil young.

Pornhub's passe. You can't even find horse porn there. ::) ;D

When I was stationed in San Diego, the donkey show in Tijuana was a big draw.

Terrestrial am radio is dead. Even my newer vehicle doesn't include the am broadcast band. Too much interference from all the onboard electronics. I do all my listening via online streaming. Even the local 5000 watt am station does full time internet streaming. It also gives them real time figures on who is listening to them. They have a single engineer who comes by once in a while to check logs and make minor tuning adjustments to the old broadcast transmitter but that's it and he's pushing 75 years old. The transmitter could fail but only a few would notice they would be off the air.

KFI in LA admits they have a huge number of iHeart streaming listeners. But keeping their 50,000
 watt clear channel transmitter is expensive and the number of advertisers has dwindled.

iHeart is dying on the vine...change, you can't stop it.  Now, back to watching pornhub.

will SENDA ever figure out the FACT that Bellgab is his only road to fame ?

who else pays the FAT CUNT SENDA any attention ?

That would be the Contra Costa County Sex Crimes unit. Seems the flow of child porn from the dark web is somehow ending up in Martinez my contacts tell me....

Random Topics / Re: falkie filling his pie hole
« on: January 31, 2018, 01:02:19 AM »

falkie eating more food. wtf

Yep, sugar coated, colon plugging, non-fiber crap. Just the thing for a 65 year old fat fuck. Have another bowl of teeth-rotting, constipation causing shit flakes. Use lot's of regular milk too, not that skim milk shit, eat up coronary coming up!

Politics / Re: SOTU - 2018
« on: January 31, 2018, 12:11:11 AM »
Snowflake SOTU memes everywhere!

Canít tell for sure, but that is either day 2 or day 3 for the stars and stripes shirt.

Might be day 3 or 4 actually.

He only changes to another shirt when he takes a shower hence the dark stains on the walls and floors.

If Falkie rubbed himself with dog shit would it make him cleaner?  Discuss.

No, Senda's poor hygiene habits would contaminate a perfectly good pile of dog shit.

Something's very wong here, horribly wong.  They skies are dark and the sewer is backed up.

Bay Area living!  Look what you're missing!

Delivery of Raw, Unpackaged Meats in Costco Shopping Carts Disgusts Customers

The Big Guy is looking dapper in his stars and stripes.  I wonder if its his cane that is scaring Tiny One.  Its great to see George laughing again.  The trolls must have left him alone for a day.

Shock affects each of us differently. I'm sorry that your mind still wants to accept George as a living deity but unless divine intervention raises George's lifeless body from the grips of death you must try to accept that which has taken our beloved colleague from us.

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