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Looks like George was at the dance party. But did he find the red haired gal with the epic ass?
Oh hell no. At 30 second in he found the youngest girl in the room and kept coming back to film her dancing.

Senda caught a flash by of the pink haired girl.

I'll just say I'm happy to see Senda got home ok.  Other than that,  I have no words.

Anybody Home?

I wish Senda would have watched this before he left.

Just more bullshit, between this and all the con man and grifters no wonder why people see the Extra-Terrestrial believing Community as a joke. Wish somebody would wipe the retards like this off of the face of the Earth, I wish the reptilians would abduct all these assholes and have them for breakfast

To the right, to the right, to the right, to the right.

To the left, to the left, to the left, to the left.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Kingdom of Nye With Heather Wade
« on: Yesterday at 09:18:24 PM »
One of the problems she had tried to be everything to everyone, as was poor at it. It is hard to listen with interest to someone who is not interested in the topics. At first she said she didn't follow or like politics. Then, once Art opined on Trump, she was a Trump supporter and into politics. She claimed to be a witch, then announced on social media that she didn't believe in magic. Now, apparently, when a witchy guest was on the show believes in magic again. She was very critical of Norry and some other radio hosts on BG and Gabcasts but then complains when people complain about her.  She tried to be Art, instead of trying to be herself.

She IS being herself, she's interested in packages to open, money orders, and painted rocks.

I will try, I'm kind of worried about her being alone there, especially if she hasn't heard from Senda either.  I will post if I'm able to get hold of her.  I'm sure others are trying as well...

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Kingdom of Nye With Heather Wade
« on: Yesterday at 07:05:39 PM »
Also Dave's and MVs

I'm SO confused...   :-[

Does anyone sense the lack of Dark Web updates, strange?  Senda would have reached out to his minions by now.  Am I incorrect in this assumption?

I wonder if anybody copied down Kathleens phone number that Senda displayed accidently in one of his vids?  If I remembered which vid it was, I would get her number and give her a call...

  Lol video NOT AVAILABLE!  It looked so entertaining...


Some substitute entertainment while we wait for Senda's next live stream...

Without a doubt, George hit up at least one E.R this weekend.  I would hazard a guess that is precisely where he is at this moment.   I imagine, dependant on the hospital, he needs to be discharged under the assistance of a friend/family member.  This could be problematic. ::)

Well, we haven't heard from him since he ate those french fries he picked up off the ground...

Scroll up

Aww, bummer.  I think I remember you mentioning the deleted thread before.  I'm sorry I never got to read it.  :-\

Aw thank you kindly, brig

HaHA!  Happy to see you keeping up with the Senda Saga  ;D

Actually they're not because he starts telling people to do things and some people actually go out and start doing the retarded crap he tells them to do for some reason

Really?  How interesting!  I would love to hear these stories of people doing what Senda tells them to do.  Please Share these Stories.

Meanwhile, I LOVE NOXEEDs Vids.  He has quite a few up now, that I think you will enjoy watching if you haven't already.  Here is his latest:

Actually it would have been better for him to have gone to alien con and had it been successful because now when he gets back he'll be angry and he'll just start slinging mud against people just to get his frustration out.

Yes, but, theses are some of his finest moments in YouTube live streaming, No?

Haha oh my God.

This thread is more entertaining than his videos would have been anyway.  amIright?

Perhaps Senda solved his accommodation problem by spending the night in the Pasadena ER? He just consumed a bacterial time-bomb, so he must have been shitting like a fireman's hose last night.

Where he is, I have no clue, but he's probably just now waking up.  It's almost 1:30 PM in his part of the world now.

The hotel wi fi doesn't allow gigabites of video to be uploaded? Who knew?  :-\

I thought Senda was purchasing his own internet for a month for the trip.  Didn't he say it cost about $70 for the month, so he could stream on the train, and basically, live stream the entire trip, his interviews, signings, and photo shoots?

I'm pretty sure Senda got donations for everything he requested.  I don't recall anything he asked for that nobody donated the money for.


Meanwhile I'm running around with cheap prepaid Android phone they only cost 28 euros and that spider web the screen when I fell down on a rainy day the monthly service cost twice as much as the phone itself

I wouldn't be surprised if I learned that most of the people who donate to Senda, have far less than he does.

What a lazy douchebag

The thing for me is, even if people sent him the money to get a new one, or even if people sent him three new IPads, he is so accustomed to just begging for things whenever he needs them, that he is careless with everything, and drops them, and breaks them.  He doesn't even care about it because he goes on YouTube and begs untill some noob feels sorry for him.

What happened to his iPad was very strange do you think somebody put a virus that was activated by location onto his iPad? It wouldn't be very hard to do that

He KNEW the IPad was broken. He paid somebody that he used to fix his stuff before on Ebay to fix it, and planned to have it back fixed before he went to AlienCon, but never bothered to mail it to the guy to fix it.

The best case scenario is that he took that 2PM train home yesterday and never even went to the convention.  In that case he
is home safe and sound but too embarrassed to do a video.  He'll lie low for a day and blame faulty equipment for the lack
of videos from the convention.  Anything other than that has him out in the street all night as I believe he said he was down
to $20 after that ChiliBurger.

There is also a posibility he got "a refund" for his AlienCon Ticket, and is not at all broke.  Somebody did report here in the thread, seeing him in the lobby, and believes he "got a refund".

Has anyone had an email or any contact with George?

This is very strange behavior, out of character.
George normally let's his fans know almost immediately if breaks a finger nail or a shoe string.
Very strange behavior indeed!

Anyone know how to contact Kathy?

How could all his months of planning, scheming and his optimisim from two days ago all fall apart so quickly? Nothing adds up?

Kathleen is at Georges hovel, allegedly.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Kingdom of Nye With Heather Wade
« on: Yesterday at 12:49:28 AM »
I must be listening to the wrong URL... Iím just hearing bumper music.

It's back to bumper music now, you're all good.  :)

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Kingdom of Nye With Heather Wade
« on: Yesterday at 12:40:20 AM »
The dummy is driving traffic to my station... which happens to be playing her meltdown on the gabcast right now.

I'm listening Bart!

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