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Is the fat cunt dead?

Nope.  Alive.  Well.  Ghastly............


* drooler2.PNG (133.83 kB)

Random Topics / Re: Random stupid things on your mind. Post them.
« on: Yesterday at 11:38:50 PM »
I lived in Houghton for 5 years.    I'm flabbergasted...........    :'(

I get that he CAN list it any way he wants. I wouldn’t bid on it the way he has it worded. Who knows how long he would hold your bid trying to get more. Or tell you he had a better offer hoping you would raise yours. Put a “buy it now” price on it and say “or best offer by 7/31/2018” or something like that.

This is obviously just one side of the story, but he seems to be a reprehensible cat:

DPS wants his tits.  Been after them for years.  He's offered Falkie $40, but I'll bet the coroner would settle for $20.

Still no word from the lummox?

Nope. The train schedule I checked out yesterday was the same as today - it had a 10:20PM Pacific arrival in Martinez.
So if he took it today, he's got travel time yet.  Plus then he has to walk home from the train station. 

What is this lady holding on to?

To quote Howie Carter when peeping into Tut's Tomb for the first time

I think I see End of Days Myke trolling for poon...

I'm not sure that he could handle the lass at 2:16.   

Haha oh my God.

^^^^^  That kind of sums it up nicely.............

I'm most interested to see how he lays all of his woes off on everyone else.  Fuck him.  Fuck  him with a Civil War era cannon, complete with carriage and ramrod. Throw in some powder, artillery, and a lit match for good measure.

But he was sooooo excited.  It just all turned to shit in a $200+ a night, up scale Hotel Room.

You remind me of Kill Bill when she's in a coma.

I expect that doctor he's trying to sue for getting his sight back wants a piece of Senda.

And........... One more for the road

I'm a kind, nice guy - what the hell did this thread do to me?

^^^  That's freaking terrible.   I'm ashamed.    :-[

When you think about it, stroking out in a hotel room in Pasadena is probably the best way for Senda to go. At least they'd know what to do with the body. Better that than having your balls chewed off by the stray cats you abducted from outside your hovel.

Plus he's just a piece of meat to the Pasadena boys.   Any hospital within 50 miles of Martinez probably has some
ER Doc's that want a little pay back, late night down in the morgue when no one is about.............

He said his burger bag burst open in the Trader Joes or whatever store he went into so he picked them up. There were lots of them. 100 at least. But the last ones were greasy. I guess I forgot to shut it off the second time.

10 different people can watch these videos and each will pick out their own little jewels from it.

I totally missed that in the cranium-sized ChiliBurger video.

I turned it off when he said he was eating the fries that fell on the floor in the store. 30 second rule and all. Admittedly that floor was much cleaner than any floor he had ever dropped food on before. And I haven’t seen the floor.


I'm sure it was just a coincidence. He probably had the galloping shits though, which had nothing to do with inhaling a chiliburger the size of his head. That was a coincidence too.

i do feel for the poor, nameless, individual that had to put the room back in order after George checked out. 

Fleas, demolished toilet and..."That poor maid was really hurtin',  cuz he wiped his butt with the shower curtain"


"In Sendaworld anything is possible"

He kind of screwed the pooch by not providing "contend" at Aliencon. Who is going to have faith in George and his dreams to invest/donate in his Shipping Container Compound now?

Season Nine..I'm in!

Faith Hope Love..always find a way.
Obviously the lesson learned from this Alien Con fiasco,  we  need some iron clad performance  contracts now with George.

Hopefully Senda is safe and Season 9 will be the bestest ever!

He was most upset that his equipment failed and he could upload the riveting he shot on the train.

You knoweveryone is on the edge of their seat to see the gravel pit videos.

He was also pissed off that his seat was near the dining area and people kept walking past him with food.
I got a chuckle out of that.

Has anyone had an email or any contact with George?

This is very strange behavior, out of character.
George normally let's his fans know almost immediately if breaks a finger nail or a shoe string.
Very strange behavior indeed!

Anyone know how to contact Kathy?

How could all his months of planning, scheming and his optimisim from two days ago all fall apart so quickly? Nothing adds up?

Maybe PB could bicycle over and see if George is at Casa Senda.  Should we contact the police and file a missing person report?

The best case scenario is that he took that 2PM train home yesterday and never even went to the convention.  In that case he
is home safe and sound but too embarrassed to do a video.  He'll lie low for a day and blame faulty equipment for the lack
of videos from the convention.  Anything other than that has him out in the street all night as I believe he said he was down
to $20 after that ChiliBurger.   

On what basis was he able to obtain a refund? Because he can't plan for shit and makes a mess of anything the least bit complicated that he undertakes, they are obligated to refund his ticket?

Wouldn't be easy

Is it possible to change or cancel my ticket?

Tickets may be transferred or upgraded. Please note that all sales are final. Additionally, while tickets can be transferred, if you purchase from another source, you risk buying a counterfeit or invalid ticket. AlienCon is not responsible for tickets purchased from unofficial sources.

Random Topics / Re: BREAKING! Re: The General Musings of Falkie2013
« on: June 16, 2018, 10:44:57 PM »
Nice going George.. I think?

Oh geez, I take full responsibility, another failure  .. Season Eight a bust!

Liberace ban me, I'm not worthy

Courage White Crow!  "Goldfield" indeed

Random Topics / Re: BREAKING! Re: The General Musings of Falkie2013
« on: June 16, 2018, 10:24:49 PM »
By "go home" does he mean back to the Hotel?  I think the last train to Martinez left hours and hours ago, amIwrong?

If he is there, why wouldn't he hang until the Alien Con party is over?  He could really cut loose at it!


Cast your mind back to the fall of the Berlin was on telly...Anyway, they reunified East and West Germany into one Germany. Austria is adjacent to Germany.

Americans and geography, is that why they invade countries so they can update the maps?

He's just messing with you Y.P.  He is quite aware where Austria is.

After all, every Bank Officer is given the keys to an Alpine Chalet near  Innsbruck, after they bang those chicks in that
weird Eyes Wide Shut ceremony when they are sworn in.

Is he going to live stream his show from there tonight?

I was just kidding.   I don't know what's going on with Tim.

No word from SpookyTim yet, he usually sets up early for his YouTube stream.  Is he not doing a show tonight?
He's out at Alien Con..............

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Spooky Southcoast
« on: June 16, 2018, 09:00:07 PM »
What’s on tonight?

Perhaps nothing?

That starts out as a bus trip. He probably isn’t that smart.

Well he's for Luca's couch then.  That or maybe he'll  meet a lady friend at the big Alien Con party tonight and he'll spend
the night in her room. 

Never heard of  Austria being in Europe. .. I thought East Germany was east  where you say Austria is. Don't you mean West Germany is one your East border?

Just go to Northern Italy and ask White Crow.   They'll get you there.


How? The train takes twelve hours.

Not on weekends it doesn't...........   I guess he has more than an hour travel time left though

Does George have hooker money while at Alien Con?

He did but he blew it on burgers and cinnamon rolls...............

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