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Random Topics / Re: Ask Liberace! Anything
« on: Today at 01:11:04 PM »
Hey Lee,

Have you talked to your old buddy Tim Pate lately?  I was just curious how he was doing.

Speaking of "Pates"  I once contacted s own Pate, via s PM system, thinking that he was "Tim Pate".  He was NOT "Tim Pate" but simply "Pate".

The episodes of Radio Trainwreck with Tim Pate were quite good,
Sept 20, 2010

Nov 10, 2011

as was the October 30, 2016 Gabcast with your childhood friend, Matthew who works in the death industry.

plus Art Bell, his son, Rollye James, George Noory aka Bellgab's "johnny". MV has done some EXCELLENT work.  Lee, next time you see him, be sure thank him for his efforts.  I value his efforts.

The Evelyn cry episode of the "Radio Trainwreck" from March 20, 2017

Evelyn's pronunciation of the word "man" and Lee's of the word "woman" is amusing.  Polarized is one word, another might be "immovable opposite opinion."
The episode was highly entertaining as a listener, though I'm sure it was grating/draining to the hosts.


Thanks, Hog. I've always appreciated the fact that you seem to enjoy my bullcrap.

Lee, I asked a question in the Function Random thread a couple times and it got absolutely no traction. You seem knowledgable about such things so Iíll ask you. Why canít alternative video sites (or any site for that matter) make their videos as easily embeddable as YouTube does where all you have to do is cut and paste the web address?

Those other video sites might already be embeddable. It's also a question of whether the software used on this forum for video embedding is capable of parsing the page the video exists on to embed it here. I don't think BitChute is supported by the software used here, for example. Then again, I don't know if BitChute is embeddable to begin with.

How To Use BellGab / Re: What happened?
« on: Today at 02:56:21 AM »
Did this situation ever get resolved?

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Sean Hannity
« on: Today at 02:45:55 AM »
Yes, Savage is still a Trump fan, though he does a small amount of criticizing the president every now and then.  He got a private phone call from Trump a week or so ago and is invited to the White House once a year to celebrate the Jewish New Year.

Actually, I'm listening to the latest episode of Savage's podcast as I type this.  He certainly hasn't lost anything since I heard him last.  He must be 75 at this point.

A few minutes into this episode he was discussing his recent ride on AF1 with the President, so things must still be good on that front. 

In sync with my comments above, I got a chuckle when (on an episode I'm randomly listening to) he mentioned "The Water Carrier" (Hannity) and "The Golfer" (Rush).  Savage used to call Hannity "The Wall Banger" but that's a reference to Hannity's construction days, so perhaps Savage dropped that since it sounds a bit elitist.  "The Water Carrier" is far more appropriate anyway.  Savage also mentioned his ongoing absence from TV, haha.  My finger is on the pulse.  I will say, I'm enjoying his podcast.  Will listen more.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Sean Hannity
« on: Today at 01:52:04 AM »
He does have his blue moments but he seems fairly successful himself. I donít listen all the time but sometimes Iíll catch a bit of his show here and there. Same with Rush.

Savage was definitely successful, but he never enjoyed mainstream acceptance the way Rush and Hannity did, and he hates them both for it.  I think this became really pronounced when he was banned from appearing on FNC.

Is Savage still a Trump fan?  I was listening to him prior to Trump's election and after, and toward the end of my listening stretch it felt like Savage was just itching to turn on Trump.  Following in the footsteps of his transparently hollow reasons for hating Rush and Hannity, I think it was because he felt largely responsible for Trump's political success and Trump wasn't repaying it by appearing on his show for an hour each night.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Sean Hannity
« on: Today at 01:31:11 AM »
Another guy you hate, Savage, likes to make fun of him a lot.

I don't hate Savage.  I just couldn't listen to him because I found him too depressing.  I think Savage hates Hannity primarily out of jealousy of his success.

Radio and Podcasts / Sean Hannity
« on: Today at 01:10:25 AM »
It seems there isn't a Sean Hannity thread (until now).  Hard to believe after twelve years of BellGab.

I watched a bit of his TV show tonight for the first time in probably three or four years.  He's even more insufferable than I remember. 

When you want Chunk Booger's right wing equivalent of a meat headed talking point regurgitation machine, Hannity is your guy.  Pure propaganda.  Not one original thought exits the hole in his face.  Five minutes of reading Twitter and you'll already know every angle of today's Hannity broadcast.

His TV show was 1000% better when Alan Colmes was on it, despite the fact that Colmes was a fucking idiot who went to his death believing OJ "didn't do it."

While I realize Hannity and I are largely of the same political worldview, I find him to be a dumbed down inlet valve allowing the politically inexperienced and unaware to feel like they've accessed the conversation.  When I talk with my mom and things shift to politics, I immediately sense a very surface and generalized understanding of complex issues, and it's not because she's dumb.  It's because Hannity is her primary source of political news and analysis.

And by the way, I haven't forgotten Hannity's dismissive attitude toward Ron Paul in 2008.  Had Hannity shown McCain even 5% of the contempt he demonstrated for Ron Paul on a nightly basis, perhaps the Republicans would have nominated someone who was worth a fuck.  And why was Hannity so put out by Ron Paul?  Because Paul was against the Iraq war.  Full stop.  In fact, Hannity was still cheerleading the Iraq war until Trump came along and forced him to change as he realized (after thirteen years) he'd lost the Iraq argument with his own audience.  Yes, Hannity supported Trump eight years later when Trump was preaching 75% of Ron Paul's platform.  I never forgave Hannity for Ron Paul.

And then there's the fact that Hannity won't shut the fuck up for two seconds and let people speak.  Sometimes he has interesting guests, but good luck hearing anything they have to say.  Sean is so in love with the sound of his own voice that he can't let anyone finish a thought.  God forbid he shouldn't be the focus of attention for twelve seconds.  I see people complaining about this constantly. 

Correction:  I just heard a segment with Mark Levin which Hannity didn't interrupt.  Wow!  So, note to self:  If you're a miserable fuck with a voice that's the audio equivalent of throat cancer and you worked tirelessly to block Trump's path to the republican nomination while being wrong about absolutely everything until a fear of losing your audience forced you to change, you'll be allowed to speak uninterrupted on Hannity.

Fuck you, Sean Hannity.

Random Topics / Coronavirus 2020
« on: Yesterday at 11:29:38 PM »

Iím okay with James Bond being a female as long as she shows us her tits.

Tits or GTFO, as the kids say.

How To Use BellGab / Re: What happened?
« on: January 20, 2020, 06:47:14 PM »
I'm no longer able to use the bold and other buttons, the emojis or the 'order free omaha steaks' icon.

clear your browser's cache.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Wife started a YouTube channel
« on: January 20, 2020, 12:20:36 PM »
She also has been in contact with folks and trying to find stuff they lost, they give her the general area and she looks around.

That's a good angle, too.

Tonight is the Superbowl?

Politics / Re: President Donald J. Trump
« on: January 19, 2020, 06:25:58 PM »
No beef, but, I always took you for a dyed-in-the-wool leftist.

Just because he's knowledgeable on the subject of pharmaceuticals?

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Wife started a YouTube channel
« on: January 19, 2020, 04:08:35 PM »
 Need some help. Wife started a YouTube channel.  Itís about snorkeling and finding things in the water.
What I need is some help with ideas on how to make it better...

I watched the video you posted.  I'd suggest she search where people are likely to have lost more interesting items, including (or even primarily) ditched guns.  BTW, the gun angle opens up the possibility of followup videos to let viewers know what the police concluded after running the serial numbers.  It's just that it isn't especially interesting watching someone recover unwearable sunglasses and ruined phones.

I'm curious as to what she eventually does with the stuff she recovers?  Does it get thrown away?  I'd imagine quite a hoard building up if you held on to everything.

How To Use BellGab / Re: Ignore: gone!
« on: January 19, 2020, 01:58:54 PM »
You can still add people to the ignore list in your profile. It's just that the button is gone.

Did you tell her we call it "The Hovel"?

I told her to look away.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Kingdom of Nye With Heather Wade
« on: January 19, 2020, 03:06:12 AM »
As if enough of my teenage 1990s Art Bell perceptions haven't been shattered, now when I hear the term "Kingdom of Nye" I have to think of this fucking podcast. So thanks for that.


Someone sent George two pennies.  They spent 56 cents and the cost of the envelope to send George two cents, lol.  Then in another envelope he got 25 cents.

He's mad about people donating to animal shelters, too.

My daughter just asked, "Daddy, is he in a small attic or something?"

heh heh

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