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I'm not even going to listen to this show. I'll never get the smell of patchouli off.

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More likely the odor of adult diapers

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you never knew what show may become a classic.
Something tells me this will not.
But that's just me.

Everything that went on surrounding the show has made it a personal classic for me  ;D

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Had been lurking here, but I finally finished this joke of a show today (Sirius On Demand) and I just had to post about it.

Art, if you read this, dude, get some better guests. I've been listening to his show since the early '90's and these two were among the worst I have ever heard. Two phony baloney, hippy socialist frauds, that will say anything and pretend they know everything about whatever someone is interested in. Art likes aliens, they might say, well, we'll say we've seen alien ghosts. Art likes Bigfoot, we'll say we've seen Bigfoot ghosts also (make that "cute Bigfoot"). What frauds! A complete waste of a show. Let Noory get these lunatic opportunists and Art, get some real SCIENCE people on. More people like Dr. Kaku, Seth Shostak, Dr. Karam, less completely transparent (and frankly boring), "I see dead (fill in the blank)" frauds.

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What must be realized here is, at least, twofold:

1) Some who listen to the show regularly, consider "lightweight" fluff like these two guests to be a "good" guest;

2) Bad guests make the good guests better.

Without the chaff, there is no wheat.

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I, for one, enjoyed the show. 
Most of us have witnessed things that science does not presently explain. 
The women may seem to be silly but that light spiritedness may protect them from things of lower vibration.  In spiritualist services that same kind of innocent enthusiasm is witnessed. 

I think there is a tendency to not like one thing about a guest and somehow that leads us to the conclusion that everything they say is hooey.  I disagree with that approach. 

Since I don't have psychic sight I really don't have a way to say whether these women are valid or not, but much of what they say is confirmed by older teachings.  Maybe they just studied hard and are winging it. 

Would I buy their stuff?  Nope.  But I'd listen to see what I can glean and it IS very entertaining.   

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WTF? I've seen .gifs with more content.

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It was the best Nipsey Russell "Riiiiggghhhhttt" that I could find.  ;)

 Sorry, thought it was appropriate to the previous poster talking about "vibrations" and liking the interview with those two hippie twats.

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A little bit of Nipsey Russel goes a looooong way.

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I looked up their book on Amazon and it was not one that you could peer into before purchasing. 

Then, some reviews said it had a scattered presentation and was very poorly written and self published. 

That closed the door for me.

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It took you that long for the door to close?

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It took you that long for the door to close?
Like Art, I am closer to the door than most are here so I am more tolerant of those who have glimpses of what lies on the other side of it. 

I have had enough personal experiences and have read enough to not discredit everything these ladies say or do.  I'm not one, though, to spend bucks on something that is 'ify', though.  I don't like books that are poorly written or just one case history after another of paranormal experiences.  I'm certainly not going to shell out for the 'space rocks' these women are offering.   

But, I think history has taught us that the average person in any past civilization has labored under some information that they thought was factual and was not.  The same surely should apply to us.  And them.  Just because some of their presentation may be hokum does not mean that all of it is.       

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I'd agree if I thought they actually were credible about "the other side", but these two were about as phony as could possibly be. I don't believe a word they said and I don't think THEY believed a word they said. Art has much more credible guest on to talk about ghosts and the afterlife.

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But not, I would submit, as bogus as Michael & Nicole Sebastian who were just on last night (a week or so after the GhostBuster Gals). I mean, the gals were at least good-batured and sort of lovable whereas the Sebastians were serious airy-fairy posers (as opposed to goofy airy-fairy posers).

Isn't it amazing how all these self-proclaimed "experts" speak with such firm authority when they've clearly borrowed it all from bits and pieces of fringe paradigm they've absorbed along the way. Sometimes we will see someone who does it well but these two duos are dull and clumsy, IMO.