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Merry Christmas

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Frys Girl:
I've been contemplating sending George some stuff for Christmas. I might do a regular card and all that. But maybe inside I'll write some helpful stuff like "here's a nightly checklist for you"
1. Read guest bios. Maybe google them and learn a factoid
2. do some warm up so i don't fuck up all the sentences
3. remember george noory is listening and taking note of all fuck-ups
4. Stop trying to be cool or name drop

In addition, I was thinking of sending him a copy of "how to lose friends and alienate people". Maybe a copy of a diaper porn magazine too. Or a dictionary..... any ideas amigos?

He's not getting anything under the tree from me.  He has been a very, very bad boy!  He sucks pervasively.

To make up for it, he could be bell ringer for the Salvation Army or buy something for a child on an angel tree to make up for his dead baby fetish.

Great post very funny. However, it is predicated on the idea the Georgie can read may I suggest a pop up book to really hold his attention, but very funny indeed.

Pirate King Atomsk:
Well, it actually feels like winter down here for once cause..guess what? WE GOT SNOOWWWWW!! This usually only happens about once every 4 or 5 years for us, and it usually is more like sleet...but this is nice, slushy snow. Had I have gotten up even earlier there'd be more, but these are from about 7:00AM our time, so the sun had only been out about an hour.

Neighbor's house and fence, my backyard.

The street and the side of my front yard.

This is the back of my car, the part extended past the carport roof.


Frys Girl:
Woo hoo! Whip out the sleds!


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