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George's Celebrity Friends

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The other day a caller said the two greatest interviewers in the world were "Bob Costas and George Noory" and George said
"ahhh yes, my old friend Bobby ..." Another time recently he made it sound like he and Casey Kasem palled around LA together all the time. I know both of those dudes are in the same building as George but do you think the three of them actually kick it? Like are George, Bob and Casey hitting the clubs - could I see the 3 of them getting guest-listed into The Ivar or playing Texas Hold 'Em at the Kasem estate?

Hard to say - but the image I get is "bump into each other in the hall and exchange a courteous glad-hand" -- but that's me and my imagination - I've no idea how things actually go.

You know the most famous celebrity friend of George, is Tommy Danheiser, next is well the one from ZZ Top.  The two you are referring too, probably the most they share in common is that they work in the same office building and go in and out the same doors.  These are the most Hollywood oriented celebrity friends he probably has.  The rest is wishful thinking.   

When he said "my old friend Bobby", he actually said "my old friend Bobaaay."

BTW ... when he had Richard C. on a couple weeks ago he was telling Richard C. how much background they do on all the stories they "run," that they verify and reverify them. If he was talking about the stories in the news segment, he's reading verbatim copy from the AP feed - I've even followed-along before. What does he mean when he says they verify/reverify? It sounds like he has a network of reporters out in the field.

Frys Girl:

--- Quote from: RecoveringNoorholic on September 15, 2008, 04:19:50 PM ---"Bobaaay."

--- End quote ---
WHAT A douche!! I wish we had a big head shot of George with the douche/money links below but with the money link reading "this action is impossible, fool." (except for EvB when Snoory tells the refrigerator joke ;)

ALSO: Welcome aboard. Glad to see more people logging on to discuss Snoorology, for that is what we call studies of the Snoory.


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