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Worst come on lines EVER!.. ?

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This one does NOT WORK! but it's very fun to say.

"You had me at Fuck Off".

Eddie Coyle:
         It's a bad come on line but it worked.

          In my former life as a postal worker I'd asked a co-worker "so what the hell did you do wrong to end up here with us?"  She laughed and didn't run away screaming(at that point)

         We ended up going out for 11 months before she realized I was non compos mentis and probably not what she wanted as a father to her future kids(her biological clock was ticking-she was 27, I was 23)

Frys Girl:
anything that implies we should have sex, that we should have babies, that i was made for you and vice versa.

Just say hi! Just say you look nice. Say stuff like "Nice hat! You're a redskins fan." Or say...... "nice shoes!"

I didn't know it was so easy to mess up something so simple.


--- Quote from: Frys Girl on March 07, 2012, 06:30:54 AM ---

 Or say...... "nice shoes!"

--- End quote ---
at which point you know for sure he's gay  ;D

Frys Girl:

--- Quote from: BobGrau on March 07, 2012, 07:36:53 AM ---at which point you know for sure he's gay  ;D

--- End quote ---
Ok it depends.... I see what you mean though. I just mean that it doesn't require some poetry. Just common sense and kindness.

As to Eddie dating the older woman, you musta been/are good looking. I happen to think that most women don't like to date younger, unless it's really really good.


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