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If anything is important on Coast to Coast, it's what your hosts are doing during advertisement breaks. Obviously fun things, because fuck work. So, what are they doing while we listen to Noorbear tell us to invest in gold and take prostate shit? I dunno, I'm just guessing here.

Othergeorge is a man. Ian is a man. Noorbear is probably a man. Men pee, and they pee hard. Did you think men hold their pee in all day? No. They pee fucking hard. While the ads are playing is a great time to visit good ol' White Oval, letting us sit our lazy butts on its opening hole and deposit our waste since at least 100 years ago. I can just imagine Ian just letting go of all that tension that resides in his cute little stomach while reading Harry Potter and the Chamberpot of Secrets. Othergeorge would be more serious, quick and efficient. Those packages just plop down faster than Noorbear can say "sure." Noorbear, he doesn't use the restroom. That badass just lets go in his comfortable swivel chair. Into his homemade diapers. Made out of his own moustache clippings.

What other things do you think our hosts do during ad time? And don't say something stupid like actual work.

LOL, this might be one of the more interesting posts I've seen in a while. Welcome to CoastGab.

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Even more interesting is what is Noory doing WHILE he is in the middle of an interview.
Often you can hear background noise of him clicking keys on his computer, probably googling all the time to loook up  some reference the guest is talking about or find info on an actor or movie that he thinks relates.
Notice tonight he plugged an upcoming taped interview with actor Gary Sinese (that Noory always calls Lt. Dan) to be broadcast later this week?

The General:
It's fun to imagine George as a raging mouth-foamer as soon as the microphone is off. 

on air, in a sweet voice:
"And after the break we'll take your calls!" 

4 seconds later:
"Fuuuuck!  Where is that goddamn masseuse?  Somebody get in here and fan me, and bring me my graham crackers you worthless fuckers!  What the fuck do I pay you toadie sycophants for?  Get in here and service me!  I said GRAHAM CRACKERS, NOT RITZ CRACKERS YOU WORTHLESS FUCK!"

Then Beer pong with the interns. It would explain the increased drunkbaggery Noorbear seems to output as the show goes on.

On another note, like office golfing, I wouldn't bat a single eye if Noorbear convinced Coast to Coast to invest in a dolphin mouth-kicking station because fuck dolphins. Those motherfuckers are getting too smart.


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