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Lately work is getting to be a real stressor. I work 3 twelve hour shifts and am on call during the hours I am off on those three days. So time on fri, sat, and sun is hard to find.

So when I go into a store to buy something... anything and I get an attitude from a clerk... I wanna cause pain.

Anyway on my way home last night, I was tasked with getting my wife a bottle of coffee creamer. No big deal right? (I wanna cry) I stop at the only grocery store on the route to my house. There are only two bottles of coffee creamer and  they are out of date. I ask the clerk if by any chance there is any other place some may be found or if there are any "fresh" bottles not yet on the shelf. I think the fellow thought I was asking if his mother still offered blowjobs behind the store. Needless to say, I left with no creamer. I had to stop at the next convenience store and picked up many of the individual servings and told my wife she was now on her own.

The point is, I didn't let the issue go. I was pissed, not so much at lack of availability but the fuckstick that gave me a bad time because I asked him to vary his work routine.
So now that I am up earlier than I planned I thought does anyone else have moments of--I am going to kill them?

All I ask is the issues revolve around your day to day. No politics please.

People who let their dogs bark, and bark, and bark, for no reason.

The General:
I work in a neighborhood overrun by homeless people.  And I hate them.  Yes, I am using the word hate directed at this 'underprivileged' group of people.  Know why?  Because they are not underprivileged, they are scam artists.  I see it every day, the same people, the same stories; these people should have been actors.  The speed at which they can cry on demand for some poor tourist is astonishing.  They go instantly from laughing it up with their buddies in the alley to giving an overbearing sob story to some poor family of four from Ferndale. 

I can't walk 2 blocks to the market and back without getting hit up for money at least 6 times.  I am not exaggerating.  I know for a fact that some of these people have bank accounts flush with cash.  I also know for a fact that you can pretty much get free food any time of the day here in this bleeding heart metropolis of enablers.  It's a non-stop party in the streets for these people and they get by on victimizing people through guilt and scare tactics.  They are human parasites.  My fair city has dealt with the problem by running these people out of all the nicer surrounding areas, and corralling them all into MY neighborhood.  And they are damn lucky that I don't run things.  My homeless policy as mayor?  Work camps.
Hope that wasn't too political for you Onan.  It's what pissed me off today.

Eddie Coyle:

    Loud,obnoxious people...whether blabbing endlessly into their cellphone, blaring awful music in their shitbox of a vehicle, having "deck parties" at 3AM etc. I really despise these fucks. I really feel like letting my inner James Huberty out when loud people are around me. I'm naturally misanthropic, but dealings with these cretins only validate my hatred.


--- Quote from: onan on May 22, 2011, 03:41:35 AM ---I work 3 twelve hour shifts and am on call during the hours I am off on those three days...

--- End quote ---

Lack of sleep = impatience.


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