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i see what happened. i donated like 50 bucks to MV. my bank card wasn't working so i had to use whatever i had left on a prepaid gift card. i'll go get another one tomorrow or next day and toss him a couple more hundred dollars. maybe some of you think i should donate more than that since supposedly i am the one who caused all of this. maybe you are right but i would say that 1) i know some of you accuse me of "pretending to be rich" but in reality i have never said that and have only said the opposite. i've only said that i live a very simple life and do my best not to spend much money so i don't go into debt, and that i'm not homeless anymore, which obviously doesn't mean "rich" by any measure. and all kidding about my profession that i normally indulge in aside, obviously i rummage through fucking trash for a living. so obviously i'm not raking in the big bucks over here. and 2) even though i will probably incontrovertibly get the blame for this, it's not actually my fault:

the post that was the supposed offender was not only tame, but completely acceptable and mainstream political discourse by any measure. it's true that i have posted some bad shit on this website, going back for years, but in fact this only proves my point. YEARS ago, around 2014, i remember being engaged in a pretty serious and prolific discussion on this board about whether or not the holocaust happened. i was FAR from the only person arguing that it didn't happen, so it's not like i'm the only one who was putting forth those views here anyhow.

MV banned me for that, and now time has told that he made the right decisions there. he probably should not have unbanned me, since i ultimately made this problem for him.

whatever, but the point i'm making is that this decision had NOTHING to do with the content, and had instead to do with political, cultural and social changes being engineered by an elite class of tech giants who are increasingly controlling our political discourse and points of view. they are using tactics like this to control the narrative and shut us all up.

what's the point i'm getting at here? simply that MV rightly and justly does not moderate this board heavily, so if it wasn't my post it would have just as well been another one that was leaning right. it wasn't that pointing out that a socialist claiming not to be able to afford ramen but wearing 300 dollar boots is "wrong", it's that it went against the narrative and made "them" feel threatened. ok. well considering that post was about the most mainstream post i've ever done on any internet forum anywhere, you can be sure it would have happened sooner or later anyhow.

here's a media matters article referencing googles recent "crackdown" on "hate speech" published in november:

this is a "new normal". things like this are just going to get more and more and more common. i'm really genuinely sorry for my post, not because it was wrong but because of the consequences it resulted in, but i do also simultaneously believe that due to the (frankly excellent) way this board is generally moderated and the level of free speech allowed here, it would have happened soon anyhow with this crackdown going on. remember google owns YouTube too and there's plenty of writing and discussion of how they're using demonitization to censor people (including bland and tame stuff like Praeger U) from that platform.

long before the recent revelations from project veritas about twitter shadowbanning people i had given up on both youtube and twitter and taken myself off of the platforms (two things i used to do from time to time, talking about political views) because of the obvious shadowbanning and algorithm meddling. not that my channels were ever big, they were really small and so was my twitter and i was never able to make a dime off of either of them (my youtube was so small i never even bothered to monetize), but a couple of years ago it used to be i could get a lot of views and get my views out to be people. get subscribers and stuff. it at least felt like i had a fair chance, and then there was just a very obvious change, out of nowhere, where suddenly it was like you were put into an online gulag. it's bullshit but this is what is happening to anyone who expresses a right-wing or conservative political opinion.

nevertheless, i'll make sure to get that prepaid card and make the bigger donation and it won't be the last one either.

my advice to MV (even though he prob doesn't want it)? might seem like a bad thing, and i don't know how much you were making on adsense (i remember you saying you made enough in total off of this website to pay your electric bill once, i'm presuming that's including donations though), but IMO it was the rope around your neck, you just didn't realize it. now you've been freed to open up your content. not be beholden to your SJW masters. institute a simple two-tiered membership system with a few extra benefits. offer "gold" comments or something if you're able to (although i think i've used this forum interface or program or whatever it is you're using here before, and i don't know how or if it would be capable of doing such a thing. but then again i'm pretty illiterate technically and really struggled when i tried to build websites), and basically reach a whole new demographic of people if you so choose. the fag who runs godlikeproductions claims he makes 250K a year off of his site. who knows if that's true but i'm just saying there's money to by made outside of adsense because i'm pretty sure adsense wouldn't allow them on their platform either.

just saying, there's a lot more appetite these days for politics and politically incorrect things than there is for fucking paranormal talk radio shows that haven't been on the air for a decade. whatever though.

i honestly can't believe that fucking picture of that communist chick dressed up like a million dollar hooker and claiming "if i cant afford ramen i'll eat the rich" led to fucking demonitization here honestly. that is so fucking far beyond my expectations even for a POS company like google.

even if MV bans me i will make sure to toss him 50 bucks every couple months or whatever. i promise.


--- Quote from: gnooryblows on January 13, 2018, 04:23:30 AM ---they are using tactics like this to control the narrative and shut us all up

--- End quote ---

Just scroll past it.


--- Quote from: gnooryblows on January 13, 2018, 04:25:09 AM ---i honestly can't believe that fucking picture of that communist chick dressed up like a million dollar hooker and claiming "if i cant afford ramen i'll eat the rich" led to fucking demonitization here honestly

--- End quote ---

Karma is a bitch dick.


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