Author Topic: police kill innocent, unarmed person in "SWATTING" raid  (Read 91 times)

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police kill innocent, unarmed person in "SWATTING" raid
« on: December 29, 2017, 05:32:53 PM »

28-year-old Andrew Finch of Wichita, Kansas, was killed last night by police in what appears to have been an incident of "swatting." Deputy police chief Troy Livingston told the Wichita Eagle that police were responding to a report of a murder and hostage situation at Finch's home when he came to the front door and was shot.

when the FUCK is everyone going to face up to the fact that the cops aren't "your friends"? you don't have to be a fucking nigger to get shot, ok? they shoot everyone. they shoot white people. they LOVE to shoot white people. BLACK LIVES MATTER has set this issue back so far by trying to make it into a racial issue when police are equal opportunity murderers. wake up man. stop bending over and taking it up the ass. police are corrupt psychopaths. they murder innocent unarmed people for no reason other than their own neurosis ("i felt my life was in danger" and they face no consequences!

the officer who killed Finch for answering his front door has been placed on administrative paid leave.   

best fucking part of it all! that's all he'll face for the taking of an innocent life! a little free vacation!

Re: police kill innocent, unarmed person in "SWATTING" raid
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that god damn nigger movement and the demoncrats ruined it for us all by turning it into a racial issue but police brutality is actually a race-blind issue. we all need to wake up to the reality of our own oppression here.

Re: police kill innocent, unarmed person in "SWATTING" raid
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honestly though how retarded are demoncrats who say "police are all trying to kill us and the president is literally hitler and there's corruption everywhere" but then want to forfeit their fucking weapons to the government? my god. i can't even begin to fucking understand the retarded mentality they have. they rightly admit that the government is implicitly corrupt but yet they want to surrender all of their power to them, grow them more and put them in charge of more of our funds and more of our life!