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The Deadly Merchant with A Cipher
« on: November 22, 2017, 03:43:48 AM »
A story I wrote about a game the url is at the bottom to the game its a blast

The Deadly Merchant with a Cipher

This man was tall, lean and mean; he had a swagger about him with shiny teeth. The side arm seemed to fit him well as thou it had been used just as much as his tooth brushes. His name was Daniel; he was famous for out gunning a Star Ship with a Sentinel. The battle lasted 12 hours, because Daniel caught the Star Ship very low on fighters. Daniels only flaw was a long scar around his neck and I never asked him about it out of fear. A rare business venture just turned up for Daniel regarding a trip, about 40 light years, which would take him about six months just one way.

He was to deliver a secret communication enclosed in an envelope.
From a military and societal level which he figured out was the case; a whole star system lay in the balance, because of a war with D-league. Daniel would be paid handsomely. Daniel stood by me when we signed the contract and said, “You ready for some fun in deep space”. I said what sort? Daniel replied, “Space pirates, aliens, maybe D-league contact, bars and long down time. I always helped Daniel as I was his technical wiz, but this run did not sit well with me. Anyway back to the deal, Daniel was given a credit card with 10 million credits and another 10 million when the envelope was passed on to federation command.

We had 5 hours to leave and get ready so we required help; which the government of Nova Star offered and we all sensed the urgency. Daniel knew his ships so he chose the Scout Marauder to make the run.

2 months has passed now with one stop, at a space bar where we had to leave fast, because Daniel killed an agent of D-league who was prying us of our business. His last breath mentioned as the agent died, “The Trump will not die even thou we hear you have the directions on how to get to him”. Then the agent slumped over and passed. The whole bar went silent so Daniel said the man had some sleeping illness and we would go to get his medication. The quick thinking saved us. The bar went about its business.

As I sat back in my cockpit I wondered what that agent meant and then I realized. The envelope must contain assassination directions of D-leagues President. Suddenly the ship dropped out of warp and we lost our cloak. Daniel was screaming HG get on it we have only a minute before a capital ship was on us and it was not a friendly. I ran down the corridor about 30 yards but I tripped and slammed into the storage. Out fell the envelope and Daniel was screaming my name while cursing in the process of some evasive maneuvers.

Unfortunately, our ship was caught up in there gravity indictor and so we were sitting ducks. Daniel said, “Look kid this ship only has one hiding spot which no life scanners can detect, so stick the envelope in your sock and put your boots back on!!! Once the ship is on a planet; find a way to escape. Remember the letter contains classified information and it has to reach Delta Epsilon”. Once inside all I could do is wait for my chance later to escape. I heard a loud blaster go off in the background and I knew Daniel would die fighting rather than to be tortured for information. I heard a scuffle and a few more lasers and blaster go off. Then silence! I looked at my day glow watch to record the time and it seemed as if hours went by. I knew we were headed for a planet when I felt the ship enter the stratosphere of where ever it was landing. Daniel was right they over looked my hiding spot and so after two days of no food I came out. It was dark as I looked out the viewer. I was at some storage facility for ships. I wondered where we were yet I did notice on the horizon light so I had to act fast.

I ran to a wooded grove after I deactivated a few security modules and cut through a fence. It was about noon and fortunately I did not see anyone when I came upon a one door enclosed little hovel. I snuck in and it was empty. It was an old hunters place. I was tired so I fell asleep on some old dusty mattress. When I woke it was night time. One thing about me is being a technical wiz, curiosity made me do it, I opened the letter and this is what it contained.