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I didn't mean the guard ship was the only UK military force in the Falklands, just it's the only RN warship permanently on station that could have launched an ASW capable helo to "chase" a sub.  Other RN warships (including subs) rotate through the area on a part time basis to form a South Atlantic force to protect British interests in the region, but the guard ship's primary full-time responsibility is the Falklands.

I assume you were no longer serving on subs by the time cellphones were commonplace, but do you know if USN sailors are allowed to take and use personal cellphones and similar devices aboard our subs while at sea?  Wouldn't it be considered a serious OpSec violation if a sailor serving aboard one of our our subs sent a message to his family saying they'd been "chased" by a potential adversary like a Russian frigate or a Chinese anti-sub/maritime patrol aircraft?  Also, do you know if USN crew are restricted from bringing any types of personal electronic gear aboard our subs for fear it could create EMC/EMI problems or a signal/signature that could be detected?

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We know that the San Juan was on the surface for a while dealing with a battery/snorkel induction problem.  Who knows what sailors might do.  I was on a submarine tender in which a sailor drilled a hole in the hull of the ship so he could stream a wire hooked to his radio antenna to improve reception in a shop he worked in on the second deck.  After spending 26 years in the Navy I can tell you that no one has found a way to make all things sailor proof.  They are a very inventive lot

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Petty Officer 1st Class Kristian Saucier? Saucier! Obvious Mexican is OBVIOUS! MS-13 infiltration of the Navy's mobile phone program.

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The Hunt For Red October?

Interesting take on a connection of missing sub and Hawaii's false alarm.  Mentions The Hunt For Red October.  Starts at about 2:50.

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Beg borrow or steal this DVD or rent it...It is a brilliant documentary about the cold war submariners and their tactics. Russian, American and British crew members tell their stories.

Or this: