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Solving Hitler's WUNDERWAFFE delima's: The road to victory in 1947

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 V-5 DFS BOMBERSEGLER: Silent Supersonic pin-point Dive-Bomber

Speed: 700mph+
Range: 16 nautical miles
Payload: 1, (750lb.) High Explosive Bomb (Fragmentation or Incendiary)

Towed into position at 27,000 feet by a BF-109G to with-in 7-10 miles of target, detaches and glides at over Mach 1 to it's target. Releases the bomb, and climbs out, and back out to sea.

Dilemma: Pilot Recovery

Recovery was the question on this design that never came to fruition. The answer is simple. The cockpit of the supersonic sailplane is a mini-sub. After the strike the pilot pulls out over the coast, skims the water until splash-down; pulls a handle that discharges three explosive bolts, and the cockpit runs on an electrically powered out-board mini-motor that guides it to an awaiting submarine with docking bay for extraction. The weapon would be perfect for night-time assassination of high-profile politicians and generals.

You could also use them for Infiltrator Insertion, and if the target was over 10 miles in-land/behind enemy lines, the pilot could wear civie clothes and ditch the glider in a field then meld into the population to be retrieved at a later date. It's just a glider and rocket motor. Nothing top secret would be lost. A built-in, timed, flammable detonation charge could also be standard equipment. 

The glider is wood/epoxy/silk/resin and there-fore, STEALTH with the right paint! At night it would be invisible to radar and the human eye and way ahead of it's sonic boom. It's also tiny! During it's short mission, it's doubtful even modern NV's and FLIR would be useless against it. AAA and night fighters of the period would have stood zero chance of downing it before it delivered it's payload and pilot.

In fact, he could kill a high profile general with the bomb, then infiltrate and cause all kinds of chaos behind the lines, and then be extracted. Plastic explosive, and det-coord are light and cheap! Take out a train track, and mine/blow a road, petrol refinery, water-works, sewer system, paved air-strip, police or fire station, cafe's, libraries, offices, random homes! SNAKE P'LISKIN shit!  ;D 

That done many times would have been devastating in a way Panzers and Focke-Wulfz could never be! Two months of it, and the C&C, moral and logistics of the enemy would be ruined forever! And at a very low cost! It would still be effective to this very day! No tech-tree involved. Only imagination, will power, and balls! Three Dozen Operations and you would have won. Cost on 50 of these would have been nil.

With proper forethought this could have been done from the very beginning of the entire War in 1938. WWII would have lasted about a year with a lasting 3rd Reich victory.


Eat your own ass! I could have been an Operation Paperclip bring-back!  :D


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