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I figured there is always something going on in Texas and we needed our own thread.

There are wacky politics, lots of illegals, diminishing number of rednecks, lots of wild hogs, lots of stupid folk, lots of deer, ducks and geese galore in the winter, decent fishing and an ever increasing flock of SJWs trying to escape the housing prices and taxes in California. They ruined California, so now they want to ruin Texas.

So maybe albrecht and I can keep this thread populated with stuff.



"Steven Boehle, who is accused of plotting a mass shooting on his 50th birthday, will be released from custody on an unsecured $10,000 bond. U.S. Judge Mark Lane made clear his reluctance to issue the bond, but said prosecutors failed to prove Boehle posed a threat to the community."  :o
I don't care if he was stoned, or is a stoner, someone who just ponders that a mass shooting would be a nice way to celebrate his 50th birthday doesn't need to be on the streets! Judge Lane makes it seem like his use of weed is more of a problem than threatening a mass shooting birthday party!  :o

SciFi - walked down the Galveston Seawall today. This one is for you...

For those of you that like to read about Space, the JSC Roundup is now a quarterly publication. It used to be a monthly or biweekly newspaper for all activities at Johnson Space Center. I am sure my name and picture are in a few back issues, but I have never searched for them.

Here is a link to all of the archives going back to 1961.


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