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Radio and Podcasts / Re: Art Bell
« on: Today at 12:11:22 AM »
I see the producers who made "The Day After Tomorrow" made kinda a sequel that came out in theaters last year and now appearing on video. The new movie is titled "GeoStorm"

It failed because it didn't have the word pocalypse in the title. :(

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Art Bell
« on: Yesterday at 11:56:08 PM »
well, to be honest... i do feel a bit guilty about torrenting the Lego Scooby-Doo tv series.

Why? They've been phoning it in for years. Every culprit turns out to be some old guy in a mask...and he would've gotten away with it too if it weren't for those meddling kids. Zoiks! :o ::)

I never thought that I would see the day when some of bellbabs right "racial researchers" and "brave tellers of racial truths"  ::) would be in complete agreement with more radical SJW's.  Goes to prove that when you go far enough to the right, or the left you discover that the political spectrum is actually an ellipse.

these guys presumably agree....  ::)

Literally haven't existed since the 60s. ::)

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Art Bell
« on: Yesterday at 10:50:47 PM »
you can.
it isn't free.

Well, nurtz to that!

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Art Bell
« on: Yesterday at 10:49:37 PM »
Saw a copy of both of their book AND RCH/Bara's at Halfprice books the other day. And a few others like Hancock, Van Damiken, n even "numbers lady." . Apparently a C2C listener had died or was robbed by a junkie. :'(  the section was like "guests of the past."

Maybe Cornelius got robbed?

Technology / Re: “What the hell is a bitcoin?”
« on: Yesterday at 10:47:24 PM »
Mortgage forgiveness?  Hyperinflation? Post-apocalyptic monetary policy?

You should look into reverse mortgage forgiveness.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Art Bell
« on: Yesterday at 10:39:54 PM »
Alert: AMC is playing "The Day After Tomorrow" now. Watch or Tivo, Art and Whitley can use the funds. Baby needs a new pair of shoes.

Unless I can get AMC over the internet Art and Whit are SOL. ;)

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Art Bell
« on: Yesterday at 10:25:52 PM »
God, Art probably actually listens to Heather's shows.  One hand on the dials, and the other hand on...

Your mom? ???

Add to the list of things that have worsened during Donald's tenure: message boards have gotten somehow worse when it comes people posting fascist/confederazi drivel.  Look, I'm no angel, but how about we don't turn into fuckin' ghouls, eh?

Also, no one watches all the InfoWars videos that claim Hitlery has a slave army on the Moon or whatever.

It's too late! I already see you as a ghoul. :-\

Even the CIA can't block everything, all the time.

The finer point is that by the time that the entire program finally becomes available, all the wind has been taken out of the effective promotion for the controversial topics.  It's like when Jerry Brown was in the lead in the 1992, Democratic US Presidential Primaries, only to be slandered by Peter Jennings on ABC evening news, and then Ted Koppel retracting it late at night, after Bill Clinton had long since stolen the lead.

Funny, I thought it was Perot that Bubba stole the lead from. :D

Logical fallacy in 3... 2... 1...

How come some Shriner can't send over some kid to run the board?

Ask a Shriner.

Politics / Re: President Donald J. Trump
« on: Yesterday at 06:27:29 PM »

We know he's technically inept. What's the big mystery?!

Politics / Re: ANTIFA THREAD (Threat To Society)
« on: Yesterday at 06:13:20 PM »

Politics / Re: ANTIFA THREAD (Threat To Society)
« on: Yesterday at 06:04:01 PM »

Politics / Re: President Donald J. Trump
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Random Topics / Re: Music
« on: Yesterday at 04:40:31 PM »

Politics / Re: #ReleaseTheMemo!
« on: Yesterday at 03:56:00 PM »

Politics / Re: #ReleaseTheMemo!
« on: Yesterday at 03:43:08 PM »

Politics / Re: #ReleaseTheMemo!
« on: Yesterday at 03:05:35 PM »
MD's delusion of the week is that everyone who disagrees with him lost tons of money in the cyptocurrency market.

You place a lot of weight on your assumptions about reality. I believe crypto took a big dive recently. ::)

Politics / Re: #ReleaseTheMemo!
« on: Yesterday at 02:28:37 PM »

Politics / Re: #ReleaseTheMemo!
« on: Yesterday at 02:15:35 PM »

Politics / Re: #ReleaseTheMemo!
« on: Yesterday at 02:13:20 PM »

Former Astronaut Buzz Aldrin to Delta: "This is the most lousy operation I’ve ever seen.”

"You don't know who you're Fucking with !!!!"

Former astronaut Buzz Aldrin, the second person to walk on the moon, was caught on video yelling at Delta Air Lines agents after he reportedly missed his flight at Los Angeles International Airport last week.

TMZ reported that Mr. Aldrin, rose from his wheelchair in a rage after Delta tried to remedy his situation by offering him a seat on a later flight.

“Are you operating an airline here or not?” the 87-year-old asked. We’ve been sitting here now 20 minutes waiting for somebody to come and fix a two-minute problem… I don’t want the next flight! This is the most lousy operation I’ve ever seen,” he said after asking for the agents’ names.

To me, this counts as proof that he never went to the moon. :(

Politics / Re: #ReleaseTheMemo!
« on: Yesterday at 02:07:45 PM »
If you believe any of that, I have beachfront property on the Moon for sale.

Did you buy it with your bitcoin? :D

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