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Random Topics / Re: Domestic News -- Oakland, CA
« on: July 09, 2012, 08:22:28 PM »
By the way, pay attention on election day and the days following.  When Obama is defeated, the inner cities and anywhere polluted by 'Occupy' are going to be best avoided.  Try to avoid downtown office areas, public transportation, parks, freeways, anywhere else these idiots may be roaming. 
Just a thought.

Random Topics / Re: Domestic News
« on: July 09, 2012, 08:18:22 PM »
I think poor people being murdered is probably accurate. It is really sad this is occurring. People like Jackson and Sharpton need to go into those communities and offer words of encouragement and hope. I mean they are both Christian reverends (supposedly) and are supposed to be concerned with the state of one's soul. I guess religion and the black community has become more "social justice". Still trying to figure out why it is they can't see and work on their own shortcomings? Social justice is "you gimme 'cause you owe me". Really? And who the fuck are you? What have I done to you (don't even know the person) and what the fuck have you ever done for yourself?

I think a big part of this is 50 years of the Libs accusing everyone that doesn't agree with them on whatever the topic of the day is of 'racism'.  Against higher taxes?  Racist.  Against more wasteful programs that won't solve the problems they claim to?  Racist.  Want to cut the budget or balance it?  Racist.  Against abortion?  Racist.  For the death penalty and stronger crime measures?  Racist.  Want to do this or not do that?  It hurts the black community 'disporportionally' and therefore racist. 
Too many in the community have decided being educated is 'acting white'.  Someone tries to better themselves, and the community calls them an 'Uncle Tom'.  None of this is ever contradicted.  People then wonder why illiteracy, unemployment, and poverty are so high. 
The founding fathers inherited a nation with legal slavery.  The economy was dependent on it in some industries.  Since they didn't drop everything and end it immediately, we will be accused of being 'founded on slavery' forever by the Left.  Just to score political points.  Added bonus, it's also a way to delegitimize the Constitution and the Founding.
Think about the yong black kids growing up and hearing this stuff constantly.  Do they ever hear alternate messages, like the ones about this being the land of opportunity or the one about being free to pursue anything desirable in life?  Are they ever pointed towards the roads leading out of poverty?  By Jesse Jackson, or anyone else?  No.  Ask yourself why not. 
The Libs and the Left in this country have a lot to answer for, constantly telling these kids they have no chance.  And for what - to make political points they couldn't convince people of any other way.

Paranormal - Conspiracy - UFOs - Etc. / Re: Göbekli Tepe
« on: July 09, 2012, 12:06:31 PM »
There is another site close by that is also a false mountain covered in gravel as was Gobekli Tepe. It is regarded as contemporary to the 12,000 year old site. Investigators also say the face on the Sphinx was of a lion and facing its own image in the constellation of Leo. That Age of Leo was also 14,000-12,000 years ago. Their conclusion is that the Sphinx is this old and contemporary to Gobekli Tepe as well...

We have lost much of our history, to find a site like this built thousands of years before Sumer is exciting.
We've heard any number of guests on C2C claim the Sphinx is much older than the pyrimids due to several bits of evidence (such as the apparent flooding at the base, and the re-worked head you mention).  The skeptics claim was that there was no one around 12-14,000 that could have built such a thing.  That argument is now gone.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Ian Punnett
« on: July 09, 2012, 11:34:55 AM »
But isn't that typical of Ian Punnett and his propensity for theological or metaphysical excursions, pseudo-intellectual ruminations, and self-absorption?  He never strongly impressed me individually, as I always considered him part of The Three C2C Stooges: Noory, Knapp and Punnett, plus an occasional other one, Wells.   ::)

Before I finally just gave up on the Deacon I noticed that the weekends when he did both shows, the Sunday show was usually much better (less annoying) - all the 8th grade humor, the big new words he had for us to learn, abusing the callers, making sure the guest knew how smart he was, it was as if he'd get it all out on the Saturday show then be an actual person the next night.

You're right. And of course Rush is nothing but talk radio's 800-pound gorilla. Which makes me consider the unthinkable: maybe a vast majority of people are happy with Noory after all, and we're just a small group in an echo chamber.

I just can't believe my instincts could be that wrong.

Maybe the majority of his fans like him, but I'd guess the fans of the show pre-Noory don't.  Some of them find this website from time to time and say so.  Even a few from the Noory era talk about it taking awhile to realize it, but that he sucks.
Most people are in bed or doing other things when the show is on, especially the non-West Coasters.  I'm not sure how large Art's audience truy was, I don't think it was that big considering the time slot but there is no way George has the audience Art had.  Late night radio was always a wasteland - my guess is PremRat is happy just to have something with some continuity to offer the affiliates.  Maybe they don't think there are that many additional listeners out there that would listen if there was a new host, and worry about losing the ones they have now.  One thing they know is George isn't going anywhere, no one is going to hire him away for greener pastures.
Compare C2C and PremRat to TV.  Look at all the lousy shows out there.  Either enough people are watching them to make it profitable, or the really lousy stuff is just providing filler to keep the station on the air until the 'good' shows are on.

Who the hell is making the programming decisions at C2C?! This weight-loss thing is the most inane, wrong-headed thing possible...

This is so poorly thought out and unworkable that it may well be just something George came up with on his way to the studio one day, just something to say to fill time.  Like some of his other made up BS, it is very possible George has completely forgotten about it by now, and will be genuinely surprised when some caller asks about it in the future.
... the show isn't recognizable any more. The very existence of C2C is now officially an insult to radio, even to intellect. I've never said this before, because I guess I've always had a hope that it could be saved somehow. But now I see it's impossible to save. The show needs to be cancelled, before these bastards turn every single fond memory of the show into a stinking pile of dogshit.

I've thought this for some time now.  I'd settle for just renaming it the George Noory Show.  I guess Knapp is ok just ignoring the rest of the hosts and their antics for now but my guess is at some point he'll have no choice but to disassociate himself from the show.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: George Knapp
« on: July 06, 2012, 08:18:46 PM »
The "comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable" is an unattributed quote he's using, proving, I guess, that Ian is more well read than you, PB...

Yeah I know, heard it recited by others from time to time.  What I still don't know is what 'afflicting the comfortable' had to do with Coast. 
I'm going to guess he didn't mean his hosting style... did he?

Was this serious, PB?  Where Noory's concerned, I can't tell--he's so fixated on dead/injured pets and kids, it makes sense he'd do this subject but focus on the pets who never came back rather than on HOW TO PREVENT PETS BEING SPOOKED BY FIREWORKS IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Dang, I keep forgetting the show is beyond parody..

His inability to make simple connections...

Noory's failures to connect...

The inability to understand emotional tonality...

I've wondered how he could have thought he could lazily take over hosting the show from Art Bell, put no real effort in, be completely uninterested and uninteresting, and not have realized there was going to be some backlash.
I wonder how he first discovered the complaints and accounts of his suckage all over the internet, when it was that he realized it wasn't going to go away, how he took the news that he couldn't 'sue' based on people expressing their opinions.
He's certainly mentioned 'thuh haters' often enough.  Reviews of his books on Amazon and the on-line comments section whenever he is interviewed by a magazine or newspaper just explode with posters talking about what he's done to ruin the show now, what, 9 years later.  The email he gets must just be hilarious. Does he still try to use Fast Blast? 
Yet with all that, when he had that YouTube video someone else uploaded of him singing linked to the Coast website, he is still surprised when people comment unfavorably. 

Radio and Podcasts / Re: George Knapp
« on: July 06, 2012, 11:53:47 AM »
You gotta love it, though.

Knapp's intro, which has been through about 6 or 7 revisions where you can see Knapp carefully thinking about each precise word and its placement, is "pedestrian."

Noory's intro doesn't get a mention, but was developed this way:

George: I gotta have me an intro.  Art has an intro.  I can throw some words together that sound sumpthin' like Art's.  Okay. Done.  "From the city of angels off the Pacific Ocean. Good morning, good evening, wherever you may be, across the nation, around the world. I'm George Noory.
(But George, the City of Angels isn't OFF the Pacific Ocean, now is it?)

Ian has used several, I think he finally decided he didn't need one.   The last few times I listened to him, it almost sounded like he was in mid-sentence when he came on, and oh yeah, is it time for the show already?
One of his intros that I recall was something about 'comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable'.
Like a lot of his cleverness, that just grated.  Why would he feel the need to afflict anyone?  Or was that just some cute word play to say?  I don't think there are many people out there more 'comfortable' than Ian Punnett.

... But we're starting to flesh out the Essential Simple George...

Don't discount the malevolent influence and all around enabling of his sidekick and man servant Tom Dumbheiser.  Tommy doesn't get nearly the credit he deserves in the continuing destruction of C2C..
When George says he is 'getting into Bob Dylan' could that mean a command performance of Knockin' On Heaven's Door is on the horizon?

"JUST getting into Bob Dylan" ???

Earth to Mr. Noory:    Dylan was the bard of the 60's, that's you're generation, knucklehead.  Where have you been for the past 50 years?  With your head up God-knows-what?

As part of his image development, my guess is he asked his staff who would be a hip name to include in his answer and someone suggested Bob Dylan. 
Bobby Darrin - that sounds more like the Snorge


... The C2C website has a link to an interview with Noory: ...

That interview was amazing.  I think George spends quite a bit of time thinking about how to create his public image, someone he wishes he is but either isn't willing to put in the effort, doesn't have the looks, smarts, or talents to ever actualy be.
(Note:  he also seems to spend a lot of time thinking up excuses for his suckage, for example the same old cue card questions are 'for the new listeners', or him not ever disagreeing with the quests is because 'his show isn't about yellin and screamin'.)
In the past few years I've seen several pictures of George in his studio - somehow he manages to always be standing in front of the same John Lennon poster.  Just part of his ongoing image wannabe project.  Anyway, here is another Q and A from that interview.  The way these are answered, I think they emailed the questions to George, and he sent the answers back later, they don't seem at all spontaneous:
DS: What is your favorite song today? Of all time?

George Noory: My musical tastes change on a very regular basis. I love oldies, pop…love current stuff, but they change on a very regular basis. A few weeks ago I was at home and watching a Netflix movie “Beyond the Sea” with Kevin Spacey doing the Bobby Darin story, a person who I really didn’t know or understand when younger, but I thought Spacey did a great job, and I got into Bobby Darin. So today, my hot song of the week is “Beyond the Sea” which was based on an original song by a Frenchman, Charles Trenet, called “La Mer.” In terms of all time, I don’t think I could say. Every song to me has a different mood – the Beach Boys, the Beatles, even now, I’m just getting into Bob Dylan. I love it all!

... The C2C website has a link to an interview with Noory: ...

I know Noory has an ego the size of Texas...

Here are a couple more gems from that interview.   Hookers and Karaoke places?
DS: Who do people tell you you look like?

George Noory: Saddam Hussein! I’ve had this mustache since my early twenties, and it’s become something of a trademark for me. I’ve asked many women that I have dated in my life (maybe a little more than Henry Kissinger by the way), and they say it looks great on me…sort of like a Tom Selleck look going on. I am hoping someone in Hollywood does the Saddam Hussein story so maybe I can audition for it.
DS: Let's talk more about you and your tastes. Any hobbies? What do you like to do in your free time? Any thing you like and recommend

George Noory: My hobby is my career. I don’t consider this “work” per se. When I do get my own down time sometimes on the weekends, I like to frequent places where I can sing a few songs and just enjoy myself.

Last night Noory also mentioned that for July 4th he will play all of his tired old recorded bits again like the last several years including Red Skelton reading the pledge of allegiance - YAWN  :P

Tonight George will also have a special line for people whose pets were spooked by fireworks, ran away, and never came back

Noory is behind the news on the 'god particle' announcement by CERN this week.
I saw Dr. Michio Kaku on CNN today discussing it, how come Noory didn't  have him on c2c already about this.
Noory was scooped by CNN by one of his own regular guests... :D

Kaku may be too busy right now to spend 3 hours responding to George's cue card questions - for thuh new lissners - before George asked him if people were still worried CERN would create a black hole that would swallow the earth, cut off his answer, and went to the phones..

... Ugh, that video of him singing is nauseating - I bet it's just a matter of time before he treats himself to belt out a few songs live on air, perhaps a duet with David Wilcock next time he's on. He just gets worse and worse.

You are correct of course.  In fact George already has sung on the air, that same Elvis tune, I'm going to say it was sometime in February?  Right after the show when he did a bunch of sound effects.
George has actually shown great restraint, singing on air just the one time.  MAybe he's still learning the lyrics to another one.

Tonight George will spend the first hour talking about how the listeners are his family, that many are shut ins and need him to be there, about his pledge is to work every holiday that would otherwise be a normal working day. 
So get ready for that.

The few times I've endured Snoory in the past month or so, I haven't heard any mention of his Hawaiian digs.  I may have just missed it.  In the past, Snoory, of course, couldn't resist mentioning his big Aloha plans anytime the most obscure Hawaiian connection arose.  I wonder if his Hawaiian resort has been put on the back burner?

I was really looking forward to Snoory popping-up on "Hawaii Five-0" as some third-rate banana fall guy or doing a rendition of Brother Iz in some dive beach bar. ::)

We're what, 3 years in on the Hawaii studio story?  Maybe it's just part of his schtick, like being kidnapped in Mexico, curing those 2 people of cancer, causing his friend to trip and become paralized, and all the other bs stories he's told.

Is George still yapping about 'thuh Hawaii studio'?  Is the first broadcast just around the corner?

Nothing about singing here...


To be honest, I've always found GNs 'in person' persona more palatable than his radio persona.  Every video I've seen of him live has always struck me as cozy and comfortable...

Icky and creepy are what come to mind for me.   Especially when I know it's the same guy that revels in horrific stories of death and mangled bodies, is rude in so many different ways to guests and callers, is pretty lounge lizardly to female callers that sound young...
Check George out starting at about 3.56 in the above video...

Noory just admitted to his guest tonight, Ken Druck, that he (Noory) is an UNFORGIVING person, who believes in the saying "an eye for an eye."  Quite a revelation of his character and personality.  It shows how truly unloving he can be.  :(   It also speaks of his hypocrisy.

Sounds like George is angry and upset about the posts on YouTube commenting on his singing.

Random Topics / Re: the Schadenfreude thread
« on: June 30, 2012, 04:52:16 PM »
I was so disappointed when Ian Punnett announced he arrived 5 minutes late from the airport to the Who Wants to be a Millionaire show and wasn't allowed to compete.  That didn't seem all that bright of a move somehow.
Would have loved to see Mr. Pompous Know It All end up on one of these fail clips.
I still remember the show with him talking about all the research prep he'd done and how he was just so pleased to tell us that after all these years he now knew where Ethiopia was.

I thought after the last kidnap attempt George wasn't 'ever going to leave thuh good ol' USA ever again'.  I guess he forgot.
And the Canadians really let us down.

I thought it was nice of the video owner to let people leave comments, whether they were good or bad. I didnt know they were deleting comments. I'm surprised mine were not deleted. I just read these two comments and almost threw up my fruit loops-

"George Noory is a dream to listen to. In love with him......"
"I was there in the Platinum row right in front to see this...pure extacy...."
they had a platinum row... ::)

I wonder if Noory's 'singing' was included in the promotional materials, or did he just bring out the band, turn the lights low, and surprise everyone.

Random Topics / Re: Random stupid things on your mind. Post them.
« on: June 29, 2012, 12:24:11 AM »
So when our economy was the most robust in the 50's and 60's and the corprate tax rate was in the 90% there should have been a mass exodus of businesses to Europe and southeastern markets. Yet that didn't happen. Outsourcing has been a much more recent endeavor...

Communications, infrastructure in other countries, shipping stuff around, all different now, much more feasible.  I'm just saying there are other factors than just pure greed.  If it were me, I'd slap tarriffs on all the offsourced goods and services coming back in.
... regarding the union issue which is always raised as a means of excusing the betrayal of the american worker by american companies... only 6.9% of private sector workers are unionized in the US...

That's today.  What was the union membership % when the offshoring started in ernest in the mid-80s?  Of course union membership is practically gone after 25 years of offshoring

Random Topics / Re: Random stupid things on your mind. Post them.
« on: June 28, 2012, 09:04:29 PM »
From: Why Is Unemployment Still So High?

By Alejandro Reuss
" ...some unemployment is necessary for capitalists to make profits. When unemployment is relatively high, workers are fearful of losing their jobs and have relatively little bargaining power. Employers find it relatively easy to keep wages down (or even push them down further), and to keep the pace of work high (or even increase it). When unemployment is very low, workers are less fearful of losing their jobs and enjoy relatively high bargaining power. They may be able to win higher wages, and force down the pace of work. Higher wages and a lower work pace, however, drive up labor costs per unit of output, and can “squeeze” profits. Employers may respond by substituting machinery for workers, or even cutting back production (as long as it remains unprofitable). These responses, if taken by enough employers, can drive the unemployment rate back up, and bring down workers’ bargaining power again. For this reason, substantial unemployment is the normal state of affairs in a capitalist economy like that of the United States. Even during the “boom” years of 2006-2007 the number of unemployed workers remained consistently around 7 million (almost half the level it reached during the depths of the current crisis). Radicals do not attribute this unemployment mainly to a lack of appropriate skills (as mainstream economists explain “structural” unemployment), pointing out that even so-called “unemployable” workers do get hired when a boom lasts long enough. Rather, they argue, this “reserve army” of unemployed workers is necessary to keep workers scared of losing their jobs—and therefore willing to work hard enough, and for low enough wages, to ensure capitalist profits."

Good grief.  Really?  A certain amount of Unemployment is due to the boom and bust cycle.  A certain amount is 'natural', i.e., people leaving one job for another, just coming out of school and into the work force, coming back after raising children or taking care of an ill family member, etc.  And yes, people that refuse to become educated or don't really want to work have a harder time of it.  Wages will always rise or sink to the level of market demand (too few workers in a boom period equals rising wages, etc)
Anything more than that is mostly due to government intrusion - taxing and regulating at home to the point where it's just easier and cheaper to use an offshore labor source (such as has happened in the US), or requiring employers to provide expensive benefits and vacations and pay huge payroll tax rates (we see this in the tired economies of W Europe with their structural ue often at about 20%).
Companies would really rather hire US employees and remain in the US.  It's a burden to use a workforce that is less educated, doesn't speak english well, send managers back and forth to offshore factories and offices, ship materials and finished products back and forth, deal with local (non-US) laws, regs, taxes, currencies.  These companies offshore jobs because they are forced to due to the taxes and regulations imposed here.  Excessive union demands don't help either.
And for this egghead to say it's because the corporations need ue to be a certain amount to keep people scared, etc., is it even possible forcorporate America to all get together, decide what ue rate they want, and stick to it?  It's the Marxists, er, Radcals, that think everything can and should be planned out first, then implemented.  I haven't noticed them being particularly good at it, why do they think 'the corporations' can and do? 

Politics / Re: Politics
« on: June 28, 2012, 08:21:31 PM »
They also think that, if Larry the Cable Guy doesn't have access to someone else's personal information, or can't walk into Harvard and get a look at Obama's records, it's a sign of a conspiracy.

All modern presidents and presidential candidates have routinely provided exhaustive documents - tax returns, birth, health, school, docs related to prior service in state/fed govt, all sorts of pretty boring stuff.  Instead of that, Obama has literaly spent millions on lawyers bottling all this stuff up.  There is a lot we don't know about time gaps in his life, other things he's said or are part of his narrative are seemingly contradictory (did he ever decide once and for all which Honolulu hospital he was born in?). 

Prior to his 2 years in the US Senate, outside of Illinois he was a complete unknown and seemingly appeared on the national stage out of nowhere.  Do you really not see why some of this would lead to questions?

Politics / Re: Politics
« on: June 28, 2012, 03:17:33 PM »
... This economy is so totally screwed right now that to think some Knight in shining armor (a.k.a. Romney) is going to save the Kingdom is ludicrous. He is telling the people what they want to hear just like Obama is telling his people what they want to hear.

Notice that nobody is offering itemized solutions - just telling you what a jerk the other guy is? Why? There are none that will satisfy the immediate needs voters anticipate...

The problem is debt, students and families are in debt, large and small businesses are in debt, cities, states, and the federal government are in debt, nearly all countries are in debt, Social Security, Medicare, corporate and - especially - government pensions have overwhelming future obligations.  In most cases this debt is so huge it can never be repaid, at some point not even rolled over.  Even if  some of these institutions bucked up and tried to pay some of it down, it wouldn't make a dent.
When the economy cooled a little, the subprime loans was just the debt that showed itself to be unpayable first, it was probably the weakest of it, corruptly securitized and relying on skyrocketing home price trends well out into the fuure (the corruption surrounding the subprime stuff absolutely froze the banking system and money markets, with no one wanting to buy any debt based secrities until they knew what they were buying).  Next up, the weakest Eurozone economies.  The next four years, whoever is president, will be spent focusing on US Govt debt - the states, counties, cities, water, fire, school districts and all the rest, it's going to be really bad. 
Instead of working on this, Obama spent 3 years we can't get back shoving through his health care disaster that no one wanted, campaigning, partying, playing golf...

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