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Radio and Podcasts / Re: Ask George Noory Anything
« on: Today at 01:01:29 AM »
I believe he had him on to get even with Art.  Art had said some things about Norry in an interview or online.  There was a shitfest on the Norry thread between the two of them over it.
The Noory thread?

I'm eating and vaping whatever I want and scheduling liposuction. It's like you're on a different planet.
When did you start smoking? Vaping is ok regarding second hand smoke.  But if you go up to level 5, you are getting formaldehyde.  Experts say stick with level 3.

Not true.  She was not represented and he was.  She was not someone who ever was in this type of court, and dismissed the action in front of the Judge. Based on the evidence, she would have gotten it.  The Judge wanted to choke her is what was told at a paranormal conference I went to during social hour. Hic!
Well, you would know than I would.  I just follow the links in Bellgab.  I see now that in my layperson's mind, I assumed her pro se appeal against his new retraining order was actually (my mistake) a request for one of her own. 

One time i saw she was in what seemed to be a GLP tranny forum, but that doesnt mean she is one.  I was in there too, and im not one.  I think she presents herself as female.

Whaaat? I recall someone posting about this issue but I never quite got it. Tranny stuff confuses me and it was quite clear who was doing the stalking or if it was like divorces etc where there were counter and back-and-forth allegations, filings, accusations,etc. Which direction, might not be proper term, was the tranny going? Known tranny or pretending to be someone else (I guess that is cross-dresser) and this caused whatever issue or legal event?  What is "little racist" mean, out of curiosity, like only racist against a certain race, but not others, or just casually racist due to age, changing times, etc? And what happened with said Tranny and Norry, GLP, etc?

And I thought C2C guests were bizarre....
The attorney is from the south.  By northern standards, according to what i saw on GLP, she is totally racist the way southerners can be.

I saw that he got a restraining order against her, and that she in turn applied for one but it was not approved.

Arenít you going to even hint about tranny lawyers from Kentucky?
How did they meet?
What did they do?
Exactly what stage and kind of tranny is she?
I know she is smart, creative, down-to-earth, a little racist by my standards, and it seems like she takes time to help people on GLP.

What would she want with him??  He would be talking about Swedish women, MTV women, Miley Cyrus' onesies, bikini models and "attractive actresses" the whole time, probably even in bed!  Who wants to be with someone like that?  Is there something about being a tranny that makes her immune to disrespectful talk like that?  I mean, if he is willing to say on-air that he was in love with girls on tv during his marriage when he had his own girls, is there nothing he won't say?  I wouldnt expect a lady at an event to know all that, but a stalker would.  How exactly would this stalker compartmentalize her feelings when he mouths off?

I mean just recently, it was Jennifer Love Hewitt, and then he perverted the who-do-you-want-in-an-elevator question.  Wouldn't the stalker care that he constantly tries to make normal women feel inferior and insecure?  Most women can't reduce their belly by abstaining from water and liquids five hours before a date, or going on a two week colon cleanse with no solid food like the models he raves about.  And one of the models he admires is in trouble with her producer for not losing weight - but according to online sources, when I analyzed her height and her weight, she is already 15lbs underweight!  No wonder she can't lose weight.  What kind of woman wants to be with a man who raves about that??

He is a man who says "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas", but who also says he goes to Vegas every time he plays a certain bumper song.  What kind of stalker wouldd want a man with secrets like that?  And, a man who describes burlesque dancers' outfits on air.

I don't know much about Art Bell and young, imported wives... But at least he kept his shows clean, was a family man in his location, and didn't go around teasing women all over the country for money and attracting a stalker.

My 72 hours of negative free posting is not quite up yet. Zeebo canít answer yet either.
Allow me.  He selects his own women to dance with at events, which would lead most women to believe there is a real attraction to some extent.  As opposed to Tom selecting women for him, like in Houston years ago ("Houston's finest", condescended George).  Anyhow when a man tries to market himself as down to earth, authentic, romantic... while choosing his own dance partners who are all dolled up (being dolled up affects a woman).... that is a recipe for a stalker. 

Women who volunteer to dance with him, or who give him uterus or breast crushing hugs (McMinnville, Solecito) don't go to his events for a fake performance; they expect him to be as authentic as he seems.

So, any number of women could have become stalkers.  After all, he said on air, "Sexy demons?  Send some!".

One lady tried to get through to him, after having danced with him, by calling in on the next Christmas and his birthday.  He basically iced her, even though she was everything many good men would look for in a woman. You could practically hear her start to crack on air the last time, but who could blame her?

Even though he doesn't exactly say his relationship status, it is obvious he markets himself as single. He profits off teasing women.  He gives the women he dances with more tender preliminary touching than their husbands!  He thinks he's Elvis.  He has made himself out to be some sort of deboinaire, and profits from the deceipt of it.  I say it's deceipt because if he was going to consider dating women from events, he would have started with the caller I mentioned, since she was about as near perfect as a woman can be.  I hope she found someone more romantically ethical, and I hope the proverbial elevator he and his unnamed idol spend an hour in, tanks.

Random Topics / Re: Things That Annoy You
« on: Yesterday at 04:59:02 PM »
Her agent made the typo. Sure she should've reviewed the documents but clearly the intent was to insure the baitshop- not some other address.
If there is a 1950 address, it should be insurance appraised and if the policy would have been totally different, then that is evidence in her favor.  Or she gets a refund.  What if she were blind?

Random Topics / Re: Random stupid things on your mind. Post them.
« on: Yesterday at 04:48:48 PM »

Hilarious! Fucking hilarious!! ;D
Was this parody? And dont get smart.

Hope the interview went well
I performed poorly, having been very sick the night before.  But they offered me the (small) job.  Odd.  Maybe they got tired of i terviewing me.  It was my 6th time.

Jackstar, this is a dieting thread.  It will be about food, eating, and my mouth.  That's the point.

As for other orifices, most people here know I'm menopausal.  That is the cessation of fertility.  Does that sound fun?  Let's joke some more.  In the Mancave thread, wherever it is now.

Rabbit holes are fine, i make them too.  But chaining a ferret?  How abusive!  Please, no more trauma.  And I'm sorry you were attacked.  People ought to have to get a license to own any pet.  And outdoor cats should be prohibited near busy streets. Every time I turn around, some pet is abused or neglected.

Today I was pretty good.  The 24/7 dessert buffet is actually a little low now.  That's a good thing.  I made sure to eat so I didnt do a famish binge.  I had to make up for a pint the other day.  Yesterday was high carb.  But lately everything is "Melba", no dressing, no olive oil, no butter....... although there has been some dairy.  It was a very active day too.

I mostly prepare and eat in my room.  More sanitary.

As for foil hats, what was the effect?  Was it hot though?

I do listen to music.  I usually dont use ear buds, but i do have ear plugs.

You Tube cats purring reduces the frustration of "tinnitus".

I agree, mostly. I had the opposite experience. I listened to Art in the 90's and then was out of the country for much of the 2000's and so when got back cranked up the old radio and was "WTF with this new host, Norry?" Following a legend is hard. Norry shows up and what more is really a concern for a bankrupted, or near so, media empire considering the late night market?
Were you and Duke out of the country because there was a lack of jobs here?  Thats what happened to a relative of mine.

Whe the C2CAM website says an old is on from 6PM to 10PM, how do I know what channel to turn my radio to?

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Ask George Noory Anything
« on: April 21, 2018, 10:53:23 PM »
Not sure in the latter days but in the late 90ís I think he was upset that they wouldnít foot the bill for lawyers in his defamation suit against the SW station and Ted Gunderson.

I know lately that he was pissed of for them having Oates on after Oates defamed him and Art Banned him. As soon as Art started back up, Noory had Oates as a guest.

Thatís what I remember.
I checked that out.  Coast never should have had Oates on after Bell won the defamation lawsuit about child porn.  They even had him on last month.  I cant believe George would be so inappropriate.  Do you think maybe Lisa or another exec insisted?  I mean, a judge ruled that Oates was lying!  About Art and child porn, which there was none.

I will gladly put you and your gainful employment  in my thoughts and prayers...
Please include me too!

Random Topics / Re: Things That Annoy You
« on: April 20, 2018, 03:08:26 AM »
The reason they want you there early is because they want the eager beavers and that's their way of screening lazy people out. They just want to know that you're capable of getting up early and arriving on time, which of course to them is 15 minutes early that you won't get paid for. I know it's not fair but some commie chick in china is willing to do the same thing for a 10th of what they're willing to pay you and she's also willing to sleep at the factory to get the job.
The offer was already made.  Screening at that level was complete! I just had to show id and social security card!  This isnt my first rodeo.  9 out of 10 HR reps will say "Just drop off your docs so we can photocopy them during business hours" or offer an afternoon appointment just to be nice.  This particular HR rep just wasnt thinking, or has compulsions.

And you're right, of course i got there early, with a good attitude.  I just said i'd sleep at a factory dorm if i had to.  And i have before.

Random Topics / Re: Things That Annoy You
« on: April 20, 2018, 03:04:45 AM »
Workforce retraining experts who jump for joy all over the place, jubilant about 14 new jobs opening up in the area.   At minimum wage.  In retail.  At Salvation Army.  W.O.W.  Unbelievable.  The Director said, "This is the best thing we have seen in seasons!"

I dont want to hear it. It is not good news.  Community college cranking out hundreds of grads and cant even employ them.  A racket.

Random Topics / Re: Things That Annoy You
« on: April 20, 2018, 02:55:12 AM »
Focus, Jojo! You're all over the map here. So, did you get the job or not? What do you mean without pay?! ???
Im just saying that pre-employment paperwork could be turned in during the afternoon just as well as 9AM, but an applicant will feel obliged to come at 9AM if HR suggests it.

I just dont see the point in getting up at 7AM to deal with the typical morning commute, without pay, to merely submit pre-employment documents.  A saavy HR rep knows you want to enjoy the last free days before shifts begin!

Did i get the job?  I dont know.  This position requires a lot of "pre-employment" navigation, hence, without pay.  I've been excited.  I hope i get it.  But on the other hand, pink collar jobs pay crap, while the high-paying corner offices are literally filled with white males.  I saw them.  Seems like the only women to get close to the top are HR reps.  I want the job, but I am so fed up with low paying jobs.  Where is the real money?!  For the last ten years, wages have rolled back to like 1989 wages, while rents and food are sky-rocketing.

Of course I showed up at 9AM, with a smile.  I'd show up at 5AM if that's what they want.  I would sleep in a Chinese job shack and work back to back shifts if I had to.  People have to get by.  I have to survive.  How low can you go.  Welcome to Little China.  To Little Mexico.  Offshoring has ruined my life, so the 1% can get richer by hiring cheap labor abroad and taking away my jobs!  Putting a burden on the food stamp and unemployment insurance systems here.  I would be better off moving to Guyana, Phillipines, India, or the Carribean, where my jobs went.  I know someone who did leave the country because she couldnt find a job here! Applicants over 40 are at a big disadvantage.

The 1% are so greedy.  They refuse to hire enough people, and then put enormous pressure on the staff they have. One retailer here is required to start helping the next person as soon as the previous consumer starts their pin pad transaction.  What if the pin pad has glare, or you hit the wrong button or need an extra bag or want to know where the restroom is?  What if all your purchases are not in the bag?  What if you arent sure which bags are yours?  Doesnt matter - They have moved on to the next consumer.  They dont even accord dignity when they receive your money!  It is demeaning.  I was raised that when someone pays, you be respectful.  Not to mess with a buyer.  Never to distract someone at the jewelry or guns counter.  But now, a buyer is on their own at the time of payment.  People need a little attention, and you know there is never enough retail staff so basically the only attention possible has been at a register, but now even that human touchbis gone.  What if I have a question, or if my payment is declined, and they are already helping the person behind me!

I'll feel better later, but it is demoralizing not to be able to make ends meet for TEN years.  And you know, Sallie Mae's interest grows about $100/month that whole time, a time during which payments are not possible, so some investor is supposedly exploiting me there, too.  First greedy people take away your jobs, then your home and all you've invested in it over the years, then they zing up your student loans... works for them.

Big crowd here tonight.  Lost my internet for a while but all's good now.  I heard Whitley say he was at the funeral.  I'm surprised Heather allowed him to come.  ::)
Was there rancor?

Coast is getting racy tonight.  I thought Jorch said it was a family show.
What did i miss?

20, wtf?
You sound like George the first time he read it off his teleprompter. One could hear the incredulity in his voice while he thought to himself as he read the ad, "What is my name doing on this website!"

George on the air gets a fax from Bell brother in law. The family wants a copy

Heather is SEETHING

It would have been awesome if George suggest they become "Coast Insiders"  8)
Well, Heather recently said on Twitter that she supports the family.

I didnít say remote viewing wasnít real. I said Dames was not a remote viewer in the army. He was assigned to that unit as a training officer. Keeping records and training plans.

p.s. sounds like you have real issues with listening to your mother
Keeping records, training plans.....could all be a front for an actual paid, unwitting or sort of halfway suspected initiation into some sort of covert game!

This is normally around my "pass out" time, even during good shows. But I am totally awake tonight 

Some Velvet Morning - YES
Was Some Velvet Morning an Art song?

LMH did make it...
Pretty difficult not to like Linda.

Read up on Napoleon syndrome.  My mom talked about that but most short men are wonderful!

He is a bullshitter extraordinare. He never did RV. He was a training officer for the people that did. He has lost his ass in numerous law suits. Guess he never saw those coming. He is either separated or divorced from the Ukrainian mail order bride. Never saw that coming even ghough he specifically claimed he picked her by remote viewing her.

He is a dipshit.
Maybe remote viewing is a club, with real remote military input.  Maybe the military can remotely target certain people, and inserts synthetic thoughts into their minds.  After all, we know they are reading the minds now of stroke victims and people who would have been called "vegetables" in the past.  And we know techniques that can be done in person can be done remotely.  And we know where there is a receiver, there can be a transmitter.

So, if Dames cut out a photo of a nuclear reactor article, like he does on his website video, then his covert remote friends would know it, because they have his classes remotely monitored, including neural monitoring.  So, it is plausible the remote agents could then download Dames' mental impression of the article and its photo to his student, using the same remote neural communication system.

And, maybe the original senders adopt the recruited newbies.

Like, Dames pulls an article out of a newspaper and folds it up.  Then supposedly his student has to intuit the subject matter.  Sounds bizarre, unless you think of it in terms of some remote military agent brain-mapping the newbie remotely and inserting synthetic images and thoughts into the newbie, either from Dames' own mental impression of the said article, or from the article itself remotely.  Kind of like a Wizard of Oz effect.

Oh, Jojo! ::)

Ive learned a lot from gabbers here.  Constantly Googling your terms.

Actually I think he made it up trying to be funny. I have heard every one of his appearances and I donít remember him ever starting a joke. Other than his predictions.
That's what I thought.  Is there something peculiar about him?  He seems so different at different times, like all serious, then other times almost deferent. 

The chat doesnít get saved by MV. Sometimes Starr saves it and sends it out. wr250 does sometime as well. Its not automatic. Someone has to copy and paste it into a text file.
Well, I'll listen then.  They say George was there.  Im sorry i missed it.  During the cast, I didnt call in because Google Hangouts wouldnt do it.  I would have had to use a real phone, and I wish I had.  I appreciate all the training.  Im not bad with computers, but my only other experience with live chats is Talkshoe.  Embarassing...

Except the ones you flushed.
Yes, flushing soft chocolates down the toilet is a dieting tool!  I dont bring it home, either!

You should be able to play it on the webpage - I canít download it to my ios devices. I have to use a podcatcher. But I can play it.
The chat!

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