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another dumb video where he reads his mail.
I enjoyed his comment following the reading of his "collection agency" letter about a debt he OWES !

not surprised, just enjoyed

Great job, cunt. That's the way to go. Don't forget to sue your doctor once you are done with whatever you are doing there, you idiotic shitstain.

hmm, Senda appears to be right pawed...
take a dump, WIPE, wash hands
grab a kitty, rub all over, don't forget their ass, wash hands
check twitching in nether region, wash hands
pick nose, wash hands
handle microbe infested iPad, wash hands
handle filthy plushies, wash hands
touch anything in filthy kitchen, wash hands
scratch an itch anywhere on his body, wash hands

then rub rub rub his post surgical eyeball with his fingers


LOL, one eyed Falkie...
soon to a YouTube near you...

We'd need to change things a bit if Senda is to be the new Chauncey Gardiner. Like a specially modified fat car so he can roll on water at the end.
hmmm, a modified fat car that could roll on water...
with the FAT CUNT SENDA ?
WOW, I really like that idea !
Senda is letting another great opportunity get away, IF he doesn't begin taking advantage of your FANTASTIC IDEAS !

any news on George's horribly disfigured eyeball ?

Thank you.. George is looking for ideas and topics to make successful YouTube videos.

Would George .doing public services videos be a good idea? Best to talk about topics that one knows very well.[/I]

Idea... George could help others with "how to" videos understand all the complexities of the various social services available? Thats a wealth of knowledge that George has that many here seem to be lacking. 

Save George
you might just be onto something here !
George has a wealth of knowledge on such topics as...
SCAMMING utilizing the various government welfare programs
CONNING convincing people into donating to him
THEFT replacement of products ordered from companies online
STEALING not paying for meals he claims are substandard at various restaurants
LYING reporting about lost or broken possessions to the Police
GRIFTING sharing on YouTube for MONEY

George could begin tutorials free on YouTube and once popular could look into...
a SUSCRIBERS ONLY service for the real secrets...
a service to dub his product in Spanish...
personal events in hotels around California, eventually going national...
late night "infomercial" type programming...

YES, George needs to go with what HE KNOWS !

save George...
cough cough

just sitting in my neighborhood corner Starbucks, minding my own business BUT All this talk about co-eds is making me horny. I all of a sudden have an urge to address this out of control "twitching" in my nether region...
Falkie ?
is that you ?
are you posting again ?

oh, and congratulations on making the upper right corner !

I hope everyone is well...We now own, "The Guy From Pittsburgh" to follow...REJOICE!
after you die, will George get "certain property" ?

Random Topics / Re: The General Musings of Falkie2013
« on: January 15, 2018, 05:34:39 AM »
Don't you think making one's own wikipedia page is a bit tacky ?
If you google george senda, I do show up.
If someone else wants to start one and be nice about it, then I'd be willing to go in and make edits.

But right now I'm still suffering from the creeping crud in my post surgical eye (it has been suggested by posters on MY THREAD that one ply TP and not washing my hands might NOT be sanitary as I constantly rub my eyeball, HATERS AND STUDENT DOCTORS are STUPID). Woke up to a swollen blood shot eye ooozing a funky green puss and am sipping hot tea with lemon and gonna go back to bed. I'm not tired of my sofa bed, but feel horrible if I sit up. Monday ER for certain no matter how crappy I feel.
anxiously awaiting the outcome of his ER visit.

hoping he isn't forced to wait behind a roomful of NON Caucasians !

how about helping the big guy (AKA the FAT CUNT SENDA, the fucking idiotic wanker) comprise a "Bucket List"...

I shall begin...
orchestrate a gofundme for an evening with a "Lactating Provider"

Only those of us that get their info from movies and TV "know that."

The truth is that very few do. And the ones that do are at the lowest levels of street pimp.
Most "Managers" are true professionals and run their business like a business should be run.
well, I admit my total knowledge base concerning pimps and prostitution is derived from TV and the movies...

however, I do stand firm in my belief IF George has been, was or is currently pimping out Lactating Providers...
he would be at the lowest level of pimps and
we all know George is totally incapable of understanding or implementation of a successful business model in ANY FIELD



was this perhaps what led to SENDA hooking up with a "Lactating Provider" that he eventually was pimping out ?

and we all know that Pimps regularly "sample the goods"...
a sort of "quality control"

suppose the old goat would go for a romantic evening in his hovel, lights candles...but his Alien Head lamp illuminated, on his sofa bed suckling at the YUGE undulating boobs of a lactating provider ?

may be time for a gofundme grift...
(if gofundme would allow this)

Of Course... There is no free lunch
unless, you are a fucking idiotic wanker that goes by the name of SENDA...
courtesy of "Meals on Wheels"...
and this "FREE LUNCH" is even delivered to his door !


You mean from masturbating twitching at Starbucks, while leering at those adolescent busty blonde cheerleaders?

I think a coffee can would do just fine !
(why splurge on "extras"...i.e. a monkey ?)
wait a minute...
would a coffee can suffice after...
the kitties 🐱 have their way with his remains ?
and the remains left are baked at the crematorium ?
or better at the local power plant ?

perhaps to be on the safe side...

Not sure about being organically blind unless it becomes a physical symptom related to his undiagnosed schizophrenic behavior. Since I'm also psychiatric professional trained in treating diseases of the human brain I'd have to say it doesn't look good. Have funeral arrangements been prepared? Do we need to reserve a hearse or will a coffee can and a monkey do?
I think a coffee can would do just fine !
(why splurge on "extras"...i.e. a monkey ?)

I wonder if SENDA, the fucking idiotic wanker, has gone blind yet ?

You didn't pick up his vast knowledge of military history and general expertise in the subject from his posts, videos, or interviews?
personally I picked up on the FAT CUNT SENDA'S vast knowledge of military topics from various publications by Jane's that often were authored by George or quoted him...

Yes, sticking your filthy disgusting flipper in your eye is the thing you should do just after your luxurious expensive cataract surgery that the hard working people you despise so much were forced at gunpoint to fund for you. What a fucking idiotic wanker.

I hope SENDA hasn't trademarked this !
I like it !

Frikkin moron grifter thinks that California owes him money (with interest)for years he didn’t get COLA increases on his SSDI.
yea, I really got a kick out of his commentary regarding California owing him money also !

I bet he addresses this issue with his Senator when he calls about his local DMV insisting he take a written exam and driver's test BEFORE he gets his DL..

Yes, it's clearly shit encrusted in his nails and cuticles. How often do you think he washes his hands? How often does he bathe? He could grow potatoes in his nailbeds. So disgusting. There was a homeless man on the subway today who had crapped himself. It made me think of Senda. Senda probably smells like old man, greasy hair and crap.
well, he did mention in his most recent "haul video" he was "going to shower"...
we shall wait and see IF he announces in a future video IF he actually did shower...

and his previous "I am going to shower" statement occurred on September 12, 2017...
however, after completing an exhaustive search of follow up videos, NO confirmation of actually completing the task was found

hope this helps answer your question

NOTE: if George had his "personal assistant" (taxpayer funded, of course), I feel certain George could accomplish said task (with assistance, of course) at least monthly...

are you offering to help ?

Of course he does. He was reading medical books at age three and writing them at age four.
Dr. Oz...
Dr. Phil...
"reading medical journals since the age of 3 and writing articles since the age of 4"

Go all balls out!   

is that a "fancy eye irritation outfit" ?

might be a good idea if George buys it (or grifts for it) before it's too late to save the eye...

No, it's shit. He uses cheap 1-ply from the dollar store to wipe his ginormous ass.

The disgusting fucking pig deserves to go blind.
mark my words...
George (AKA the FAT CUNT SENDA) will be contacting his pro bono student lawyers soon to sue the poor student surgeon that operated on his eye for free, claiming negligence for his resulting eye infection brought on by his use of cheap dollar store one-ply toilet paper (as mentioned by Laura) and NEVER washing his paws...

I am sure the poor student surgeon failed to mention NOT to use cheap dollar store one-ply toilet paper...

damn, he will probably insist the student surgeon even purchase his glass eye...

oops, here comes another grift...

Falkie thought that the doctor's instructions and prescriptions were just suggestions, if he felt like it.  :D
as we are all aware (thanks to George telling us), he has been reading medical journals since the age of 3 years old !
he is well aware of the necessity of proper care of a post surgical eye and will do what he feels is best !
fuck the student surgeon that performed his eye surgery !
(after all George has been reading medical journals for 62 years !...
and the "kid" is what ?...27 years old ?)


George Noory, world-wide personality and paranormal/UFO expert speaks to a room full of overweight female fans on how great he is and if it wasn't for the 'Guy from Pittsburb', he would be under a bridge smoking crack and drinking from a discarded mustard jar.

looks like George (in red with an iPhone) in drag to me...
(incognito, due to the restraining order Mr. Noory has in place)

I could be wrong...

Meanwhile, at Rolling Stone magazine...

HASHTAGS: #SendaNation #Senda2018 #SendaSchemes #SewergabStrong #thegreatmaroneygoldrush #goingfullretardonYouTube #getcertainproperty #WeIsSewergab
LOL !!
I am rushing out tomorrow to purchase a Rolling Stone Magazine !
do you suppose George would autograph it for me if I sent it to him ?
(of course a "donation" would be included)

And no $5 tip for the pizza delivery girl. Senda doesn't have that kind of money to throw away.
and why doesn't he have "that kind of money" ?
could it be due to the fact...
his good nature at Starbucks...
purchasing all those lattes for those adolescent busty blonde girls that happen to walk in when Senda is holding court at his usual corner seat ?

"Senda is a fat cunt" ®™is now a Registered Trademark
so may I assume "THE FAT CUNT SENDA" is still available for unrestricted use in the public domain ?

inquiring for a friend...
damn, who am I kidding...
I am asking for me !


will Mr. Senda be heading down to Starbucks to check his refurbished stroke eye out ?

do the adolescent busty blonde cheerleaders remove their coats while enjoying their coffee ?

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