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Radio and Podcasts / Re: Midnight In The Desert With Heather Wade
« on: Yesterday at 03:03:28 AM »
I did what I came to do. I derailed the thread. It was wrong. period

This is Bellgab.  Every thread is derailed.  It is what a good bellgabber does!  LOL!!  Post often!!!

I would have expected Ian to make an appearance, for a variety of reasons. 

Even if he had plans he couldn't get out of (in the middle of the night?), he could have recorded something.  Seems strange.

He was on the night after Art died.

Nice company tonight.  Take care, everyone.

I haven't done a 4 hour run in years. Well I can fit 2... Maybe 2 and a half hours of sleep. Goodnight all.

G'night Zeta.

I wish it was an extended show.  I know there was no way to do it but wouldn't an extra hour have been nice?

Yeah, I know what you mean.  Luckily most of the shows are somewhere...out there.

Bon voyage, Art.  Now you know some of the answers.

I thought it was a good and fitting tribute, even with the sad ending.  Such is life...then death.

I suppose so.  Too bad GIS wasn't mentioned.

Is this an assumption or is she really?

It's HER song!!! How dare they!  She has been acting crazy since he died.

I still can't believe how he could talk about that on air.  It's so sad. :(

Yeah, very weird.  The last image I'll have on my mind tonight is Ramona sitting on a sofa head leaned back, dead.

Reunited once more.

Heather is having a conniption fit now.

He's ending it with this?  This is bizarre.

YES you are right, the second I click post it came to me. I remember how much Art loved that show

Has ABBA been played yet, that had to be top of the list of Art bumpers

No Abba tonight.   Though Dancing Queen is always on Friday Night's playlist anyway.  I prefer Waterloo though.

I could deal with Corny better if he'd lay off his shtick.  The constant 'bibles, bullets, and beans' thing has become overkill.

LOL. True!

ooooh this is classic Art bumper. Where is it from again?

Dead Like Me, I think.

What makes this show even better is that we don't hear the usual cast of dolts call in.  (i.e. Annie, Cornelius, et al)

Dolts indeed! ;D

I do have a soft spot for Corny though. ;D

I thought that someone threw their dead dog down the hole, and saw it scampering about the next day.

They just talked about that.

Oh never mind — I just Googled it.

I feel crushed. What if everything on his show was fake?

Oh well. Still cool.

Those are just Jorch's guests. ;)

One of my most treasured books that I have of his.
Oh, yes.  The Dark Sacrament is another excellent book on the subject specifying cases in Ireland.  It is by Christine McKenna and David Kiely.

Anybody else think that the sound of Arts voice changed over the years?? Maybe its the way it was recorded at the time.  He just sounded different to me on Dark Matter and MITD.

The voice does change over time as you get older.  One doesn't notice it from day to day though.

For a different perspective regarding Martin, catch the Firing Line shows he did with William Buckley.  They showed what an intellect he was.  I remember hearing Martin on Hannity's radio show as well.

Wow got to give them credit. Good blend of guests and a few long form interviews/moments

So we have a moment with Area 51 flight, wacky callers with JC, and interview with Malachi

Yeah, George and the producers have done an excellent job.  I didn't think they were capable.  Now if they only put the same amount of effort into their regular shows, they might have something good.  It'll never happen though.  :-\  I guess I should just be grateful for what they have put together.

Malachi’s book “Hostage to the Devil” was a great read

Scary, scary book and still in print.

What’s the difference between paranormal date and conspiracy date?

Certified loons are guaranteed on  Paranormaldate is unreliable.  You never know if your date is going to show up or appear at inopportune times say at 3 AM.

What the fuck is this guy on about? Does he mean C2C?

Dude picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue.


This really is a nice tribute.

Yes, it is.

Was there rancor?

I don't know.  She was nasty to Knapp on twitter though.  In one way I understand.  She moved to Pahrump to be near Art and now he is dead.  Nasty blow to be sure.  She should have just stayed off social media today. No need to take it out on Knapp.

What did i miss?

LOL.  Just JC and his porn talk.  lol.

I'm glad Dannion came on.  He brings some sanity and levity to the proceedings.

Brinkley is saying Art was in pain for months before passing :(

Ah, which leads me to believe fentanyl may have been involved.

It's now 3:00 am EST and I think I may have a Bloody Mary.  Don't judge me.  :D

I'm drinking a Mark West Pinot Noir.  I've been drinking too much wine lately.

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