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Random Topics / Re: 2018 Winter Olympics PyeongChang
« Last post by Gd5150 on Today at 09:36:46 PM »
Jessie Diggins gold medal was amazing. Thatís one of the all time great American moments in the Olympics. Just watching cross county makes me tired. 😂

Paranormal - Conspiracy - UFOs - Etc. / satanic graffitti?
« Last post by albrecht on Today at 09:23:39 PM »
Satanic graffitti in Spanish so maybe MS-13 or one the cartel cults or like that Santa Muerte so beloved by Mexicans? The broken Spanish reminds one of the signs the cartels leave in Mexico etc, so seems legit but always possibility, like most of the other 'hate crimes' it is a fake for attention to a cause or just kids doing a 'prank.'
The things I read were not new to me.  In their context, I found them straight forward.

We are all America (North America minus Canada and Greenland).

The things he says were shouted all through the sixties.  The factual things he says are no less true today than during the Civil Rights movement.  His attitude may not be as current as many people would like, but think of what he has lived through...

I see.  So if a group of whites established a theological philosophy, and built one or more ''churches'' dedicated to weekly sermons regarding stereotypes of blacks and various grievances perpetrated on whites by blacks throughout history - including distortions and complete falsehoods to bolster the argument - and cursed black America from the pulpit on a regular basis, you'd be ok with that? 

What about if that church produced a president who regularly interjected himself - before having all the facts, and after learning the facts continued to encourage the misrepresentations of the events for political gain?  As Obama did with Ferguson, Baltimore, the Trevon Martin Case, that cop the neighbors called who then arrested the professor breaking into his own house when he refused to identify himself.

Would you say ''well, it's factual and it all rings true for people, but maybe the timing is off''; or would you suggest it was nothing more than hate, bigotry, anger, and divisiveness - at best?  And doesn't do a thing to help anyone or improve anything?  Would it be more palatable with a bit of Marxism and Christianity thrown in to dress it up a bit?


There is an idea of a David Hogg; some kind of abstraction.
But there is no real me: only an entity, something illusory.
And though I can hide my cold gaze, and you can shake my
hand and feel flesh gripping yours and maybe you can even
sense our lifestyles are probably comparable... I simply am not there.
With you yet am i.
risking am i pile-on hate-fest by reactionary neo-fascisti am i.
Deja vue all over again..
QUOTE:"Let one happen,stop the rest"??
James Holmes=drugged Patsey.
Deja vu=Gladio II /Falsie?
Can you say Agents Provocateur/Mentor/Coach,boys & Girls?
Any fascist out there looked at the "Selfie"of all the "Witnesses"/crisis actors,yet?
PS:No Logo:
"][ 7VF ]["
PS:Where's Errol Flynn?

Politics / Re: School shooting Miami area 20180214
« Last post by Dr. MD MD on Today at 08:22:12 PM »
Radio and Podcasts / Re: Midnight In The Desert With Heather Wade
« Last post by Dr. MD MD on Today at 08:16:01 PM »
Yes so i've heard lol

The rumors of your death are greatly exaggerated. ;)
Random Topics / Re: Falkie, videos and cannabis?
« Last post by Happier Times are Coming on Today at 07:58:01 PM »
Judge not, that ye be not judged.
karma ?
and SENDA blames it on trolls, haters and sewergab...
Duh...dontcha know .. It smells like George does.
sure about that ?
does SENDA smell like Casa Senda ?
does Casa Senda smell like SENDA ?

my guess they both STINK !
Radio and Podcasts / Re: Midnight In The Desert With Heather Wade
« Last post by vipjon on Today at 07:51:52 PM »
henlo, fren. this board will eat you alive. cheers.

Yes so i've heard lol
Random Topics / Re: Music
« Last post by Dr. MD MD on Today at 07:40:02 PM »
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