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Maybe people who eat eggs are just more health-conscious in general.
So sad, I love eggs, but have a serious egg allergy!  I scramble tofu, thoug.  Tofu rancheros...

I think, not 100% sure, that Perrier is faked now, for a while. Not natural CO2 enfused or even mineral water.
Eee gads.

Better to have a glucose tablet, followed short thereafter with a balanced meal!!  To prevent the cycle.  And the more variety, the better.  In other words, a piece of radish and a piece of lettuce will digest more complexly than two pieces of lettuce.

Although we didn't have Hershey kisses..

We had company over the other night and we had S'Moares cooked over an open fire in my back yard. Afterwards we exorcised in my hallway and bedroom. An hour after that some more exorcise broke out on the front lawn. Thank God I have the 6FT privacy fence.

Yoouuzzaaaa :D
Gotta work that beer off! Tee hee.

George admitted he surfs the internet during interviews. Literally he was posting on bellgab during an interview before. He just tosses in canned lines and reads a question of the index cards.

Of course I havenít listened in awhile but he has done this for years.
He has to surf to sound smart!  Like when he liked the song, "Shake It Off", you could just hear him Googling to see who the artist was.  God forbid he simply say, "A younger female pop artist".  At least she does philanthropic donations.

Billed as discussing Joorch's career, his appearance at Contact In The Desert this coming weekend, and  '...a very special announcement that George doesn't know about...'. Curious. I notice, too, he's credited as 'Georgy [sic] Noory'. Very chummy. Surely only Mummy gets to call him that?!

LMH on tonight, too. I never listen to Fade To Black: just can't abide Church. In my C2C pecking order, he's down in the basement with Gigglin' Connie and Lee Cigar.
His email subcription password process was over the top.  But, now the homepage says "Howdy!". Howdy? Giggle.
OK, And why does "Bunker Cam" sound so dirty!

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Midnight In The Desert
« on: Today at 03:49:31 AM »
Nope... The unforgivable sin.  Certainly that is not blasphemy against the holy spirit, but whatever we most want to demonize in a given generation? ;)
The Unpardonable Sin is Debinked:

It still makes me uneasy that Billy Graham died in February after I quoted him in January in the Random Topics thread The Unpardonable Sin is Debunked.

Just proves coincidences really do happen?

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Midnight In The Desert
« on: Today at 03:20:58 AM »
The Pope even said that there was no Hell, if you believe in Christ you go to heaven, if you don't then you just disappear into nothingness.
The Bible makes a case for that, for soul destruction.  But usually after atonement torture sufficient to pay for one's sins.

Seventh Day Adventists make a good case for a pope being the Anti-Christ.  And the Catholic Church does seem to have that false church vibe?


He also wrote that he posts during breaks.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Midnight In The Desert
« on: Yesterday at 09:10:03 PM »
No one is asking you to except anything. However you are apparently demanding your "norms" be excepted as the high and mighty standard by which all else is judged.

Sorry the world isn't up to your ideal standards. Most of us have to live within the real world, and how it actually works. Which gives a framework of understanding and empathy, from which to work within. So as to enact meaningful change within ourselves, and other cultures. Without all the high and mighty harsh judgments. As apposed to imagined ideals decreed from upon high, that must be conformed to, else be castigated as lowly unworthy as a culture. Even though you've never even bothered to try to understand other cultures perspectives, much less encourage positive outcomes for those who are "less than" yourself. Otherwise you wouldn't stubbornly cling to such narrow & simplistic views of the world around you. 

You also seem misguided believing love must be composed of one thing or feeling for all people. Which of course is your ideal of what love is, else it isn't TRUE worthy love. An ideal which is the only standard by which the whole world must be judged. Else it is less than or not real. No two loves are the same for an individual, much less the endless trillions of combinations of potential loves. How lonely you must be in a sea of humanity. Without this basic grasp of how empathy & love works, with it's potential boundless infinities. 

Now you move the goal post away from Irene being able to love Art. Making it about what Art possibility did to Irene. As if the two things are the same. You can't even follow your own train of thought without derailing it. Most likely Arts biggest expectation from love, only extended to how it satiated his hedonistic personality at moment. Which would make it easier going from one person to another as the need suits. Much the same way others use a spoon, fork, or chopsticks without a great deal of compunction.

Welcome to the boomers modern throwaway society. Which some people seem to believe is the cultural apogee, by which all other cultures are measured.
Freyja didnt say the world wasnt up to his/her standards.  S/he said Art's behavior wasnt.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Connie Willis
« on: Yesterday at 08:41:29 PM »
Iím not really familiar with Connie but just heard a replay of her guest-hosting Saturday night. It was clear from some of her responses that she hadnít been listening to the guest she was supposed to be interviewing. At one point, it seemed like she struggled to even remember his name. She also had a few bouts of inane commentary that had nothing to do with the topic. Is she always a terrible interviewer or did I catch her on an off night?
She occassiona!ly does that.  I forget where she's from but i think it's somewhere where conversations move a little more slowly, like the south?  I like her.  She is great on video, with a kind face.

One track mind. How many Hershey's Kisses did you unwrap today?
None.  This is the second time you have brought to mind delectable treats - diet is about mindfulness.
Your support is appreciated.  Where does one purchase elderberries?

As for true confessions, I did have a simple starch with a fat.  But there was a calorie deficit beforehand and exercise afterward.  And it was a small serving.

Garden salad tonite, with salmon.  Many plants wintered over!  A big perk here.  I harvested enough for tomorrow.  Such funny people here.  They have chard and parsley ripe outside, but they eat store bought iceberg lettuce only!


wow if only there were some kind of easily obtainable substance that could help with that
There are drugs for hormonal disorders such as pcos, including metformin.  I asked my doctor to do a hormone panel, and she didnt want to bec of the way she is indoctrinated.  Excess pcos androgens are a cardiovascular risk, so i'll bring it up again when she can see the excess androgens, like during a physical.

You know exercise helps.  I have been diligent with exercise since my blood pressure crisis in April.  And since the dirty wretch in the next room keeps accusing me of wanting her figure.

And there are metabolism hacks which i try to do, like supposedly not combing protein with simple carbs at same meal.  Another metabolism hack is to break down a long exercise session into shorter segments, bec experts claim your metabolism is increased each time you f inish, even if it is short.

For pcos women, here are helpful supplements:

N-acetylcysteine 1.8g per day
Omega-3 1-4g per dsy
Low glycemic foods (lettuce not carrots, apples and berries not bananas)

The best metabolism hacks are on men's body building websites.  They talk about how to beat plateaus, too, where you have great improvement and then get stuck.  Like one time, I lost 25lbs, but try as hard as i could, another 5 just would not come off (although eventually I did surpass it).  Yet, during another era, when I got down to hat weight, I easily surpassed it.  Plateaus are weird, inconsistent.  At the time of the easy loss, i was taking L-Cysteine to cure a finger wart (with quercetin).  (Homeopathic thuja is safest). I dont know it that is the same as the cycteine above; some cysteines are dangerous. 

Right now i dont have the budget or time for supplements other than very basic ones.  But, a psychological "bondage loop" (kind of like getting someone's goat)/is a terrific motivator, so it's working.  She can't get my goat if I rid myself of it.

Can you imagine the audacity of a filthy, brain-damaged, anti-social, fenced-merchandised wearing total kleptomaniac who doesn't believe in bar soap nor cross-contamination...and who pees on the floor, puts dirty rugs in the dryer, puts toilet paper on the toilet plunger handle... saying I'm just jealous of her figure (when I tell her to give me back my soap).  But she gets away with it bec she does have a trimmer figure than I do.  Well, that's ending.  No more ammo for her to throw at me.  I simply won't give her that.  No way.  I've had a lot of reasons to lose weight, but this one seems to be motivating me very well.  I'm not putting up with that kind of retarded b.s.  I never minded her calling me overweight, bec i am.  But calling me jealous of her (thinking of her poor character) is retarded.  We are not going there anymore.

I drew those by hand, maybe a year ago for Rally Squirrels Falkie Fund store, very simple, but fun.

I had drawn a similar image for MV back when he was looking for bellgab drawings for merchandise, but he was looking for smaller images for things like keyrings then.
Very cute!

Apologies, it's these pants. I usually wear a fuller cut. ;D
That's favorable.

 My neighbors wife had had some remarkable results with the HCG diet. Although... it does cost a few buck$ to get started, she went from 265 two yrs ago to maintaining 130LBS BTW she's 5'10. She no longer spends the money nor does she take the shots but rather, she eats to the guidelines she initially learned when she first did the three weeks but with higher protein portions making up for the lack of calories and of course, protein. I think she allows herself a few cheat days a month with take out or whatever.
I'll check it out.  By three charts, she is underweight.  You know how i feel about that!

It might explain it. This is becoming a sub-set of Nooryisms. A while back, I posted Jorch's response to a guest who told him it was good to be back on the show. Joorch replied, 'Looking pleasure.' This appears to be a mix of 'Looking forward to this' and 'Always a pleasure', so maybe Tommee is getting creative in the back room. Or maybe the Noory Sound Board they use for most of the show is malfunctioning.
I remember that!

Yesterday was a good diet and exercise day.  Old scars in my shin hurt, but I can press the adhesions out later. Having the thin (brain damaged and physically disabled) housemate so nearby, alleging that i'm jealous of her figure is a good motivator.  I just can't get it off fast enough to cease her insane allegations.

Motivation is really important, because PCOS and hypoglycemia are working against me.  Even in high school when I was very proportionate, I had to skip entire days of eating just to stay proportionate.  And in my thirties when I was thin, I was exercising about two hours almost every day!  So, metabolism is not my friend.  I wish scientists would fix the PCOS insulin problem.

It's still early, but today has been good for dieting and exercise.  So far.  Very motivated by the wretch in the next room.  I might weigh more than her, but at least I believe in soap!

Ok, so I've arranged for some flog time on Tuesday afternoon. I'm only working a half day that day so I'll have plenty of time to prepare my glorious muscular back. I sure hope flogging is as fun as it looks in the pictures I've seen. So darn exited, I feel like Santa's coming!

YEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH   HAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bec you seem pretty big, i recommend sitting backwards in a chair so your back is a little lower.  If her arms do get tired, she could alternate with something lighter and snappy, not my preference but might give her more stamina.

Good to read. Time to celebrate with a nice cold Perrier

What's up with the flavored ones? I accidentally bought one...I wont make that mistake twice. It tasted like leftover foot soakings
If I try the flavored green apple one, i plan to buy three plain ones so i can dilute it if it is horrid!  But i like green apple....

Random Topics / Re: Bouts with Insomnia, OCD & Other Afflictions
« on: May 20, 2018, 04:47:08 PM »
It has been.  I'll explain.

The respiratory infection was treated with anti-inflammatory steroid drugs: prednisone & fluticasone.  Such drugs have in various mixure certain undesired effects: glucocorticoid (raising blood sugar) and mineralocorticoid (causing retention of water & sodium).  It was the latter that was my problem.  Even after I finished the course of such drugs, I had an accumulation of fluid that was straining my heart, and my heart was out of rhythm.

The circulatory system can be viewed as partly like a balloon.  It has the capacity to expand.  So it did, and it accommodated the expansion w less & less efficiency.  What happens now is the balloon snaps back to normal size, getting rid of the excess in urine at the rate feasible; my heart's already been shocked back to normal rhythm.  It's going to take a while longer to get rid of all the excess water & sodium, but I've made a good start.  See here for more detail.

It would've saved me about a week of trouble if I'd recognized the point at which antiinflammatory treatment stopped being useful, and where the breathing difficulty was from heart rather than lung trouble.  Actually it'd've saved me more than a week of trouble, because I wouldn't've gotten this sick.
Doctors often forget the heart can be a breathing issue, especially in younger people.  They say go home your lungs are fine.  It's good you figured it out!  I read the link, interesting how heart muscle (and all muscle) works with different fibers.  Glad you are recovering!

Thank you for this opportunity!

Hand vacuum labeled GNS!  George Noory Sucks!

Air pressure device or can for keyboard!  George Noory Blows!

Notepad with cartoon talk about Jennifer Love Hewitt, Pamela Anderson and Monica Ten-Kate:
George:  Is Jennifer as neat as I think she is?
Guest:  She's married, George.

George:  I only go with women who like animals!
Animal Rights Activist:  I don't date Geminis...

George:  Do YOU like animals?
Guest:  I'm only 22, George.

Earplugs with IAN label.

Mirror that has words on it:
Guest:  How are you, george?
George:  I'm looking good!


All i said was the oil is not safe for pets to ingest!  I am not opposed to a weed!

Today was a good diet and exercise.  It's amazing how fun exercise looks compared to job search!  And i have a new motivation.  The brain-damaged women here has become hostile, because i asked her not to store toilet paper on the toilet plunger stick.  Good way to get cdiff, ecoli, uti, etc...  She lately comes back with, a slew of expletives and then, "You're just jealous".  (She doesn't eat, and has a thin figure.
But not eating caused her an insulin reaction this morning...).  I'd like to retort, "Ive got everything you have!".

Random Topics / Re: Bouts with Insomnia, OCD & Other Afflictions
« on: May 20, 2018, 01:21:46 AM »
Different class of drug.No, it does not thicken blood.  It does not change its rheology.  It does incur a stroke risk because of turbulence in the atria leading to clot formation.  That's why I've been on the anticoagulant Eliquis since my 1st episode of A fib in 2015.Just makes me weak & unsteady.
Thanks for the info about that.
Fri. I staggered into my PCP's, amazed that my O2 saturation measured there was 98% because I was gasping for breath.  He did what I hoped -- called an ambulance for the ED -- and they did what I hoped -- cardioversion (after bringing down my HR a bit w diltiazem) -- & sent me on my way.

So I was in NSR again, but still vy weak & w much orthopnea.  I'd put on wt., & needed to blow off the water & Na I'd put on from the prednisone & fluticasone.  Been working on that ever since.  I feel a little stronger every time I come out of the bathroom.  Frank Starling's Law in action.  Furosemide helps.

Don't know when I'll recover feeling in the part of my left hand where apparently the zoster reactivated.

In retrospect, the time to switch from respiratory to cardiac care would've been when the rhonchi went away.
I didnt quite follow the med terms yet.  But sounds like an ordeal.  Im sure you know, if you're in tbe states, that paramedics will be happy to come to you, wherever you are, if gasping is happening.  Glad you got treated, Robert!

I really couldn't say, I just know the green apple flavor is an abomination!
Didn't know about that.  Thanks for the warning.  Im going to try it anyway! Lol.
I don't support bigotry.
What r u talking about.

Last night's second-half guest, Paul Taitt, enquired 'How are you, George?', to which Noory replied:

"I'm looking fine."  ???
Yeah, that was hilarious.  You know, he always says, "I'm looking forward to this" so do you think Tom spliced it?  There is that 40-second or more FCC mandated transmission delay... Payback is a you-know-what!

And George skips out again....

Good to read. Time to celebrate with a nice cold Perrier

What's up with the flavored ones? I accidentally bought one...I wont make that mistake twice. It tasted like leftover foot soakings
Yes, they don't do very well with their flavors! I wonder why.

UFU Phil said he hasn't been able to call in because he gets abducted by aliens every Friday night.
George:  That's great! And now...

If you have the option to work full time this would of course expedite the process of taking the necessary steps to getting your own place! Do the math, part time will never afford you the freedom to get out of your current situation. One month of FT would get you outta there. Have some faith that your cat will be fine, you're doing it for her? too.

Of course I'm married, and reasonably happy too. As far as flogging goes most woman stop giving FlogJobs within two years of the honeymoon.

As fine of an athlete as she is, she's not strong enough to deliver a fine flogging.
I completed 3 months of FT work in April.  I was able to get my car repaired, which broke right after I was hired, and pay for car tabs.  My cat was ok.  But these people already lost a home to a fire, and they still don't follow ordinary fire safety.  I call home and stop home a lot to check.

This place is w-a-a-y better than the last few, by far.  But you are right.  More work equals more choices.  Of course, if I get out of poverty, student loans will take 10% of my income on their income sensitive repayment plan (doesn't even cover the interest, lol).  And I would lose free prescriptions.  But I definitely keep my eyes open for good jobs.  Thanks for the reminder.

There's been a shake-up.  I think we are being collectively outpriced of this rental.  The sublessor said $2900 is way to much for a rambler, and she is right.  He has ripped her off all along, and recently just raised rent more than 10%.  So, I don't know what the future holds and am worried about it.  There is a HUGE shortage of housing, and a lot of scum out there at this level of living.

I have loved the yard and treetop views here.  We are on the crow-show route (a nightly massive wildlife commute).  This place as a facility is very, very comfortable and uplifting.  We have vegetable and flower gardens, and the lawns are plush for the most part.

It doesn't take strength to flog. A good flogging doesn't have to last long.  A heavier flogger is harder to find, but might work with less effort.  Rubber?  Because sure, if she's trying to beat you with a typical whip light as feathers, she'll be working really hard.  But with a full, heavier one, there is leverage, momentum and the wrist.  I have seen some very small ladies handle a bullwhip.  But you don't need a bullwhip, just a flogger!

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Midnight In The Desert
« on: May 18, 2018, 11:50:47 PM »
Was it huge? Any sound?
I didn't hear any noises from him.  I wouldn't have been able to hear that.

He was shorter than the eave of a house, but taller than most doorways.  It was dark and he was fur-covered, but he looked pretty strong.  Didn't seem to have much of a neck.  His face had fur but not so much as to cover his expressions.  I'll never forget how offended he seemed to have stumbled upon my trajectory.  He truly seemed aghast at first, totally shocked, then furious.  The slope in the road must have concealed my headlights from him.  It was, like, personal because an animal would not have moved through fear to anger like that.  He was still well within the grass and painted margin, in no danger as I drove slowly.  But he acted like I was ruined his day, as he turned on his heel took a deep ditch in just one or two strides, and disappeared into the shrubs and trees.  An animal would have just retreated and then crossed, without such indignant anger.

It was so sudden, so brief.  Hypnotic.  But as I got closer to home a few miles away, I was shook up and afraid to be outside.  The next day I thought a lot about it.

I think satellites see him.  I'm sure of it.  I think we should make land reserves and peace with them.  I suspect they bury their dead.  They'd have to live underground, really, no other choice.  Women and children must be somewhere.  Maybe they know when they are ailing, and go with the women and children to die, for the most part.  I'd imagine their caves or underground areas are quite circuitous to navigate, possible with decoy routes, fake endings...  We should respect them.  Especially since at least out here, they don't pillage.

Later that highway was widened.  He had been crossing it near a creek.  I hope he still has enough area, and a creek.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Midnight In The Desert
« on: May 18, 2018, 11:30:04 PM »
In the Big Thicket cypress swamps, I have seen an animal that was probably a great dane crossed with a Chow (Only because it was on 4 legs and trotting with another animal that you could tell was a regular sized dog)that if it stood on its back legs you would have swore it was a bigfoot. Hair was hanging off like it was shedding from mange and I was scared shitless when it was time to get out of my stand I didnít wait for dark.   It had to be almost 4í tall at the shoulders.
Sheesh!  What were you doing there?

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