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Plan for tonight ditched in favor of a tribute to the late Al Bean.

Oh, a video.... good idea. Because a President will always put the government on hold for four hours while he watches self-aggrandizing drivel from a nonentity who hasn't had a job since 1982. Sure.

I flaked out on the Don Ecker interview after the first hour, since they'd already recycled Cydonia and were about to recycle The Brookings Report for the nth time. Did Hoagland ever come up with the "grand announcement" he'd promised around the 10-minute mark?

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Connie Willis
« on: May 20, 2018, 09:54:37 AM »
"Because space is 3-dimensional, time must be 3-dimensional as well."
Oh no. That doesn't follow at all. And the example he gave was PATHETIC.

5 this case a very large handgrenade in the form of a volcano...

You've missed the point, AS. Although Kilauea is getting headlines right now, it's a mere oozing pimple compared to the great eruptions of history, none of which were at or near 19.5°. Y'know, compare 71,000 dead (Tambora, 1815) with "One man slightly hurt by splashing lava".

Yes, thanks Morgus.
The Kilauea volcano is at 19°25', not 19°30'. In decimal, 19.42° not 19.5° as Hoagland glibly claimed. It's Mauna Loa that's at 19.5.

But, beyond that, the ongoing eruption may be visually interesting, and an annoyance to people who foolishly built a housing estate on the slope of an active volcano, but in the Big Picture this is very small potatoes indeed. Hoagland implies that this fits his theory that hyperdimensional energy arises at the 19.5° latitudes of a spinning sphere. He doesn't appear to understand that far more energy has manifested at other latitudes. In fact, none of the top ten most destructive eruptions in recorded history have been at 19.5. Hoalgand's theory is crap.

George Haas, the man who finds parrots and road-runners on Mars. A total loony.

Check out that web site. Want to know why that paragraph width overflows your browser window (ubless you have a REALLY WIDE one)?  It's because it's defined as a <p> within a <td width="99%"> within a <table width="1125">. He's been told about this lunacy but he refuses to do anything about it.

More utter bollocks. There was never at any time anything TOP SECRET about that report.


« ...strongly indicating a long-standing potential NASA policy of "cover-up" on this specific issue. »

That sentence is utter bollocks. "Blows the doors off"?  More like "Misrepresents".

The answer is NO

Well, I misunderstood PB altogether.  When he said, "Please be Ed Dames" I thought he was hoping I was Ed Dames.  Now I realize he was wishing Dames was not a guest.

I took him to mean "Please let the dead guy be Dames"

But what about the Hawaii studio? Is it under lava?

No, he said it was on the Kona side. Quit worrying...

I wonder why C2C had that clown Mike Bara on in last night's News seg to talk about Moon vs. Mars, instead of Bob Zimmerman who knows a lot more and is supposed to be the official "science adviser."

BTW, here's the latest on Bara:

As for the Truth, who can really say for certain?

Apparently Mike Bara thinks he can. So he insults a war hero, pioneering astronaut, and distinguished Senator. Who TF does Bara think he is???

Here's Glenn on Frazier, in case anyone hasn't seen it. JOKE.

...and another one:

On p.174 of Hidden Agenda you wrote that John Glenn was a liar. Do you still believe that?

The context was Glenn's guest appearance on Frazier in March 2001. You know, Mike, Frazier is a COMEDY, right? Just in case we didn't get the joke, the producers provided a laugh track. I think everyone except you and Hoagland understood that Glenn's spoof confession was just a joke.

Here's another question for Mike Bara:

You have said that NASA preferentially arranges for key space mission events to occur when any of five stars are at any of five elevations (-33°, -19.5°, 0, 19.5° and 33°) as seen from a significant place related to that event. The stars are Sirius, Regulus, and the belt stars of Orion.

On p.263 of Ancient Aliens and Secret Societies you wrote "What I do know is that NASA continues to follow these rituals to this day, on virtually every mission they undertake." However, you didn't provide any examples at all. How many of the 135 Space Shuttle missions conformed? Did yesterday's launch of InSight conform to this pattern?

Do you have any specific questions, Patrick, for Gary Leggiere to ask Mike Bara?

James Concannon posted one on Gary's FB page. Why did he take a LRO image of landslips down the wall of a crater on the Moon, turn it upside down, and claim that it shows "jagged crystalline spires"? ("Hidden Agenda: NASA and the Secret Space Program" p.117)

Isn't that totally dishonest?

How did Hoagland conclude that President Kennedy supposedly know what was on the Moon, before inviting the Soviets to join the US in a mission to go there?

The topic of OSOM 17th February was:
"Did President Kennedy's abrupt decision in 1963 -- to end the "Space Race" ... and go to the Moon together with the Russians -- stem directly from the CIA's sudden, top secret, "Project Corona" confirmation, in 1963 ... of ancient ET ruins on the Moon?"

So I think Hoagland would say that's how JFK knew. But it's absolutely ridiculous—the Keyhole spysats were great for looking Earth-wards, but the resolution of their supposed Moon imgery is a few orders of magnitude worse than would be required for that.

More here:

...and here...

As Mike Bara is co-author of Dark Mission, which touched upon the subject of the book he's plugging on your show, ....

That book did more than merely "touch on" the topic. Pages 164-178, plus five figures, are virtually the heart of Bara's book. The rest is "google scholarship." I reckon 25% of Bara's royalties (if any) belong to Hoagland.

"Co-creator of the Pioneer plaque."

WHAT A FUCKING BARE-FACED LIAR THE MAN IS. He had no hand in the creation of that plaque whatsoever. It was created by Sagan, his wife Linda, and Frank Drake.

What really is at 19.5? 

Answer: None of the top 10 most damaging earthquakes in history. None of the top ten most violent volcanic eruptions in history.

Mauna Loa (Not Mauna Kea as Hoagland wrote on p.91 of "Dark Mission")

IN OTHER WORDS: Hoagland's ideas about hyperdimensional energy are a load of codswallop.

The above quoted statement by Dr Mead in Brookings, is motive for the suppression of ostensible evidence of ET intelligence, by NASA. 

No it is not. Margartet Mead was referring to FACE-TO-FACE MEETINGS, not mere discovery of artifacts.

Expat, in what way do you disagree with these findings, as presented by Richard C. Hoagland on his website?

Hoagland has stated, many times, and emphatically in that shcoolmasterly way he has, that Brookings called for suppression of any evidence NASA might find of extraterrestrial intelligence. Maragret Mead's evidence was of actual meetings between societies at very different levels of development.  Not at all the same thing.

Please note that the studies of the question Brookings recommended were never funded, never carried out. Brookings is a bust for Hoagland.

So again, Expat and any & all else, let's just keep this in perspective.

Yes Gary, that's exactly what I've done. The perspective is that Hoagland's interpretation of the Brookings Report is totally adrift with reality.

Noory: "How long have we got, Steve?"
Quayle: "Yadda yadda yadda [anything other than answering the question]"

Today's guest is Andrew D.Basiago.
Andy served as one of America's first chrononauts as a child participant in DARPAs time travel program, Project Pegasus.
He went on to serve as one of its early Mars explorers as a college-aged participant in the CIAs Mars jump room program.

...or maybe he didn't. Maybe that's all a bunch of crap. You decide.

Richard & Robin had a go with Ed's night-vision gizmo too. I seem to remember Robin being mighty impressed. He may well mention it tonight.

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