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He is live right now? Is it worth the headache tonight? My fuse is short and in general I have no patience.

And before I forget... Aloha, konichiwa, ciao, privet, hello, and sup-nigs to all...

JC isn't a quitter. And his only technical issues are with spelling and qwertybraapz.

Random Topics / Re: Video Gaming
« on: June 22, 2017, 07:33:14 PM »
Are there any missing cutscenes or omitted gameplay segments from the HD version of MGS3? Is it a scene for scene upgrade? How many extras and bonus modes are there?

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Alex Jones
« on: June 21, 2017, 01:14:10 AM »
jones 2007 > jones 2017

howard beale > dave noory

I'll bring the skittles.  :)

We're doing pretty well too without a leader (Empress). See, anarchy works.  :D

I wonder where Norland is now

Before I forget or fall asleep, it's good the old crew is all here. Missing a couple but first time I've seen most of you in the same thread in real time in a long time. We should rent some skiffs, get the droids, then go for a Sunday drive to the Sarlaac pit before the suns go down and it gets too chilly.

Schlyder... That is a nice Dave Noory webcam pic in your avatar.

"Wow! That really is amazing isn't it? Up next, dead kids in Texas." - GNS on Schlyder7's avatar

Did you do the obvious and change the extension to .pls ?

It's been years since I used winamp. Can you direct pipe the stream ?

I just got the PLS from the KIYQ Listening page. Next time I have a hard time trying to save a shortcut to a stream I will try changing the extention to PLS, I didn't try that this time and didn't even think to do so.

Mineral rights and opium are what Afghanistan has to offer.  Nothing else.

Heroin is dirt cheap now. There is also an entire needle-depository industry as well now, plus sanctioned shooting up zones with paid on-site administrators. Also, those dark smokey grey/charcoal black looking synthetic pills are the new epidemic. Afghanistan has been great. More drugs, more HIV, and more schizophrenia in public spaces. It's been accepted as the new daytime normal.

Ok I did manage to extract a PLS out of this page LP 107.1 FM mp3

What a weird looking URL. All laws of internet physics are broken in 2017 and I am weary of the future.

Try this

Same problem, saves the link as .htm. I also get this same problem when trying to save shortcuts at Shoutcast which used to let me right click and save PLS as filename.pls. TuneIn gives me the same thing.

Internet has turned into cable TV with a Fisher-Price interface.

I don't mind the politics... just that RCH doesn't have a fucking clue about politics LOL


315    click the 1st icon on the right

It won't let me save those. It's being a really big cunt!

public radio quality mixing board.

Does somebody have a link to PLS or other shortcut that I can use to play the Charlatan's show through Winamp?

I'm getting a Jabba-the-Huttish vibe on this one.

"Greingb mie deh Woookieee!!"

I saw an interview with him where he claimed he could summon UFOs by meditating out in the woods or something and that he was holding seminars to teach others to do the same.  ::)

Do you mean Greer? Because he claims the same thing. Except not in the woods..... but in the..... desert..... like the movie Tremors..... but not sandworms..... more like..... flying..... sau..... sauce..... flying saucepans..... jumping in and out of the sand dunes like dolphins. 

Random Topics / Re: Celebrity Deaths
« on: June 10, 2017, 12:45:37 PM »
I always wished there was going to be a sequel to Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Like maybe 30 years have passed and the 3 of them work as a unit to con people in some part of the world, or maybe a traveling plot with several locations. Or maybe they come out of retirement to do one last con job. I don't know, I just think the movie was really great and a quality modern sequel could have easily been done with the same 3 aging cast members and production team. It is in my Top 5 comedies of all time. Maybe the Top 3. RIP Soap Queen.

I met Adam West once. He was before my time as I was born in '75. But in the lull between when Batman was popular and Batman being popular again I was able to meet him and Burt Ward and got their sigs. These days at comicon it would cost $50 or $100 to meet people like that face to face and have them write their names on whatever you want signed. But in the mid 80s they seemed happy to be there and treated everybody kindly, and this was definitely not a popular time for Batman culture, not like it is now. 2-3 years later the Michael Keaton movie came out, so this would have been around 1986-87. Anyways, it was cool. There was no dickheadery going on, the both of them were very chatty and friendly as well as appreciative.

Random Topics / Re: Is MV still alive?
« on: June 05, 2017, 10:26:51 PM »
Star Trek III: The Search For MV

In this installment the crew locates a signal on the Genesis planet and it is hailing from MV who is discovered to have been born again. By the end of the movie MV is almost back to being his former self and rejoins his UFP buddies equipped with a 64MB flashdrive (valued at $129.99 in 1997, but only in Japan) which is loaded with 180 pixel horseporn. This ongoing chapter exploring the human condition continues in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, where MV attempts to make whale porn but instead is ejected from the marine facility by a woman from Love Boat. He is not a pizza fan.

Abortive early break attempt.  His heart is not in this  :(

He has no heart, just a piggybank.

Why does Hoagie need breaks if there are no commercials? Does he really need this much time to get his shit together every show?  ???

His bumper music seems to be borrowed from VH-1. Two full songs per break buttered up with robot hooker's 19.5 telethon opportunities.

Speaking of 'braaps.'  I was listening and there were a lot of braaps.  Hoagie should embrace braaps.  Even provide us more.  :D

3 minutes of jazz pianos with volume level 20% higher than the speaking level on the show.

Did Mike Spent just say there were 170 archived shows?  Half are reruns.  ;D

He also advertised facebook twice

It seems like some of the old gang is here.   8)

Cheers all!  :D

Hi Norm

My connection sux and I may not be able to listen to this fruitcake tonight.

Jesus christ the fake Tom Waits is back.

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