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LOL - Are you sure ?       He's only 160 years old.   ;)

"Who you calling old ? "

Rare photo of Nikola @ Colorado Springs laboratory

Ha, Now that is one cool, rickety ladder going up over the roof.  I wonder if Nikola climbed up there to install his electrical apparatus?

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 :o :o :o

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 Cheney was the first book I read about Tesla but Inventions, Researches and Writings of Nikola Tesla by  Thomas Cummerford Martin (1894)  was the definitive contemporary book. I have a 1981 printing by Angriff Press, Hollywood , CA
Tesla Book Company, 1580 Magnolia , Millbrae, CA 94030 at least in 1984

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I never realized the extent of Tesla's innovations until joining this forum. It has been extremely insightful and I am interested in reading some of Tesla's books. I have always been intrigued by the Tesla car models on the market today, and the fact that there are really no other competitors on the same level. It just goes to show that Tesla's legacy has outlived him and his innovations continue to be some of the best.. I recently came across an infographic that was really interesting regarding the new Tesla Model 3. did a study on hesitations car buyers have when considering an electric vehicle. The main factors deterring car buyers from going electric was the low range of electric cars and the overall high price. The Tesla Model 3 gives a solution to both of these contingencies because it has a high range of 310 miles and it is also cheaper than previous models. Not only that, the model 3 holds value longer than other electric vehicles, making it worth the investment. Tesla continues to be the better car compared to all electric vehicles and almost all gas powered vehicles as well.

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To keep the lights on we had all better invest in some generators! Power outages have been on the rise and will continue.