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Radio and Podcasts / Re: TheErinnF YouTube Star
« on: Today at 10:14:49 PM »
Smoke is often what kills, not the fire.  Something to be aware of.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: TheErinnF YouTube Star
« on: Today at 09:56:30 PM »
Her mom does not want the smoke detector replaced because she wants the house to burn down.

Of course a smoke detector just warns you of fire, not prevents fire, but you know, Senda logic.
Wowsa.  This is some rabbit hole.  Welfare check on Mommy, lol.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: TheErinnF YouTube Star
« on: Today at 09:55:42 PM »
She looks a wreck, but I hope her dog gets taken care of.  Just that voice of hers would make me charge her extra if I was the vet.
Some people qualify for Care Credit - She should ask the vet for an application.

Why, oh, why, does medical care have to cost so much.  In Scotland, you just go get it.  You are taken care of.

What is wrong with her dog?  There may be homeopathic solutions.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: TheErinnF YouTube Star
« on: Today at 09:53:37 PM »
Driving drunk is never safe no mater how careful you try to be.
Right.  She could mistakenly kill people, or cats.  I really was only addressing the lack of car brakes, but you are right. 

Radio and Podcasts / Re: TheErinnF YouTube Star
« on: Today at 09:52:00 PM »
Short people and smoke alarms:  Another thing you can do is toss a 20' cord over the end of a high curtain rod.  Set part of the cord lengthwise down a wide piece of duct tape.  Apply that piece to the back of the smoke alarm (don't cover the air vents w/ tape though, just put tape on the back of the alarm like over the battery case).  Once the alarm is part of the cord, part of your new fake rope & pulley system, start pulling on the cord as the alarm goes up to the top of the curtain rod (or near the top).  Leave the alarm in that position, up there.  Until the next time you need to lower it to change the battery.  Don't let any children or pets get caught in the cord.

Manufacturers could sell smoke alarms this way, with built-in cords & pulleys so that after the alarm is installed, a ladder is never needed.  The cords could be fashionable, and not a danger to pets or children.  This would help the elderly, the disabled, and short people.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: TheErinnF YouTube Star
« on: Today at 09:43:46 PM »
I think she might be worse. We know she has. Grand to spare because she offered it to her mom. She also said it would be $750 to fix her brakes. She even said that while driving home impaired her car would not stop at a signal so she ran it. Now we see her out running around with no brakes.
Senda would do that but I do not think he has so disregard for the safety of others puts her a step up.
If she is on a city street going 20mph, she can downshift into 2nd gear which makes stopping easier.  But only at low speeds, otherwise I don't know what will happen.  She should anticipate "stale green" lights and plan accordingly by not accelerating, and downshifting once she gets to 20mph.

Also, this next part is only dangerous if you aren't careful.  But, at low speeds, a very slow, tentative, slight lifting of the emergency brake can slow a car down & is better than nothing.  But don't pull too hard too fast or you lose control of the car.  It's a good move if you're almost stopped, but afraid you're going to go over the white line too far.  Gently stop yourself with the emergency brake.  I think that is what it's for.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: TheErinnF YouTube Star
« on: Today at 09:39:44 PM »
She can't replace her fire alarm battery because she is afraid of ladders, and she's afraid that if she calls the fire department to change the battery, that all the neighbors will be standing around across the street taking pictures and videos, when the fire truck arrives.
But a new one.  Test it to see that it works.  Loosely affix it to an end of a broom (whichever end works) with string or tape, just something loose but sticky.  Lift the broomstick up high and set the alarm on top of the highest bookcase or shelf.  Work the alarm loose from the broomstick and bring the broomstick down.  Use a step stool if those are not scary.

Alternatively, get a $10 reacher w/ suction cups.  Put thick duct tape on the back of the alarm.  Use the reacher to stick it up on a wall as high as possible.  Once it's in position, use the solid side (handle) of the reacher to push it tighter against the wall.  Rinse & repeat after humid weather.


Nice. Actual justice, not 'social justice.' Why are "bakeries" such hot-points for protests, political-sexual controversies, and such?
A very special video.  Justice sure brings out special facial expressions, doesn't it?  You just can't fake that.  I wonder what would have happened if this family hadn't had the wealth that enabled them to work without pay for so long, plus go to the enormous expense of filing a civil suit.  Maybe their attorney took it on a contingency.  Thank you for this uplifting story.  It wasn't about race; it was about defamation that cost real people real wages.  And even though the awarded amount was large, did you hear that the court hasn't even got to the punitive part of the award yet?!

Politics / Re: Ebola
« on: Today at 08:32:12 PM »
We don't.  ICE and the 'charities' didn't check them- just shuttle them to unidentified cities around the country. Re: truck bed. Asians have a big presence in Africa, especially Chinese. And African countries and NGOs buy used gear from everywhere.  It was a stock photo also so who knows when/where it was really done.

Not that ICE is apparently not even checking for any diseases with most of these "refugees." But Ebola "symptoms may appear anywhere from 2 to 21 days after contact with the virus, with an average of 8 to 10 days."  And when they cede to the Democrat sirens' call to come across illegally and surrender and claim, false, "amnesty," the illegals are not checked for anything- and the government, LEOs, or healthcare workers even know who, and what, is now in the country!   Surely this couldn't be the source of all the recent measles, mumps, chagas, "polio-like" disease, TB, lice, bedbugs, etc outbreaks?
Horrible.  As well, I've always said security should be on the inbound isles of the airport, not the outbound ones.

Those polio disease, I feel sure, are from the flu shot.  But, I can talk until I'm breathless & no one seems to care.  I know a woman that it happened to - the same day she got her shot, she could walk no more.  Her husband was working FT at the time, and came after work every single day for hours to spend time with his beautiful wife at the skilled nursing facility where I briefly filled in.  When I saw the administrator going around giving us all the flu shot, I was secretly glad my position ended first, because I didn't want to end up like her.  That poor woman did nothing to deserve being paralyzed and in rehab for God knows how long (months, at least).  And her poor Mr., getting no rest.  To make matters worse, medical error is the #1 cause of death in the country and as it turns out, because she was paralyzed she had to rely on nurses for her meds.  The nurses were late one day with her blood pressure meds and the patient's blood pressure was in the heart attack zone.  Shortly after that, state compliance officers came in person and watched us work, doing an inspection for 2 days.  Anyhow, the flu shot cost her her health, put her in a facility which is always a risk to health, and I don't even know if she fully recovered.  The diagnosis was Guillan-Barre, but the symptoms are the same as Acute Flaccid Myelitis and one gov't study draws a huge link between the two. 

What angers me is that the government is not keeping track of AFM cases with regards to which children just recently had the flu shot.

And, it's one thing to be young & healthy and paralyzed.  But being paralyzed is an extremely dangerous thing for older people dependent on serious scheduled prescriptions, diabetics, hypoglycemics, asthmatics, people with seizure disorders, etc...  It is not guaranteed a nurse is going to be there the moment you need your rescue inhaler to live, or a glucose tablet to prevent coma/death.  That's why I get worked up about this topic. The flu shot puts vulnerable people into situations that are very perilous.

It's even more aggravating because Medicare reimburses better to facilities if all the staff gets the flu shot.  So, even office workers or hospital work-at-home transcriptionists can be required to get the flu shot.  Many nurses are up in arms about it.  If you opt out of the shot, HR treats you like a pariah, and dose not provide ventilated masks as an alternative, only regular sweaty masks.  One of the reasons I am low income is that I refuse to get the flu shot, so my healthcare job opportunities are very limited.  But, with hypoglycemia, asthma, and having had partial anaphylaxis twice, I don't want to put myself at any risk of AFM or Guillan-Barre.  I wouldn't be able to grab Benedryl, albuterol, glucose, or food to save my life, and patients sometimes have to wait a long time for their call light to be answered.  This is why I have loved working in wellness (massage, physical therapy) offices instead of hospitals, but there just isn't as much work available.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Midnight In The Desert
« on: Today at 07:58:54 PM »

The Ringmaster story
Virus scam (I hope) message activated my sound and took over the window, beware.

That's very sweet.  Groyper is a good producer, with talent & skill.  Not to mention humor.   I have heard from people that Groyper is much nicer than his avatar image sometimes portrays, a nice thing to know.  I think parody is a lot of fun.  I have loved his videos and appreciate the time and energy that must go into them.  And you clean up a lot better than the last guy that tried something like this  ;).  S.O. is not going to be happy.  But, thank you for the compliment.  However, I'm sticking to the written word, where I belong.  Although, all this attention is very flattering, and for a good cause. You Tube is a great grass roots venue for life-changing information and uplifting humor.

Bell Gabbers have a lot of video experience, talent, and time.  For sassy, there is Art Roswells.  For production, there's Damon as well.  Digital Pig Snuggler is always bubbling.  Heather will probably be back in good time.  ItsOver ("It") is the best for photoshop.  There are many gabbers, past & present, who I've missed - and some waiting to be discovered, like that one poster wearing khaki with the cigar hanging out of his mouth.  So many humorous people here.

The comic below is just for laughs.  I have been liking it & trying to find a place to use it...

Random Topics / Re: Where is all the dirt coming from?
« on: Today at 05:23:57 PM »
I thought it came from climate change.
Everything does!

A visitor from another world doing the funky chicken or a kid with a bag on his/her head?

Weird.  Such long arms, as seen at the end.  And bow-legged, like childhood calcium deficiency.  Weird pelvic range of motion.  If it is an alien, it's good to know they evidently do have emotional moods.

I don't mean to be disrespectful but what makes you think it was not merely sleep paralysis? I've never had sleep paralysis or an abduction type experience so I don't know if there are differences. Most abductions sound like textbook sleep paralysis cases but the ones that involve missing time are a little harder to pin down.
Was there any ether quality?  Like, could you have been mentally abducted but maybe the scenario was mind control/perception tampering? 

Any idea why they abduct people?

Would you mind describing your missing time?

Politics / Re: Ebola
« on: Today at 05:06:17 PM »
Don't worry the agencies are "seeking a way to send the migrants to other cities."
Don't worry the agencies are "seeking a way to send the migrants to other cities." 

I see the Asian language on the hazmat team's truck on your last link from  Not French?

How do we know these migrants aren't carrying ebola?

Big agra keeps growing, and factory farms and feed lots do make it more difficult for smaller farmers to keep pace. Having said that, a recent study found that smaller farms are generally more profitable (per acre) than the massive ones. The problem comes that while more profitable per acre, you still need the acres to turn enough of a profit to live.

The other problem is that most consumers want to save three cents a pound on ground beef. It is hard to convince them that humanely treated animals are worth paying for.

On a side note, I went out today to get a load of sheep manure. The farmer will sell me a whole live sheep for $300, or slaughtered, cut and wrapped for $400 (probably worth the $100 to not have to deal with disposing of entrails and a head...) And yes- they are grazing happily in the open enjoying their lives (at least they will until I place the order in a couple of months...) A few of us used to get together an purchase a cow every year from a lady where I used to board my horse. (Sadly, I'm not joking. "Twister" was a great horse.)  :)

It's really not that hard to find people to sell you an animal direct, if you look. And prices do not need to be boutique specialty shop prices...

***I'll put the soapbox away for the evening...

Politics / Re: Abortion
« on: Today at 12:00:06 PM »
Despite the left's long-standing efforts to disguise the reality of abortion through heavy use of euphemism and unconscionable rationalization, most recognize that abortion is the violent taking of a human life.   Not knowing  the "fetus" as the individual he will become with his own distinct  personality does not make it any less so.  The only differentiation to be made is the point in the gestation period at which the abortion takes place.  The more developed the "fetus" the more pain it will feel and, in my mind, the more heinous the act.  While we as adults may be guilty of many things, the only thing the helpless victims of abortion are guilty of in the vast majority of cases is existing but being unwanted by the mother or both parents.  Hardly a reason for imposing the death penalty.
Then to think of the ones that were not even guilty of existing at all, but were brought into existence by fertility doctors and mothers who then decided they had too many!  Hardly  appropriate to give them the dealt penalty!

Random Topics / Re: Where is all the dirt coming from?
« on: Today at 11:37:51 AM »
Experts are saying tons and tons of dirt comes from meteor dust.

Random Topics / Re: ClubtoCrib
« on: Today at 11:36:18 AM »
Just like your posts.  Maybe he’ll let you use it on your YouTube channel.
Lol.  That channel is just a rumour, but maybe I'll check out this online keyboard thing.

I don't. But I don't understand the concept? You mean use your home phone line like an intercom system, or something?
Yeah, it was cool.  You picked up the phone, dialed your #, and viola, all phones in the house rang.  Fun.

Random Topics / Re: Random stupid things on your mind. Post them.
« on: Yesterday at 11:10:42 PM »
Looked real for a bit also. I've been spoofed in a weird scam deal a few months ago where the robocallers/Indians/etc would call but would show my name/number on the caller id. I guess they figured that technique would make many people think "wtf" and answer? And then they would know they had a valid number/person for resale or to pitch their scams, or both? 

ps: I think I mentioned but had opportunity to do again. I don't like that SWA stopped giving peanuts, so I bring my own. But also the free snacks they've substituted for peanuts: have a warning about being produced in a factory that also produces peanuts. So the whole allergy thing and change was either a scam (to save $) or just virtue signalling. Herb, RIP, would be ashamed of both.
Remember "intracall" where you could ring your own home from any phone in the house?  I used to sell that.

Random Topics / Re: Things That Annoy You
« on: Yesterday at 11:02:16 PM »
Cowardly, fake agreeable passive aggressive control freak patients (no dementia) who lie to control situations, don't say what they mean, and don't mean what they say.  If I can't build trust, how the f*** am I going to work correctly.  They couldn't train a dog, let alone employ domestic labor.  And I'm not sitting in your shi** for 13 hours.  If I need a trash can, it's not going to be overflowing.  If I need a sink, it's going to be polished.  If I need a towel, 15 other people will not have used it.  If I need counter space, it won't have garbage all over it.  Crazy a** bit***es who agree you should clean, "You should, yes" only to freak out in their bedroom every time you lift a finger sacking trash or polishing a sink. 

Next thing you know he'll be seeing hidden mysoginistic messages in innocuous bumper music
It keeps me active! :)

Ultraviolet is specifically not part of the visible spectrum.
Well, I guess for bees, they're saying some of it is.

Oh man I didn't know Quayle was on before the lucid dreaming bore. Quayle NEVER disappoints.

He had some photos last night from god knows where and he is describing one of them in his loud bluster


and George as always played the part of credulous idiot replied with 'amazing' or 'unbelievable'

Quayle says the Aztecs and Incas didn't build their impressive pyramid structures, aliens did with their superior alien technology, George offers 'by levitation maybe'
Some theorists think some of the stones were made in place.  Like this drexecl University guy:
"Barsoum, a professor of materials engineering, said microscope, X-ray and chemical analysis of scraps of stone from the pyramids "suggest a small but significant percentage of blocks on the higher portions of the pyramids were cast" from concrete."

I'd like to know what Quayle's annual speed budget is.
Oh, ew.  Irreversible brain damage, the aftermath of meth.

Random Topics / Re: ClubtoCrib
« on: Yesterday at 08:31:10 AM »
I produced this Club music on CubeBase.  It's a whole lotta fun.  Check it out.
Wow.  Hypnotic and edgy.  I couldn't quite make out all the lyrics on the first one, though.  I had never heard of this before and it sounds like fun.  Thank you for the link.

Hillary lost, disqualified.
Three years ago I guess... Have a good night.

Note that if he is in witness protection now, none of those people would know.
Geez, are you seriously Jewish?  Kinda hard to believe.  Uh, open casket.  Emotional son at death bed.

You seem to have been living in a social vacuum to the point that you've become paranoid about ordinary things.

Like, if you go to the library and someone sits at the terminal you just used, and if they put a thing into one of its plugs - - they are not spying on your last session.  They are transferring a document to a flash drive.  Okeeeee?

The officer wouldn't need witness protection even if he were alive.  I already established, with sources that there were numerous witnesses to the shooting when it occurred.  Besides, the schizophrenic man who shot him confessed to shooting two men that day and is in custody.

First, you don't cite your source about an old police ambush, then you call me stupid for not believing it after finding no supporting documentation, and now you don't even know this very simply, recent, easy to follow story well enough to plausibly play Devil's advocate.  Not citing sources, not following stories - - but still arguing about them?  Wow.  You must be tired and moody.

Well, Mr. Tired and Moody, how did it turn out with the Sandy Hook Jewish open casket?  You do know about that, right?  That should have put a cap on some things.  Did it?  And please do cite any sources.

Politics / Re: Abortion
« on: Yesterday at 03:33:36 AM »
Jackstar cannot be taken seriously if he just grandstands.  Anyone on high school debate team knows that.  If I'm being blocked from ItsOver after Jackstar being a prick, then that can go both ways, Jackstar.  Didn't you do something like this last summer, too?  I can't seem to get through a whole year/summer without blocking you.  I'm sure you've heard that a few times.  Is summer a bad time for you?  Is that when you broke your ankle as a kid?

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