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Radio and Podcasts / Re: Ian Punnett
« on: Today at 07:56:29 PM »
I was hoping for an interesting interview, but Kelly Carlin's annoying habit of constantly repeating "You know"...

Her response was-
On 06/09/2018 02:44 PM, Kelly Carlin wrote:
> Anything positive? Always good to give positive feedback to people before the negative.

Heh, heh.  Go get him, 21st!  A Jorch takedown. ;D

Always good to provide positive feedback before negative feedback, UNLESS IT'S JORCH!!

Somebody ::)

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Midnight In The Desert
« on: Today at 07:31:22 PM »
No, refrigerating bread ruins it though freezing is not bad.
Knew you'd say that.  Gluten free bread is already ruined, sooo I'm good.


Radio and Podcasts / Re: Midnight In The Desert
« on: Today at 07:30:03 PM »
I don’t like it when you do all ghost shows either. It’s not even Halloween.
True, but at least he wasnt doing Shakespeare ::)!


Radio and Podcasts / Re: Midnight In The Desert
« on: Today at 07:13:38 PM »
You think that's bad?! I was just about to make a tuna sandwich...but my bread has gone bad! :o

Tuba podcast? ???
What a coincidence.  I had no bread, so I combined the tuna in a cup with a little cream cheese, finely minced onions and garlic, and a few chives.  Heated one minute, and ate it.  So good!  Olives can be nice too!

When you get to half a loaf maybe refrigerate or freeze bread?  Separating a piece off from frozen usually works fine.  My gluten-free bread perishes fast, so I keep a lot of tortillas around.


Radio and Podcasts / Re: Midnight In The Desert
« on: Today at 07:06:29 PM »
Ha, ha, ha!  What the hell were you thinking, 21st?  ;D  It's a shootout!  ;)


* Jorch Gun.jpg (150.88 kB)

I love this  :-*.  And the Owl-Bear Rider.


Random Topics / Re: Cooking With Chefist!
« on: Today at 06:57:24 PM »
I hate when they inject chicken with salt water just to add more weight. It totally ruins the taste and texture. ::)
I used to hate that too.  But the silver lining for me is that all that water pulls a lot of the saturated fat out with it, which otherwise would have clung to the outside of the meat.  Is there any way to tell "lean" chicken?  When I was a kid, the skin was so lean it was always crunchy, and so good.  But for the last few decades, it is like gum and not healthy to eat.


Random Topics / Re: Baking With Chefist!
« on: Today at 06:52:47 PM »
Today's half-baked adventure began about a week and a half ago when I decided that the half-gallon of unconsumed milk in the fridge was due to turn into some sort of spontaneous cheese.  Rather than let nature (or un-nature as my fridge contents can sometimes produce) take it course I decided to force the issue and see what sorts of simple cheese could be made from this nearly-but-not-yet-curdled whole milk.

Lime juice turned out to be the one lacking ingredient, then I figured I could use a juicer and some other bullshit (a small measuring cup, and some other crap, I think the 5-for-$5 frozen Swanson Potpies and other unnecessary shiet).

Ricotta Cheese I
1 quart Milk (supposedly any milk, I had WAAAAAY past "due" but still drinkable and good Whole Milk)
3 fluid ounces fresh lime juice

Allow milk to stand outside refrigerator until it achieves room temperature.
Pour milk into non-reactive (stainless, glass or ceramic  NOT ALUMINIUM!) pot.
Slowly heat milk to 180F, hold at 180F for 5 minutes.
Stir in fresh lime juice and stir until curds form.
Pour mess into cheesecloth lined chinacap/strainer/chinois and allow to rest undisturbed for 1 hour.
For a drier finished cheese tie-off cheesecloth and hang in refrigerator overnight, or use immediately as you would store-bought.

yield approx. 1 cup Ricotta per quart of milk.


I elected for the drier ricotta, I weighed it today and seems like my yield was 10 oz for the 1/2 gallon of milk, plus a bunch of whey (the watery part) say 1 1/2 quarts whey.  I froze the whey and will do something insane with it.  I think I will see if it can be used to make bread?  I dunno, I can always throw it out later.

Up Next;  Graham Cracker Crust
I read once that what you are doing, preserving dairy, is how cheese was invented.

Well, maybe you should lube up first.
Après toi... serveur  ::)


Random Topics / Re: Things that bring me joy....
« on: Today at 06:34:57 PM »
The cat has been watching You Tube cat entertainment for the first season in her very old life.  Today was all about squirrels.  So funny, afterward she went to nearest dog room, stuffed her cheeks with their dry food, brought it back and deposited it on her floor.  OMG.  Applying new knowledge immediately.  Such a character.  I didn't get annoyed; she needs all the diversion she can get.  Was lucky to even be out of the room, lately. 

Each day, she has to take a tiny sweet-tasting pill smaller than a BB.  Oh, how she fights about it!  Sometimes she tricks me and i find them later where she discarded them  Maybe I could slip it in when she is drowsy.  Or make it into a paste, somehow.  Not supposed to mix with food.


Random Topics / Re: Weather in your Area
« on: Today at 06:27:56 PM »
A very chill, happy family place in a very small but friendly town.

I suspect you'd groove in real well. :)
I was in Wyoming once.  One of the best things my parents ever did was take us by road to Yellowstone.  It was a weird place.  Old Faithful was very late.  Just a real interesting place.


Random Topics / Re: Things That Annoy You
« on: Today at 06:22:41 PM »
Cat entertainment videos with interrupting commercials and traumatic commercials.  Lovely.


Politics / Re: President Donald J. Trump
« on: Today at 06:11:02 PM »
But is it "playing"??? :-\
That time, it was not.  Different points of reference.


Random Topics / Re: Weather in your Area
« on: Today at 06:01:56 PM »
No poisonous water snakes per se, but rattlers are all to common and I have seen a rattlesnake swim (Lake Powell), so caution is always advised.

Last time we were there we watched a mountain lion through the binoculars on the high plateaus to the east.

There are multiple hot springs in town, both private and state run:

So nice.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Kingdom of Nye With Heather Wade
« on: Today at 04:51:27 PM »
Hope that none of Hoagland’s relatives die.
Did BellnWhistle really die?  Of what?


Radio and Podcasts / Re: Kingdom of Nye With Heather Wade
« on: Today at 04:50:10 PM »
Wait, did you see her mug shot from earlier this week? She was hospitalized after the police came because she was being violent towards her mother and boyfriend and looking for a gun (she is forbidden to have one due to previous incidents) and threatening suicide. Obviously very troubled, but that photo... sigh.

Politics / Re: President Donald J. Trump
« on: Today at 04:39:24 PM »
They just call me a racist.
It's only been a short time.  Policy changes slowly.  ANd, there is his past reputation.  Hopefully you'll be right.  Otherwise, give me time.


Politics / Re: President Donald J. Trump
« on: Today at 04:29:35 PM »
Just stop playing dumb now. It's beneath you. ::)
Got you fooled   :D

Fourteen 'N Fakin' It!

Politics / Re: President Donald J. Trump
« on: Today at 03:10:17 PM »
Just stop playing dumb now. It's beneath you. ::)
Trying to make sure i understand his angle.  I had previously thought him at the opposite end of that issue.

My student loans thank you.


Politics / Re: President Donald J. Trump
« on: Today at 03:09:06 PM »
Of course accidents happen. But just for thoughts along more conspiratorial lines- the driver, or Kamakazi as you call the driver, is not the only possibility, it is "old news" that cars can be hacked.
Oooooooo. I remember now.  A lady out here was severely punished by the justice system when her car accelerated , i believe, without her consent.  Her bf was killed.  But that model car has had another incidence of this.

Politics / Re: President Donald J. Trump
« on: Today at 02:34:15 PM »
Yeah, "accident." ::)
It was Kamakazi, though.  So do you think someone knowingly kamakzi'd or do you think Mind Control got them going the wrong way on the freeway?


Politics / Re: President Donald J. Trump
« on: Today at 02:28:16 PM »
Ha!  To say the least.  Any Fed caught doing what Big Hill did would have been prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  It's obvious that Comey and company weren't about to go after "President" Hillary.  Right, Agent 1?   ::)
So, ItsOver, you're okay with Comey telling Congress?  You wanted even more?

Politics / Re: President Donald J. Trump
« on: Today at 01:32:03 PM »
Tell that to these swamp creatures.

Damn, the swamp is deep with current and former members.
Comey did alright.  If he had not told Congress about the investigation, he likely would have bee n accused of perpetrating a Cover-Up.  I wish they give the guy a gentle break.  Imagine, if Hillary won the presidency, and right afterward, she was found guilty of heinous email stuff.  Then Comey would have been blamed for letting a crook in the White House.  What do you think about that?


Nah! I'm just messin with ya. He was a big troll...but just to me. :D
Easy, you messed up my hair ::)!  But not as bad as Swishy did.  That guy must type 90wpm blindfolded using a hammer!


Cool in the pool...steamy.


And I was just starting to think that maybe you were cool. ::)
Am I being inconsiderate?


BellGabathon 2018 / Re: BellGab's Unsung Hero Award
« on: Today at 01:06:10 PM »
B R O D Y.

If it doesn't matter whether they've been banned, then "TheOne."
I second that, with Swishypants as next in line.

Well no offense and he has imporoved, but I dont miss HereWeGoAgain.


That one is easy but someone will have to look at site statistics.  It is whoever posted this year and had the least amount of time on BellGab.  If you can spend 20 hours a day on BellGab you are not a successful human being.  However, I still vote for Bart Ell.  That guy has energy, stamina and drive.
That could be gnoory.


Random Topics / Re: Things That Annoy You
« on: Today at 12:50:12 PM »

Binaural beats that are too strong or disorienting!  Set an alarm and have a digital clock with AM/PM designation.  After a few hours of this treatment, I was so rested that I took my medicine at the wrong time, thinking I had slept 8 hours!


Radio and Podcasts / Re: Midnight In The Desert
« on: Today at 03:36:56 AM »

Fading Fast

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